Jenny’s Needs

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The group headed into the restaurant where the last member of the party was to meet them. The three friends all new each other but Todd didn’t know the person who was to ‘partner’ him. Sue and Paul had arranged for a friend of hers to make up the foursome with them. All Todd knew was that her name was Jenny and she was about twenty-two. He was thirty three and wondered if the age gap might be a bit of an impediment to conversation.

He had no particular hopes for the evening other than a pleasant night out. This began to change as Sue waved to a dark haired young woman at the small bar. She waved back and stood up to approach. About 5’8″ with long shiney hair and a curvey body accentuated by her clingy black top and skirt. She looked not older but more mature than her years and as Todd tried to tear his eyes off her tits she held out a hand to introduce herself.

“Hello, I’m Jenny Sanders. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello, The pleasure is mine” Todd looked her straight in the eye holding her gaze.

She held his hand just a moment too long.

He had no idea that he’d been set up. Jenny had fancied him from afar for months since she noticed him at a big open air party she’d attended with her then boyfriend last summer. Sue and Paul had also been there and when she pointed Todd out discretely. She was offered an introduction but declined as her boyfriend was present. About a month later and boyfriend out of the way she asked Sue about him. She liked what she heard. She saw him around town over the next few months and when Todd was to be the third wheel on a night out she jumped at Sue’s offer to join them at the restaurant.

Jenny wasn’t a slut she just liked sex and saw no reason to live like a nun. She had a reasonable job and could afford nice clothes. She was also not averse to the occasional lover, invariably older, throwing a bit of cash her way. Ted had bought her a little town car and Bill had always picked up the tab for everything on their travels. He’d assumed she was about 25 when they met and nearly died in Bali when her passport revealed she was 18. It didn’t affect his 42 year old cock adversly however.

Jenny intended to have Todd that evening and flirted quietly with him. Then between courses she simply put her hand on his thigh and rubbed. Taken aback by her forward gesture he took a minute to process things. But when Paul got up to use the toilet and Sue took an urgent call form the hospital where she was an anesthetist Todd whispered to Jenny ,

“Your place or mine?”

Unashamed she responded. “If I get any wetter the carpark might have to do.”

Todd’s erection was painful. He looked at Jenny’s tight top and could clearly see her erect nipples. Dinner Escort Ankara dragged but finally they all said their goodnights and Todd offered Jenny a lift home. She accepted even though she had driven to the restaurant.

Todd’s big Mercedes snaked its way to Jenny’s flat with her head in his lap sucking away on his cock. She knew what she was doing. Just as his cock would give its first twitch she would stop allowing him to calm sufficiently. Then she would simply start again.

Once inside the door Jenny peeled off her top unhooked her bra and dropped her skirt. She had pale pink silk panties on. She was gorgeous.

“Come to bed please.”

He needed no further bidding. Even so she literally dragged him to her bed. On her back she lowered her panties as he quickly undressed. There was no foreplay. He stuck his cock at her open cuntal passage and pressed into her. She was wet and his entry was easy. Her walls gripped him and he could feel her all the way along his shaft. He began to thrust in and out of her savouring the sensation with was not like friction but a tousand little tongues on every surface of his cock.

She responded spreading her legs wide, her head thrown back she took him again and again. His speed increased and he was usuing the entire depth of her silken sheath.

“That’s it just pound me. Don’t stop whatever you do, keep that cock in me. Want a sniff?” She asked holding her moist panties to his nose.

He breathed in the delicate scent as he rammed his cock into her. He wondered whether she might enjoy a bit of discipline. So far she’d been a living fantasy and it didn’t hurt to hope. He vowed to himself that she would go across his knee for her obviously slutty behaviour.

Todd was holding himself above her body thrusting hard into her. Their point of contact was his cock and with each penetration their crotches. Jenny lowered a hand to her clitoris and rubbed herself as the sweat began to roll off Todd’s torso. She came with a yelp and he withdrew from her with a loud plop. His cock coated in her juice stuck out from him like a fleshy sword.

“Roll over”, he commanded. “Get that arse in the air.”

She obeyed without question. Her bottom was round, firm and very inviting. Todd plunged into her and she yelped, took a huge breath and began to masturbate again. He was grateful that he’d had a few drinks to slow him from cuming. Jenny was young, sexy obviously very naughty and her cunt felt like liquid heaven. She masturbated furiously and lurched forward off his cock as she came again.

All he said was “Suck me off. Complete what you started in the car.”.

