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John was in a good mood. He sipped his coffee and recalled all that had happened to him since he first visited Vietnam with a cattleman’s delegation a few years back.

He had arrived in Vietnam after the death of his wife depressed and dispirited. In the course of a couple of years he had been transformed from a disinterested visitor to the largest single foreign investor and businessman in this poor remote province. More importantly he had been adopted into Rose’s Vietnamese family surrounded by the love and affection of her eleven orphan daughters.

This mornings meeting with the family would hear reports of the financial success of the Hotel, the chicken farms, the feedlot, the slaughter house and the orphan training schemes at the garage and the embroidery plant. They were over the hump and heading for a period of growth with bird flu the only possible threat. It could only be a problem if authorities ignored what he had done and acted with panic implementing controls irresponsibly.

Since he had moved into Rose’s bed one night after returning from Glens girlie bar his sexual satisfaction had reached heights he had never experienced before. Under Roses conservative demeanor he had discovered a hot blooded exciting woman. After years of celibacy Rose now wanted him every night. At first she had demanded that the lights were off and the shades drawn. Then she had relented when he kissed her pussy. “Turn the light on love,” she had whispered. “I want to watch you love me.”

Each night she went a little further responding to his mouth his fingers his cock and his words. As their love grew so did her sense of security in his arms. No longer embarrassed to let her orphans know of her delight in his arms her moans and groans and shrieks of delight grew knowing smiles from her daughters.

As their love grew she confessed to him that she had never thought she would ever dream of wanting a man’s mouth to make love to her pussy. “Oh my,” she had cried, “I still can’t believe how I excited I become when I wait for you to kiss me in that special way each night.” Their love blossomed and it showed in their treatment of each other in public. Especially in the kisses and cuddles they exchanged every time they met on the farm.

Then things changed. Rose became ill. For a while she refused to see their doctor but eventually gave in when John promised to take her to the French hospital in Hanoi and then spend the weekend with her in Sapa. They never made it to Sapa. The foreign Doctors in Hanoi immediately admitted Rose and scheduled an urgent operation. That night John sat alone in the waiting room when the doctor told him that Rose had not survived the operation.

He was stunned not knowing what to do. He had told the women who made up his loving family to stay home because he and Rose were going to have a lover’s weekend in Sapa. His loss of Rose compounded by the need to tell her orphans messed up his brain until he could not think straight. For a while he felt that they would be upset and hate him because they were not with him at the hospital when Rose died. The families loving response soon made him realise that they loved both him and Rose. If anything he felt they were more worried about him than the loss of their mother. “Bring mum home,” they cried. “We love you.”

Never the less John became despondent crying inconsolably as he traveled back with her body feeling that his life was over. For months after the funeral he procrastinated refusing to accept she was gone and unable to face life without her. Rose’s orphans rallied around surrounding him with their love and their words. Caressing him and cuddling him at every opportunity they gave him new hope as he remembered how he and Rose had met and the wonderful times they had experienced building their families Business Empire.

But his active love life with Rose had made him a horny old man. He privately lusted after the young Vietnamese lovelies in the village. He watched the young women working with the cattle noticing sexually for the first time their tiny bodies and the curve of their bottoms in their clinging outfits. He lay in bed at night and masturbated unable to recall a time in his long life when he was horny like he was these days.

He found himself thinking of visiting Glen’s girlie bar. Glen had opened the bar after making arrangements with an Australian travel agent to organize what were virtual sex tours. Most of Glen’s customers were Australians. Farmers from the Glen’s home towns who were guaranteed a visit to girlie bars in Ho Chi Minh City, night clubs in Hanoi and as a final highlight three to five nights in the small provincial bar Glen had set up in Rose’s village.

Months before when Glen had been bashed by some unhappy husbands and boyfriends Rose had encouraged him to support Romany the beautiful Vietnamese widow who ran the establishment for Glen. Despite the fact that she had a history of involvement in gangs Rose gave her the benefit of the doubt. “She is not a bad woman,” she said when he was reluctant to Escort Ankara visit the bar; “You must help her. Make sure no drugs and no big city gangsters move up here.”

