Jametown Ferry

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James Brat was riding his horse down a narrow country road not know where it was going to take him. James was a gambler by trade and had just been run out of Horseshoe Bend. Well, not run out but the sheriff made it very clear to him that he had over stay in welcome in their town. Bent wasn’t at all surprised because he had taken the Mayor and two of the councilmen for a cleaning in a card game.

This was the third town he had been run out of in two week for cleaning their leading citizens in poker games.

Brent was a tall man that always wore all black cloths with a white shirt with lace down the front and a black bowie. He never when anywhere with out his black hat and very seldom took it off except to tip it to a pretty woman that would walk by.

Brent was quit a lady’s man if he did have to say so himself. Very seldom was he in a town for more than a day or two before he was sleeping with a pretty young girl or the best looking Whore in the saloon.

Brent came around a bend in the road and almost hidden by the bushes was an old faded sign saying “Jamestown one mile ahead”. He road on down the trail and came to a river. The bank was steep and setting at the bottom was and old ferry with an old bearded man setting on a cage. Brent rambled on down and the old man stood up, “Going across the river to Jamestown young man?”

Brent said, “Saw a sign beck away saying Jamestown on it, what river is this?”

The old man said, “This be the James River. Was named after the first man that when down it from on end to the other, Sir James of England, that be were the town got it name just put town after James. Cost you a nickel for me to take you across.”

Brent said, “Sound fair enough to me”, and flipped the old man a nickel and road his house on to the ferry.

There was a cable across the river and the old man undid the rope and turned the nose up the ferry up steam and it took them right across. On the way across the old man asked, “Why you be going to Jamestown?”

Brent said, “No particular reason, just got on this trial and this it were it brought me.”

The old man ran the ferry hard to ground and tied it up quick before the current could turn the back end down steam. Brent road his horse of and up the bank.When he got to the top he was on Main Street of Jamestown. He road on down the street until he found the livery stable.

A stocky man about in his forties was shoeing a horse as he road up. He walked with a pronounced limp as he came up to Brent. Brent figured he was and old time cowboy that had taking one to mean falls, “Hi there stranger, my name be Willie and I’m the blacksmith here in town. Want you’re horse put up for the night or are you going to stay awhile. It’s cheaper by the week.”

Brent said, ” Nice to meet you Willie, lets try the week, I guess I’ll be here that long, How much?”

It’s six bits by the week if you just want him to have hay, dollar if you want him to have some grain. Of course I’ll give him a good brushing before I put him up”, Willie replied.

Brent said, “I’d like him to have some grain”, and flipped him a dollar coin.

“Dose this town have a hotel”, Brent asked?

Willie replied, “Nope, Mrs. Sue’s room and boarding house is the only place to stay over night. It’s right down the street yonder. That’s where I stays. Mrs. Sue is a mighty good cook.”, and pointed at a two story green house.

Brent thanked him and took his saddlebag and started toward the house that Willie had pointed at. On the way he walked in front of a bar and decided to go in and have a whiskey. It wasn’t much different from all the bars Brent had been in before. There were men playing cards at one table and others men were just drinking at the bar or at another table. Of course there were dancing girls if that is what you want to call them.

Brent went to the bar and the bartender asked, “What will you have?”

Brent said, “A whiskey will be just fine.”

“Stranger in town aren’t you”, the bartender asked as he poured the whiskey in a shot glass.

“Yeap, just got in to town. Was on my way down to Mrs. Sue’s to see if she had a room for the night and saw this place and decided to have a drink”, Brent answered.

The bartender said, “I’d say you were a preach wearing those fancy black cloths except you are wearing a gun and drinking whisky.” Brent said, “No not a preacher, just passing through. Will probably see you later on tonight, I like to play a little poker now and then”, and downed the last of his drink.

As he pushed the swinging doors open to leave a lady ran in to the door and dropped all her package.

Brent said, “Sorry mama”, as he picked up her packages and handed them to her.

Brent looked her over as she just stood there staring at him with a discussed look on her face. She looked to be in her mid twenties with long dark hair. She had a nice figure and big round breasts. Her cotton dress was cut just low enough that you could see her cleavage with out the other ladies in town call her indecent.

