Joy’s First Glory Hole

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We headed to a larger Midwestern city for a long weekend of sex recently. Because we live in a smaller town, we have to travel to have any kind of fun, especially sexual fun. It just seems that Joy won’t relax sexually while we’re anywhere near our home town. The farther that we are from home, the more free and uninhibited that she is. So, I love it when we travel……

Our hotel was in this very quaint, historic section of the city with lots of restaurants, shops and galleries. This was the kind of an area of town that saw the sleazy strip clubs, porno theaters and hookers in the 70’s and 80’s. After lots of years of decline, there has been a very nice renewal of the area. Over the years, the yuppies moved in, opened swank restaurants, condos and really turned the place into a romantic area. However, there were still a few remnants of the “old days” that remained. Included are a couple of what were known then as strip joints, now fondly called “gentlemen’s clubs.” A different name and the drinks are more expensive, but still the same thing.

One other remnant what was an adult book store, now in the 21st century dealing adult videos and other fun toys. But generally speaking, the area was becoming quite gentrified with upper income patrons and tenants.

We made a reservation at one of the nicer restaurants a couple of blocks from the hotel and got ready. Joy dressed in a nice mid-thigh length skirt and a blouse that was a very thin silky material. As she stepped out of the bathroom of our hotel room and gave a spin to model for me, the blouse showed off her shapely breasts and very hard nipples quite well. It was more than obvious that she was not wearing a bra and I loved it. The thin material of the blouse hung very lightly and very closely to her firm round breasts.

The skirt was just long enough to cover the tops of her black stockings and when she bent over to pick up her small handbag, the skirt popped up to show off her soft thighs above the stockings. She looked very hot and I needed to figure out how to get her to bend over – a lot……

As we walked first to the elevator and then out of the hotel and down the street, her breasts bounced freely inviting the stares of everyone we passed. Her nipples stuck out from the thin material about a half inch. With every step, they bounced up and down nicely. I could tell that she was getting excited by the attention that she was receiving because as she walked, the bounce got more pronounced. I’d have to guess that the soft material was rubbing the tips of those hard nipples very gently.

On our way to the restaurant, we had to walk past the “gentlemen’s clubs” and the adult video store and she passed by the gentlemen’s clubs without comment But when we passed the video store, she made a comment about the sign that noted “Video Arcade – 24 Features.”

“I wonder if they have glory holes in their video booths,” she wondered out loud.

Now we’ve had a very sexy lifestyle, but we’d never been into the arcade section of any video store and I was somewhat surprised that she would even comment on the concept of glory holes. Trying to be nonchalant about it and failing badly, I answered back with a lame “I don’t know.”

Her response was more than a little perplexing and somewhat unnerving. She just smiled and said, “Hmmmmm.”

Dinner was wonderful and even more so with my sexy wife across the table from me. Since were out of town, Joy was willing to unbutton a couple of the buttons of the thin blouse and was showing a lot of cleavage. I really enjoyed alternating my eyes from the cleavage (which I don’t get to see when we dine at home) to her hard nipples (which seemed to stay constantly hard all through dinner). I was a typical man and spent the entire dinner staring at my date’s chest.

Between my staring at her chest and trying to concentrate on conversation, I did notice something different with her demeanor. She seemed to be thinking about something and had a very strange smile on her sexy lips. I wondered out loud what she was thinking about and she replied, “Nothing, just enjoying the evening.” Her answer was about as lame as mine was Escort Sincan when I answered her question about the arcade and for some reason, I didn’t necessarily believe her.

The three glasses of wine that she had were doing well to relax her inhibitions and she was flirting with the waiter quite a bit and was fairly obvious in the way that she was allowing him to peek down her blouse. At one point, she leaned forward just as the waiter was setting down a glass of wine and I know that he had to have gotten a tremendous look down her blouse. She lingered in that position and he lingered even longer in setting down the glass.

As we finished dinner and were sitting back and finishing our wine, she was unconscientiously flicking her finger nail across her hard nipple, tweaking it very lightly. I could tell that she was very horny. I just didn’t realize fully why or really how much.

We walked out with my arm around her and my hand on her ass. I couldn’t feel any panty lines and now knew for sure that she was without panties. I was expecting that we’d head back toward the hotel and fuck in some quiet place along the way – some dark part of the hotel or down an alley when I could pull her out of the light and pin her against a wall. But she seemed to walk with a little more swing in her step and I was enjoying how her ass flexed and giggled with the extra swagger.

