Jennifer’s Awakening

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She couldn’t remember the first time that she’d been horrified at her
arousal in the thought of it…Had chastised herself for being
crazed…Thought maybe it was just the raging hormones of a typical teenager
and forced the thoughts from her, purged them and vowed to never imagine
such a thing again…Time passed and Jennifer passed into adult womanhood,
sexual experience if not maturity…It was the Internet that caused it…In
the private times, she searched for the images that goaded her and caused her to
need her release…It wasn’t long before she tired of the professional
loveless couplings and began to search her mind for something she knew might
spur her…She typed the word into the engine with trembling fingers and sat
rapt, looking at the full page of places that offered the thoughts she’d
hidden away, so long before…The first site she clicked on opened a page
with images that took her breath away…It was only small pictures,
offerings of what was inside if she wanted to join…She had no such
intentions but the pictures made her stomach churn, her fingers finding the
moistened folds and she’d sighed…She sat in the chair, eyes fastened to
the beautiful young girl smiling back at the cameraman with the large dog
covering her back, it’s forelegs gripping her…The shaft of his penis was
just visible, embedded in her sex and Jennifer tried to imagine what that
must feel like, felt degraded in her thoughts and had a massive
orgasm…When she’d calmed, she hurriedly shut down her computer, vowing to
never again look at such depravities…

The next time she brought the towel to her chair, she went to sites she’d
visited often and looked at new pictures displayed…Her masturbation was
listless and the fever refused to grow, no matter her thoughts…She told
herself that she should just see if it took a different kind of sex to
arouse her, that she’d just look at one site and then maybe read one of her
dog-eared books that never failed to aid her…This time she was a little
more fortunate in finding a site that offered a tour before joining and she
eagerly clicked the enter button…Jennifer would never forget that first
series…It began with a petite brunette sitting beside a large black
dog…The kind of photo you’d find in any family scrapbook…The next
picture you would not…It was a close-up of the girls hand holding the dogs
unsheathed penis, large, veiny and pointed at it’s tip…The girl was
radiant and smiling in the third picture as she held the penis against her
cheek and then Jennifer gasped…The girl had taken it into her mouth, her
eyes never leaving the camera, her hand gripping it behind a very large
bulge…Jennifer wondered if that was the dog’s balls but in the next shot
she could see his balls as well…She’d taken it from her mouth and appeared
to be saying something to someone as a short stream of fluid spurted and she
winced, laughing…She captured it again and took the dog deeply…A few
shots of that and then she opened her mouth and Jen watched as strings of
fluid escaped and dropped to her breasts…When she clicked to continue the
tour, the page changed and it was an application for membership…Jen’s sex
was awash and she hurriedly went back to the home page and started through
the series again…She’d never forget the picture she was looking at when
she came…The girl with streams, overflowing her mouth and her eyes
laughing…The spasms consumed her as she mercilessly brought herself off
and bit off the cries of joy…

She didn’t use her computer for two days after that…Preferring to read her
erotica and pretend that the images hadn’t moved her like they had…After
all, she was an educated young woman, no lack of men that she knew wanted
her…Why did this depraved form of sex arouse her so deeply…It wasn’t a
question she could answer and in truth, it frightened her…The next site
she found was an archive of stories, they were free and she read them
voraciously…Many were almost comical but she began to read stories by an
author that called herself simply; Raven…The stories had a certain ring of
truth to them and for that, they were all the more erotic for
Jennifer…The woman chronicled her experiences with her Labrador
Retriever, a dog she called Benny…It started with her playing with the
dog. just frolicking in the bedroom on the floor…Raven just out of a bath
and wearing only panties…She told of her complete shock as he nuzzled her
that first time, shoved him away and told him “No…NO!!! Bad dog”…He’d
listened and when she told him to “Go” he’d left obediently…She didn’t
notice he’d silently returned because she was lying on the bed quietly
masturbating…She surmised later that he might have smelled her arousal but
her first recollection was when he bounded onto the bed and buried his head
between her thighs…She’d tried to rise and push him from her but he
growled deeply and Raven found herself frightened…His tongue was
everywhere, her lower stomach, her thighs and her sex…When she felt it
borough into her that first time, she’d gasped and gripped the sheets with
knuckles that had gone white…He’d continued and she felt herself beginning
to lose herself in the exquisite feelings he was forcing her to have…She
tried once more weakly to stop him, whispering now…”No, Benny…nooooo,
Don’t do that to Mommy…pleeeese stop”…Her orgasm quickly followed,
rendering her speechless and he’d continued with her until finally she was
able to turn from him and cuffed him lightly…He seemed confused as she
again told him to “GO” but again he obeyed and she lay looking at the
ceiling trying to justify what had just happened…She’d told herself that
he was strong, that she’d been afraid when he growled but through all of her
rationalizations came the unmistakeable thought that he’d just caused her to
cum stronger that she’d ever thought possible…