She bebek escort said, “You should be, bursting out of there like that. The doors on the bars should just one way and that is in.”

Brent tipped his back hat and said, “I apologize again, can I carry some of those package for you. The grocery sacks look awful heavy.”

The lady snapped, “No think you, I’m used to carrying my on packages.”

Brent, said, “It wouldn’t be any trouble, I’m on my way down to Mrs. Sue’s to see if she had a vacant room for me tonight.”

The lady said, “I am Mrs. Sue and yes I do have a vacant room. I’ll let you carry these two sacks of grocery since you’re going to my house anyway.”

On the way to the house Sue asked, “Do you just want a room for the night or room and board?”

Brent said, “I’ll probably be in town for a few days, I’ll take the room and board.”

Sue still hadn’t cooled down and said sharply, “I charge a dollar by the day, which includes breakfast and dinner. It’s five dollars for a full week and I always have fried chicken on Sundays. Are you going to be here a week?”

Brent said, “I plan to be here at least a week but if I have to leave before a week is up I’ll pay you for the full week.”

Sue said, “You sure will, I get my money in advance.”

They arrived at the house and went in to the kitchen and put the groceries in the cabinets. Sue took Brent up the stairs and showed him his room, which was a corner room. The room was rather small but all Brent need was a bed and place to change cloths.

Sue said, “Dinner is promptly at six and breakfast is at seven in the morning.”

Brent paid her for a week and then said, “Seven is pretty early for me, don’t guess I will be making many breakfasts.”

Sue said, “There is always coffee on the stove and usually there are biscuits and smoked sausage or smoked bacon left over. I try to cook plenty.”

Sue left and when to cook supper and Brent took his shirts out of his saddlebag and put them in the drawers. He checked his 32 derringer and the clip that held it up his sleeve. He poured some water from the pitcher in the wash basin and shaved and washed his face and hands.

Sue yelled, “Supper is ready, better get down here.”

Brent went down to the dinning room and there were already four people at the table. One was Willie the blacksmith and two other fellows that were surveying for the railroad. The other was an old lady that had got to old to take care of her self.

Sue introduced them and they set down to eat. Sue was a good cook and the meal was excellent. Brent complimented Sue and then said, “I think I will go look over the town.”

Brent headed for Joe’s bar and the poker game. On the way he saw two other bars and looked in. There wasn’t any poker game going on so he went on down to Joe’s bar.

There were four men at the poker table and Brent when over and asked if there was room for five. One of the men said, “Sure stranger, pull up a seat. We can always use some new money in this town.”

Brent asked, “What’s the game?”

The man that told him to have a seat said, “Five card draw, twenty-five cent ante and a dollar bet, three raises unless you are head to head then the sky is the limit.”

One of the other men said, “I guess you are staying down at Mrs. Sue’s?. Was a terrible thing.”

Brent asked, “What was terrible?”

The man said, “Her husband getting killed, he caught a stray bullet in a gun fight right here in this here saloon. Took him three days to die. Mrs. Sue and John Henry had only been married a little over a year when it happened. Poor Mrs. Sue had been a widow going on four years. Only good thing is John Henry left her enough money to buy that there boarding house so she could make a living.

Brent said, “I didn’t know that about her, I’m sorry to hear about her man getting killed.”

The man continued, “Been several fellows try to court her but guess she is still grieving cause she wouldn’t have anything to do with any of them.”

Brent being a professional gamble soon learned to pick up the signs when the other men had a good hand or were bluffing.

They played until almost midnight and Brent had won a little over fifty dollars when he counted his money on the way out the door.

Sue had left a lantern on for him at the head of the stairs. He went to his room and had a good nights sleep. He didn’t get up until after eight and when down to the kitchen.

Sue was washing dishes as he walked in and said, “Morning mama.”

Sue poured him some coffee and said, “There on the counter is the biscuits and sausage that were left over. You were out late last night, I heard you come in.

Brent said, “Got in a little poker game that lasted longer than I though it would, as he ate a sausage and biscuit.

Sue finished washing the dishes and pots and pans and said, “This is wash day, better go get stated.”

Sue when out to the old back pot and built a fire under merter escort it and then came back in the house and got the dirty towels and sheet off the beds. By the time she got back to the pot the water was hot enough to wash. She put some lye soap in the pot and got out the scrub board.

