Johhny Ch. 02

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If you read ‘Johnny’ then you know what happened…


It was the last week of the semester and my parents told me they were coming to pick me up at noon on Friday.

It was Thursday afternoon and ALL my exams were done. Most students had already left to go home. My roommates usually stayed on campus during the Winter semester, but Johnny’s went home.

I got a text from Johnny saying we should go to the pool for our last day on Campus since I wouldn’t be seeing him for a while. I agreed.

We met up at the pool at around 2 pm while the sun was still hot and he had called a couple of friends. We played and ‘frolicked’, teased, ran, swam, nearly drowned, drank, laughed and enjoyed the evening in each others company.

With nothing but towels, we walked back to our dorms on campus in our bikini’s and swim wear.

When I had thought that I was going to go back to my room to shower and wash the chlorine out of my hair, I noticed I hadn’t brought my key card. Which meant, I was most likely locked out of my dorm unless one of my roommates was home.

Johnny suggested I clean up at his place since he was right by the entrance to the dorm on the 1st floor. My flat was on the 3rd floor in the adjacent building.

Already at his door, he opened it for me. For the mean time there was no one there but us, but it wouldn’t be that way for much longer.

I had no change of clothes or anything but what I had on. He pulled me into the shower room and drew the curtain. Slowly he peeled off my bottoms, as I held on to his shoulder for support before stepping out. I helped him with my top as it had this weird hook mechanism that not even I could maneuver at times. I stood fully nude in front of him as he just kicked off his trunks. How easy.

He grabbed the loofah from the rack on the tiled wall and spread a dollop of body wash all over it. Instructing me to turn to face him, he lathered me up from my neck, all the way to my toes. It looked like I had on a fluffy white body suit. Refusing to allow me to rinse the soap off, he then lathered himself the same way he had done me.

He then instructed me to turn my back to face him as he adjusted Escort Ankara the settings on the pipe and put the loofah away.

I had only felt his hands encircle around to my stomach, before I felt his erection hard at my ass. He turned the shower on full blast and as the water hit us, he entered me from that said position- soap and all. I gasped and he grabbed me by the neck. His legs wide to anchor himself on the slippery tile and my legs closed in between his.

Using his left hand he held my body closer to his as he used his right hand to hold my jawline. I let out little gasps of air and water sprayed us both and the mixture of soap and water beat hard against my skin as he fucked me from behind.

Letting go of my neck, he pushed my back down a bit so I would arch it and he used both hands now to grab my hips. His rhythm picked up and I started to feel my legs give way. I tried to grab hold of the shower handles for support but I was still so slick with that damn moisturizing body wash.

I yelled his name in the hoarsest of breaths and told him I couldn’t hold on much longer. I began to then fall slowly to the floor. He grabbed me under the arms and hoisted me into a standing position. Already pulled out but certainly not soft.

It was then I heard noises in the common area. Shit. His roommates were home and probably heard us fucking in the shower. God knows it echoed.

I tried not to look too embarrassed, and he wrapped me in a towel and “carried” me to his room. Of which we passed about 3 rooms for his fellow roommates wide open. Some of the guys I went to high school with. Ugh talk about embarrassing.

When we got to his room, he placed me on his bed and dried my hair, which I forgot to wash. Ugh it was going to be a mess the next day. Then he started to towel dry my body. I simply relaxed as his fingers lingered on those sensitive spots and then recalled we didn’t finish.

He told me he had a surprise for me but I had to keep quiet. Recently finding out I was a screamer, I would try my best.

He had been practicing massage techniques and had bought body oil. Laying me on my back, he started with my neck and Ankara Escort moved down. Staying a little longer at my ass- massaging in circles and running the oil between his fingers down the crack of my ass and forcing his hand to reach my pussy. He continued down my legs and slowly to my feet- going in between each toe. Now it was time to flip. Starting from my neck he went down; staying a little longer at my breasts, kneading them and teasingly pulling my nipples, then moving to my stomach and sides, tickling me lightly with his fingers. Then he got to that sweet haven in between my thighs and it was then I got instructions.

I was not to move his hands away as he touched me. Easier said than done.

With my legs slightly parted, him nude and erect, he rubbed his oiled hand over the mound of my pussy. Ensuring he got the oil in every section, parting my labia and lubing them up so to speak, then when he was satisfied he found my clit. Using his left hand he pulled hood back as far as he could exposing the little bud and then used his right hand to touch it. I nearly screamed. The intense pleasure from being so damn wet and slick and then touching me directly almost drove me insane. I figured with so much stimulation, there was no way I was going to cum so I steadied my breathing and tried to relax.

He then delved his index and middle finger inside of me, using his thumb now to rub my clit and he finger fucked me. The sensations got harder and more intense as his pace grew and I could feel myself over the edge. Through gritted teeth I told him I was cumming and he didn’t stop. I screamed my pleasure and grabbing the nearest pillow he threw it over my face. But he didn’t stop. I pressed the pillow to my face muffling my scream and knowing I couldn’t push him away. My body riveted and thrashed and I wanted to claw my nails at something-anything.

Knowing my body couldn’t handle anymore, I cried, tears streaming down my face begging him to stop as my body ached with the pleasure of the climax.

He stopped. My breathing returned to normal.

There was a rocking chair in the room by the bed. Every room had one. Pulling my limp body down onto Ankara Escort Bayan the chair, he sat down. His back to the back of the chair and me facing him on the chair, my back against the bed. Lifting my hips he entered me, on the rocking chair, as it rocked. Every time it rocked forward, he’d push a little more inside me. I wrapped my hands around his neck, trying to keep my stability as he fucked me to a rocking motion.

But the chair was pure wood and after a couple minutes my ass began to ache. It was not a comfortable position.

Moving positions- I stood and faced the bed. Legs spread wide and bent to have my face, upper torso and arms on the bed.

Johnny paused a bit and turned up his music that was playing on his laptop before. When he was satisfied, he locked the door to his room with the bolt. Coming back to me, he fondled my pussy a bit before thrusting into me. I yelled out nonsense words and trying to get me to shut up he pushed my face into the bed- muffling my screams.

There was a knock at the door and we stopped. Bending over to my ear he whispered to me to not make a sound. Then he continued fucking me. My moans kept slipping out so he covered his hand over my mouth and continued to fuck me as the knock from outside didn’t stop.

I knew he had locked the door but I couldn’t help but tense. But Johnny didn’t care. He fucked me long and hard- pushing his dick as far as it would go every time he rammed into me. Its made that damn slapping noise that I hated every time he did that. My legs began to give way and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand for.

The person outside who was knocking now tried to open the door. My heart was now in my throat but Johnny didn’t stop. He knew it was locked of course- people would eventually leave. He pummeled into me now harder and faster until he came. Spraying his jizz all over my lower back before I almost collapsed.

Holding me by the bum he pushed me up onto his bed. Cleaned me up then we cuddled for a while before he fucked me again. He fucked me over and over until about 3 am the next day when we finally napped.

I slept until about 8 am, we kissed, said our good byes and I went up to my dorm to get my suitcases before my dad came to pick me up.

My boyfriend arrived with my dad at around noon to get my stuff and take me home. I greeted my boyfriend with a hug and kiss and we left.

I haven’t seen Johnny since…

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