Just a Buddy from Work

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There was some turnover at work and my department got quite a few new faces. I struck up a friendship with one of the new guys. Conrad is a handsome athletic guy 5-10 tall 165 pounds of 35, my age, we would have lunch a few days every week, talk about sports and whatever.

So it wasn’t unusual that he invited me over on Saturday to watch some football and with my girlfriend out of town visiting relatives the timing was perfect. That’s when I met his roommate Shaun who is a matched set, the same size as Conrad and also has blond hair and the same athletic build.

As for me I’m not as primed as I was playing football in college but even still at 6-5 tall and 285 pounds I haven’t gone completely soft.

As we watched the game it was apparent from their unspoken communication and little cues that Conrad and Shaun were more than just roommates. That didn’t bother me a bit as I’m actually Bi and they are good looking guys.

Shaun went into the bathroom and shortly after Conrad followed him. When they returned Shaun sat next to me on the couch as Conrad sat on the end next to me and said, “Doug we don’t mean to offend but Shaun and I think you’re just a dreamy hunk of beef and we’d like to jump all over you.”

Well the direct approach is usually the best and it worked fine here. I rubbed Conrad’s thigh and put my arm around Shaun and replied, “Just to let you know, I’m Bi so that sounds like a win-win-win situation.”

Conrad jumped onto me from the right as Shaun climbed onto my left leg and I hugged them as they both leaned in for a threeway kiss. Once the initial excitement cleared we got to our feet and to their bedroom.

We were all out of our clothes quickly enough and with no set plan I hip rolled Shaun onto the king sized bed. He landed on his back and I made my way to his cock. I was on my knees as I took his stiffening member between my lips and as I knelt between Shaun’s legs Conrad snaked his way under me. Shaun seemed to perk up when he heard Conrad exclaim, “Damn Shaun I think Doug is actually the great white buffalo.”

Obviously I was getting hard but that was the last heard from Conrad for a while as he took my cock in his mouth and he got down to helping it to its’ full 10.5 inches. As Conrad did one masterful job sucking my dick I was thoroughly enjoying myself sliding Shaun’s stiff 7.5 inches between my lips.

I took a few momentary breaks from sucking Shaun’s cock to lick and kiss his balls which was fun but his sweet dick was my main focus. There was of course the pleasurable distraction of Conrad under me giving me one fantastic blow job, damn that man knows how to suck cock.

After sucking on his balls I managed to deep throat Shaun’s cock which is when he stroked my hair and said softly, “Oh Doug I’m going to cum, are you ready for it?”

Not wanting to stop what I was doing I just rubbed his thighs in response before Shaun shot his considerable load in my mouth and I did my best to contain most of it. When I finally raised my head Shaun was smiling and gaziantep escortlar looking under me at Conrad saying, “Now don’t finish him off Conrad it’s only fair that you should get that big meat poked in your delightful ass after all your efforts to get it good and hard.”

Those were my thoughts exactly so when Conrad slowly withdrew from the incredible blowjob he was giving me and said, “Oh Doug that would be so fabulous, will you bang my butt with this monster?”

I reached down and mussing up Conrad’s thick blond hair replied. “After that magnificent blow job of course it would be a pleasure to stick it to that delightful ass of yours Conrad.”

“And I’m betting some pain and pleasure for me getting plugged by this man cannon.” replied Conrad.

With that we all exchanged positions. Conrad got on his hands and knees after handing me a tube of lube so I could prime his butthole while Shaun knelt next to us opening a condom. When Conrad said he thought he was ready I held my cock in my hand as Shaun deftly rolled the condom on. “Damn Conrad I hope you’re ready for one big time butt reaming because Doug boy here has got some big power stick.”

“That’s no lie Shaun, I know it’s a jaw breaker that’s for sure” replied Conrad, “so I’m ready for it to be an ass buster.”

With that I took aim. Shaun assisted by spreading Conrad’s ass cheeks and I pushed the well lubricated head of my dick into his back door. Conrad and I both gave out a grunt as the head of my cock pushed into his ass, damn it was tight but when Conrad groaned, “Oh yeah Doug that’s what I’m talking about.” I knew it was good to press on.

While I slowly pushed deeper in Conrad’s ass I put my right arm around to jerk him off while Shaun somehow got in a position to get on the action licking and sucking Conrad’s balls.

Not sure how this would go but with Conrad being so enthusiastic I took my time and slowly pushed deeper and pulled back stretching out his ass. As I was working slightly more than half my cock in and out of Conrad’s ass I had to leave working his cock to Shaun as I needed both hands to hold his hips.

When I was close I rubbed Conrad’s butt cheek and said, “Take a deep breath there big boy.” And I pushed the length of my dick into his ass.

Conrad gave out a groan and breathlessly said, “Oh Doug you have taken me to new heights.”

I heard Shaun under him say, “I think you mean new depths Conrad.”

Call it what you want I figured I had Conrad’s fine ass stretched to the max so I pulled back and began to pump my cock in and out of his rear portal and really give it to him. In no time I was smacking my belly against Conrad’s cheeks as I plowed all 10.5 inches into him. It was an awesome butt fuck banging a sweet man’s sweet ass and from the grunts, groans and ‘yeses’ coming from Conrad it was a pleasure for him as well.