Brent looked out the window and watched her as she scrubbed the sheet and towels.

He was facing her and could see her round full breasts bouncing up and down as he scrubbed.

Brent got his two dirty white shirts out and when down to her at the black pot where she was washing. Sue looked up as he was coming toward her and Brent said, “Could I pay you extra to wash my shirts?”

Sue said, “It’s a good thing you got here with them before I stated on the colored things. I’ll wash and iron them for ten cents apiece.”

Brent hear some chicken and looked over at the chicken pen, “You’ve got a lot of chickens”, he said.

Sue said, “I have to have eggs for breakfast and I have fried chicken every Sunday night, but I have already told you that.”

Brent was behind her as she washed his shits on the board. She was gentler with them than she was with the sheets. As she washed Brent was looking her over. Even though she was wearing loose fitting cotton dress he could see that her waist was slim and had a full round ass. She was some find looking woman, just the type Brent liked. She wasn’t heavy and she wasn’t skinny.

Sue finished washing and hung the cloths out to dry. Brent helped her pour out the dirty water and then they when inside. Sue said, “I’m glad to have that done, it was getting hot out there. It’s noon, I fix us something to eat.”

As they were eating at the kitchen table Brent said, “A man at the saloon last night told me about your husband getting killed about four year ago. You’re a good-looking woman with a lot to give a man. Why haven’t you remarried?”

Sue said, “All the men in this town that I would have are already taken and besides I’m to busy running this place”, and got up to take their dishes to the kitchen.

Brent followed her and as she put the dishes in the sink put his hands on her wait and said, “You’re to young and beautiful to spend the rest of you live running a boarding house. You have a lot to give to a man and I’m sure you have your needs.”

Sue turned around and wiped her hands on her apron and said, “I guess you thing you are the man to take care of my needs you think I have? I’ve seen your type before and you would just take what you wanted and leave me here all alone”, and rushed out of the kitchen.

Brent didn’t see her until that night at supper and then he when to the saloon and played poker for most of the night.

Brent got up the next morning last again and when to the kitchen. Sue wasn’t there but there was coffee in the stove and biscuits and bacon on a plate. Brent looked all over the house after he had eaten and couldn’t find Sue anywhere. “I guess that she had gone shopping” Brent thought and when back to his room.

It was just before noon when heard her coming up the steps and then a knock at his door. Brent opened the door and Sue was standing there with his ironed shirts in her hands. She had on a nicer dress than usual that buttoned tight around her neck, but the material was tight over her breasts and left no doubt what shape and size her breasts were and said, “I hope I ironed your shirts like you like them.”

Their hands touched as Brent took the shirts and they just stood there looking at each other for several seconds. Brent said, “They look fine and with no wrinkles”, and when and put them in the drawer. Sue said, “You get up so late I couldn’t make you bed when I did the others”, and came in the room and started make up his bed.

Brent was behind her as she made the bed up. Sue was bending over As she moved around the bed. When she straightened up he put his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, “You more beautiful than every this morning.”

Sue wanted to tune around and slap his face but his hot breath on her neck felt so good and his body close to her was something she had missed for four years.

Sue’s womanly desired swelled up inside her and Brent slowly turned her around and kissed her. Sue kissed him back and their body’s pressed against each other. It was only when Brent put his hand on her soft full breast that she gasped and push him away and ran out of the room. Sue was cooled toward Brent for the next few days and only spoke to him when she had to. Brent spent most of his time at the saloon play poker and was doing quite well.

There was nearly always a game going on even in the daytime and Brent was playing day and night.

One night everyone quit the game early and Brent when home. He got there just and Sue was finishing up in the kitchen. Brent had had just enough to drink to be bold. As Sue walked by him he grabbed her and bent her backward and kissed her deep. Sue tried to fight of his advances but finally melted in his arms. Brent pushed escort kağıthane her down on the kitchen table and they kissed deep and with passion. He pressed his hard dick against her and kneaded one of her soft breast. Soft moans came for deep inside Sue and Brent rubbed his hard dick against her. Brent broke their kiss and looked down in her face. It was like she was in a trance or dazed. Brent had seen that look before and knew for sure he was going to have his way with Sue.