Jennifer read through eleven chapters that first night, came twice as she
read and still couldn’t stop…Finally she bookmarked the author and went to
bed…Sleep wouldn’t come easily that night…What Raven had admitted was
her start and then how it progressed…From allowing the nuzzling, the
licking and glorying in the strength of her orgasms when Benny brought them
for her…To feeling that the dog was neglected and beginning to touch
him…He didn’t seem to like to be masturbated so Raven had gathered all her
courage and taken him into her mouth…He’d lay placidly and allowed her to
suck him and she did so gently…There was an almost non-ending flow of
fluids from him and at first raven had thought he was cumming but when he
finally stiffened, hunched and the huge gout of him filled her, she knew
that all the fluids were just the prelude…She’d wondered what it would
taste like and while most of it had gone straight down her throat, there was
enough for her to run her tongue through it and savor the taste…It went
like that for sometime, the beautiful dog licking her and she giving him his
pleasure…She’d thought there was no harm in in…No one would ever know
and it wasn’t as if they were harming anyone…She wasn’t prepared to go
any further…Benny had started being insistent, nudging her towards the
stairs at times, trying to put his head under her skirt while she tried to
cook or do other normal household things so she decided to try and train him
to what was appropriate…Raven had noticed that Benny seemed to be
particularly emboldened when she was having her period and at first she’d
stopped him but after she’d let him lick her like that and the almost
paralyzing orgasm that had swept her, she looked forward to her periods for
the first time in her life…The next time she’d felt it was going to start,
she locked him out of her bedroom and lay down to masturbate…She did it
with her panties on and his scratching and whining outside the door only
sped her to her completion…She wiped her drenched cunt with the panties
and then put them in a Ziploc bag, returning downstairs…He’d tried to push
her back towards the stairs and she’d told him “NO” and taken him outside,
Leaving him chained to the back porch…She ignored his whining but when he
began to bark loudly, she brought him back into the kitchen where he
immediately tried to sniff and nuzzle her…As much as she wanted to let him
at her, she knew he had to be trained not to do that when someone else was
around or when she didn’t want gaziantep rus escort it…She’d resigned herself to what they’d
done so far, had no intentions of stopping but she was going to do was going
to be on her terms…When she rolled up the newspaper, Benny paid no mind
but when his head went under her skirt again, she swatted him forcefully
with it and told him…”NO…BENNY…BAD DOG!!! NOOOOO”…He lurched and she
could see the confusion, her heart melted and she wanted to go to her knees
and comfort him but she knew it was for their own good and remained
steadfast…She hadn’t hurt him but he went to his bed and sat watching as
she went about getting herself a dinner…