I was impressed that Conrad could take not just the length of cock in his butthole but had the strength to stay up on his knees as I banged my big body against his ass. I have to say I was proud of my own staying power as I was able to hold out and pump my dick into Conrad’s tight ass for as long as I did before finally succumbing to the pleasure. When I was ready to cum I pushed my cock all the way into his ass and put both arms around Conrad’ waist to pull him towards me and just sighed as I shot my load.

Shaun’s and my combined efforts on Conrad’s dick had paid off and he was hard so as I pulled out and massaged Conrad’s sweet well fucked butt as I sat back and rested Shaun said, “Well Doug it looks like Conrad has got the wood going and looking for somewhere to put it. Are you ready to offer up that man sized ass?”

I slapped my ass and replied, “If you think you’re ready to take on the big boy butt Conrad we sure don’t want to waste that choice looking boner.”

Conrad gave out a wallop as he rolled off the bed and got to his feet replying, “That’s a lot of ass Doug but I’m ready to give it all I’ve got.”

“Bring it on because I want all you’ve got Conrad.” I replied before Conrad moved behind me, handing Shaun the tube of lube as I moved up on the bed.

I had my head down as Conrad knelt behind me, Shaun moved in front of me massaging my back as Conrad poked the head of his cock into my ass. If there was any pain it was more than blocked by the sweet feeling of a handsome man like Conrad boning my ass.

As Conrad began slowly pumping his stiff dick in and out of my ass Shaun slid his legs down between my arms and offered up his cock for me to suck once again. In short order I was sliding his stiffening cock between my lips as Conrad continued to work his dick deeper on the other end. It was fantastic getting some well-coordinated man action on both ends from a talented couple.

I don’t know if Conrad had any experience taking on a big man but he certainly showed he knew how to get the job done as after his slow steady start with a firm grip on my hips he was soon pumping the length of his dick into me, pounding his flat belly against my big ass. And with Shaun’s stiff 7.5 inches sliding between my lips, this was exquisite.

After what seemed like forever Conrad pushed his cock deep in my ass and put his arms around and I figured he was ready to cum. So I relaxed and as Conrad reached down a bit to tickle my balls he tensed up and came with authority.

It was an incredible feeling as Conrad pulled his cock out of my ass but I quickly realized I had Shaun’s dick hard and ready for action right in front of me. So I kissed the big head of his dick and said, “So Shaun ready to jump on and ride?”

Shaun gently stroked my hair and showing me the condom in his hand replied, “I only need a moment to saddle up and I’ll be ready to ride that big ass of yours all the way to the barn Doug boy.”

Shaun seemed to dance off the bed and around behind me before rolling a condom on and getting into position. Being second in line Shaun easily inserted his dick in my well worked ass and went just about all the way in on the first push. “Oh boy Conrad you really gave Doug the big banging” said Shaun, “He’s good and slick.”

And with that Shaun took hold of my hips with both hands and began pounding his dick in and out of me, much to our mutual pleasure. Conrad knelt next to me on the bed and moved in to massage my shoulders and back. I was relaxed and happy thinking, damn these two know how to work together to take care of a man.

As Shaun showed incredible control continuing to fuck me hard and deep Conrad shifted to rubbing my back with one hand and reaching under me to give some manual attention to my cock. I was in a very happy place when Shaun put his arms around my waist and pushing his cock to the balls in my ass finally shot his load.

As luck, for everyone, would have it by the time Shaun was done giving my ass one seriously good fucking Conrad had worked his magic and my cock was primed and ready for action which he was happy to inform Shaun, “Shaun, if you’re not too worn out from giving Doug that fabulous ass banging I do believe he’s ready to return the favor.”

I rolled onto my side to see Shaun sitting back on his folded legs with an ear to ear grin. “My legs might need a few minutes of rest, unless Doug you’d be up for me getting on my back so you can give me some good old face to face butt fucking.”

Now it was my turn to smile as I replied, “You know Shaun I think that’s a splendid idea. I would enjoy looking at you while I’m fucking your tight ass.”

Conrad then clapped his hands and said, “Oh Shaun you have all the fun. But Doug we’ll feed you to keep you around and we can go at it all night so I can get a face to face of my own.”

As I considered that my weekend was free I replied “That sounds like a great long term plan Conrad.”

But there was now to think of. I had Shaun’s legs up over my shoulders and just to help things out Conrad slid a couple of pillows under his lover’s ass. As Conrad held Shaun’s sweet balls up and out of the way I inserted my cock into his ass and we got rolling.

It was nothing short of fabulous as I held Shaun’s legs up and was quickly slamming my lower body against the backs of his thighs as I pumped my cock deep in his ass and watched his cock and balls bouncing against his flat belly. From the huge smile on Shaun’s face we were both enjoying the hell out of this.

I was working every bit of my cock in and out of Shaun’s tight ass but it was quite distracting to have Conrad kissing him and playing with his nipples as the two lovers laughed and enjoyed the moment. Finally I couldn’t hold back any longer and holding Shaun’s legs tightly to my chest I came buried in his ass before the three of us fell into a pile and caught of breath. .

And we went at it for the rest of the weekend. I think the highlight was when we got a case of performance ambition with a little daisy chain. I fucked Shaun in front of me while Conrad was behind me giving it to me. It wasn’t exactly epic more like awkwardly trying to maintain position and balance and there was a lot of laughing but it was fun.

The very good news is there were more rather surprising adventures to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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