Joan (2) More Young Blood

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Joan (2)

More Young Blood

The lead up to what happened in this story is written by Mikro. The details of what happened when Jo was on her own are taken from her diary. DE = Diary Entry. END is the end of the diary entry.

Poor Craig didn’t last very long he just couldn’t keep up with Jo’s demands and she soon got bored trying to teach him new tricks when he was exhausted.

Six months later we moved house and got a maisonette above our local shops. By now I was working for a local taxi firm so our group of friends had broadened somewhat. One of our friends had recently found himself a new girlfriend and moved in with her, to celebrate they were having a party to which Jo and I had been invited. As it was a Saturday night I told Jo to go and I would look after our two sons.

We arranged for me to work till about 9pm and then my sister and brother in law could pick Jo up at about 9.30. When I got home she was ready. Dressed in a semi transparent top that showed he bra, a short skirt that just about hid the stay up stockings.


Mark and Lee picked me up and took us to Gareth’s house where the party was in full swing. Sharon, the new girlfriend, got us all a drink and I stood chatting to her for a while. It was obvious that she was a bit of a tart as she had only been out of her previous relationship for about a month, but she makes Gareth happy so good luck to him. I hope it last.

Not long after I arrived I got chatting to two young men, James and Ian, who insisted I take it in turns to dance with them for the rest of the night. After about an hour I needed a break, not only from the dancing but from the wandering hands, not that I minded, in fact it was quite flattering, not to mention a bit of a turn on, but I was getting some funny looks from Lee.

I went into the garden followed by my two puppies and leant against the wall taking in the cool air, a puppy at either side. “So where are your girlfriends then” I asked

After a short silence Ian said “We don’t have any, we prefer more mature women.”

I laughed, “Hmm mature, so that’s what I am. How old are you two then?”

“I’m eighteen” James said

“And I’m 19” This from Ian who was now standing in front of me, very close.

I looked him in the face and smiled, not sure what to do really. I knew what I wanted to do because my pussy was twitching at the thought of two much younger men who once again want to fuck me. However these two both had a lot more confidence than the other three had. I had no doubt that they knew what do with a hard cock.

Ian put his hands against the wall, either side of my head and asked, “Doe’s it worry you, our ages I mean?”

“Not at all, I’m quite flattered, surely you can get girls nearer your own age though, your both very good looking” Which I had to admit was true, they were, very good looking.

Ian slowly moved forward until his lips brushed mine, when I didn’t push him away he kissed me again this time with a lot more meaning. My heart was racing and my pussy was throbbing, it throbbed even more when he moved to my neck and James kissed my lips. After a moment they were both kissing my neck, one on each side and there hands were freely roaming over my tits. I felt a hand moving downwards and jumped free of them. “Better go back in or they will start talking about me.” I said and, rather flushed, moved back into the house.

Twice over the next hour I had to escape from a corner where one or other of them had trapped me, and still I was the only one they danced with. I couldn’t get away from them, or I suppose I didn’t want to if the truth be told. I was having a great time, lots to drink and two young studs after my body what more could a woman ask for.

It was about 1am when I said I thought it was time for me to go, they protested but I went and said my goodbyes to Sharon and Gareth. Lee and Mark had long gone so I decided to walk home as it wasn’t far.

I had been walking for about five minutes when a car pulled alongside me, the window went down and a head popped out, it was Ian, James was driving. “Come on get in. Lets go for a drive.”

I smiled, “And where are we going to drive to this time of the morning.”

“South Mimms for a coffee, not far and a public place” Ian said with a laugh

“Well as long as you behave yourselves” I said and got into the back of the car, as I went to close the door Ian jumped in beside me.

“Don’t worry Jo we will be good, very good, honest” he laughed

“We’re always good” James said with a dirty laugh

“You two are cheeky little buggers” I said

The car pulled away and Ian moved as close as he could, slipping his arm along the back of the seat. “So tell me Jo, could you manage two young studs like us?”

I would have laughed but he was being serious, a sly smile crossed his mouth and his eyes glared into mine. I knew he was daring me to respond, and I knew that stubborn fool inside me had a ready and bold answer, but I held it at bay. “I thought you were going to behave” I said

James laughed, “No, we said we would be good, and given the chance we will be very good, you’ll see”

I should have felt trapped but I didn’t, I should have felt endangered but again I didn’t. I was pretty sure if I said no they would stop. What was I saying? Now I’m talking like they were fucking me already.