The next day was a repeat and again Raven swatted his hindquarters when he
tried and again he went to his bed…That night, she lay in bed
masturbating, which she often did in preparation for him…Listened to him
scratching and softly whining at the door…Her mind alive with it…*You
want to lick me, don’t you Benny…You want that and you want me to suck
you…I want it just as much as you do…I wonder if you can smell how much
I need it*…She lay there and her thoughts made her cunt gush in
anticipation…Finally she sighed and went to her dresser, getting the
Ziplock bag, then opening the door for her lover…He bounded in and tried
to push her onto her back on the bed but she restrained him and talked to
him quietly…”Benny” she crooned…”Mommy wants you too but we can’t do
that when people are here and we’re only going to do it when Mommy
wants…Do you understand”…If he did, he gave no sign and his penis was
already unsheathed and dripping softly…She gripped him gently and stroked
his cock a few times, giggled like a girl when the first spurt of hot
pre-cum coated her wrist…”Yesss Benny” she said in a throaty
voice…”You’re all ready for your Mommy and I’m ready for you…Let me show
you”…Taking the panties from the bag, she sat on the bed and allowed him
to snuffle them…He keened deeply and licked them frantically…”That’s
right, honey…When you smell Mommy’s panties like that in this room, it’s
ok”…She knew he didn’t really understand but he would…Raven lay back,
opened her thighs and abandoned herself to his wonderful tongue…She came
quickly, just as she always did when he started and it made him more
insistent…She rubbed the panties into the moist mess he’d made of her and
let him snuffle them more…His cock fully unsheathed…it’s purple veins
throbbing and a steady series of hot gushing showed just how ready he was as
she whispered…”Just one more now, Benny…Make Mommy cum again and I’ll
take care of you…Just one more time, darling”…Raven loved to believe
that he understood her when she urged him like that…That he wanted her to
cum and for it to be wonderful for her…Thoughts like that always pushed
her over the edge and she held his head to her tightly as his tongue nearly
drove her insane…The strength of her orgasms at his licking never ceased
to amaze Raven and when she rolled him to his back, taking his lovely cock
into her mouth, it was with love and great appreciation…

She was learning him, the more she sucked him…She knew now the impending
signs of his orgasm and had been experimenting with trying to hold him
off…To make it stronger for him…He wasn’t to be denied that night and
she welcomed the hot spewing seed that his throbbing hot cock flooded her
with…It was too much and she couldn’t swallow it quickly enough…Spilling
from her lips and coating her…He lurched up and began to lick her clean,
kissing her face as she sought her clit, trying for one last measure…When
they’d both calmed…He lay beside her, eyes just watching as she stroked
and spoke to him…”You make Mommy feel so wonderful, do you know that
Benny…It’s never been like that for me before, honey…NEVER”…She knew
he didn’t really understand but she also knew how greatly she wanted him

Jennifer had read about Benny’s training at the beginning and she read it
over and over…Cumming each time that Raven wrote how much she loved to
suck him, how much she loved the cum that he gave her…At the end of that
chapter was a link which said *Email Me* and Jennifer’s fingers were
trembling as she placed the pointer over it, damned herself for a fool and
pressed the button on her mouse…

“You don’t know me” is the only thing that Jennifer could think to begin her
email to Raven with, then sat back and finally found a modicum of
courage…”I’ve read everything you’ve written on that Forum and I wanted to
thank you for your honesty and the opportunity to understand a little of
what you’re living…It’s something that I’ve been afraid of thinking about
since I was young…Your experiences have shown me that I’m not alone in my
thoughts and YES, my desires…I hope that you’ll write and we can become
acquainted…There are so many things I’d like to ask you” Letters passed
between the two and Jennifer finally confessed that she’d been masturbating
to everything that Raven had written…Actually living vicariously through
her and her Benny…Raven replied that she’d surmised that almost from the
first few exchanges they’d had…Told Jennifer that it excited her to think
that her writing had caused that and admitted that she’d always wanted a
kindred spirit to understand her…From there, it progressed to phone
calls…Raven playing with Benny as she spoke on the phone, telling Jen as
she called her now, exactly what he was doing to her…Her inhibitions
melting, she admitted that she masturbated as Raven was telling her she was
being licked, often fucked…Had orgasms and wished she could be there with

