Jono and I

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I had just arrived at my new college, unfortunately three days after everyone else, having been delayed because of an unexpected family bereavement of an uncle. I reported to the accommodation office and was given directions to the dormitory as well as swipe card for access. I parked my car in the dormitory carpark and made my way to my room with one of my bags, leaving the rest for later.

At pre-enrolment time the college had asked all students to complete a survey of interests which was designed to match roommates. We were also asked to write a short introduction that would be forwarded to our roommate once allocations were made. I had received Jono’s introduction note with all final documents a couple of weeks ago.

Jono was studying commerce, while I was studying psychology. We both had quite similar interests and Jono sounded like a keen sportsman playing several sports I also enjoyed. His likes in books and movies were also similar. On paper it looked like Jono was going to be a good match.

I arrived at the room and let myself in. The room was deserted although it appeared Jono had arrived and had settled in. His bed was made with the wall above the bed covered in sporting posters. His study area was organised with study books, a computer and the other necessary items required for study. A note was lying on the table welcoming me to the college and saying that he was looking forward to meeting me — he had gone to the gym for a workout and would be back around 3pm. The letter said that I should feel free to unpack and if I wanted to reorganise the draw arrangements he would be happy.

Jono wasn’t due back for another hour and a half so I had a good look around the room. The rooms in the dorm were quite modern with rooms coming off both sides of a central corridor. As you entered the bathroom gaziantep escortlar and toilet were on the right in a small room. It had a kitchenette with a small fridge. There was a unit with six large draws and a storage cupboard above. At the end of each bed was a small wardrobe. The beds extended to a study desk next to the window — each space having power, internet connections and plenty of shelves for books. Each room had a TV/DVD player on a swinging arm that could be set to any position. Very comfortable indeed.

I began to unpack. As I was not sure which draws Jono had used I opened each one. Jono had been quite thoughtful having used the bottom draw and a two middle draws. I was impressed with how neatly organised they were but got quite a surprise when I opened his top draw and saw his DVD collection — all pornographic including gay and bisexual. A few aids were lying next to the DVDs with a large bottle of lubricant and condoms. My interest was aroused!

I returned to my car for the remainder of my gear arriving back in the room to find Jono had returned. Instantly we seemed to get on. Jono defiantly had much in common with myself including our similar build, height and colouring. Jono gave me a hand to get my gear in the room. He suggested that I unpack the rest of my gear while he took a shower and then he would take me on a tour of the dorm and campus. We agreed but I was taken aback when Jono began to disrobe walking around the room completely naked while he organised his towel and bits and pieces. I tried not to look as I didn’t want him to think I was a pervert, but what I did see was quite impressive – a well toned body and tight butt. I didn’t get to see his jewels. Things were certainly becoming more intriguing!

While Jono showered I unpacked. When Jono emerged from the shower I was sitting on the edge of my bed organising my books and unpacking my laptop. Jono was naked with his towel draped over his shoulder. I looked up and caught a full view of his penis. I must have gasped as my eyes almost left their sockets. I was greeted to the most magnificent penis I had ever seen. Circumcised, thick and at least five inches long swinging from side to side cradled by two balls as big as hens eggs hanging in a ball sack. Jono must have noticed my reaction as he quickly said, “Do you like the scenery?”

I quickly looked away embarrassed that Jono had seen me. He sat on his bed directly opposite be, his legs slightly apart giving me a full view. I didn’t know where to look. Jono then apologised for embarrassing me and said that he and his last roommate had not been embarrassed being naked around each other as living in such a small environment it was virtually impossible to keep private. He said that if I didn’t feel comfortable with this sort of open relationship he was more than happy to respect my privacy. I thought for a second and decided to be bold. I told Jono that it was fine with me — the reason I looked embarrassed was that I was surprised at how well endowed he was — I always like good scenery! Jono replied quickly saying that he to enjoyed good scenery!

Jono got dressed and we went for the tour of the campus. After dinner I went out for a run and was gone for just on an hour. After I had warmed down I returned to the dorm and entered the room, I guess with little warning. I walked in to find Jono lying on his bed, naked with a full erection masturbating while watching a DVD. It was his turn to feel embarrassed. He quickly turned on his side and fumbled trying to find the remote. I walked in and sat on my bed and told him not to worry, we all get horny and need to get our rocks off. I then asked what he was watching, fully knowing that it would have been one of his DVDs. I picked up the remote and pushed play. The screen burst into life with some bi-sexual activity taking place between two guys and a girl. The girl was sucking on one cock while the guy being sucked was giving a blow job to his mate.

I said to Jono that this looked good and asked if he minded if I watched the DVD with him. He said it was fine. I then asked if he enjoyed these kind of DVDs, ones with guys and girls. He seemed embarrassed but said he did. I said that’s good as I did too, in fact I was bi. He then confided that he was bi and liked it with guys as well as girls.

With that I began to disrobe. Jono was torn between the TV and me. I was soon naked and fully erect. My seven inch cock was rock hard with its veins pulsating with anticipation. To use Jono’s line I then said, ” do you like the scenery?” He nodded in agreement. I lay on my bed and began stroking my cock and looked over to Jono who was now back in full action. At this point the scene on the DVD changed as one guy began fucking the girl doggy style while he was mounted from behind. Jono was becoming very excited with pre-cum dripping from the head of his cock.

I looked at Jono and said you seem to be enjoying yourself and he gave me an almighty smile. I than said, “would you like some help?” He nodded so I stood and walked to his bed. I ran my tongue over the tip of his cock and then began to run it down his shaft — the taste of pre-cum making me feel even more aroused. I was soon massaging his oval testicles while engulfing his cock in my mouth. He was soon moaning in ecstasy. In a matter of minutes his butt tightened and he raised his pelvis off the bed as he began spurting what felt like litres of cum. I eagerly swallowed all I could as his orgasm subsided.

Watch for more stories and Jono and I enjoy our college experiences together!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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