Jill’s Seduction

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It was the weirdest present I ever got and also one of the biggest surprises of my life. My twenty-first birthday and college graduation just happened to coincide, so my folks decided to make it a very big deal. For the day after the graduation, they rented a large salon at the Hyatt with a band and open bar and everything. Fortunately, they didn’t invite the whole town, but maybe sixty-five or seventy friends and relatives were planning to attend. I didn’t complain about it much; student loans and shit like that had sapped me dry and the graduation/birthday gifts might be just the thing to kick-start my bank account!

Anyway, the morning of…my mom sent me out to a couple stores to pick up some last minute shit for the party. Turning the corner into the Greenwood Mall parking lot, I was jolted hard by the sight of my girlfriend Katie getting into the passenger side door of a new Mustang, one that I didn’t recognize. That wouldn’t have been so bad, except there was a guy driving, and I didn’t recognize him either. THAT wouldn’t have been so bad, except she and I had been having a few problems lately.

Things had been awesome for the first year that we dated, but ever since Christmas, the whole relationship seemed to be slipping down into a lower gear. I thought it was because we were so busy with our last year of school; but damn…even our fucking had lost some of its zip! We used to be able to go at each other for two or three hours at a time; but lately, every time we got together I got the nagging feeling in the back of my brain that she was just trying to get it over with.

Being that I’m a curious son-of-a-bitch, I decided to follow them for a ways. This was dangerous because my candy apple red S10 pickup could easily be spotted, but I picked up the gauntlet and pulled out of the parking lot after them. When we stopped at the light on 10th and Scottsville Road, I received my present. Katie and that asshole leaned into each other like you read about. He was kissing her so hard that it crooked her neck at an odd angle, and from the looks of it his tongue had to be about halfway down her throat. Come to think of it, it might have been her tongue down his…Yep! We’d done the same thing a thousand times and more often than not, it was her tongue doing the deed.

Something twisted in my gut and all of a sudden I felt sick…and like…I didn’t know what to do! This was my second real relationship and both times I’d gotten screwed by some other guy. Well actually, it wasn’t the guys at all! How could I blame them? Katie was hot, fuckin’ beautiful! Black hair, deep brown eyes, great legs and ass…her boobs were smallish but she was nuclear in bed. She was so active between the sheets, never passive. And DAMN, she’d kill me with her language, begging me to fuck her and always announcing how hard she was gonna cum! I remember one time when she was sitting on my face. She was using both hands to spread her pussy lips open and she just kept demanding, “Suck my clit, George, Oh…Fuck yeah…Suck it! Mmmm…ahhh! Oh, God…I’m gonna cum so hard!!! Ohhh Shit… Oh, Shit Yesss! Suck my fuckin’ pussy…God!!” Wow and Damn! I woulda licked her clit for as long as she wanted!

I turned the wheels onto the shoulder of the road and just sat there for like ten minutes… thinking. Damn chicks! Why did shit like this have to happen anyway? I tried to think of what I might have done to blow this thing; but nothing really came to mind. It probably just wasn’t meant to be…but, God, I was pissed anyway! A cop pulled up to my window and asked me what was wrong and I just told him I didn’t feel well. He asked if I felt well enough to drive into the Stop-and-Shop just ahead and get out of the traffic and I did.

I went inside, bought myself a beer and sat on the tailgate. After about half a can I realized it was over. I knew it. There was no sense fooling myself. It would be easier to just get the break-up over with, right? So I picked the cell phone out of my pocket and dialed her up.

She answered right away. “Hello?”

“Hey Babe; it’s me…what time did I say I was gonna pick you up tonight?”

“6:00…but… George? I…”

She sure sounded tentative, so I interrupted her, “I know…you’re not feeling very well; I could see that last night.”

“Yeah, I may have to stay in bed the rest of the afternoon.”

That was a funny one! Even I snickered when she said it and I was pretty sure I heard the guy choking back a laugh too! “Yeah…you might. Say Kate? Did I see you at the mall about a half hour ago?”

This time I think she choked! “Uhhh…maybe…but I didn’t see you…were you there?”

“Not really, but when I saw you in the parking lot, I figured out what you were doing there.”

“You did?”

“Yeah…I figured you were getting me a present for the party tonight. I even figured out what you’re giving me!”

“Huh? You figured that out from seeing me in the parking lot?”

“Yep…I figured out you’re giving me my freedom! What a surprise, Kate! That’s really Escort Ankara thoughtful of you!”