The bar was a Mecca for local girls all of them warm petite and lovely. They had found Glen a kind but horny boss who looked after them in return for a few sexual favors. The major attraction for local women was the fact that the bar was reserved for foreign visitors no local men were allowed entry. The foreigners were very generous with their dollars when compared with the few Dong the girls could earn selling produce in the local markets in the province.

Glen provided girls who worked his bar with a free meal a place to sleep and sexy outfits to wear. They did not have to flaunt their profession in the village because Glen operated a foreigner only guest house above the bar. They could leave the bar with a foreign man have sex and return to the bar without venturing outside where their friends and relatives could see what they were doing. His spa baths and showers and the beauty parlor provided comforts not known in their modest homes. When he instituted weekly health checks more and more women tried to join their friends working in the bar.

Glen after his bashing had lost interest in the bar. “I’m going to move out of the province down to Hanoi for specialist medical treatment and I’m taking Pansy with me,” he said when John paid him a visit. “I own everything in that bar. It doesn’t make much money but as long as I don’t have to pay graft it will be profitable. I started it for the safe sex and the fun. I wanted to relax each evening surrounded by these little sexpots knowing that I wasn’t going to catch Aids or have my dick rot away from some local disease.”

“Romany turned it into a business. She is not only very beautiful and smart but she’s a good root. She helped me a lot so I don’t want to dump her and walk away leaving her flat.” He laughed, “I don’t know how to ask this of an old square like you but I want you to take the bar off my hands. I want to give it to you.”

He smiled at the look on Johns face, “As strange as it seems the local women will see you as a benefactor especially if they can snare a foreigner into paying a hundred bucks for a roll in the hay,” he laughed. “As you know that’s over a million Dong and its enough to set them up in business or make them a rich wife for some buck back in their home town. Even the local authorities close a blind eye to the bar as long as I keep the locals out and play it low key. Promise me you will keep it going and look after Romany she needs help to free herself from the gangs.”

On the first night after Glen had told Romany that John would be the new bar owner two tough young Vietnamese men pushed him into the back room and threatened him. “We will run girls here,” they said. “We won’t let an old white foreign dog like you interfere. What happened to the other foreigner will happen to you if you cause trouble.”

Their threats turned out to be the worst thing they could have done. Instead of being reluctant to become involved in the bar John was determined not to bow to their threats. The next night he was playing pool when they pushed in close to him, “go home,” they whispered, “Before you get hurt.”

A rough life in western Queensland country towns had taught John how to handle him self in a brawl. He remembered his old dad saying hit them first and hit them hard with anything but don’t loose. Before they could turn and leave he kneed one in the balls and hit the other over the head with his billiard cue. “Some one will get hurt all right,” he growled as he repeatedly bashed them both with any available cue or piece of furniture, “and it won’t be me.”

To his surprise the few Aussies from one of Glens sex tours joined in. “It’s about time these young shits learnt a lesson, they’ve been harassing the girls for the last few nights,” a strapping big cane farmer called Fred said as he grabbed one of them around the neck and threw him against the wall. “Do you want me to give this little prick a good thumping?”

“No mate lets get Romany and talk to them.” John groaned as he kneed the other in the balls once more. They dragged the two battered thugs into a room and asked Romany to interpret. Under pressure from Fred the two young Vietnamese thugs caved in quickly admitting that they had no city connections. They had moved up to this province hoping to establish themselves. They had heard of Romany’s history and had thought she would help. But to their surprise Romany had seen an opportunity to turn her back on the gangs and had resisted their advances.

They thought they had struck gold when they watched Romany ring public security to ask for help and no one responded to her calls. If public security wouldn’t help they knew they could provide muscle and demand protection money.