As we walked back past the adult video store, I was kind of lost in the act of playing with her ass and watching her breasts bounce as she walked and was floored when she again asked, “Do you think they have glory holes in the arcade?”

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at her in some form of shock. I think she was waiting for my response because just as soon as I regained my senses and playfully asked, “Do you want to take a look?” She quickly replied, “Yeah, let’s check it out.”

I wasn’t sure what she was thinking about as we entered the store, but she made a bee-line to the counter and asked for one of the electronic cards to do time on the movie machines. I paid for about 20 minutes worth of time because I wasn’t sure that she’d want to stay too long. She grabbed me and pulled me by the hand into the arcade.

Joy paused for only a moment at the menu board where the movies were listed, and she noticed immediately that there were several men hanging around giving her the eye. She looked around quickly and then Joy pulled me by my hand again past the men into the set of booths that was farthest from the entrance to the arcade. Each and every one of the men that we passed undressed her with their eyes and she knew it and she loved it.

When we found the booth that Joy wanted, we entered it and I pulled the door closed behind us. Immediately, Joy pulled me close, pinned me against the door and kissed me deeply and very passionately. My cock was already hard and she was pressing her pelvis against it. My hands were all over her ass and I pulled up the short skirt and massaged her ass cheeks as she ground against me.

I was expecting to fuck her right there just when she pulled away from me and turned toward the screen. The room was pretty dark at this point and I inserted the card into the machine and the screen lit up with a man and woman fucking doggy style.

The light from the movie made obvious the hole in the booth wall just about crotch height. “Is that a glory hole?” she whispered to me.

“Yes.” I whispered back. She reached back and gave my hard cock a squeeze.

Before she could ask another question, a semi-hard cock appeared at the opening and pushed just barely through the hole into our booth. She gasped in surprise and looked back at me with a curious look.

“He wants to play.” I said quietly.

“Can I?”

“Jack him off?” I finished her sentence for her.

She looked at me again as if she didn’t believe that I just said that. I motioned her over and she moved closer and stood in front of him. She looked again at me and whispered to the hole, “Nice cock. Give me more.”

The man pushed through and revealed a good 5 inches through the wall. Joy reached down and gently wrapped Sincan Escort her fingers around it. The cock instantly got harder and she started to stroke it slowly. It was only a matter of moments and it erupted in her hand and shot out onto the floor of the booth. The quickness of the orgasm and the stream that erupted surprised her and as she jumped some of the hot cum landed on her stocking-covered leg just above the ankle. It drizzled quickly down her leg. She looked up at me with surprise. I smiled at her and then the cock pulled back and out of her grasp.

She came over to me and kissed me again and said, “God that was incredible. I….”

Before she could finish the sentence, another cock was there at the hole and I turned her around to see. She watched as a very thick, fat cock slid through the hole into her view.

Joy looked back at me as if asking what to do and I motioned to her to go over. She smiled, stepped over and dropped down to her knees. I found out later that her knee landed in the pool of cum that the first guy deposited on our floor.

She wrapped her fingers around the thick cock and started slowly stroking it just inches from her face. I leaned back against the door and watched as my beautiful and sexy wife stroked this stranger’s cock through the wall in this arcade booth. She was mesmerized.

Her motion picked up speed and she stroked him in long movements. She must have been thinking about what the consequences were going to be because she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse buttons and opened the blouse up showing me her tits and then leaned forward so that the tip of his cock brushed against her hard nipple. It must have hit a nerve with her because she leaned her head back and lost herself as she picked up the pace and jerked his cock against her nipples.

I watched my sexy lady and knew that she was lost in pleasure now. Her strokes got quicker and I could see the head of his cock swell and I knew that he was close. She brushed it against one nipple then the other as she jacked him off and suddenly he exploded with a huge load that sprayed all over both of her tits. He pumped three full streams onto her tits and even up onto her chin. She milked him until he was dry and then kissed the tip and let go.

He pulled back and she turned toward me to show me the load that was deposited onto her beautiful breasts. But before she could say anything, another cock pushed through the hole.

This one was very hard and had a huge head. She looked up at me again with an inquiring look on her face and I smiled and nodded. Joy turned to the cock and first hesitantly kissed the tip. She looked again to see what my reaction was and I nodded again. The first guy’s cum was dripping from her nipple now and she turned back to the cock in hand and kissed it again then circled her tongue around the tip and opened up and slid it fully into her mouth.