“Your right cocky aren’t you?” I said before I even realised.

“You wanna see how cocky?” Ian said making to undo his jeans.

“No!” I screeched and put my hands over his crotch to block it from view. Big mistake.

Ian pushed my hand down on his erection, “Whenever you want it I’m ready.”

I must have been in shock because I didn’t move my hand, I didn’t move my head when Ian leaned forward to kiss me, and I didn’t push him away when he played with my boobs. In fact I kissed him back and my hand did it’s own thing to his cock through the jeans. I felt his hand run up my back and was surprised with the ease my bra came undone and the next moment my top slipped over my head. “Whoa whoa.” I said sitting up. “Give me some air”

Ian was smiling broadly as he sat back. He knew he was going to enjoy himself tonight.

“Here we are” James said “South Mimms”

I reached for my bra but Ian got it first and threw it into the front of the car where James grabbed it and pulled it to his nose, taking a deep breath “Nice and warm” he said.

“You don’t need that” Ian said, “They feel firm enough to stand on there own.”

He was right of course, I rarely wore a bra these days anyway, most of them were ruined when Mike ripped them off me. I slipped my top on, making sure the buttons were done up enough to hide my nipples. I made sure my stay ups were ok and then slid out of the gaziantep lezbiyen car. They each grabbed an arm and we strolled into the café. James and I grabbed a table in a corner while Ian got the coffees, he also grabbed a bottle of vodka.

James slid along the bench seat towards me and put his arm round me, pulling me to him. I didn’t resist as he kissed me, I think I was as eager for them, as they were for me. My only problem was the time. Mike would be expecting me home soon, but what the hell, more young blood. I kissed him passionately and was still kissing him when Ian returned, he sat the other side of me pushing me toward James. As we kissed Ian moved his hand to my tits.

“Not here.” I said pulling away. They both laughed, I reached for my coffee as they ran there hands up my legs, I spread them slightly giving them full access to my wet knickers and swollen pussy. I used my free hand to return the favour, swapping hands every now and then. They were both hard and from what I could feel neither of them were small. For the next ten minutes they ran their hands up and down my legs while we all drank our coffees. Thinking of it now it must have looked really funny, the three of us drinking coffee with one hand while the other hand vanished under the table.

As soon as we had finished Ian said “Bring your cups for the Vodka.” We made our way back to the car and this time Ian got into the driving seat. I had the distinct feeling they had done this before.

No sooner had we started to move and James was on me. We were kissing and ripping at each others clothes. My top came away easily, quickly followed by his shirt. Before he could pull my skirt down I yanked on his jeans freeing his erection. Half kneeling and half sitting he looked at me smiling. I pushed him back and buried my face in his crotch, taking his cock deep into my mouth.

“Fuck me Ian she sucks cock like a bloody vacuum cleaner. Orrr jeez that’s good.”

We hadn’t been driving long before Ian pulled over. He turned round and started to pull at my knickers, the confined space made it too awkward to pull them off so I dived out of the car and ran into a nearby field. I was glad it was a warm night as I was already half naked and had no doubt that I would be completely naked within a few minutes. The boys had followed me to the field and soon caught me up. James had pulled his jeans off but Ian was still fully dressed.

As they caught me up they circled me, slowly removing all there clothes. The sight of there young muscular bodies, with their large erect cocks, made my heart flutter and my pussy throb.

We were circling each other like cats on the prowl, each waiting for the other to make a sudden move. I smiled “So who is gonna get my arse then”

They stopped, surprise on their faces and I ran, I ran for all I was worth, laughing loudly. They soon caught me, threw me to the ground and ripped off my skirt, leaving only my stay ups. The whole thing becomes a blur really, I remember they pulled and pushed at me, I got my hand on a cock and even got my mouth round one at one point. Then, with one underneath me and one behind they took me, penetrating me from both sides at the same time. This was no making love or even sex, this was out and out savage lust from the three of us. This was animalistic passion, and the best fuck I have ever had.

I know I came at least twice, once from my arse and one from my pussy and I know they came because both my holes were dripping when they finally slid out of me. Then we all burst into fits of laughter, rolling in the hay laughing our heads off.

“That was one hell of a great fuck” I said

“Too fucking right it was” James said

“I tell you what Jimbo, if her cunt is as tight as her arse we’re well in.” Ian said.

It was only then that I realised who had got what hole. “Well Ian you wont be disappointed with her cunt either, she’s got muscles in there that could wank you right off I reckon.” James replied

“Shut up you two and poor me a drink.” I said flushing at what I assumed were compliments.