The silence on the line was deafening! It was a very long thirty seconds…

“Yes,” she paused again for maybe ten more seconds, “I…I guess you’re right, George… I’m sorry…but you’re right.”

This time I paused for a while, “Know what, Kate?”


“We had fun, didn’t we!” It was a statement, not a question.

“Yeah, we did…George? I AM sorry!”

“Awww don’t be,” I chuckled, “being sorry doesn’t make you any less of a bitch, ya know!”

Katie was silent again. “I suppose I deserved that.”

“Fuckin’ ‘eh you did! Well…I’ll see ya around!”

“Good-bye, George, I…well I…”

“Yeah, I know…you’re sorry! Bye Kate,” and I hung up. The silence was deafening again.

That night I probably wasn’t the best guest of honor at my own party. Taking advantage of my new legal drinking age, the open bar was attacked early and often. The next day I woke up around 1:00 pm and there didn’t seem to be a point to getting up; so after taking a piss I buried my head under the pillow and thought about Katie’s beautiful ass (that I would never fuck again) for another hour and then finally headed into the kitchen.

Normally, my mother used Sunday afternoons to play cards with friends or shop or some other girlie shit, but today she was home and was nice enough to whip me up some scrambled eggs. I took em out to the patio and threw my ass into the corner deck chair. Mom came out and sat with me while I ate. She had this motherly, sympathetic look on her face…mostly because she liked Katie too.

“You want to talk about it?” I was glad she asked instead of plunging right in with her usual piece of advice.

“I don’t know…” there was a long pause, “Shit, why did she have to cheat to end it?”

“I don’t know either,” she replied. “Sure didn’t seem like her, did it.”

“Women suck, ya know!” I managed to smile, “Present company excepted!”

She laughed at that. “Well…it sure seems that way for the moment.”

We sat in silence for about a minute while I took three more forkfuls of breakfast, I mean lunch…I mean…what the fuck was this? The screen door banged next door and I squinted into the sun to see a woman walking towards her garage. She was kinda okay looking, maybe around 5’5 with brown hair pulled into a ponytail. Wearing jeans and a big t-shirt, it was difficult to tell about her body, but I could see she was at least twenty-five pounds overweight. I estimated that she was about thirty-five years old, but even so she had this sexy little wiggle when she walked and I turned to my mom and asked, “Who the fuck is that?” Ooops!

She reached over and tapped me on the lips, “Watch your mouth, will you?” and then glancing over at the woman she said, “That’s Jill…you never met her? She and her husband moved in six months ago!”

Damn…I must have really been busy, I thought. Six months ago? I was here through Christmas and Easter breaks and never even met the new neighbors?

When she came out of the garage my mother HAD to fuckin’ do it, “Hi Jill, hey…have you ever met my son George? I don’t think you have!”

We were sitting just a few feet away from fence and Jill came over to say hello and rested her hands on it. “Hi George, your mom’s told me a little about you. Congratulations on your graduation!”

“Thanks, I’m kinda embarrassed we haven’t met before this!”

She smiled and…Wow! She might have been a little on the chubby side, but she knew how to display her assets. That smile was dazzling and now that she was up close I could check her out better. Her brown eyes were gorgeous, her best feature on an okay face. Her legs seemed a little short for the rest of her body, but her tits! Oh, my God! She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra and for some reason her nipples were hard. They were large, fat ones and they jutted out toward us begging for someone to suck ’em! I figured she was probably a size DD, and my next thought was that her husband probably spent a lot of time on them; I would have!

“Oh, I remember college,” she was still smiling. “No one else existed except me and my friends! Will you be staying a while or are you heading out to find your own place?”

“Well, in two weeks I start a job with GM at the Corvette plant north of Bowling Green; seen it?”

“Yeah, what are you gonna do there?”

“A little engineering…design; when the paychecks start, I’ll find a place closer to it.”

“Very nice…well, I’m sure in time we’ll get better acquainted, but right now I’ve got to go meet my husband.” When she said that, a faint cloud seemed to drift over her _expression. It lingered there for just a couple of seconds and then that smile came back.

“What’s your husband’s name?” I asked.

“Jude,” and she quickly added, “but I gotta go…nice meeting you, George!” and she wiggled off.

