It’s Blackmail, Pure and Simple

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Double Dildo

From afar one might have mistaken the man gliding around the corner of the house for a burglar; his movements were rapid and quiet. One would have been wrong. The young man was an athlete, his steps rapid and silent. He wasn’t intent on some nefarious deed; quite the contrary, he was visiting his best friend’s home.

Johnny “Rocket” Johnson had been the star pitcher for his state championship baseball team. His catcher and best buddy, Byron McKenzie lived here. Johnny knew Byron wasn’t at home; he had to take a summer school class he needed to graduate. But Johnny’d left his ball glove in Byron’s bedroom the last time he’d been over. He had a game later in the afternoon and he needed to retrieve the glove.

There was a strange car in the driveway and Byron’s step-mom, Monica’s car was in the big three car garage. Usually Johnny just walked in, same with Byron at his house, but since Byron wasn’t at home Johnny rapped on the back door. No one answered. Johnny figured Monica and whoever else had left their car had ridden with another driver, probably some of the ladies getting together for shopping and lunch. No matter, Johnny knew where the spare key was hidden. He unlocked the door.

Byron’s bedroom was upstairs, Johnny went to his room, his glove was still lying on the window sill where he’d left it, he picked it up and was leaving the room when he heard a noise.

Johnny thought he was alone in the house but it was a moan he’d heard. The sound continued, he followed it to the master bedroom. Peeking around the jamb he saw a man and it damned sure wasn’t Byron’s Dad, on his knees in the middle of the bed. Monica was giving him a blow job.

Johnny ducked back out. Thank God for cell phones. He got his out of his back pocket and set it to vibrate; he didn’t want a ring to spoil his fun. Getting the camera ready, he peeked back in and got a picture then ducked back and checked the shot. The man’s face showed up but all he got was the back of Monica’s head.

In the mirror he could see her face, her mouth filled with cock. He photographed the mirror. That one came out nicely.

The guy moaned in ecstasy, from the sound it was evident he was cumming. God what a shot, he was shooting all over Monica’s face.

“Oh Baby, you’re the best,” Johnny heard.

He ducked back into Byron’s room; he thought the show was over: wrong.

A few minutes later he heard, “Oooh Harry, God damn Harry, you’re the best, you’re the best, aaah.”

Johnny snuck a peek. Harry was between Monica’s legs, licking her. Johnny could tell when he started sucking on her clit; Monica’s hips came clear off the bed as she wailed. Her orgasm had hit her and she was writhing, begging Harry to go on, begging Harry to stop. Finally, he moved up on her, she spread her legs in invitation and Harry slid into her vagina.

Johnny couldn’t believe his luck. He had photos of it all, Harry eating her, Monica’s fantastic climax and Harry entering her pussy.

Damn Johnny thought, I’ve got jerk off materiel for a year. Monica was a real MILF, hot as hot could be. She was thirty-seven, Byron’s dad’s trophy wife. They’d been married seven years. She was a tall woman, probably 5’8” or 5’9’” with long auburn hair and a body to die for, full breasts that still rode high, a narrow waist above flaring hips. Her best feature was her bottom, when she wore shorts Johnny had often admired, well truthfully, had gawked at her beautiful heart shaped posterior. Hell, all the guys had.

Monica could be a little stand- offish and snooty but who cared, they all liked to look. She was the major attraction in visiting Bryon.

The action was heating up down the hall, Monica was loudly letting the world know just how much she liked Harry’s cock and he was grunting with every stroke. Johnny took a couple more shots. Monica’s legs were over Harry’s shoulders, he was wearing that pussy out, really banging her.

Monica was a screamer; she raised the roof when she came. Harry grunted as he emptied into her.

Johnny was only sorry his camera didn’t have sound; still, he’d gotten a shot of her while she was cumming, and it was priceless.

Now he was sure the show was over, he was preparing to sneak out when he heard Harry whisper, “Monica, I want your bottom.”

Johnny thought, Christ, he’s gonna fuck her up that beautiful ass. He’d wait.