She was on his a limpet. A finger went up his arse and massaged Ankara Escort his prostate. As he came she never missed a beat. He liked Jenny and couldn’ t wait to spank her. He wondered she still had a school uniform handy. The last of his cum ran down Jenny’s throat.

For her part Jenny loved the fucking she’d had. Only mature men seemeed to be able to satisfy her. Todd had really pounded her and she felt deliciously tender. The icing on the cake had been his treating her like an object, simply there service his cock. She liked the feeling of being bossed and used.

Jenny asked Todd to sleep over that night. She wanted to curl up in his big arms and wake to his cock in the morning. He touched something in her that few men had. He had an inner strength she couldn’t resist.

She hadn’t felt such a longing for a long time. She didn’t wake to his cock the next morning she woke with Todd’s tongue up her cunt. This was just bliss. Her pussy pulsed and contracted on Todd’s probing tongue. She gushed her girl fluids onto his face and squealed her delight at what was being done to her. She hoped, raising her legs and spreading herself, that her anus might get some attention but it was not to be this time.

Todd was however beginning to understand Jenny’s needs. He had to leave that morning but arranged for Jenny to come over for dinner that Friday. They spoke during the week and during one late night conversation Todd asked if Jenny had a school uniform. She did and promised to bring it with her on Friday. In fact she had to borrow one from her very amused younger sister. She masturbated furiously that night thinking about what Todd might do to her.

The following Friday Jenny stood on his doorstep in her sister’s school uniform with her school bag in her hand. She had her regulation cotton panties and sensible bra on. She had hiked her skirt slightly and looked for all the world as if she had just stepped out of class. He answered the knock on the door to find her looking extremely fetching. She wore flat heeled shoes and knee length socks. She asked if she could come in and he ushered her through the door.

There wasn’t much need for play acting. She liked being in the uniform and as she came through the door he grabbed her and threw her against the arm of his sofa. Flicking her skirt up moved her panties aside and with his fly unzipped shoved his cock into her from behind. She gasped in pleasure at his rough treatment. Few men had figured out how she liked to be treated. She hoped that her bottom would soon feel the palm of his hand. She came before Todd could leave a deposit in her. Her panties back in place she turned and squatting before him sucked his cum down her throat.

Jenny let Ankara Escort Bayan go of his cock with a satisfied grin and sat back her legs spread, a wet patch clearly visible on her panties.

“Thank you for that fuck.I sometimes like it when someone is a bit rough with me. Have you ever spanked a woman?”

“No, I can’t say I have. Do you like to be spanked?”

“Yes I enjoy it under the right circumstances.”

“And what might they be?”

“When I’ve been a naughty girl and displeased you or maybe if we have a fight it’s a nice way to make up. Anyway how’s that cock of yours, ready for another round?

Todd took her by the hand and escorted her to his bed. He’d always been quite rough with her so he thought a change might be in order.

He held her to him and kissed her more gently. Reaching under her skirt he pulled her pants down. He put her on the bed on her back crawled between her legs inserting his cock between her spread lips. He fucked her slowly for about half an hour as she lay prone having a series of quiet little orgasms.

As he built to his climax she rubbed herself against him more vigourously. His first jet of sperm was sufficient to bring her her last orgasm of the evening.

Jenny enjoyed the previous nights fuck but still longed to be spanked. That morning she got out of bed and went to shower. She decided against her uniform again but wore a skirt and plain top. She had some tiny little panties which she covered her pussy with. She ignored Todd when he spoke to her and made herself generally objectionable.
About midday Todd had had enough.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing! Leave me alone!”

“No you’re behaving like a spoilt little bitch. This is no way to behave towards me.”

“Fuck you!” she walked up to him and slapped his face.

That did it. He grabbed her by the arm and as she protested he flung her across his knee.

“You dirty, ungrateful little bitch. How dare you!”

He tore her panties of her and taking a good swing landed the first of about twenty blows to her backside. By the time he was halfway through it she was sobbing and asking to be let go and return home. He ignored her noticing her cunt lips were obviously wet. She was wriggling and sobing apologies. Having finished her discipline he told her to get up and go to his bedroom. She stood still and said she wanted to go home. He told her she would go to the bedroom fuck him and enjoy it.

She didn’t move. So he lunged at her and threw her over his shoulder marched her to the bedroom flung her back onto the bed and entered her forcefully. He slammed into her again and again. She sobbed and howled cuming in gut rippling spasms. He came deep inside her and withdrew.

His juices were running down her legs. She stood up somewhat unsteadily. Looking at him through her tears she rubbed her bottom and thanked him for ‘raping’ her and promised she’d be a good girl in future.

Todd sincerely hoped she would not!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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