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I had just turn 40 and whether a manifestation of a mid-life crisis, or just plain horniness, or just the fact that my wife of 17 years was always a bit hard to get into the “mood”, I found myself in the middle of a cyber affair. Jasmine (Jazz for short), a thirty something woman I had come across while cruising through the Yahoo profiles, looking for women with “interesting” ids, had been exchanging emails for several months. Her Yahoo id was “hotandclassy” – one that caught my attention more for its subtleness verses others that were a bit more explicit in terms of their sexual desires. She wasn’t married, but did have a rather steady boyfriend, although she said was making any commitments as of yet. Over the months of email exchanges we had queried and divulged about everything there was to discover about each other likes and dislikes, sexually and otherwise, as well a fantasies we both thought about. We even managed to get up the courage (maybe I needed more courage than her) to meet a couple times – simply for the sake of meeting – up until now, the only things sexual that occured between us was via email, webcam/chat, or telephone.

Well, we discovered we both had a weekend in common coming up – common in the sense that her boyfriend and my wife and kids where going to be out of town, leaving both of us alone! Initially we thought this would make for some great webcamming, but the email I received from Jazz on Friday morning when I got to work had a different idea it. She simply said “Wanna do your fantasy instead?” Now my fantasy didn’t involved the two us in a wild lustful romp, but rather was a bit more sensual, and actually did not involve any sexual context between us. What I was wishing for was a private lingerie show, something to just sit back, get very comfortable and watch and let happen what would happen, as long as there was no sex between us. After a few more email exchanges that day at work we decided to book a hotel room at a neutral location for Saturday night.

I got to the hotel and checked in, paying in cash felt funny – especially after I saw the grin on the twenty something girl working behind the desk. Getting through that I went and found the room. Jazz was to get there in about an hour, but I needed to call and tell her the room number so she could just sneek in. The room was on the second floor, and at the end of the hall, by the stairs that lead down to the pool area. It had one king sized bed, two plush arm chairs, a table with chairs, and the usally hotel type TV atop a dresser. The bathroom was pretty standard – tub/shower, sink and stool, but rather roomy. The window overlooked the highway out back of the hotel – not too exciting of a view. Having a little time to kill I went down to the pool area – nice large hot tub, good sized pool for hotels these days, and a sauna – very hot in there. After that I went back to the car and got my bag and headed back to the room. I was a bit nervous, very nervous actually so I decided to just rest a bit, laying down on the bed.

Next thing I heard was a light tap on the room door that woke me up – guess I had dozed off. I went over and peek through the little hole in the door. It was Jazz alright – she looked really good through that little hole even though those lenses tend to distort things a bit. She had a white t-shirt, jean shorts and rest I couldn’t see, other than the strap of the athletic bag she had slung over her shoulder ( I was wondering what kind of things she had in there). I opened the door while trying not to have a devilish smirk of a smile on my face. We just kind of stared at each other for a couple seconds before I managed to mutter something that sounded to me like “Hi, come on in”. She walk in and past me, the scent of her purfume was almost immediately intoxicating (my wife never wears purfume so most any I encounter catches my attention in more ways than one). She dropped her bag on the floor along side the dresser with the TV, kind of trying to almost hide it for now. She turned around and smiled.

“How are you?” she asked with a bit of frog in her throat.

“Good” I replied, at a bit of lose for words at the moment.

“Nervous?” she asked.

Yeah, a bit” I confessed, “You?”

“A bit here too I guess. ” She replied as she looked around the room, her eyes stopping on the bed, “Big bed huh?”

“Yeah… big…” I replied, looking at the bed too. We both looked at each other again and started laughing, the ice was beginning to break up and melt away.

“Hey,” I said, “did you bring your swimsuit Escort Ankara – because the hot tub looks really nice.”

“Yes, I did – and you know, that sounds like a really good idea… should we?”

“Yeah – lets do that…” I said. “I let you change in the bathroom okay?”

“Okay, but no peeking” she said with a grin, “it’ll ruin the fun for later you know…”

“I know… I’ll behave… for now!” I replied.

She picked up her bag and disappeared into the bathroom. I dug in my bag for my suit and quickly changed into it. A couple minutes She came out with her suit on, a modest bikini with a pool wrap that she was just tying shut . But still, what a nice body….

“This is a family hotel you know, there might be kids around” she said.

“I know, I know…” I replied… “you planned well.”

We both laughed again and headed out the door. Things were loosening up as we exchanged some small talk on the way down the pool area. There were two kids splashing in the big pool with their mother reading a book sitting at a table – none of them really noticed us enter the area. The hot tub was empty. Jazz walked over to the steps and tested the water temperature with her toes as I went over to the timer and turned on the jets.

“How does it feel” I asked as I came over stuck my foot in too.

“Very hot” she said – looking at me seriously as she said the word hot.

Keeping her eyes on me she untied her robe and slowly slid it off her shoulders. I could feel things rising in my swimsuit almost instantly.

