Jack Hires an Assistant

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Sincere special thanks to ms_gangbang and kalligeneia for editing assistance, suggestions and improvements…


Madge, Jack’s long served assistant finally retired. Madge was competent, kept Jack on mission but she was 65. Consequently, Jack initiated his new hiring mission with the sole intent of securing an assistant that was someone brilliant, beautiful, bright, and bountiful. Two weeks in to his recruitment process and hope was now narrowed to securing someone hopefully intelligent enough to fill the role. The last candidate, Alice Goodhead had been offered up by HR as his last serious prospect..

Scheduled to arrive at 4:30, the receptionist buzzed his office to announce that Alice had arrived a sensible ten minutes before her appointment time. He asked her to bring her on in, and left it at that. The first thing Jack noticed was Alice’s short blond hair, which framed a gorgeous smile with twinkling, almost mischievous eyes. She wore a navy business suit, the blazer discretely` framing a delightful pair of breasts; the skirt cut a few inches above the knee. A fashionable pair of black business pumps with plain black hose completed her outfit. Certainly compared to some of the other female candidates, her ensemble was professional and sensible, flattering her without crossing that forbidden workplace line into trying to be too attractive. As much as he could appreciate a well-dressed woman, the office was not the place for flaunting cleavage and showing off stockings.

“Ms Goodhead, I am Jack Aubrey, pleased to meet you, ” They shook hands and he directed her to two chairs in front of his desk., “Please have a seat. Can I get you a drink, water, perhaps?”

“Please, call me Alice. No I’m fine,” she said, as she took her seat opposite him. She crossed her legs discretely and her skirt rose to reveal half of her thighs. Jacks gaze was immediately drawn to the unintentional but not entirely unwelcome extra reveal of legs. He now noticed the delightful short black heels that hugged her feet. Tall enough to add a certain sway to her walk, but not so tall that she risked staggering around making a fool out of herself.

‘Things are looking up,’ thought Jack. More appropriately Jack was trying to see how he might get a glimpse further up this delightful woman’s dress. At the same time he was at least maintaining some semblance of professionalism, right up until what happened next.

“Yes. Now where where we. Right, well, thanks again for coming. So to begin, can you tell me how your experience might qualify you for this position?”

“Well, Mr Aubrey…,” she paused, “…listen, can I call you Jack?” Alice leaned in touching him gently on the knee. The white shirt she was wearing underneath her jacket had it’s top three buttons open. As Alice leaned in, Jack got a brief Escort Ankara enticing view of a sinful amount of cleavage that had his mind picturing his cock thrusting in between her two perfect globes of soft white flesh. That image and her bold touch, sent a shock wave right to the base of Jack’s groin.

“Of course,” Jack said, a bit blustered.

“Well Jack, I have worked successfully in advertising for the past five years since graduating from Queens with an Honours BA in Marketing. As you can see from my resume, I’ve held progressive positions at JWT, Leo and Ogilvy. Alice blathered on about her experience but Jack was now completely mesmerized by her gaze. All the time she looked confidently and directly at him and went on and on to describe her career achievements.

Poor Jack. Or perhaps, poor Alice. All this time he was focused on what colour might her panties be. Then he thought. “Is she even wearing panties?” As Alice laid out her career highlights with a succinct, well-practiced swiftness, Jack discretely, or so he thought, carefully scoped her assets that she was not describing. From the curve of her calves, the fullness of her breasts, the explicitness of her neck to how he wished he could taste those lips or better yet , have them wrapped around his cock. In the end, his eyes were inevitably drawn to the apex of her folded legs. Jack had now decided he had to fuck her – er – hire her.

“So Alice, can you tell me really why you’d want to join our firm.”

“Jack. Great question.” Alice sat up and uncrossed her legs settling them directly in front of his gaze. Her fit thighs and already raised skirt, while still covering her modesty, now revealed the dark lace band of her thigh-high stockings, the pure, exquisite paleness of her upper thighs and the white lace of her panties that kept his ultimate aim hidden from explicit view. All of that was garnered in less than one second, such was the acuity of a man’s eye when properly motivated.

Sadly, not quite as fast as a woman’s. Alice smiled as she caught his gaze. “Gotcha,” she thought.

“So Jack, what I’m really looking for is a leadership, you might say, on-top position in my next executive role. Something I can take charge of. A role I can sink my teeth into, drive success. Something that will enable me to stretch my talents and allow me to really thrust my career to the next level.” She emphasized her “thrust” with a clap and awkward giggle.

“Sorry Jack. I’m getting a bit carried away. Do you mind if I take off my jacket, it’s a bit warm today.”

“Sure.” It was indeed a hot day outside. Jack tugged at his collar, seemed it was getting hotter in the office.