I don’t know what it was; maybe it was just the fact that the prospects for Ankara Escort getting some pussy seemed bleak at the moment, but that woman was sexy! Yes…she was probably ten or so years older than me, but you know what? I was pissed at women right now and I decided right then and there that I wanted to bang her sexy, wiggly ass! I might not be able to do it, but I’d been fucked by women twice now and it was about time that I did some fucking back. Being that I wasn’t all that experienced with married women (I didn’t have any experience at all!) I figured I’d better go slow and see how she responded rather than make a pass at her and piss her off!

Unbelievably, my first opportunity came the very next day. It was about 2:00 o’clock on a warm Monday afternoon. I was walking past the back kitchen window and spotted her in the back yard dumping some top soil in an area next to her garage. She was wearing this electric blue bikini top…and her cleavage! Oh, my God! Katie had a little success with wonderbras, but this…Fuck! A guy’s dick could get lost in there! I made a mental note that tit-fucking had to go high on my to-do list with this babe!

Grabbing a couple beers from the fridge, I headed out the door. Going down the back steps, I thought about how it wasn’t going to be easy to keep my eyes where they belonged; but, if this was only step one in my strategy, I sure didn’t want her to think I was just an adolescent boy infatuated with a lady’s tits!

“Hi there, Jill!” I called from halfway across the yard. “Looks like hot work!”

Jill was on her knees spreading the soil and she looked up, “Hell, yes! I could have done this later when it cooled off, but I did want some sun, too.”

“Well, I came out with a couple of beers to relax with, but you can have one if you’re thirsty!”

Jill got up immediately, “Oh, my God,” she said with a laugh. “Give it to me quick!”

Chuckling, I looked at that cleavage as she lifted her head and drained about a third of the bottle in three quick gulps. She might have been a little overweight, but those extra pounds sat in some very sexy areas of her body. And her skin, my God…it was flawless! I licked my lips, thinking about running my tongue along the swell of her breasts and on down underneath against her rib cage! I wondered what the aureoles surrounding those fat teats were like and I was startled out of that awesome daydream by the realization that my cock was hardening quickly! I’d better change the subject. “I don’t wanna sound dumb, so I won’t ask what you’re planting there.”

“Just some ground cover,” she replied, “something cheap.” Jill took another swig, “Damn, this tastes so good! I haven’t had a beer in a long time.”

“Why? You never have any in the house?”

“No, we can’t, ummm…” Jill clearly didn’t know how much to say, so she she didn’t say any more.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I admitted, “I didn’t mean to be nosy.”

She lifted her head to take another swallow and this time I checked out the cute pooch of her belly as it disappeared into her shorts. Her whole tummy was wet with perspiration and my imagination kicked into overdrive again, visualizing little rivulets of sweat adding to the moisture of a wet, horny pussy. She looked at me and delivered that sweet smile, “Well, let’s just say my house is a lot happier without alcohol in it!”

“Yep, we could say that,” I agreed. We both finished our beers and I asked her, “You need any help?”

Jill looked over her shoulder at the garage door. “Yeah, I suppose I could. If you don’t mind, you could get the other three bags of soil from the trunk of my car in the garage.”

“No problem,” I said while removing my shirt and moving toward the door, “now it’s my turn to get some sun.”

We spent the next fifteen minutes spreading the soil and getting better acquainted. I found out that she and her husband had moved up to Bowling Green from Nashville because Jude had bought a gas/convenience store. Jill worked there part time, but she was trying to find something more in her field which was accounting.

It didn’t take long until I was bathed in sweat, too. When I got up to wipe my chest with my t-shirt, I happened to notice Jill’s reflection in the garage window. She was still talking to me, but she was watching my backside intently. Her eyes seemed to be looking at my shoulders, then they followed the line of my spine…down to my ass, which she stared at for several seconds. I deliberately turned around, watching her in the window , and her head snapped away so I wouldn’t catch her looking at me.

“You okay?” I said to her, not too teasingly, but just enough to let her know that I knew what she’d been doing!

God, did she ever blush! “Of course! But I think I drank that beer too fast.” She stood up and changed the subject again, “I think we’re done for the day, George. Thank you sooo much!”

“Aww…it’s okay,” I said, wiping my bare chest with the shirt again. Jill watched me. I thought I saw her lick her lips, but I wasn’t sure. Ankara Escort Bayan She lifted her eyes and when they touched mine, I let them lock for a few seconds. “You…got plans tonight, Jill?”

“Umm…well…Jude’s gonna be home in about an hour; I’ll start dinner and then we’ll just spend a quiet evening I think.”