The two of them danced around it but finally Raven asked…Wanted to know if
she’d like to watch her together with her lover…Jennifer’s breath caught
and she could barely answer, her excitement so great…”Wo…Would you do
that Raven…Would you let me just watch you with him”…The woman had just
chuckled and told her that she’d never had an audience but she felt
comfortable enough…Mentioned also that she had movies and perhaps Jen
would like to watch them with her…That night in the dark, Jen let her mind
see Raven and Benny…Her orgasm came swiftly and she lay for another hour
thinking of what it would be like to really see the two of them
together…The rest of the week, Jennifer could barely think of anything
else and she willed the days to fly…It was to be on Saturday and Raven
asked that she come about 1:00pm and they’d have lunch together…It was a
short trip and when Jennifer rang the bell, Raven was waiting…They’d
exchanged pictures in their emails so she knew what to expect…Raven some
years older and a little heavier but very attractive…She was dressed
simply in slacks and a silk blouse, Jennifer in a skirt and sweater…Taken
to the front room, Raven offered her a drink and she accepted a glass of
wine as they settled and conversed…She couldn’t help looking around and
Raven laughed…”You’re looking for him, aren’t you”…She didn’t have to
answer, it was evident…”I’ve left him outside so we can get acquainted”
Raven smiled…Rising, she went to a sideboard and returned with a photo
album, handing it to the girl…”These are pictures I’ve taken over the past
few months, maybe you’d like to look through them and tell me which ones you
like or ask questions”…As she opened the book, Jennifer trembled and
gasped softly at the first page…Raven was sucking on him and there were
three pages of it…”I set my camera on video on a tripod and then take
screen shots of the things I like…He doesn’t need much coaxing but I like
to prolong things and if I just let him fuck me right away, the sessions are
just too short for me…He loves his Mommy sucking him…You can see that,
can’t you Jen”…

As she turned the page, Raven asked quietly…”Does something like that
frighten you, Jen” and the girl unable to find voice, gave a quick shake of
her head…”I really didn’t know if I’d like it when I started but I adore
sucking his cock now…You know of course from the journal that a dog sprays
pre-cum almost from the time he unsheathes…Benny gives me so much and it
excites me to be coated in him…So hot and it really turns me on…Benny
can smell that and he gets anxious…He knows he’s going to have his
Mommy”…Raven talked as Jen looked at the pictures and she could feel her
excitement rising, knew she was becomming moist…”I…I like the pictures
when he cums” Jen whispered and Raven nodded…There’s a few near the back
where I sucked him until he came just to get those pictures and several of
the mess he made of me when he untied”…Jennifer quickly flipped to those
pages and her eyes widened…Raven holding him just behind his knot with her
mouth flowing, ropes of it hanging from her lips and smiling…Then pictures
of his seed running from her cunt down her thighs…The lips gaping…”He
cleans all that up so sweetly, kisses his Mommy and then cleans every drop
from me…That always makes me have a few small orgasms, lovely way to come
down, don’t you think; Jen”…The woman rose and poured Jennifer another
glass of wine and she was grateful…The pictures and what the woman was
relating, had her almost squirming…

“Why don’t I just put on one of the videos and I can tell you what it feels
like when he does things” The woman said and Jennifer nodded quickly…”This
is one of the first ones I made…He wasn’t fucking me yet…You read in my
journal how it started…Him snuffling and nuzzling me”…The video started
and Jen watched her lying on the bed, her thighs wide and the beautiful dog
between them…She couldn’t really see what he was doing but she watched
Raven’s face and she could see how insistent he was…She could see the
woman’s excitement rising, her face beginning to contort and then her hands
pulling him to her…”I still remember the first time he did that, Jen…It
wasn’t this video, these came much later but it’s always the same…He knows
he’s making me cum, I’m convinced of that now…He gets so excited and when
I grab his head, he drives me insane with it…The scene changed and Jen
watched her smiling for the camera as she taped socks to Benny’s
forelegs…”He doesn’t like me to cut his nails and after a few times of him
scratching me to pieces, I decided the socks would stop that…Notice how
calm he is as I do that…he’s such a good boy…He knows he’s going to get
what he wants”…Raven had gone to all fours and Jen watched as the dog
mounted, his cock striking all over and Raven trying to get her angle just
right…”When we first started, I had problems getting him mounted but he’s
calmer now and he’ll wait for me to guide him…Times like those that I
wished I had someone like you, Jen; to help me…Would you like to do
something like that”…Just a soft strangled “ohhh god” from the girl and
she continued…”As you can see, he jackhammers, I guess all dogs do
that…Benny’s the only one I’ve been with but it looks that way from all
the videos I’ve watched…He used to cum very quickly and I was afraid to
take the knot…That came later” and again she chuckled” It wasn’t lost on
the woman that Jen was pressing her hand to her lower stomach with her eyes
glued to the union…