John listened to them as they spewed out their story of harassment and thuggery and rang Ruby. He told her he would take over the bar and wanted it to be free Ankara Escort of drugs and crime. “I need help,” he whispered down the phone, “don’t ring Mr. Treet but see what you can do.” Her senior friend from public security arrived in minutes. The upshot was the expulsion from the province of the two thugs and John settling in to a new role as sole proprietor of a girlie bar.

John found the bar sexually exciting and visited it each evening after dinner. Romany was reticent when he first took over embarrassed at the actions of the two thugs and not sure how to handle John. Each evening she would usher one or two pretty girls over to join him on his arrival but kept her distance. The girls were not skilled courtesans but were so happy and friendly that each evening became a delight for John.

Romany had shown the local girls how to make visitors feel special. They worked in pairs wiping his face and hands with cool wet cloths, pouring his beer or scotch. One would massage his chest and play with his nipples and gave him hand jobs while her partner encouraged him to play with her tiny breasts or finger her pussy. John rewarded them royally giving each of them a million dong telling them they should leave the bar and find a husband while they had money. When they did not appear in the bar the next evening he knew they had taken his advice.

Each evening John sat in the quiet area of the bar and studied Romany. She was the most strikingly beautiful Vietnamese woman he had seen in his years in Vietnam. She lacked the quiet serene beauty of Rose in fact she was probably the direct opposite of the love of his life.

Rose had dressed conservatively in traditional Vietnamese clothes. Romany dressed provocatively. Her dresses were some of the finest of Vietnamese silk creations sewn by local tailors. She had them made to show off what was a perfectly proportioned body. She had the finest pair of firm hard tits he had seen in Vietnam and her dresses highlighted them.

Rose was a kind and gentle lady who spent her life helping others. Rose had shown little interest in material things working to raise the orphans she took under her wing. Romany had spent her life amongst gangs and prostitution fighting to gain money prestige and power.

As he sat studying Romany as she moved amongst the few foreigners in the bar he recalled that he had a lot to thank her for. She had in the bar on one memorable night made him so horny that he was ready to fuck her. Instead he had hurried home and forced the issue with Rose. He smiled when he recalled how Rose had not objected when he joined her in her bed starting the long period of sexual satisfaction that had been the hallmark of his last years.

John knew Romany was providing fresh young women for his pleasure each evening. Young girls who had cooled his horny desires with their bodies if they stayed in the bar were never sent back to sit with him on subsequent nights. Wondering why he called her over. “My god,” he said as she sat beside him “When I see you up close I just have to tell you how beautiful you are. I don’t know why you stay up here in this poor province.”

Romany wiped a fresh cold cloth across his forehead and looked him straight in the eye. “Because of you,” she whispered in the throaty way she had perfected that sent sexual shivers through a man’s body. “Bullshit,” John grunted. “What have I got to do with it?” She placed her fingers over his lips to shush him.

“You know my history. You know the story of my connection through my dead husband with Vietnam’s toughest gangs and yet you stood up to those thugs for me when they tried to muscle in. I feel safe with you. I think I can live here without trouble because you have convinced the provincial public security people that this bar is no threat it does not plan to introduce drugs or foster widespread prostitution.”

She moved in close and wiped his brow.” The thing I like most is the fact that you treat me like a woman as an equal. Because of where I work it is very rare for a man to show me any real respect. Most just think of me as a sex object. One night long ago you treated me just like one of the girls and then ran out and left me frustrated. I waited for you to come and fuck me but you never returned. Now you own this place you could order me into your bed but you have never even tried.”

She sighed. “Even though you don’t want my love I’m happy here with you. At last I have found some peace and stability. I don’t want to go back to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.”

John sat back astonished at the way Romany had revealed her feelings. He had not spent a lot of time thinking about her. As far as he was concerned he had taken her to be a typical bar boss whose feelings were hidden under a professional mask. He found the softer Romany appealing “sit with me,” he whispered when she got up to leave.