There was a creaking from the bed, he was afraid to look into the room but the mirror gave him a pretty good view. Monica had walked to the bathroom; Harry was waiting on the bed, stroking himself ‘til he was hard again.

Johnny used the mirror to get a shot of Monica handing Harry a tube of KY Jelly.

She got back on the bed and got on her hands and knees; she pulled a pillow under her head and lay on it, face down.

God, she was facing away from him, he took shot after shot of her. He could see her asshole and her pussy. Harry started lubricating her. Johnny took picture after picture, Harry rubbing her, Harry with a finger then two in her and finally Harry mounting her.

He put his feet outside her knees, squatted behind her and pushed in.

Monica moaned a loud, painful moan when he burst through her sphincter but Harry didn’t slow down. He was positioned for maximum leverage and he used it.

He mounted her and rode her like a wild beast, pistoning in and out of her with violent pounding thrusts. He was driving her face into the pillow.

Monica was crying and wailing, pleading, “Oooh Harry nooo, God, you’re splitting me, you’re killing me, nooo, nooo mooore, aaah, Harry, please, please.”

Johnny wanted to put the camera down and beat off, he was about crazy with arousal but he wanted the pictures more.

The way Harry was fucking her Johnny could see his balls slapping against her pussy every time he struck, he could hear the slapping of Harry’s hips against her cheeks.

Harry fucked her all the harder, he had her hips gripped, pulling her back to meet each driving penetration. Damn, he wasn’t only fucking her; he was stabbing her guts, stretching her ring and filling her rectum. At last Harry climaxed, he roared as his cum flooded her, and he continued pumping her finally slowing until he stopped. He was soft when he pulled out. Harry took a few moments to admire his work, Monica’s asshole wasn’t tight right now, it was red and gaping open with cum dripping from it. Johnny thought, now this would be my prize winning photograph if they gave them for porno. He got four or five shots of Harry’s cum leaking from her, down over her lips and onto her thighs.

Monica stayed on her hands and knees, she turned her head, Johnny got a nice shot of her face, and said, Harry, you’re a bastard, a right bastard, I think you’ve torn me, God you hurt me.

Harry patted her bottom, “No blood,” he said, “You’re not torn.”

“Damn you Harry, I won’t let you have my bottom next time.”

“Of course you will Monica dear,” he said, patting her, “You know your ass is mine.”

Harry walked to the bathroom and cleaned up. He came back and started dressing.

Johnny slunk down the staircase and out the door. He didn’t know who Harry was but he would, he shot pictures of his car and his license plate then realized, damn, he’d forgotten his glove.

He waited about thirty minutes after Harry had left then rang the doorbell.

Monica answered the door.

“Hi Monica,” he said.

“Oh it’s you Johnny, what do you need, Byron’s not here.”

“I left my ball glove up in his room and I need it, I’ve got a game today.”

She walked back into the house, she was stooped and holding her stomach, she said, “Go ahead and get it.”

“Monica, are you ok, you look like you’re in pain?”

“It’s just a tummy ache, I’ll be ok,” she said as she limped to a chair and collapsed into it.

Johnny got his glove and came back down.

“Monica is there anything I can do for you, anything I can get you?”

I would like a glass of ice water if you don’t mind.”

He got the water.

“Thanks Johnny,” she said.

“Hey, anything for you Monica, take care,” and he was out the door.

Monica thought, he’s a sassy little bastard, well not so little, Johnny was six four and weighed 205 pounds, but he’s still sassy and what did he mean by that last comment, “Anything for you Monica?”

She knew he looked at her, all of Byron’s friends did. Sometimes she liked to give them a little show. Shorts that gave her a camel toe, a tight bikini, no bra and an open top, things like that. She had fun teasing them, maybe she’d caused a few cases of blue balls, and she chuckled to herself. Damn, even that hurt. Harry, the miserable bastard had hurt her.

When he got home, up in his room with the door locked Johnny ran through the pictures. He had over forty but they hadn’t all come out. He screened them and deleted the ones he didn’t like. He still had twenty-seven great shots. He picked the one where Harry’s cum was leaking out of her and jacked off. He needed to get to his game. He’s look at them all more thoroughly later.

