Jen’s Birthdat party Revised

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Chapter Two

Jennifer’s Birthday party

I came home from work and Jennifer did not look happy as she usually did.
She comes over to me and places her arms around my neck and hugs me .
Hello Daddy how was your day at work today it was good angel thank you.

How is daddy’s little lady today not good daddy I’m sad today .
I need to talk to you it’s important I went and sat in my favorite chair.

I motioned for her to come over angel here please sit on dad’s lap .
we will talk about what ever is troubling you .

What is your problem angel she looked at me with the saddest eyes .
I been a very naughty girl why I been masturbating while your at work . Jen Honey that’s alright honey we all get those urges at times .
It’s natural nothing to be sad about honey.

Jennifer honey dad doesn’t want you to ever be afraid to come to me with any problem that you may have .

Thanks daddy for having this talk with me.
I love you too dad I love you too precious.

Dad what are we going to do for my birthday this week .
I have an idea Jen give a call to Jill and invite her to dinner and a drive-in movie . alright will give her a phone call later on after dinner .
later on that evening after dinner she called her friend Jill.

Jill was about five foot two inches tall , she weighed about one hundred and ten pounds . Her hair was brown with hazel eyes . Her breasts I am taking a guess maybe about a 36c. never saw her naked before.

Hello Jill I would like to ask you gaziantep rus escort a question are you available this Friday night..
if your not too busy I would like to invite you dinner and a movie.
I would be glad too Jen Thank you.

dad she will be happy to join us alright wonderful. what time Jen shall I come over around four pm OK. . Dad will be home at five pm thats wonderful .

Jen I want to sped time with you I like to talk about things. What about your boyfriend Jill I don’t have one now he wanted my cherry I said no way so he left me. Friday finally had arrived Jill arrived at four pm as Jen was so happy to see her .

Hi Jill Please come in they embrace each other how have you been .
Alright I guess how are you getting along Jen were OK.

I miss my mom a lot even though it has only been a few months .
dad is still very sad I can tell he misses her so much he will not show it around me.

He Misses her deeply they were together since mom was sixteen.
He misses her so much .

Dad says everyone has sexual urges at times and that they have needs
that need to be filled . Why mom and dad use to make love a lot until mom got sick with the cancer.

I am beside myself Jill I just do not know what to do.
Jen have you ever given any thought of taking care of your dad needs yourself . Jill I am so surprised at you what ! incest that’s taboo.

Hell no not me no way that would be terrible .
Having my daddy’s big thick cock in side my virgin vagina .
He would split me wide open Jill .

Jen is it really that big yea I think it is anyway . I saw it briefly saw it from where I was siting on the potty . I only saw for a few minutes daddy was in the shower. I had to pee bad I could not hold it any longer.

Well I take care of my daddy’s needs at times when we feel the urge.
Here let me explain alright .

when mom passed seven yeas ago one evening I went to the kitchen to get a snack . I heard a lot of moaning and screaming I peeked into the living room . There was dad in his favorite chair watching a porno on TV .

He was jacking off so I quietly watched for a while when all of a sudden .
that sudden urge cam on it made my pussy tingle .

I pulled off my nightie off and I began rubbing my pussy for a while.
I kept sliding my finger in and out and pulling at my nipples.
I got so horny and so wet that my pussy juices were dripping out of me .

I suddenly stopped and I realized this is so wrong. That’s my daddy
but I need cock inside my pussy now.

I went over to my daddy I started sucking him off just like I use to do on Roy my boyfriend.

within five minutes daddy blew his load deep inside my mouth.
I had sucked daddy dry. I said fuck me daddy please fuck my wet pussy stick it deep inside me please daddy.

I want you to fuck my pussy daddy so bad .
Well Jen ever since then we fill each others urges when we want to.

Oh my God Jill I never knew all this time I thought that for sure you and Roy were fucking like rabbits . No Jen Roy had an affair with that slut in the next town I found out and gave him up.

well Before my mom passed we went into the city and I picked out a couple of fake dicks. Oh you mean dildo’s yes Jill I only masturbate when daddy not home.

I got and idea Jill lets go to my room it is only three pm dad will not be home until five. I can show you them alright they go up stairs.
they laid on Jen’s king sized bed both of them nude and their legs spread wide and they were bringing them self’s to orgasm.

Little did Jen and Jill know I was on my way home that very moment.
I pulled in the driveway and went into our home. They must have been real busy because they never heard me come in .

I heard some moans and some screams I figured it was Jen masturbating again. I quietly crept up the stairs and peeked through the key hole in the old door just to make sure she was alright relieving her self.

I crouched down and pee din and saw Jen and Jill relieving them self’s with Jens toys . wow what nice pussy on Jill she saved clean and it was so pink too . dam I would like to get in her shes hot I bet I would split her open too.

I over heard them talking Jill yes Jen I think I took my own virginity.
why well the first time I used this is when mom and dad were making love.

I just had the urge down there like mom said I stuck it in and I saw blood. Yes you did Dam now I have to tell daddy I’m not a virgin any more.
I said to myself hell Ill just go right in there and I did.

To Be Continued:

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