“I hope so.” Ian said “And you owe me a blow job Jo”

James handed drinks round and I lay back on Ian’s lap, legs spread out, letting the cool night air into my open pussy. James sat looking at my pussy like he was making sure he had been there. I smiled at him.

As I finished my drink I felt a stirring behind my head. Ian’s cock was coming back to life, I rolled over and started licking it, just the head to begin with, I pushed him back so he lay down and then took him deep into my mouth. James slipped a finger into my open wet pussy, then added another till he filled the gap and brushed my clit. As I felt yet another orgasm rising I moved forward and slipped Ian’s hard young cock into my cunt, raising my arse I turned and looked at James who didn’t need to be told the prize was now his. He slipped in easily. This time it was slow and rhythmic, all working together till we reached an equilibrium and ecstatic orgasm, quiet but passionate at the same time, moans not screams but the height of orgasmic ecstasy. Again we collapsed in the hay, only this time we were silent, James again handed out drinks. We lay there for some time before I said that I really had to go. Reluctantly we dressed, luckily my skirt wasn’t torn. The top was a bit of a mess but not too bad, but my stay ups were ruined, torn to shreds by the first violent fuck.

This time I sat in the front seat. I told them to pull up round the corner from my place and we all had a quick grope and a kiss before arranging to meet the following night.


By 2am I was getting really worried about her. I rang Sharon who said Jo had left about 1am. So I rang Mark but he hadn’t seen her either. I was pacing up and down for another hour before she knocked on the door.

“Where the fuck have you been.” I said “I’ve been really worried.”

She put her hand to my face and said “Oh I’m sorry babes, I was ok I was with a couple of guys. We went for a drive and ended up at South Mimms. It was great just driving all the time to nowhere at all, just driving on the clear open roads.”

I suspected more had happened but was too tired to push the point. We went to bed and I was soon asleep.

The following morning I let Jo sleep in for a while, taking her breakfast in bed about midday.

Once she was really awake I asked the question, “So did you fuck them then?”

“No of course not, I could have done, they are both great kissers but I promised I wouldn’t fuck anyone without letting you know first. Would you have minded if I had” she replied

“No not really, as long as you told me. I was just really worried that’s all. Are you seeing them again?”

“I was going to see them tonight but if you rather I didn’t ….”

“No, you go, have some fun, enjoy yourself.” I said, meaning it. The thought of her getting fucked by yet another pair of young studs was a real turn on. “As long as I get my cock up you as well sometime you can fuck who you like, you know that”

That night it was plain she intended enjoying herself. She wore a loose wrap around top that tied at the front and did nothing at all to hide her braless tits. Her skirt was so short it showed her suspenders and the naked flesh above her stockings, and the highest heels she could find. She had been on the vodka all the time she was getting ready and was slightly tipsy. “I” she said, “am going to get well and truly fucked tonight. And then I am going to fuck your brains out while my cunt is full of spunk.”

I laughed, “You look and sound like a right fucking slut” I said

“That’s what I was after.” she laughed, “I am going to make them so horny they will come in there pants. They will be like little lap dogs begging for it.”

The knock on the door announced their arrival, or at least Ian’s arrival. Jo introduced him and when he saw me he looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up. I just said “Hi” and as Jo walked out the door I added “Have fun you three” letting Ian know that I was aware of James.


I thought Ian was going to fall through the floor when I opened the door. His mouth quickly snapped shut when he saw Mike, his face went bright red and he started to shuffle his feet like he was expecting trouble.

Once we were in the car he said, “I thought I was in trouble when I saw him with you”

I laughed, “No Mike likes me to enjoy myself. He says I have a lot of making up to do as I lost all my teenage years to my idiot of an ex husband.”

I had settled into the back seat expecting Ian to join me but he got into the front with James. “So what we doing then boys?”

Ian turned round a got a real good look at what I was wearing, his eyes popped out again. “Thought we might go to this country pub I know.” he said

“Sounds good to me,” I laughed, “you know how much I love the countryside.”

That broke the tension a bit and we all had a giggle, knowing full well that I was referring to the night before. We drove for about half an hour, chatting about nothing in particular. Ian rubbed his hand over my knee all the way.