He transferred them to a flash drive. He wanted his phone with him but he wasn’t ready to share those pictures. He hid the flash drive and left for his game.

When he got home he showered and put on a pair of shorts and a pull over, flips flops on his feet and went back downstairs. His mother had dinner on the table.

He was hungry, there was roast pork, oven browned potatoes, spinach and rolls. He pigged out.

Back upstairs, his belly full but his mind wanting he locked the door and got the flash drive. He took the time to study each photo. Hell, Harry had a little dick compared to Johnny. But then, Johnny was pretty big, almost nine inches. There was some penis envy in the locker room; that’s where his nickname “Rocket” came from, not his fastball even though he had a good one of those too.

He played with his Photo Shop program, making an album of all twenty-seven shots. He considered uploading them to the internet then decided, why do that, why share, these were his and no one, least of all, Monica knew he had them.

He’d thought of them as beat off materiel but the more he thought about it the more the idea took shape. Why beat off looking at her pictures, Johnny would bet he could get a hell of a lot more than just a look with these.

There was no question there would be a divorce if Byron’s dad got hold of these, not only was Monica compromised but her lover would be identified, too. The grounds for that divorce would be infidelity and she’d be left in the cold.

Johnny printed up five of the pictures, nice 9 X 5 glossies and put them in an envelope. He’d go visiting tomorrow morning.

He had her giving the blow job, her climaxing as Harry ate her, the one with her legs over Harry’s shoulders, Harry lubing her ass and Johnny’s favorite, the dripping cum shot. He hoped she liked his selections.

The next morning he waited until Byron and his father had left then gave it another thirty minutes; Monica didn’t get up with the guys. He went in the back door and walked to the base of the staircase. He could hear a shower running; he went to the kitchen and made coffee.

Monica took her time; it was nearly forty minutes before she came down.

When she saw Johnny sitting at the table she demanded, “What are you doing here; you know Byron isn’t here, what do you want?”

She was standing back lit by the sunlight streaming in through the room, dressed in an Ivory colored robe of a diaphanous material, he could see the shape of her breasts with their dark tips, she had on panties but no brassiere. Johnny took a moment to appreciate her splendid figure.

Then he said, “It wasn’t Byron I wanted to see, it was you, Monica.”

“Johnny, I’m not real comfortable being alone here with you, what did you need to see me about?”

“It’s not really what I want to see you about; it’s more what I want you to see.”

He laid the envelope containing the pictures on the table. “I want you to look at these Monica, come over and look.”

She was hesitant and she had a bad feeling. She said, “What have you got, what do you want me to see?”

“Monica, I think you’ll want to look at these, I know it’ll be important to you.”

She walked over to the table. In his youthful haste he put his hand on her bottom.

She slapped it away saying, “What in the hell do you think you’re doing, Get out of here, get out.”

“Not until you’ve seen these, now look.”

He dumped the five photographs of the table face down.

She could tell that they were pictures and she started to tremble with fear, she suspected she knew what they contained.

She turned one face-up. It was of her sucking Harry.

Her knees felt weak, she was on the verge of a panic attack. She looked at Johnny.

In a voice that was soft it was nearly inaudible she whispered, “What do you want?”

She felt his hand under her robe on her bottom, he was caressing her cheeks.

He said, “Monica, I think you know what I want.”

“Johnny, please, don’t do this, you know it’s not right, please don’t.”

He continued to caress her, drawing her closer.

She didn’t fight him she just allowed herself to be led; she was in shock as she visualized her world collapsing around her. Benjamin, her husband would divorce her, there was no question, she wouldn’t get alimony and she had no marketable skills, she was a trophy wife whose job it was to be witty with clients and always beautiful.

She hadn’t even noticed that Johnny had pulled her to him and had his other hand inside her robe cupping her sex.

“Monica, no one else has to know, just you and me; our special secret.”

“I can’t do this Johnny, I just can’t.”

“Of course you can Monica. You had fun with Harry; you can have fun with me.”

“Johnny you’re a bastard, you know it.”

“Yeah, a right bastard, I think it was that you called Harry.”

Monica gasped, “You were here?”