Jennifer was so excited but for some odd reason she felt drowsy as Raven sat
next to her and stroked her hair…”Benny’s never had another woman, Jen…I
talk to him all the time, did you know that…I’ve told him you were coming
today…That I was going to show you the pictures and the videos…I always
like to believe he understands his Mommy…He doesn’t but that won’t
matter”…Jennifer looked at her with uncomprehending eyes and was shocked
to realize that the woman had raised her skirt and was touching her…She
opened her mouth to protest but the words wouldn’t come as Raven told her
that everything was alright and to just watch the video…’You’re wet, Jen
but I suspect you know that, don’t you”…Jennifer looked down at the hand
that had spread her thighs and thought that she had to stop this…She tried
to move and found she couldn’t, looking at Raven in alarm…”It’s alright
Jen…It was just a little something in your wine to relax you…They use it
in hospitals for people that are going to undergo surgery…You’ll be able
to feel everything and understand it all, you just won’t be able to resist
and truthfully, after awhile, you won’t want to”…She tried to speak, to
tell Raven that she wanted her to stop, that it wasn’t what she’d come
for…She only wanted to talk, learn…Her tongue couldn’t make the words
and she mewled…The woman was masturbating her and Jennifer tried to fight
the rising tide, strained against it; failing miserably…”Yes” she
said…”These are almost ready” She wanted to ask, it was all so confusing
but she felt the coolness as Raven slipped her panties down and off her
legs…Now she was masturbating her with the panties, easing them into her
and twisting them around softly…”You read how I trained Benny, didn’t
you…How I taught him that it was only to be in the bedroom and only when
he smelled his Mommy’s panties”…Raven helped her to her feet and put one
arm over her shoulder, the other around her waist…She knew she couldn’t
have stood on her own…She moaned as the woman moved her to the staircase
and she looked up with dulled eyes…”Can’t have our boy doing things where
he’s not supposed to, can we Jen” she laughed as they climbed the stairs and
Raven took her into the room…

Lying her on the bed, Raven took the rest of her clothing off, folding it
neatly and putting it on the chair…She lay there stunned…Most of her
wanted desperately to protest but there was an excitement that
threatened…Raven kissed her cheek and pulled a coverlet over her…”I’ll
just be a minute” she said…I know he’ll be so happy to meet
you”…Jennifer lay silently in the sunlit dappled room and time didn’t seen
to have any meaning…She heard Raven’s voice and tried to comprehend…”I
told you she’d come, didn’t I…Yes, I did…You’ll see”…He bounded in and
at first Jennifer was frightened as he came to her smelling…”DOWN” Raven
said…”DOWN, Benny”…He obeyed and sat on his haunches, his eyes never
leaving the girl on the bed…The woman took her own clothing off and
Jennifer could see that he was becoming excited but he stayed still, just
trembling…When she looked up at Raven she could see that she was holding
her panties as she went to her knees beside him…She let him snuffle them,
talking to him quietly…”This is the nice lady that came to see us,
Benny…See how excited she is to see you” He was becoming more agitated
and Jennifer watched fascinated now to see the pink of him emerging…He
tried to get up and the woman restrained him…”NO Benny…First you do
Mommy…We want her to see what a good boy you are, don’t we”…She lay
back, spreading her thighs and patted her sex…Benny lurched to his feet
and buried his head in her as she sighed and smiled at Jennifer…”God, he’s
sooo good at this, Jen…I’m going to let him make me cum…Just a little
one and then we can get started…ohhhhhhhhh, damn…Ohhhhhhh
GOD!!!…Mommy’s good boy”…She watched the beautiful agony come over the
woman’s features as her hips lifted and she spasmed….