“Remember…” I said, glancing over towards the oblivious woman and kids…

“I know… ” she answered, walking over to a nearby table and taking her robe off in a more normal manner. I sat down on the edge of tube and hung my feet in the now bubbling hot water. Jazz start a slow decent down the steps… my eyes were fixed at the point at which her body entered the water, watching as every inch of it passed by and slow submerged below the surface. She stepped onto the bottom of the tub and walked its length, turned around and slowly sat down across from me, sinking the top have her body into the water, again as I watch. I looked up and she caught my stare.

“Coming in?” she asked.

Yes… but… there is a problem…” I said

“Oh, I bet I know what it is…” she said.

“Yeah – you know what it…” I laughed.

I sat up a bit and looked over the woman, she was still caught up in her book, her kids dunking each other in the pool. I stood up a bit to step down in the tub. The growth in my suit was somewhat obvious – at least enough to make her laugh.

“You okay” she asked?

“Yes…” I said with a smile as I lowerd myself slowly into the water. As I sat down on the seat I closed my eyes and let the warmth of the water relax my skin. Our feet touch each other beneat the surface.

“Does that count in the contact clause” you asked?

“Hmm… lets say no, it doesn’t count” I said, smiling at you and rubbing the top of my foot against the back of your thigh.

We chatted about all sorts of things, I tried to find out what sorts of lingerie she had brought along, then the timer went off, and we both decided were hot enough, in more ways that one. I suggested we should get something to eat first and save the good stuff for later but she thought other things out weighed the need for food. Not being one to start an argument I decided to agree with her. The pool area was empty now – we hadn’t noticed the others leave. Jazz got out of the tub first, slowly of course – teasing me again and more obviously now, even though I reminder the front desk was probably watching on the security camera up in the corner. She was putting her robe on as I started to get out and she stopped to watch. Although I was not as hard as before, the fact that my suit clung to me as I got out, made my condition more obvious. I caught Jazz staring and she smiled. As I wrapped a towel around my wet suit and tried to dry off my legs a bit and swimsuit bottom landed at my feet, I looked over at Jazz and she was grinning and working her top off under her robe, which then also landed on the pool deck at my feet. She was very ready for this, having that devilish grin on her face that I’d seen on webcam before. There she was naked beneath the robe in the pool area – this was going hot.

“Your turn” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“Take it off” she whipered, ” you don’t want to drip in the hallway do you?”

“Hmm… okay…” Ankara Escort I said.

We both new each other other some severe exhibitionist tendancies – and she was capitalizing on the situation. The towel was small, and barely made it around my waist – maybe a couple inches of overlap, but enough to get it to stay. I grabbed the bottom of my suit an started to pull it down, looking around to make sure no one, other than Jazz, was watching. It was still empty and a good thing too since I almost lost the towel. After a few attempts I managed to slip the suit down and stepped out of it. I was rock hard now and it made a bit of a tent out of the towel in front of me. Jazz was laughing at the whole ordeal.

We picked up our suits headed back to the room, luckly we didn’t run into anyone in the hall, or maybe it was unlucky that we didn’t. We got back into the room and burst out laughing…

“So…” she said.

“So?” I replied.

“You want me to do the show or? ” she asked. “I don’t know if I can wait…”

“I don’t think I can wait or take it either”. I said , my cock throbbing beneath the towel.

“Hmm… what do you want to do? Take turns in the bathroom? or… watch each other?” she asked as she slipped a hand under her robe and massaged her breast, staring at my “tent”.

“Umm… watch?” I asked.

“Yeah…” she said

“Where? ” I asked

“Hmm…. I don’t…” she replied.

I dropped the towel from my wait and it fell to the floor. Jazz stared at my cock – sticking out, it felt great to not have it constrained beneath anything, just out there in the open air, and hard. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen it before, just not in person, only on the webcam.

“Your turn…” I said.

She untied her robe, and slowly, and like before at the hot tub, slowly opened it up and slipped it off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Her body look hot, some tan lines outlined her 34c breasts and it was obvious from other tan lines that the swimsuit bottoms she had downstairs where not the usually bottoms she wore either. She looked at me while one of her hands caressed her breasts, the other slipped down her belly and between her legs as she shifted her stance a bit to give her fingers more room. I hadn’t noticed but my hand moved down and was massaging my cock and balls, no wonder she was staring at me. There we were, both naked, extremely aroused, wanting to toss each other on the big king sized and give into the lusting passion, but we had agreed… no sex…