“If you wanted me why have you kept supplying me with new young women every evening?” She poured his drink into a glass before answering. “A lot of young women are not Ankara Escort Bayan cut out for bar life. Rather than send them away empty handed I knew that you would treat them generously and give them sufficient money to get a start. They told me that you were not violent or rough and most times a blow job or some gentle massaging and a little sex was all you desired. It became easy to help them by setting them up with you and at the same time give you some clean fresh young thing each evening to soothe you in your bed.”

Romany’s description of the way young women saw sex with John made him realise that he had not really had a good nights fucking since he had taken over the bar. The girls were right all he wanted was to caress and touch the young firm bodies of his willing bedmates leaving the raunchy hard driving sex to his memories. That night he surprised the young farm girl Romany had supplied by spending a half and hour fingering and kissing her pussy before vigorously fucking her a couple of times and sending her away. A couple of weeks of similar unsatisfactory nights ended when he spoke to Romany. “No more girls let me give it a rest. I think I’m burnt out as far as sex is concerned. I’m sure your girls find me predictable and boring.”

Each evening he would come down to the bar and sit drinking watching the foreigners and the girls. As the evening progressed Romany would join him sitting close or standing between his legs so her breasts were pressed against his chest. She did nothing more than that just stand there so their bodies touched as she used a moist cloth to cool his face and hands.

John grew to like their time together. He looked forward to guessing what she would wear and what perfume she would use. He worked out over a number of nights and different outfits that she never seemed to wear underclothes. Some of her outfits allowed him to see and feel her large nipples as they stood out from her breasts. “Why no bra and no panties?” he asked one night as he ran his hand over her smooth thigh. “I don’t need them, do I?” Romany replied with a smile.

“Oh no you don’t,” he groaned. “You have the most fantastic body.” “Take me to your bed,” she whispered throatily “you won’t regret it.” John was tempted but he was not ready for a lasting relationship. “It’s not a good idea to have your sex life mixed with your business,” he growled when she pressed her beautiful body tight against him. Romany laughed “sex is our business what we do together will be private. I want you for my own. I plan to make you love me.” She tried hard but had not counted on John’s stubborn streak. No matter what she did He went home every night horny as hell but still denied her his bed.

The family gathered together on the first anniversary of Rose’s death. “Its time you found a companion,” Kim said when the ceremonies were over. “We have watched you change. Our friends who work in Glen’s bar told us that when you first took over you were with different women every night. They said you were restless and lacked interest in everything. Then for some reason you stopped sleeping down there and started coming home alone. We love you. We know how you loved Rose but we know that you must move on. You need a woman in your life”

He looked around at the family; they were all waiting for him to say something. “You all know how I loved your mother. I will never forget her. I must say after my wonderful times with Rose I find it difficult to live without a woman. But I am looking for something other than a night in the sack with girls from the bar. I have thought about it a lot and wondered what you would say if I moved Romany into my room.” He waited for someone to object. When no one spoke he continued. “Now I know you won’t be upset I might try.”

When he returned to the bar Romany joined him standing quietly between his legs. She gasped with delight when he pulled her close and whispered, “Would you like to come to my room tonight.”

John trembled like a school boy as he opened the door and let Romany into his bedroom. He felt he would be on trial making love to a woman with her history. What if she finds me boring, what if I can’t make her cum, he thought as he watched her sexily open the buttons of her long silk dress to display her fantastic breasts?

Taking the initiative he moved over and lifted her in his arms laying her half dressed on his bed. Before she could say a word he pushed her dress up exposing her hairless pussy. Dropping his trousers he forgot any idea of foreplay and ploughed his hard cock straight into her warm hot hole then held his breath waiting for her reaction. He let his breath go when she exhaled letting him know that she had also been holding her breath. He knew everything was going to be all right when she grunted in satisfaction and her hands reached up around his back pulling him in until his cock hit home.

Romany flexed her hips and they started to move. Now her arms and legs held him, her long fingernails stinging as they gripped his backside forcing him to push harder and higher to escape. Their bodies made loud slapping and sucking noises as they bashed together and pulled apart. John heard and saw all this as if he was a fly on the wall. The intensity of their coupling forced him to hang on and ride her like a wild brumby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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