It’s Lonely on the Streets

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Brittany was a straight-A student in her junior year of high school. She was already looking at colleges and planning her academic future. She had a good shot at whatever university she wanted. Her GPA was high and she was active in multiple extracurricular activities. She even helped out at the local homeless shelter every Friday night.

She’d been working there for the past 8 months and loved being able to help the needy. Her duties included attending the homeless who spent the night at the shelter, making sure blankets were cleaned every night, and serving breakfast the next morning. Or at least that’s what her duties used to be.

One Friday night at the shelter they were very low on people staying the night so Brittany had time to spare. She’d made sure all the current tenants had warm blankets and pillows as well as anything else they may need. She’d turned down the lights low enough for them to get some sleep but light enough for her to read the book she’d brought with her. She made her way over to her desk and settled in to read a chapter or two. But she didn’t get far before she was interrupted by a man moaning in his sleep and moving restlessly on his cot. Brittany watched him for a few moments before getting up and making her way to him. She knelt beside his cot.

“Sir,” merter escort she said, shaking him slightly. “Are you ok?” His eyes flew open and he shot up with a gasp, startling Brittany. He looked around wildly before his eyes settled on her.

“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice rough. “I must have been having a bad dream.” She nodded understandingly.

“It’s ok. Do you want to try and go back to sleep?”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Oh, well I’m about to go do some laundry if you’d like to help.” He smiled and nodded then followed her out of the community room and into the dimly lit laundry room in the back of the shelter. Brittany pulled out a warm load of laundry and set it on the table by the dryer.

“If you don’t mind you can start folding these,” Brittany said. He followed her to the table and started folding the fresh laundry. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Brittany put in a new load and transferred some to the dryer. After she was finished she came over to him and began to help him fold. They did their work in companionable silence standing close to share what little light there was.

Suddenly out of nowhere, he grabbed Brittany by the back of her head and kissed her hard, forcing her lips apart so he could taste her. beşiktaş escort His other hand slid between their bodies and found her young pussy. He moaned into her mouth as one of his fingers stroked her through her jeans. But that wasn’t enough for him. Brittany pushed against him as she felt him unbutton her jeans. He tore his mouth from hers, his eyes pleading as he looked at her.

“Please, I haven’t felt the touch of a woman in so long,” he begged. Brittany thought for a moment and then stopped fighting. She guided his hand back to her pants as she began unbuttoning his. His hard cock sprang forth and she wrapped her long fingers around him. He threw his head back and moaned quietly as she began to stroke him. Brittany dropped to her knees in front of him, never letting go of his dick. She licked and kissed his balls slowly, moving her hand up and down his shaft. His knees began to tremble as she worked him over. Suddenly, she shoved his cock down her throat making herself gag. He grabbed the back of her head, forcing his dick further down her throat. She clawed and slapped at his thighs, begging for air.

He finally let her pull back enough to catch her breath. Brittany pulled his pants all the way down and kicked her own off. She laid back on the laundry istanbul escort room floor and pulled him down on top of her. He slid low and kissed her wet pussy lips, sliding his tongue into her slit. She arched and spread her legs giving him better access. His tongue delved into her and he moaned as he tasted her juices. He speared her with his tongue, swirling around her clit.

Brittany suddenly felt his hard cock pushing against her. She squirmed and arched again, begging for him to take her. He smiled at her as he slowly pushed into her. The feel of his cock being enveloped by her warmth made him throw his head back. He wanted to take it slow but it just felt too good. He shoved himself deep into her, making his balls slap against her ass. She moaned louder, clawing at the floor. He gripped her hips and started pounding away in her. Each thrust going deeper than the last. She moved against him, wanting to take as much as possible of him.

He began thrusting faster and faster, his breathing getting deeper. She knew he was close but he didn’t have a condom on. She tried to get him to stop before he came but he ignored her. He held her down as he shoved his cock deep and exploded inside of her. She screamed and writhed as she came with him, feeling his cum begin to drip down her thigh from how much he had given her. He gave her a kiss, got up, zipped his pants, and made his way back to his cot.

Brittany lay there wondering what she was going to do. But one thought overpowered it all: at least she had made one person happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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