“Oh yeah Monica, I was right outside your bedroom door. I only wish my camera had audio, I’d love to have your sounds when you cum, you’re quite a screamer.”

She drew back her hand as if to slap him.

“If you do that Monica, I’ll slap you back but you’ll be over my knees and I’ll be slapping your bare bottom, think about it, is it worth it. I don’t mind, I’d relish the chance to repay you that way.”

He still had both hands on her, he said, “I think you should look at some more of my pictures. Turn one over.”

She hesitated; he patted her bottom saying, “Turn one over.”

She slowly turned the second picture face up and her stomach roiled. She felt like she was going to suffer diarrhea her bowels were so water. It was the one where Harry had her legs over his shoulders.

“Not one of my favorites but still, a great shot, don’t you think?”

“Johnny please don’t do this to me, please.”

He took the elastic band of her panties and rolled them over her hips letting them fall to the floor.

She stood with her panties pooled at her feet, his finger slid into her slit.

Her gaziantep lezbiyen knees were shaking, knocking together; she knew her life was over. She just stared at the picture, she couldn’t speak.

He’d never thought of himself as an evil person but what he was doing was evil. It was blackmail, pure and simple and he was having fun. He liked watching her as her defenses crumbled, one after another.

He said, “Our secret Monica, only we would know, not Ben, not Byron, nobody, just us.”

“Turn over one more. There are five, five I picked out as representative of my entire collection; you see, I have twenty-seven. Now, Monica I promise you, whatever you decide, I won’t tell Ben. No I won’t tell Ben but it won’t be just our little secret, I’ll load all twenty-seven on your Face Book page.”

Monica’s eyes began to leak; tears streaked her face as she stood mutely. Face Book she thought, Ben would see so would Byron, all of her friends, even her minister, oh God, the humiliation.”

Johnny prodded, “Turn one more.”

She thought it can’t get any worse; slowly she turned another face up. Oooh nooo, she thought, they’d all even know she’d done that. It was Harry lubricating her for anal sex; he had two fingers buried in her and a tube of KY Jelly in his other hand.

She nearly collapsed; she had to put her hands on Johnny’s shoulders to keep from falling.

“What do you want Johnny, quit torturing me, please stop torturing me, say it out loud, what’s the price?”

“Monica is Harry married?”

She didn’t answer.

“Monica, I want to know if Harry’s married, you can tell me or I can find out on my own.”

“You know he’s named Harry, that’s all you know, why should I involve him?”

“He comes every week, doesn’t he?”

She nodded yes.

“I want his day, I want you to break off with him and see me once a week, we’ll do everything you did with him.”

“Johnny you can have me, you’ve got me, it’s called blackmail but I can’t refuse you. You know I can’t. But I’m not going to tell on Harry.”

“I think you will but before we discuss that any further, turn over the last photo. If I’d been choosing I would have saved it for last. I think it’s my masterpiece.”

She turned it over. It was the most lewd example of pornography she’d seen. Her face was identifiable, she was turned yelling at Harry. She was calling him a right bastard because he’d hurt her but that wasn’t the half of it. Her bottom and vaginal area were on fine display, her anus was gaping open and Harry’s cum was leaking out.

She was going to be sick to her stomach; she knew she was, she’d never been under this kind of stress.

“Wonderful shot don’t you think, I think I should get a Pusslitzer Prize, you know, sorta like a Pulitzer but for the best porno shot of all time and you Monica are the star. Harry is really only supporting cast, still, he’s there.”

All she could say was, “Johnny please, no more.”

“There won’t be anymore, not of you not of Harry if we can make this our little secret, remember that.”

“Now tell me about Harry.”

“No damn it.”

“Remember I said I have twenty-seven photos?”

Monica could only nod.

“Monica, they aren’t all sex shots, most of them are but I’ve got a few others. I know anyone who knows Harry could identify him from the pictures, if fact, I’ve got a few where he can be identified but you can’t; if you make me track him down those photos will go to his wife. Besides, I’ve got shots of his car in your driveway and even one of his license plates. I think I can find out who he is. Wanna bet against me?”