She had to forcibly push him away and now he’d completely unsheathed…His
cock hanging, thick, veined and fluids dripping…Again she brought
Jennifer’s panties to him and cooed…”You’re going to make the nice lady
feel so good, aren’t you Benny…Yessss, you are”…She let him smell and
fiercely lick the panties…”Not Mommy’s Benny but she’s ready for
you”…There was no refusal left in her as Raven slid the coverlet aside and
drew her legs over the side of the bed…She rubbed the panties once more in
the now streaming maw of Jennifer, let him snuffle one last time and patted
her cunt softly…He needed no leading and Jennifer keened deeply as his
tongue found her…He was wild with it, Jennifer had never in her life
experienced anything remotely like this…His tongue was outside, and then
probing and then it hit her clit and she jolted…She couldn’t believe that
the sounds she was hearing were coming from herself but she was groaning
heavily and then the words…”Yes”…tentative at first and then with more
strength…”YES…Ohhhhhhhhhhhh YES, YES!!! Her orgasm didn’t build, it
didn’t start, it blossomed and blew through her, leaving her even more weak,
shaking uncontrollably…Raven had watched quietly and then she pulled the
dog from her…”That’s enough this time, Jen…I wanted you to know how
beautiful that could be…That relaxant should be wearing off by now…I
hope you’re not mad that I brought you to this; like that…I know how
difficult it can be the first time, it was for me…Jennifer felt strong
enough that she was able to sit up and leaned against the headboard,
speaking for the first time…”I didn’t know…Nothing could have prepared
me for that…I only had my visions and your writing”…Raven again
chuckled…”You’re not mad, then” and the girl shook her head…”Good” she
said…”Now, he’s been such a good boy; I think he deserves a reward, don’t
you”…Jennifer looked with quizzical eyes as Raven went to all fours on the
floor and asked…”Would you like to help him, Jen…I’d really like it if
you did that”…The girl slid from the bed on her knees next to the woman as
Benny lurched up on her back, wrapped his forelegs around her and felt his
cock for the first time…Hard, throbbing and hot as she guided it to the
waiting woman that was going to teach her so much…

Raven took his cock so effortlessly, sliding fully into her as she groaned
and flared her hips higher and more accessable for him…Jennifer could see
that their coupling was that of partners well used to each other and with no
further preamble, Benny hunched madly to his labor…The girl felt an
obsessive need to touch the woman as her lover hammered, stroking her cheek
and whispering…”It must be so wonderful, Raven…He’s so strong”…The
woman was beyond words of answer and only guttural whimpering moans came as
the lovely rigid cock battered her so quickly that it was difficult to
watch…”Sh…should I hold him” Jennifer quietly questioned and Raven
gasped her answer…”Nooooo, Let him tie me…I wa…WANT his knot…I want
you to see”…Jennifer lifted Benny’s tail gently so she could see the
better and was rewarded by seeing his knot, pushing the lips of Raven’s cunt
obscenely wide as it entered and then the glistening, swollen lips closing
behind it…She was well and truly filled with him but Jennifer could see
the fluids begin to drip and run from the woman’s welcoming cunt…Jennifer
could feel the innate, primal power of the magnificent animal and his
frenzied fucking…”YESSSSSSSSSSS” she wailed…”YESSS BENNY!!! MAKE
Mommmmy”…Her fists were clenched and Jennifer knew the woman was almost
there…Her own cunt felt greasy and she fingered herself quickly, hoping
that she might be able to cum when Raven did…She babbled, spasmed and
Jennifer hurried herself, hoping…She felt a slight disappointment when she
didn’t cum as she watched the woman shake and her spasms subside…Raven’s
cunt was running with it now and she cooed to him…”Soooooooo good for your
Mommy…Such a good boy”…Jennifer didn’t know if he’d cum or not but he’d
lessened his hammering and lay on her back panting, his long pink tongue
lolling…Tremors still swept him…Before she could ask, Raven told her
that it’d probably be five or ten minutes before he subsided enough to