I let my eyes search her face, “Ohhhh…I get it! Quiet evenings are good!” I smiled and winked, my innuendo perfectly clear to her.

The same cloudy _expression from yesterday drifted across her face again, only this time it lingered there until she dropped her eyes. “Okay, uhhh…no, it’ll be just a quiet evening, I think.”

“Are you shittin’ me?” I looked at her incredulously, then deliberately let my eyes ogle that sweet tit cleavage, “Are you saying that that husband of yours lets your hot little self go to waste?”

“Most married couples skip a day here and there, don’t they?” Jill said it with a giggle, but I think she was faking that.

“Here and there is one thing, wasting is another! I’d be taking care of business if I was him!”

Jill loved my compliments; I could hear it in her voice. “Don’t you have your own ‘business’ to take care of?”

God, those tits! Once I started looking, I couldn’t stop! “Not at the moment; I had a girlfriend, but we decided to end it. Now? Shit! I’m having too many quiet evenings myself!” We both laughed.

“Well…you’re young, it shouldn’t be any problem for a good looking boy like you to to find a nice girl to ‘make some noise’ with!” God…we just laughed again!

Then I said, “To be honest, I love to hear a woman make noise, assuming they’re being honest with their feelings and not pulling a ‘Meg Ryan’ or any of that shit!” This made Jill laugh again and I decided to get really bold. “Okay, so tell me, Jill…do you make a lot of noise?”

Her eyes were still smiling but she managed to reply, “Hmm…that’s not any of your business, is it?”

“Hell no, it ain’t none of my business! But I still wanna know!” I think my honesty completely disarmed her, and we both broke up laughing again.

“Okay, umm…well, when Jude and I get going, I can remember a few times when we made a racket.”

“Then, ya’ know what?” I said with a huge grin, “because I’m kinda nosy, why don’t you tell me when the last time was that you and Jude made some noise?”

Jill looked hard at me then. She wasn’t mad, she was thinking. This conversation was heading in a certain direction and she wasn’t sure if it should go there. Her eyes were searching mine, and there was a little smile playing at the corners of her mouth. Then she let her eyes drift down to my chest, and the look gave me a little chill. I took a quick swipe at the sweat on my pecs and felt how rock hard my nipples were. Jill’s eyelids fluttered a little at that and she definitely licked her lips.

When her eyes lifted back to mine she said, “I think I have to go inside, George; mother nature is calling.”

“Oh,” I replied, “is she making noises too?” God…did we ever laugh! I decided right then that if I played my cards right, I could do this woman! She was sooo fuckin’ ripe! It was perfect because I didn’t want a relationship, no damn way…at least not until I got my job at GM going for a while and got my own place.

I went into my room and shut the door, lying down on the bed…my hands behind my head. I couldn’t think straight, really. I just kept seeing her wiggly ass in my brain, and she kept bending over so her tits and cleavage swung right in front of me! Oh, my God…was my cock ever hard! Then I moved behind her and inched her pants down so I could explore the crack of her ass with my fingers and tongue. Yeah! I bet she could make some noise! I wondered what kind of sounds she’d make if I got behind her and started sucking her asshole while I was thumbing her wet clit!

With a start…I awoke from this damn dream, not surprised that my one hand was down my pants, stroking my soft hardness, while the other fingers were rolling one of my nipples! It took a whole minute for me to decide; did I wanna cum right then or not? I chose not to, simply because the sexual tension was torqued to the sky and I was really enjoying it. I had to keep it going!

And thank God! That night I got a call from my buddy Frank, whom I hadn’t seen since Christmas. Apparently, there was this end-of-the-year frat party going on at WKU’s Pi house and he was slipping us in there. It was gonna be a final keg party; and I sure did wanna get drunk, and I sure did wanna get laid. When he came by to pick me up, I practically sprinted out to the car.

Just as was getting in, Frank said, “Hey George, get my wallet out of the trunk, would ya’? I’ve gotta use the ATM. It’s in the front pocket of my golf bag.”

Just as I was pulling my head out of the trunk, I heard a door slam over at Jude and Jill’s. There was Jude, standing on the stoop, staring at the front door. “Fuck you!” he yelled at it… as if the door had ears or something.

Three seconds later the door flew open again and there stood Jill with her hands on her hips. “You asshole,” she said. She didn’t say it very loud, but from the sound of her voice, I guessed she’d been crying, “Do you want the whole neighborhood to hear? Just go back to work and….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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