Julie’s Collaring Ceremony Pt. 03 – Final

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My name is Julie and I am an older sissy who found Master Alex late in life. I have been living as a woman for real for the last 8 years. I am told I am quite pretty and I am very passable. Very few of the people, outside of my kinky friends, would ever know what is really between my legs.

To catch you up, this is the last part of my branding ceremony. In Part 1 my Master, Master Alex, branded me with the help of two other slaves Sue and Barbara. Sue is a beautiful woman and Barbara is a pretty sissy with a really nice cock. All 3 of us are branded. In part 2 we were tested by Mistress Ursula and we are all a mess and being held by our Masters.

One final note – If you do not know what a Hitachi Vibrator looks like, you might want to Google it before starting the story.

Shall we finish the story?

Sue had shit dripping down her beautiful thighs, Barbara had piss up and down her legs and I had my own puke on my face, in my hair and on my tits. In spite of that our Masters loved us and held us tightly. My Master swatted me in my arse and then reached out and swatted the other girls.

“You have all endured the tough part of the ceremony, now comes the fun, get washed and join us in the collaring celebration.”

We all giggled and went into the bathroom to wash ourselves off. Being slaves did not stop us from admiring each other and kissing and grabbing at each other like sluts as we finished getting ready. Bare arsed naked we went back into the barn and saw people laughing drinking and having a good time. Slaves were on hands and knees acting as furniture with drinks and plates resting on their arses. From time to time a Dominant would kneel behind them and put their cocks into the cunts or arses and fuck them. Others stood in front of the slaves as the slave did oral on them. I loved to watch the Dominant just carry on a conversation with someone else as he is fucking the slave or getting his cock sucked, as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

I quickly crawled to my Master’s feet and kissed him. He looked down at me and smiled proudly.

Then I raised his voice and said loudly “I need everyone’s attention!”

As people watched, he handed me a gift wrapped present. I looked up and he nodded indicating I could open it.

I unwrapped it and when I saw what was inside I started to cry. There was a beautiful shiny collar and on it was engraved: PROPERTY OF MASTER ALEXANDER. My hand trembled as I took it out of the box and then handed it to my Master. He wrapped it snugly around my neck and when it clicked I knew I was his forever. I started to cry again and Barbara and Sue (both still nude) came over and hugged me.

Master appreciated how much both slaves had helped me and looked at their Masters.

“Gentlemen, would you do me the honor of having the first use of my newly collared slave?”

Both the girls giggled and clapped and then pulled the pants off the men. I thought it was the funniest sight to see the Escort Ankara men, almost being knocked over by their slaves as they prepared them to spit roasts me.

Master Frank was the older of the Masters so he was allowed to choose which hole and indicated he wanted my cunt. His slave, Barbara, lubed up my arse as I started to suck Master Scott’s cock as his slave Susan looked on and smiled.

Master Frank was not gentle, like me, his slave Barbara was a sissy and used to be used roughly. He grabbed my hair and yanked it back forcing his cock deeper inside my cunt. Master Scott’s cock was a nicely shaped 8 inches and I savored each inch as I suckled him. In time there was a nice rhythm between the 3 of us as the cocks filled and fucked both holes. I used an old whore’s trick and did kegels of Master Frank’s cock and that got him off before Master Scott. However once Master Frank roared that he was cumming, Master Scott came as well. I swallowed his first spurt and then leaned back and let him cum all over my face.

Once Master Scott was done cumming, I leaned in and milked his cock dry. Master Frank then pulled out of my cunt and walked in front to be cleaned as well. I looked at it and saw it was covered in his cum, my shit and sweat from the both of us. I suckled his cock loudly and with gusto till it was completely clean.

I looked up and smiled as people applauded my first performance as a collared slave and soon everyone went back to the party. Most were drinking, laughing eating and many were fucking slaves as others watched. I did notice that Mistress Ursula was alone and just watching. Realizing she was likely my enemy now because she could not break, I thought it would be a wise thing to mend fences.

I crawled over to her and kissed her feet and then looked up and said in a respectful tone:

“Mistress, may this slave have the great honor of bringing you pleasure?”

I was not certain how she would react, but when she lifted my chin so that I could look at her I saw respect. That meant so much to me! By her respecting me, I knew I was not her enemy anymore and things would be so much better for my Master. She attached a leash to my collar and led me into a private room.

“You have my attention now slave, how would you pleasure me?”

I thought of all the ways others had pleasured her before and remembered my past experiences with extreme Dommes. Since we were alone, I decided to take a gamble.

I said nervously “Mistress, do you trust me?”

She was gracious in her answer and simply answered “Yes slave, you have earned both my trust and respect.”

My next words were dangerous, but I risked them “Mistress, if you allow me to tie you and blindfold you, I can promise to serve you as none have done before.”

She arched an eyebrow but realizing we were alone she said “So be it slave, do with me as you wish.”