She sat touching the woman lightly and they conversed naturally as if she
didn’t have a bloated cock stuffed deeply inside her…”It was wonderful,
Jen…You’re going to adore him so when I put him to you…Just the
throbbing hotness of him is enough to make me cum but he fucks me to pieces
and there’s nothing I can do to slow him…He’s in charge, he knows it and
he knows how much I love it”…He’d made one unsuccessful attempt to move
from her and lay again quietly as she continued…”I was afraid the first
time I let him knot me like this…I thought he’d destroy me and truth of it
is that I was sore all the next day but I can’t explain to you how it feels
to be soooo full and so submissive to him…I am his bitch and I love it
sooo…You’re going to love it as well, Jen…I’m going to sit beside you
just as you’re doing now and you’ll tell me…I’ll see it in your
eyes”…Jennifer made approving sounds deep in her throat and leaned kissing
the woman’s cheek…”You know I don’t have experience, Raven…You know that
I’ll need you to teach me…All I can tell you is that I want it…More than
anything I’ve ever wanted in my life”…The woman nodded, smiling as he
finally dislodged and turned from her…Her cunt made an obscene sound and a
huge gout of him ran from her down one thigh…Jennifer was fascinated and
ran her finger through it, lifting and tasting as Raven rolled to her
back…”I think you can do better than that, Jen” the woman breathed and put
her hand behind Jennifer’s neck, drawing her close…The heady scent of
their lovemaking and his seed filled the girl as she closed her eyes and
listened to the whisper…”He’ll be disappointed that he can’t clean his
Mommy, Jen…But I want you to taste him, taste our love”…Her mouth opened
as Raven guided her to the leavings and she closed her lips over the entire
opening as Raven gasped…”Yesss, Jen, just like that…Take all of him,
taste him and taste meeeee”…Her mouth full of them for the first time, her
mind screaming, she reached to the woman’s clit and worked her…Raven’s
thighs clamped but she could still hear her moaning…”YES, Jen…Yessssss,
just like that…Ohhhhhh GOD…..JUST LIKE THAT”…She sucked voraciously
and felt new fluids filling her as fast as she could swallow…Raven had
gone rigid and held her head strongly, she felt wonderful and nothing
existed except what she was receiving…When she slumped, Jennifer was
tender with her and then surprised at Benny nudging her, trying to shove her
aside…Raven looked with glazed eyes as she told the girl…”Let him now,
Jen…It’s what he loves”…She sat back on her haunches, strangely
exhausted now as he licked every vestige of their tryst from the woman and
she sighed…

“God that was good” Raven whispered when she’d calmed sufficiently to do
so…”Maybe it was because you were here, you helping him and then me but it
was sooo strong, Jen…I want that for you…I want you to love him like I
do and have everything he gives me…It’s enough for today” she said as
Jennifer groaned…”I’ll put him outside and we can talk more”…The girl
knew she could easily cum again but she deferred to the woman…When she
returned, she asked that Jennifer join her in the shower and while she
soaped her there, told her how she thought they should continue…”As you
know, Jen…Benny gets almost uncontrollable when I’m near my period or
having it…I don’t know if we should try that with you at first…I think
just fucking and I’ll hold his knot until I think you’re ready to take
him”…She giggled as she continued…”First time he took my ass, I thought
he was gonna kill me but I learned to make sure I’d lubed well if I wanted
him to do that and it’s just as wonderful as him fucking your cunt”…Her
hand had slipped between Jennifer’s thighs and the girl parted them
eagerly…”Can’t have you going home, needy, can we dear” she purred and
Jennifer buried her face in the woman’s neck as the feelings rose…Her
soapy fingers torturing Jennifer’s clit until she stiffened and lost all
thought…”There” Raven whispered and kissed the top of her head…”That’ll
hold you until you get home, Jen…I’m going to give you some of the
pictures and videos to take so you can watch them this week…I’ll keep your
panties…We wouldn’t want Benny to forget his new girl, not that he
will…During the week, fix new panties for us…I want to use them in more
training for him…I’m sure you’ll find reason to do that” and she

They went downstairs and Raven said she’d get coffee, gave her the book
again, telling her to select whichever pictures she liked and then look over
the discs, that they were all labeled…She selected the first one she’d
seen and then about ten others, before looking at the discs…Smiling as she
chose…*My first knotting*…*Benny in my ass” and one that said merely
*CUM*…When Raven brought the tray, she looked at the things Jennifer had
chosen, nodding her head in approval…”You’d better have some time when you
watch that cum disc…It’s a collection of most of the cumshaws from all my
videos…It should do the trick for you, don’t lose it, I don’t have any
copies” Jennifer assured her that she wouldn’t and they discussed when they
could meet again…Deciding on the following weekend and Raven telling her
to bring some things and stay over if she liked…Her mind already seeing
multiple sessions with the two of them, she happily agreed and Raven walked
her to the door…They hugged and she looked down at Benny, leashed on the
porch…He didn’t move but as she looked into his eyes Jennifer felt that he
knew…Knew she’d be back…

***To be Continued***

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