I broke the silence and suggested we should get a bit more comfortable, maybe pull the the two chairs in front of each other and have a seat. She thought that sounded good and we placed the chairs a couple feet apart, facing each other. I sat down first and she followed. We were sitting up, our legs together and our left knees touching. I sat back in the chair and lifted my left leg over her legs and placed it so it rested on the right arm of her chair, and then placed my right leg on the left arm of her chair. She followed again, sitting back and putting her legs in the same spots on my chair – this exposed her pussy, or kitty as she liked to call it, to my view. She was very aroused – she looked like the pictures you see on some the adult internet sites. She was mostly bare, except for a neatly trimmed triangle atop her kitty. Her clit poked out from beneath its little hood and her lips were swollen, pink and very moist looking. Damn… she looked hot! She slipped a hand down to her clit hand gave it a bit of a rub, then she slide a finger inside, back out and back up around her clit. Again I had been watching so intently I didn’t notice that my hand was stroking my cock. I reached over the edge of the chair and grabbed my bag and took out a bottle of lube and squirted some on to my hand and then returned it to stroking my raging hard cock. She worked her kitty – spreading her lips and showing me the deep pinkness of her hot wet kitty. We continued for awhile – looking at each other, watching each other, not saying much of anything, just moaning as the waves of pleasure flowed through our bodies. Her hips started to move in rhythm to her stroking and she said she was getting close – I was right behind her. Jazz reached underneath her leg with one hand and slipped a finger (maybe it was two) in out of her kitty while the other hand rubbed her clit from the top side. Suddenly her back arched up and she moaned loudly as her hips shook in orgasm. Slowly she settled back down in the chair, her hand still Ankara Escort Bayan on her clit, her eyes staring at my cock. I knew what she wanted to see. I gave my cock some good long strokes, the full length of the shaft – that was all it took. My stomach muscles and legs tensed as I started to cum, with slow, timed strokes. I moaned almost as loudly as Jazz as the first wave of cum erupted from my cock and landed on my chest. I sat up a bit and moaned again as the second spurt landed next to the first. Jazz was moaning at the sight of my orgasm and her body began to shudder again in another orgasm. I continued to cum, down to more of an oozing now, eventually my cock became to sensitive to touch and I let it lay on my wet stomach, twitching every now and then in aftershocks. We both sat there breathing heavily the scent of sex that filled the room.

We sat there for I don’t how long, a minute, two, three, five… Jazz managed to move one of her legs so her foot was able to just touch my balls, which she proceeded to tickle with her toes.

“You’re a bit messy you know.” she said.

I looked down at my chest, “Yeah, a little bit I guess.” I replied.

“Hmm…. maybe next time the mess could be on my chest?” she asked.

I giggled as I replied, “I think we might be able to arrange that.”

I reached down on the floor and pick up my towel and started to wipe up the cum that was on my chest and stomach. Jazz giggled and pick up her towel and started to dry herself off a bit too. I stood up and reached in my bag and took out a pair of black silk boxer shorts to put on. Jazz put on a black thong.

“Hey, we match” I said.

“Yeah, cool” she replied, as she pulled a black tank top over her head, “Sorry about the lingerie show”

“Well, there is always later you know… I’d still like to see it.” I said.

“Okay, we can still do it. But right now, you know that other thing your suggested, about food?” she asked.

“Hmm… what do you feel like? Pizza? We could order one in, there is a coupon on the dresser. ” I asked.

“Sounds like a good idea, what do you want on it?” she replied.

Well we hashed out a map of pizza topping and I called in the order. The pizza place was just next door and the girl on the phone said it would about 20 minutes. Jazz and I talked some more while we waited, having satisfied one hunger, the other building. We caught each others staires often, so we knew that other things were not too far below the surface. Jazz was still looking hot, I think it was that tank top, short tank top I might add., it didn’t quite come down to her waist, so I could see all of her thong, or what little there was of it, things were starting to stir again in my boxers. Then I got an idea.

“Hey, you know your little exhibitionist side” I ask.

“Yeah, what about it.” she replied.

“Well, I dare you, that when the pizza comes, look through the hole in the door – if its a guy, and if you think he’s cute, you answer the door and pay for the pizza.” I started.

“No way” she said (but she was smiling).

“Come on… do it. And just wear your thong, no top either, give him a good show.”

“No way, but I might do it with the top on.” she said, warming to the idea.

“It would be more exciting to him though, if he could see your tits” I said.

“No, its too intentional, if I could make it appear accidental though…” she said.

“So, whats wrong intentional, I bet it would make it night, give him something to talk about when got back to the pizzaria” I said.

“Hmm…. I don’t know” she said.

“Take you top off and lets practice.” I suggested.

She was feeling playful, and took off her top. She had nice tits, with nice nipples to top them off. She got and walked toward the door. There was light knock on the door, she froze in her tracks and I smiled a big smile at her.

“Do it!” I said, “Just do it.”

She took a peek through the hole in the door – it was a guy and he must have appeared cute as she started to open the door. The poor guy almost dropped the pizza. I got off the bed and took the money for the pizza over to her, she in turn gave offered the money to the guy who was staring at her tits, and probably the rest of her. He reached out and slowly took the money – he tried to mumble a thank you.

“Keep the change” Jazz said as she took the pizza from him. “and have a good evening” she added.

She slowly closed the door as she turned to walk back into the room. Once the door latched she started giggling like crazy, almost dropping the pizza herself.

“Oh my, that was…. so…. fun!” she finally managed to say.

“I told you – I knew it would appeal to the exhibitionist in you” I said.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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