“Hook, line and sinker.’ was the only thought in her head as she stood and slowly pealed her jacket off, jutting her chest Ankara Escort forward.as she did so. She carefully wrapped the jacket on the back of her chair but remained standing. Beneath the jacket she now revealed the plain fitted white blouse underneath. The gap of the top three undone buttons flared a bit.. Jack wasn’t disappointed by the increased exposure of this delightful and powerful creatures’ throat and cleavage. Now, Jack could just discern the delicate lace of her bra underneath. He was pleased it matched what he had glimpsed between her legs.

“Wow Alice. What you said there, amazing! You’re exactly what I need, but you have to understand you will be working under me.”

Alice now looked at him directly. Seemingly seriously. No. Just seriously.

“Jack. Let’s not fuck around anymore. I’m more than qualified for this position, which is not the position you’d really like me in. Am I right? What you’d really like is me skirt up, panties down and your cock balls deep in my cunt. Right? Did I get that right? Is that take charge enough for you? Let me be clear, I want this job and I know you want me. I can see you got a bit of a boner growing there. So let’s not quibble. Let’s get down to serious fucking. Ok?” She now strode toward Jack, her hips swaying in a way that was perhaps slightly exaggerated and her eyes locked on Jack. His gaze was now drawn to her slowly rising skirt.

“Alice.” Jack stammered, “I think, think this interview is over.” He tried to suppress the sound of interest in his voice, an underlying huskiness, but failed.

“Seriously Jack, you might be thinking NO NO NO but I can see from here your cock is saying ,Yea baby!. Tell me you haven’t been trying to look up my skirt for the past ten minutes?”

“No,” Jack said, trying to desperately focus on her face as her rising skirt revealed the paleness of her upper thighs.just about the dark exquisitely detailed lace of her thigh high stockings. “Alice, you have to stop now. This is completely inappropriate.”

Alice had now maneuvered herself directly in front of him. Straddling his thighs, Jack was now aware of her fragrance, subtly sweet and hot. He could now see from the subtle change in the gusset’s colour, her panties must be soaked. She touched his chin with her middle finger. “Keep your eyes on the prize”. And devoured him with a kiss that makes older men weak at their knees and young men cum in their pants.

“If you want me to leave,” she said softly, “say pretty please.” Her lips again now so close to his. Her breath was so soft, hot against his cheek. She now had raised the hem of her skirt up to her waist and Jack was now presented her delightful lace covered mound. Then he sensed the raw pure scent of her hot moist femininity as it rose above her perfume on the heat and urgency Ankara Escort Bayan of her arousal.

Paralyzed. Jack said nothing. His new hire’s obviously soaked cunt was inches from his face. As much as his teenage fantasies might’ve occasionally featured something like what was happening, this was proving to be way better.

“Or perhaps this is more to your taste.” Alice gazed down and nodded at her pussy. “You’ve been looking for it for some time now. Perhaps you should get closer.” She spoke in a low voice, she moved closer to his face. “You need to experience this up close” Jack’s nose now butted against her panties. as she had ensnared his head with her hands and been slowly pushing him down. As Alice rubbed his nose up and down her slit – he felt her lips through the smooth fabric. “Oh yea, baby, that’s it,” she coaxed, placing a hand on the back of Jack’s head. Jack moaned unconsciously in response to her scent and wetness – the perfume and her womanhood – was overwhelming, intoxicating.

Steadily Alice urged Jack on by grinding his willing face into her crotch “That’s it Jack. Savour my hot cunt!” Then, suddenly, she broke away. She crossed the office and made sure the door lock was secured. “Wouldn’t do to have folks barging in on a private interview; right boss”

Alice now settled in a position on Jack’s office couch. Hooking her fingers into her panty waistline she lifted her ass slightly and pealed her soaked panties down her legs before kicking them off.. She spread her legs widely and drew her middle fingers across her dripping slit. Crooking her fingers, she beckoned for him to come hither. Jack moved toward her to kiss her, but Alice had another target in mind. Her hands pressed on his shoulders, firmly directing him to his knees. She kept pushing, more firmly as he hesitated, guiding him to her now bared, glistening pussy.

Grabbing his head and now with him positioned between her legs, she looked him directly in the eyes and said smiling lustfully, “Eat me, I need your tongue on my cervix.”

With that, Alice pulled Jacks head harder against her hot bare pussy. His mouth opened almost instinctively. With his thick tongue darting in and out, it eagerly washed over every bit of Alice’s swollen, sopping, throbbing fuck hole. She ground herself from clit to ass passionately and eagerly against him from chin to nose. She held his head in place as she rocked against him relentlessly, her hands digging into his hair and scratching his scalp in places. Her mouth uttering expletives, “Fuck. Fuck! Cunt Licker! Fuck -That’s it lick that pussy! Fuck,Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck Fuck Yea!,” Almost to shame Satan himself. His tongue tried to plunge deep inside but it was his nose slipping into her sopping wetness that finally rewarded her with the creamy orgasm that she desired. Deafening shrieks of joy, quivering thighs and a flood of girl cum that nearly drowned him was his reward.

Gasping for breath, he emerged from near unconsciousness from his experience, as Alice gently caressed Jack’s head.

“So, Mr Aubrey. When can I start?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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