It was more than Monica could take; her knees and her bladder failed her. She collapsed across Johnny’s lap and her urine streamed out of her, through the gusset of her panties, over Johnny’s grasping hand and down her legs to puddle on the floor under her. She was paralyzed, a full blown panic attack.

God, if that got out she wouldn’t have to worry about a divorce, Ben would kill her, Harry too. If he found out that he’d been cuckolded by one of his junior managers, if he found out that she’d shared her bed, their bed with one of his junior employees she truly did fear for her life.

She literally was lying across Johnny’s lap. His hands weren’t under her gown any more; he was rubbing her back trying to soothe her. Yeah, he wanted sex with her, that hadn’t changed but he didn’t want to break her spirit.

Finally she could speak, she told him the truth, she’d met Harry at a company party several months ago and they’d hit it off. His wife was a bit of a wall flower and she and Harry had danced several dances. He’d asked for her phone number and she’d given it to him. They’d met several times for lunch then they’d crossed the line, stolen hugs, stolen kisses, groping hands and they were lovers.

“Johnny I’m thirty-seven, Ben’s over sixty. I love him, he treats me like a princess, I’ll never want for anything, anything but physical love. He was a virile man when we married but the infirmities of age, swollen prostate, reduced libido have taken their toll. Once in a while after a couple of Viagra’s he tries but that’s only every two or three months. I know it’s a sorry excuse, but Johnny, I’m a hot woman, my panties cry for a man’s attention and Harry gave it to me, ask me, did I love him? Hell no, did I want to fuck him, you bet. Once a week isn’t really enough for me but it’s a hell of a lot more than I was getting. So think bad about me, think I’m a slut. You’ve got pictures, you can destroy me but I’m not a bad person, at least I don’t think so, I’m just a woman, not perfect but a woman who needs a man.”

“Johnny, you literally have my life in your hands, Ben would kill me if he found out about Harry, so, how’s gonna be, am I going to be your fuck slut or are you going to be my Boy Toy?”

“Break off with Harry I’m going to take his place.”

“Johnny how do you suggest I do that, what am I suppose to say?”

“Monica, you might try the truth, he’s got as much at risk as you do.”

“Alright, I guess that’s what I’ll do.”

Johnny smiled at her and asked, “Are you a Big Girl?”

“I like to think so, why that question?”

“Well a Big Girl should have Big Girl toys.”

He’d gotten as hard as a titanium rod while they’d talked; having her across his lap hadn’t helped. He was half way out of his shorts, he took her hand and placed it on him saying, “Big Girl toy.”

Her hand rested where he’d placed it. She wasn’t sure what it was she was holding, it was hot and throbbing but it was huge. She couldn’t span it with her hand; it was like having a living 6 ounce Coke bottle in her hand. Her eyes got big as saucers.

She couldn’t look, all she could was say, “You.”

All he could do was grin and say, “Me.”

“My God Johnny, everything, that’s my deal, everything Harry was doing? Johnny, you’ll kill me.”

“No Monica, I won’t. I’m sure it will hurt the first few times, I’m big and I’ll have to stretch you but I won’t intentionally hurt you like Harry did. We’ll take it slow, we’ll use a lot of lube and if you can’t take anymore we’ll stop. Monica I think you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I don’t want you as a fuck slut and I don’t want to be your Boy Toy, I want to be your lover. Your secret lover like I said at the very beginning.”

“You’re Byron’s friend, how’s that going to work?”

“Perfectly, no one will question my being here; even if Byron isn’t here I could be up in his room playing video games.”

“Or in my bedroom playing with his step-mother,” She agreed.

“Like a Stradivarius, an Amati, or the most desirable woman I’ve ever met.”

Monica thought, well I have to do it, I may as well make the best of it.

“Want to go upstairs, maybe we can start our first concert but I want to take a quick shower first, I smell like pee.”

“Can I join you; I’ll wash your back.”

