Jenny’s Summer Ch. 01

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Author’s Note

The is a true story based entirely on my experiences over this past summer but everyone’s names have been changed.


I was looking forward to my internship at an advertising firm in California after Sophomore year and, living in the golden state during the summer would be a dream come true, especially considering that I’d be away from my boyfriend, Kody.

Kody was 21, just finished his Junior year (now a Senior) and he is obsessed with bodybuilding mainly because he wanted to be on the football team but could never make the cut. He has blonde hair, brown eyes, stands at 5’11”, 250lbs and has a squarish, dense muscular body which to be honest was okay but I didn’t really think it was hot. Regardless, I liked Kody because he was sweet and funny. However, I did notice a decline in our relationship and he appeared to be taking me for granted compared to when I first met him during Fall Semester of Freshman year.

Our sex life was decent but it started to get mundane after a while, too. He’d almost always be working out whenever I was really horny which really annoyed me but I got used to it and I’d always have to finish myself off. His cock is average, like just around 5 inches but that’s not a big deal if you put a little more thought or care into sex. Kody was pretty vanilla and is a doggy or missionary type of guy who loved blowjobs and he was awful at giving oral if he ever went down on me. This bugged me because I shave my pussy smooth and keep it clean down there; a courtesy I’m not always extended.

Anyway, I found a great place in town to stay at during my internship. It was a 2-bedroom apartment so I’d have to live with a roommate but that was never really an issue for me as long as the two of us could get along. The rent was very reasonable too since it included all our utilities and high speed Wi-Fi.

I arrived at LAX after a long flight from Miami and decided to take an Uber to the apartment I’d be staying at. I was wearing a fitted long sleeved top, small denim shorts and sneakers. While I was waiting for my luggage at one of the carousels at the airport, I decided to call Kody and let him know that I arrived. Despite him being annoying, I loved him and I was starting to miss him.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the heartwarming phone call I was hoping it would be. We had a rather long and unpleasant conversation stemming from the fact that Kody suddenly wanted to take a break from our relationship during the summer and pick things back up when I returned to college. I asked him why but he had no good explanation. Escort Ankara What kind of an idiot did he take me for? He was cheating on me. I hung up in the middle of the conversation because no matter how much I asked him, he wouldn’t tell me why he wanted a break. I’ll be honest with you guys; I didn’t take that well at all. He was screwing some skank behind my back to get his rocks off during the summer. Two could play at that game.

I collected my luggage and got an Uber. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long for the guy to arrive. He pulled up in a new Chevy Equinox at the pick-up point and helped me put my luggage in the back. I was silent and didn’t even bother smiling at him properly although he did seem friendly. I was fuming after that phone call and it just killed my mood. Jeff got in the car and politely introduced himself and we made some small talk during the journey. I eventually told him about Kody and what he did.

“He wants a break? From you? You gotta be kidding me. I wish I had a girlfriend as hot as you are. I wouldn’t know the meaning of the word hehe.” he said.

In general, people do say I’m really pretty although I never really looked at myself that way. I do work out regularly and have a toned, athletic, slightly curvy body that I am proud off considering I used to be the fat girl in class growing up. I was 19 (20 now), 5’3″, my measurements are 34D-23-34. I have long, silky, blonde hair, blue eyes and a pair of firm, full, round breasts and small nipples

“Thanks, you’re sweet.” I said, appreciating his compliment.

“Oh…there’s a smile.” he said as he saw me crack a small smile.

I had to admit, my Uber driver was kinda cute and he seemed to be trying real hard to flirt with me and make me feel good in contrast to how Kody made me feel a short while ago. You know what? Fuck that motherfucker. If he wanted a break, I’d be happy to take one too! From here on, my mission, was to suck and fuck as many big dicks as I could get during the summer I’d be spending here.

We finally arrived at the place I was staying at and I owed him $21. Now, the money wasn’t an issue for me but a naughty thought crossed my mind.

“Jeff…I have an idea…and…I’d like you to keep an open mind…” I said.

“Umm okay…what’s on your mind?” he asked.

“Well…I can either give you the fare plus your tip or…you could give me your TIP and fuck the hell out of me.” I said smiling at him.

“Uh…wha…what now…?” he asked almost in shock.

“Oh come on. Don’t be shy.” I said.

I Ankara Escort turned to the right, pulled up my top and showed him my tits. He was floored and couldn’t believe his luck as his eyes almost popped out of his skull. It’s a good thing we pulled over or I think he might have crashed.

“Hehe, is that a yes?” I asked, reaching down to his crotch and rubbing his hardening cock.

