Junior College Days Ch. 02

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We were in a taxi, going to his place. He was dead sober, and I was high on three more shots of poison.

He let himself into the house. He was being very quiet and very mysterious. I tried to restrain myself – what about his parents? “My mom’s ok with it, don’t you worry, babe.”

I was in his room, on his bed, and he was over me. The desk light was on, and his t-shirt draped over it. I traced his tattoo on his chest, and whispered his name. “Jack…” He slowly peeled the tube off from my body, and pulled it down my legs and off me. He removed my thong and sniffed it deeply. His muscles rippled and bulged. I was naked now, except for my choker and bracelets. He undid his belt, then kissed me. We frenched some more, and he nibbled my ears, then kissed my neck, biting it gently, then moving down, he held the small of my back and kissed my breasts, nibbling on my nipples, and suckling on them. I moaned again. He continued kissing down my stomach, southwards, ever south, and then, he stopped.

He pulled off his jeans. I waited patiently, the fire building up. My face felt hot and flushed. My skin felt hot and flushed. Basically, I felt hot and flushed. He went down on me. Pay dirt. His tongue was rough on my clitoris, and he licked around my labia, and tongued the entrance of my pussy. I tangled casino şirketleri my fingers in his mullet and pushed his face against my crotch, and he delivered. He devoured me and consumed me, furiously, and I groaned, and moaned. Tirelessly, he ate me, his tongue flicking and sweeping and invading, until finally, I came.

I shuddered at first, then bit on my lip to prevent myself from screaming, then gave up and moaned his name really loudly. “Jack! Oh…jack, yes. Yes!” He let me orgasm, then pulled off his boxers. I now know why his team mates called him Big Jack. He was big. I sighed in pleasure. He positioned himself. “Jack…jack, please…please be gentle.” He raised his eyebrow.


“It’s my first time.”

He smiled. And thrust. And I couldn’t control it – I yelled. He pressed against my maidenhead, and pressed and suddenly, there was no pressure, only a little pain, and he was in. He thrust in and out, rhythmically and slowly at first, then built up the pace. Oh the friction – I should have done this a long time ago. I was ecstatic. He pulled out of me, and rolled me over easily, then pulled my hips up. Doggy position. Another thrust, and he filled me completely, he stayed there for a while, and pushed some more. I felt his balls against my crotch, his hips against mine. casino firmaları Then he pulled out and thrust again, filling me more, stretching me more. “Oh baby…you’re so fucking tight!” He thrust slowly again, then began to piston faster, and faster, and I came again. I was high. Real high. Screaming his name and not giving two shits about his mother in the same house.

He didn’t slow down, and kept it up. I was panting and covered in a sheen of perspiration. His hands gripped my waist and he was moving me around like a rag doll. Suddenly, he flipped over onto his back and pulled me along with him – I was straddling him now, and he was gazing into my eyes as he thrust upwards into me. I was bouncing up and down and loving the fullness in my pussy, and I let myself go. It must have been the alcohol, because I came again, I was so euphoric. I let rip another long groan and half-moan, ha;f-yell. He pulled me down onto his cock, and whispered my name, and he came.

I felt him filling my cunt with his sperm. He was shuddering and jerking and holding me tight on him. Then, he was done. I lay down on top of his broad, warm, sweaty body, and he slipped out of me. I fell asleep.

When I woke up, the sunlight was streaming through the window, and I heard the shower and singing. Jack sang really well. güvenilir casino I was naked, and felt dried semen around my twat. I undid my choker and bracelets and put them on his bedside table. The ensuite toilet’s door was open, and my lover was showering behind clear glass shower doors. He noticed me awake and he beckoned me over.

Water was rushing down over us, and he bathed me gently, like a baby. He caressed my body lovingly, like a potter and his clay. Jack didn’t try to fuck me at all, although his dick was standing pretty erect. I got down on my knees, and put it in my mouth. A clean dick was rather palatable – and it was my turn. Water was pouring down my face, my hair, my body – and I gave my first blowjob in that shower. Licking at it first, then it’s head went into my mouth, then I took it deeper. Deeper and deeper, and it was hitting the back of my throat, and it was making him groan. “Baby, I’m going to cum!” He told me. But I didn’t let go – I wanted to taste him. He came, and I tasted him. It was salty and…well, salty. It had a nice texture. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled lovingly back. I had him.

Later, he gave me a t-shirt and shorts, which were oversized and baggy but kind of cool. It made me feel like we were a couple. I guess we probably were. Then he sent me back home by bus and we discussed philosophy and literature, and gossip. I managed to sneak back home before ten o’clock in the morning without my parents knowing I had spent the night at Jack’s place. I had won. I knew Jack would be back for more.

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