Brent slowly unbuttoned the top of her dress and slipped his hand inside and under the cloth that covered her breasts.

He kneaded one of her soft breasts while rolling her hard nipple between his fingers. He kissed her again and moved his hand to the other breast and squeezed it and rolled her nipple that was already hard and long.

Sue gasped each time he pinched her hard nipple and pressed his hardness against pussy. Sue weakly protested by pushing on his shoulder but the desire burning in side her to great. Brent put both hands inside her dress and under the cloth that covered her breasts. He pulled her breasts out though the opening. The opening of the dress was narrow and pushed her ample breasts together, her long nipples were just inches apart. Brent hungrily sucked one nipple and then the other and cupped her soft full breasts between his hands. Sue gasped softly, “Oh James, I shouldn’t let you being doing this, I shouldn’t let you have your way with me, OH James, Oh James.”

Brent moved his hands to the skirt about a foot below her full round ass and started working her full-length skirt up that cover her legs all the way to the floor.

Sue gasped, “Not here, not here James, some one might come in.” Brent grind knowing that he had conquered another beautiful woman and would soon have is hard cock buried deep inside her hot wet pussy. Brent asked like and exited schoolboy about to get his first piece of ass, “You’re room or mine?”

Sue replied in a gasping voice, “My bedroom is closer, it’s just down the hall.”

Brent took her in his arms and carried her down the hall to her bedroom and laid her slowly on the bed. Sue just watched though dazed eyes as Brent kick his boots off and stepped out of his black trousers. He put one knee on the bed and pushed the front of her dress up to her waist. His hands found the band of her bloomers. Sue looked longing in his eye and raised her butt to let James pull them down her legs.

Brent pushed her legs part and got on both knees between them. He admired the sight of her full wet pussy lips and the wet matted hair that cover them. He reached inside his long johns and pulled his hard throbbing cock out.

He lowed on top of Sue putting his head next to hers and and took the cheeks of her ass in his hands. He lifted her ass up out of the soft mattress as his cock head moved up and down between her soft full lips. He pressed and her pussy lips parted and his cock head when in her hot wet pussy.

“So long, it’s been so long”, Sue gasped softy as Brent worked his cock in her pussy.

Brent worked his cock slow in and out of her wet but very tight pussy. Sue was trying so hard not to show she wasn’t receiving please as it was not lady like at those days for a woman to show pleasure while being fuck or to have and orgasm. James kept working his hard throbbing cock in and out of Sue. Unknowing to Sue her natural inborn instinct took over and she hunched James back on his down stroke. As hard as Sue tried not to show she was having an orgasm she could not. Her muscled quivered, her pussy juices flowed and her tight vagina milked James’s cock.

James lasted about another two minutes before he growled and pumped Sue’s pussy hard and fast. He gasped each time he shot his hot creamy cum deep in her tight hot pussy. He fired his last load and gave her pussy one last hard thrust. He was still deep inside her when he collapsed with the full body weigh on top of her.

They just lay there gasping for air and Sue moved her hand over his back. Sue finally said softy in his ear, “You had better go to you room now and let me get some sleep. I have to be up by five third to cook breakfast.”

Begrudgingly James pulled his cock out of her tight wet pussy and got up and put on his boots, shirt and trousers. As he went out the door he said to Sue, “I think I love you Sue.”

Brent made it to breakfast then next morning but by the time he had got all cleaned up and got down to the kitchen most of them were half finished eating except the older lady. Sue had a radiant smile on her face all the time she was serving. Willie and one of the railroad men had made a comment how beautiful and alive she looked this morning.

Brent said, “Yeap, she’s a might pretty woman and a good cook too”, as he ate his eggs, sausage and biscuit.

When the others left Brent help her clear of the table and do the dishes. Brent even filled up the stove wood box with wood. Neither of them mentioned last night although you could tell by the looks on their face and their actions that they had enjoyed either other.

It was about eleven when Sue said she had to go shopping and asked Brent if he wanted to go with her. Brent told her that shopping wasn’t his favorite thing to do and guessed he’d just got the saloon and see if there was a game going on this time of the morning.

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