“Woe…is this for real? You’re not like…trying to get me in trouble…are you?” Jeff asked.

“Oh, I’m definitely gonna get you in trouble.” I smiled as I unzipped his khaki shorts.

I took his semi hard-on out and got it hard really quickly, stroking it just the way he liked. He was pretty big at around 7-ish inches.

This was exciting! In a few moments, I was going to go down on my Uber driver who I just met a half hour ago. I moaned like a content slut, putting a strangers’ bare dick in my mouth. It felt strangely satisfying and I really enjoyed sucking Jeff. I bobbed my head up and down slowly, licking his shaft as I sucked it while I stroked him; gently and soft at first, and then moved to hard and fast. I could tell from Jeff’s expression that he was having the time of his life which made me smile.

He drove us into an empty parking lot and we both got out. Jeff came around to my side quickly got on his knees and pulled my shorts and panties down till he saw my smooth pussy. He began licking and it felt really good. God, this was better than Kody ever could manage with oral.

“Mmm…yes yes yes! Eat my pussy!” I said as he flicked his tongue against my slit.

“Mmmm…Jenny, you taste so good…mmmft” said Jeff as he started tonguing me more.

Jeff was much more enthusiastic and pretty sweet, going down on me. He was kind of nerdy and worshipping me like a Goddess which felt nice and I enjoyed stroking his hair to encourage him.

After eating my pussy out for a bit, he turned me around lined his cock up with my slit and pushed his cock up into my pussy. I still remember how it felt when he penetrated me, my tits pressed up against the glass of the passenger side window.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…my God…” I said feeling it go up further than I ever expected.

Here I was, in the middle of a parking lot, the California sun shining, a cool breeze blowing, outdoors where anyone could have seen us humping like animals. Just an hour ago, I was in a happy relationship with a man I loved and now, this complete stranger was fucking me with his big dick going deeper than Kody ever could. If only my boyfriend knew how good Ankara Escort Bayan it felt.

“Mmm Jenny…” said Jeff as he slowly thrust in and out from behind.

I couldn’t say much but let out moans of pleasure. Jeff was thrusting in and out really fast…I couldn’t believe it. Jeff was in decent shape but not an athlete by any means and he was fucking me better, harder and faster than my boyfriend.

“Fuck Jenny…you’re so hot and such a slut…I love that!” said Jeff gently squeezing my tits as he humped me.

“Yeah baby? You think I’m hot? Fucking some other guy’s girlfriend with your big cock?” I said giggling slightly and moaning.

“Yes! Yes! I don’t give a shit about him…you’re just too hot!” said Jeff.

“Mmm yes baby! You’re dick is sooooooo big too!” I moaned.

“Yeah? Bigger than his?” Jeff asked as he kept humping.

“Much bigger! Fuck! fuck! fuck! ooooooooo” I responded with pleasure.

Jeff kept increasing the speed of his thrusts, feeling up my body and enjoying me. To be honest, I didn’t feel cheap at all. It felt good.

“Oh Jenny…I’m gonna cum…I need to cum.” said Jeff with some urgency.

“Cum on my face baby…cum on my face!” I said excitedly.

Jeff pulled out quickly and I got to my knees as I grabbed his cock, stroked it aggressively and Jeff stood back. He looked at me in disbelief as I stroked his cock hard and I looked up at him with my mouth open. Shot after shot of cum covered my face as Jeff groaned with such immense pleasure.

“Wow…fuck…thank you Jenny.” said Jeff, panting with a smile on his face.

“Hehe…thanks for the ride.” I said.

I smiled and thanked Jeff for the fun ride, took his phone number down and he happily obliged, helping me with my suitcases to my apartment on the 3rd floor and left shortly after thanking me again which was so cute considering how polite and sweet he was after. That really stuck with me considering what a dick, Kody was being.

After I unpacked, I took a shower and got changed wearing shorts and a cute tank. and told Jeff to come hang out later that evening. He’s a 23 year old grad student, being an Uber driver during his free time to make a little extra money. When he came over, we talked and I was honest with Jeff that I wanted to have fun over the summer and didn’t want to string him along which he really appreciated. After dinner, I told him to stay the night, took his hand and led him into my bedroom.

We quickly got naked and Jeff ate me out again well before he pushed his big dick inside me. I moaned with pleasure again as I felt it inside me. He bent me over the bed and pounded me hard and I really felt like his slut as he drilled my pussy which admittedly put a smile on my face.

Well this was a great start to the summer. There’s much more to cum 😉

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