My heart started to beat fast and I slowly undressed her and left her as naked as Ankara Escort I was. Her body was stunning and without the support of a bra, her 38D tits sagged which made her seem vulnerable. Unlike a slave, her cunt was not completely shaven but had just a small tuft of hair above her clit indicating her position as a Dominant.

“Mistress, please cross your wrists?”

She did so quickly crossed her wrists in front of her body and then I tied them together. I had her lay on her belly on the bed and tied a loop from her wrists to the bed, in that way she would remain tied, but I could roll her over. My hands trembled as I placed a blindfold over her eyes. I doubt Mistress Ursula had ever been so helpless in the presence of a slave.

I left the room for a moment for 2 reasons. First I wanted to make her wonder and anticipate what might happen and secondly to warm up some vanilla scented oil. When I came back in I could smell her arousal in the room.

I sat on the bed and asked Mistress “Do you know why I have you blindfolded?” She simply shook her head no. At this point I thought she did not trust herself to speak, she was that aroused.

I explained “By blindfolding you like this, I am making all of your other senses that much more powerful. You will experience sensations that normally you would not normally notice. For example, inhale deeply Mistress. Get the scent of the room.”

She did so, and so did I. In doing so there was the scent of the vanilla from the oil, but also the strong scent of her cunt juices as she started to enjoy what was happening.

Then I poured the oil along the small of her back and watched as she reacted. At first she gasped at the feel the warm oil and then I saw her shoulders sag, she was enjoying this.

I leaned over and started to massage her shoulders, trying to break the stress knots under her skin.

“Mistress, I want you to know I appreciate all you do for our little kinky group. I know how much preparation went into making this ceremony a success. I can feel in your body how stressed you are. Please let me help you.”

The soft moaning I heard told me how much she wanted this. I continued to work on her shoulders and back till I could feel the tension finally break. I waited till her body was like jelly and then went on to the next stage of my plan.

I moved a bit and the poured the warm oil on to her beautiful arse. I watched as the oil seeped into the crack of her arse and finally into her arsehole. Then I poured the oil all up and down her legs and on to her feet. I started working on her feet and toes, giving them light kisses and working my tongue and fingers between her toes. Then very slowly I started to work my way up her legs, passed her thighs to her magnificent arse.

My hands started to massage then arse cheeks and I heard her moan louder. I dug my fingernails into her soft skin and notice how wet she was between her thighs. I ran my finger up and down the crack Ankara Escort Bayan of her arse and then said simply:

I said softly: “Ready Mistress?”

She nodded weakly and then I pushed one finger slowly inside her arsehole and wiggled it around and then a second. She lifted her arse and wiggled it as I pushed a third finger inside. By now she was humping my fingers. When she was gasping for air, I pulled my finger out and helped her roll over.

I watched her face as I licked my fingers clean savoring the taste of her shit. I quickly washed my hands clean and then poured warm out all over her cunt. She went wild as I started to finger fuck her cunt. I had not noticed right away but when I saw a puddle of cum on the sheets between her legs I realized my clit had exploded. I was so intent on bringing Mistress Ursula pleasure that I was not completely aware it had happened

Her wrists still tied the bed, I watched her arch her entire body as she had a massive orgasm. Once she settled down I reach up and removed the blindfold. When we looked at each other we realized we were both crying. I said softly

“Mistress with respect, I would like to do one last thing for your pleasure.”

Her eyes were completely glazed over as she nodded. I reached under the bed and pulled out a Hitachi Vibrator. (For those of you that do not know what this is, it is a large plastic ball at the end of a foot long base. The ball/head vibrates and has lines cut into the ball). Her eyes went wide, but she nodded her consent.

I added more oil, worked it into her cunt and started working on her. She went crazy. The round head teased her cunt lips and her clit just fit inside the cut out lines giving a very intense orgasms. I continued to work on her giving her one orgasm after the other…each one more intense than the one before.

This time I felt it as my clit exploded all over the bed. Mistress finally collapsed on the bed and moaned softly. As she did I noticed a new scent and giggled as I realized she was peeing herself.

“Slave, your Master is a lucky man to own you. I just hope at times he will lend you to me.”

I untied her and started to clean the bed but she said her slave will clean it. She then took my hand and asked.

“Are you ready for this?”

I must have looked confused. With that she nodded upwards to the camera on the wall. All of this was being broadcast inside the barn and everyone must have been watching!

Both of us had legs that were shaky and had to support each other as we walked. Sure enough when we walked back into the barn people started to cheer for the both of us! Everyone was watching us play on the big screen television. Master grabbed me and lifted me off my feet as he hugged me, my tiny clit pressing into my belly as he did.

“He looked at me and said that quite a few people had offered to buy me from him. Before I could even react,” he said.

“No need to worry girl, I own you and will never sell you! Besides if I did, I think Mistress Ursula would whip me!”

For the last time that evening I crawled to Mistress and kissed her feet and then Master yanked on my leash and took me home. I proudly displayed my new branding and collar as people applauded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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