As soon as we arrived I jumped out of the car, “You get a table I will get the drinks, beers ok”

I was walking off before they had even got out of the car. I glanced back and saw them watching me. I was walking as sexily as I could, emphasising what Mike called my natural wiggle. They didn’t answer my question about the drink as they were a little pre-occupied with my arse

As I walked into the pub I was surprised how busy it was, all heads turned towards me, watching as I walked to the bar. The few women that were present making it plain to their man that they didn’t approve of me. I placed our order and glanced around, all the men were still looking at me, which, surprisingly, made me conscious of what I was wearing. One of the men saw me looking and smiled, I smiled back and relaxed a little. What the hell I thought, they all seem to be enjoying the view. As I walked into the garden I kept up the wiggle, this time for the enjoyment of the men in the pub.

As I walked to our table, which not surprisingly was tucked away in a corner, the boys eyes again followed every move of my hips, I smiled as I sat down but said nothing, letting the tension grow, as I sat down in the vacant chair between them, very lady like swinging my legs to the side of the table before I crossed them, revealing just about the full length of my legs

Finally James broke the silence, “You look absolutely fucking horny Jo. I bet the old boy’s in there all had heart attacks.”

I smiled sexily, “This old thing? Just something I threw together. And yes a few heads did turn”

As we drank and chatted the conversation got decidedly filthy, many references made to the previous night, and a few about what was expected tonight. I added my bits to the conversation in language that they would understand. They were in no doubt that I was going to fuck them both silly, but not till I was ready, till then they could do and say whatever they wanted and I would give as good in return.

Ian got the next round in and when he returned he said, “Poor buggers seemed quite disappointed that it was me and not you. They got a dartboard if you fancy a go?”

James laughed, “Women don’t play darts, and anyway you just want to show her off.”

“I take insult at that,” I said, “As it happens I am quite good at darts, Mike and I play naked sometimes.” I laughed at their surprise

“Come on then” Ian said, “But you don’t need to get undressed your not exactly hiding anything are you” he ran off knowing I was going to take a swing at him.

James and I followed him, James making the most of the opportunity to lift my skirt and grope my arse. Ian was right though, the minute I walked in the door all heads turned towards me and stared, nobody even tried to hide it, the women had all gone or moved to the other bar.

We started our game and it was clear that the crowd were still watching, at times gasping as I reached up to gather my darts from the board. Ian won the first game and I won the second.

By the third game the crowd were openly cheering me on. “Go for the twenty.” someone shouted.

I laughed, “Oh and why would that be then? Nothing to do with my skirt I suppose?”

“That’s not a skirt, it’s not even a handkerchief. You might as well not wear it.”

I don’t know who said it but it brought a huge cheer from the crowd and big smile to my face. Ian and James seemed to be enjoying the banter as much as me.

Another man shouted out, “If you get more than three twenties in a row I will buy you a drink.”

I don’t know if it was that or if the boys were just too busy laughing at the comments that were now getting more and more lewd, but I won that game and the next, and I got a free drink as well. As the guy brought the drink over he looked at the boys and said “Move over and let a man show you how to handle darts.

Ian looked at me and I smiled, “Take a seat and lets see how good he is.” Moving closer to Ian I whispered, “Don’t worry, remember it’s you two I am going to fuck stupid tonight so watch and enjoy the fun.” He smiled back at me. I think he had a good idea what was going to happen

The challenge rang out across the pub and before I knew it there were six men lined up behind me waiting for a chance to play with me, I meant darts but I had a distinct feeling they would have preferred other game play. Still, it was a good laugh and if I got free drinks as well what the hell.

With all the prospective darts players around me I stepped up to throw my first dart. “Want me to hold them tits out the way for you” a voice shouted. I looked in the direction of the comment and smiled, saying nothing.

As the game continued I was squeezed closer and closer into the melee of men around me. Many times I felt hands up my skirt or brushing my tits. They were getting more and more open as the game went on.

I lost that match and was goaded into giving the lucky winner a kiss. Much to his annoyance I kissed him on the cheek. The next player stepped up and made it plain that when he won he wanted a proper kiss. My drinks were never ending I must have had about six on the table and the boys were well stocked as well.

By the end of the next match the groping was right out in the open and I was getting really turned on, not with the men who were groping me but with the fact that it was so open and in a crowded room. I was seriously in need of getting fucked by my young bloods.

I won that match and the next player stood ready. This was the one who had been doing most of the calling out, He looked straight at me and said “When I win I will want more than a kiss.”