Her eyes closed and she was again totally engaged and lost in pleasure. She swirled her tongue around it and sucked in and out. Watching her suck a cock is so sexy. She is tremendous in her talent and told me often that she nearly comes to orgasm feeling my cock in her mouth. She now had a stranger’s cock in her mouth and she began to devour it with total abandon.

She held the base of it as she sucked in and out and swirled her tongue around it. It didn’t take long with her talented mouth and she felt it swell and pulled it out just as a long stream shot onto her already cum covered tits. She stroked the cock hard as he emptied his balls onto her.

It was obvious that the word of what she was doing was going around the men in the arcade because just as soon as this guy pulled away, now a short fat cock appeared.

Joy didn’t even look at me this time and she wrapped her lips around it and sucked it again with total abandon. This one was short enough that she couldn’t stroke it at the same time and she just sucked hard. I could hear the sound of her slurping on his fat cock and fucking him with her mouth. She pulled back away and he shot onto her shoulder and neck.

She now looked up at me like a woman possessed Sincan Escort Bayan and immediately another cock pushed through the hole and she turned and sucked it deep. He shot onto her breasts as well and then the next one pushed through the hole. This one lasted just about 30 seconds before it sprayed all over her breasts and face. Another pushed through and she sucked him until he sprayed onto her as well.

By now I lost track as to how many and just watched as my possessed wife devoured cock after cock.

All the sudden, she stopped and turned toward me and offered me her hand to help her up. She stood in front of me and somewhat proudly showed me all the cum covering her tits and dripping from her nipples.

“I need to fuck! Let’s get out of here.” There was a crazed and dazed look in her eyes. She was running now on pure sexual adrenaline.

Joy loosely buttoned the blouse up slightly and took me by the hand just as the next cock showed through the hole. I opened the door and we walked out to a crowd waiting both in line to be serviced and others obviously waiting to see what this woman looked like. She smiled with a dazed smile at the guys who were looking her over and pulled me toward the door.

“Thanks guys,” was all she could say in a breathy voice as we made our way through the crowd.

When we hit the light of the main store area, it was very clear to everyone that her breasts were covered with spunk. Her cleavage was shiny and her blouse was obviously wet from the cum shots and clung to her like a wet t-shirt. But she led me quickly through the door and out onto the street and we walked briskly and silently the short walk back to the hotel.

We ducked into a side entrance to the lobby quietly and hit the elevator quickly so that not too many people could see what she was covered with.

In the elevator, she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and grabbed it with authority. “I need your cum in me now.”

Our room was only on the 5th floor and the door opened quickly and she stepped out into the elevator lobby pulling me by my cock down the hall. About half way there I stopped her and turned her and pinned her against the wall and pulled her skirt up and pushed my cock against her mound. She was dripping wet and she instantly covered the tip of my cock with her juices.

I lifted up one of her legs and pinned her against the wall and pushed into her wet pussy. As I fucked her, my cock was sliding across her swollen clit. She came within a couple of strokes and so did I. I pushed deep and pumped her full.

She pushed me back and let the skirt fall down and then pulled me again by the cock to the door of our room.

“Open it!”

Before I got the door open, she was unbuttoning the blouse and by the time she got to the bed, she was dropping the skirt to the floor. She flopped down on the bed on her back and spread her legs wide open. I stood for a moment and looked at her. Through the dim light of the bed lamp I watched as she massaged the stranger’s cum into her tits and my cum oozed out of her pussy.

“Fuck me again! NOW!” She had that same possessed look that she had as she was devouring random cocks in the arcade.

By the time I stripped out of my shirt, pants and socks my cock was rock hard again and was standing at attention. I knelt between her legs and instantly she wrapped them around me and pulled me into her.


Her nipples were hard, covered with dry cum from strangers and her pussy was sloppy wet from my own spunk. I stopped for a moment to take in the view and she spurred me with her spike heels and pulled me deep into her. And I was obviously not moving fast enough because Joy pulled me to the side and rolled me onto my back and popped up on top, all without ever letting my cock leave her pussy and she started to grind on me.

She fucked me for what seemed like an hour. Wave after wave of orgasm flowed through her, each one making her want more and causing her to grind harder.

As I finally peaked again for my second orgasm, Joy pulled off and leaned down and slid the full length in her mouth just as I exploded. She milked every last drop from me and when I could finally open my eyes, I looked down to see her looking up at me as she release my cock and let my cum drool out of her mouth.

She collapsed onto the bed, covered in cum, filled, and satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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