The crowd roared I glared back at him and said, “Then I better win then hadn’t I” realising later that I had agreed to his bet. It seemed that all the other men wanted me to lose this game as the comments became blatantly sexual. Each time I stepped away from the dartboard and into the crowd I was covered in hands up my top to my naked tits and even up my skirt. More than one finger slipped past my defences and into my wet pussy

The game was over quite quickly, and I was beaten easily. The man turned to me and said, “Time to pay up.”

The drink was having it‘s effect on me as it always did if I drank a lot, “Ok then you win what’s the price”

The crowd fell silent, waiting with anticipation to hear what his reward would be.

He smiled, “Not here. John can I use your backroom for a minute”

The landlord said ok and the man, who’s name I didn’t even know took me by the hand and led me away, I managed to catch Ian’s eye and winked at him, letting him know I was fine. What I didn’t let him know was I was as eager as the others to know what price I would have to pay for losing the match.

Once in the back room the guy turned to me and said “Your one right fucking slut aren’t you? You dress like a whore, you speak like a whore and now you can act like a whore.”

Somehow I wasn’t shocked by his statement, after all I had dressed to look like a whore and I was definitely acting like one, allowing access to my body to anyone who wanted to grope it for last few hours. I waited to see what he wanted.

He said nothing, he just yanked his joggers down and his erection sprang out in front of him. Before I could do or say anything he grabbed my hair and pulled me down making it plain that he wanted me to suck his cock. He didn’t wait for me to open my mouth or anything just pushed it forward till it was in there.

‘You bastard’ was the only thought to enter my head, ‘I’ll show you’

And I did. I gave him the best fucking blow job he had ever had, he lasted all of about three minutes. As the last drop went down my throat I got up and walked back into the pub, deliberately wiping my mouth as I did so. “Time to go boys” I said and walked out of that pub leaving them all wondering if it was true, had I done ‘it’

James and Ian quickly caught me up “You didn’t did you” James said.

“Didn’t what?” I said with a sarcastic laugh

“Give him a fucking blow job” Ian said laughing loudly

“Of course I didn’t.” I said seriously, “What do you think I am? A whore? I gave him a long, very long, lip smacking kiss”

“You bitch! You did that on purpose didn’t you? To make them think you had.”

“There are only two cocks I’m going to suck tonight and that is these.” With that I grabbed them by the balls. “Starting with this one” I let Ian go and smiled at James

Ian opened the car and James and I got in the back, before the engine had even started I had James hard cock in my hand, by the time we left the car park I was gorging on it, hungry for it and them.

We drove to the same place as the previous night only this time Ian opened the car door and rammed his cock into me there and then. I don’t know if it was how the man in the pub treated me or what he had said but I allowed the boys to do whatever they wanted. After the initial assault the boys dragged me out of the car and into the field, they were as hot and eager as I was. I encouraged them to use me, even to abuse me allowing them to whip my bare bum with branches from a bush or with there hands. This time it was me that was the animal, they were just fuck fodder. I allowed them to use me for over an hour, not letting them rest between their orgasms, or mine. By the time they were too knackered to go on I was covered in come juice, from all holes and all over my body and face. And still I didn’t want to stop.

I knew it was the drink that made me this way as well as the situation. Mike had said once, that when I had been drinking I would fuck anything with a cock. I was beginning to think he was right. But god I loved it.


It was about 2.30am when the car pulled up outside. All night I had been winding myself up for this moment. I waited to see if they would bring her to the door, when it was obvious that they had just dropped her off I took my bathrobe off and answered the door naked. She didn’t even notice. She was obviously on a high, even if she was exhausted. I didn’t care though I grabbed her and threw her to floor and grabbed her legs, putting them over my shoulder. Before she could say anything I rammed my cock into her, staring her in the face. I don’t know if it was shock or pleasure and to be honest I didn’t care but her face went from shock to what seemed like serenity, she gave herself to me completely and utterly. I waited till she screamed her orgasm before changing position, ripping her top off as I did so, with her skirt round her waist she was as good as naked, except for her suspenders, her stockings were already ripped to shreds. Two more orgasms and two more positions before I dragged her into the bedroom, putting her on her hands and knees in front of the mirror. I pulled her head up and looked at her reflection, she smiled at me, she knew what was going to happen as we had done this many times before.

Slowly I slid my erection into her arse, she closed her eyes and smiled as it slid in, then slowly but forcefully I fucked her. I fucked her till finally I shot my come into her and she yet again moaned in orgasm.

Once we were both satiated I pulled her onto the bed where we curled up together in a ball and fell asleep


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