In the shower together she was awed. Johnny was hard, he was young, it didn’t take a lot to arouse him, just the sight of her naked body. She was not only awed she was little frightened. She’d never seen anything like him. His erection was so hard it pointed upward and nearly lay on his belly. It went far above his belly button. She grasped it, she couldn’t encircle it with a single hand. She thought, Christ, he’s gonna stick that up my vagina. He’ll pound my cervix to mush and he wants me from behind, too, I’ll never walk again. Hell, she couldn’t even give him a good blow job; he was definitely more than a mouthful.

He watched her looking at him, he said, “Scares you doesn’t it.”

“Yeah Johnny it does, I’ve had lovers but, my God man, that’s a telephone pole.”

“You’ll learn to like it, I’ll stretch you in ways you’ve never been stretched and I’ll fill you in places that you’ve never had filled. It will take some time and some effort from both of us but we’ll get it done.”

He’d soaped all of her body and all of her intimate cracks and crevasses, and she’d done the same for him. They got out and dried off; she led him to the bed.

“What do you want Johnny, a blow job?”

“Monica, you sound like that fuck slut we talked about, “Johnny what do you want, a blow job?” No Monica, I don’t want a blow job, you couldn’t get your lips around me if you tried, I told you, you’re not my fuck slut and I’m not your Boy Toy, I want us to be lovers. Come to me.”

He was lying on the sheet waiting for her. She joined him and he took her into his arms.

First, he just hugged her and said “Monica, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever held, one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I want to be your lover and I want you to want me to be. I know why you’re in bed with me and I’m sorry it came about that way but I want you to know I do want you and I’ll not hurt you.”

He kissed her, he hugged her and he kissed her, tender and gentle kisses waiting for her to respond, her lips opened and her tongue slid out snaking into his mouth, he responded, they played dueling tongues, swapping saliva and breath. She was nude, he could see the rise of her breasts, he massaged her and she sighed. He nibbled her ear lobes and kissed down her neck, trailing wet kisses to her breasts. They were magnificent, still at thirty-seven pointed and high, dark areolas peaked with pert half inch long nipples just a shade darker. He took one between his lips.

Monica had never had a baby, none had ever nursed at her swollen breasts but she now knew how it must feel, he was pulling her nipple into his mouth, stretching it ‘til it was an inch or more long, God what a sensation it was giving her, she could feel it in her womb, she had a melancholy thought, she was thirty-seven, her womb would forever be empty. The thought passed quickly, Monica knew she wasn’t destined to be a mother; she was a trophy wife, a kept woman, a princess. She sighed, part frustration, part acceptance and part arousal, Johnny was moving down her torso.

He kissed and licked along her sides and over her tummy ‘til he got to her belly button. He pierced it with the tip of his tongue, teasing and tickling her then further down. Monica didn’t shave and she didn’t trim, Johnny encountered a wild tangle of copper coils, he kissed over her mound. He was anxious to taste her.

He opened her with his fingers, he could see her clitoris, swollen and engorged, her labia, open and inviting and along her vulva the indentation that was the throat of her vagina. He could even see her tight little rosebud. He took her all in, a visual treasure.

Where to start, where to start, he snaked his tongue along her vulva, exploring her succulent folds, tasting her for the first time, then he dipped his tongue into her vagina, he’s have more for that later, still, it was fun to tickle her there. He licked her lower, tracing her vulva to its rear terminus. Her rosebud was still red from Harry’s abuse. He just tongued her, tickling and teasing her. He knew from listening to her she liked attention there just not the assault that Harry had delivered, he laved her, tasting her earthy musk.

But now on to more important areas, his tongue tasted each of her offerings as he traveled up, first, her bottom then, her lower slit, her scent was stronger there, the blending of her woman smell with her bottom, then passed her vagina, deep and inviting and finally her upper vulva, her woman musk was strongest here, her clitoris, red and swollen called his name; Johnny, Johnny. He took her between his lips, she wasn’t huge but she was engorged, fat and blood filled, like a nipple awaiting a baby, Johnny was her baby, he nursed pulling her clit into his mouth, letting his teeth gently rake it as he let it slip through his lips then sucking it back, batting and teasing its sensitive tip with his tongue.

Johnny was in awe, he’d been with women, well, compared to Monica, girls but he was hardly a virgin, and he’d never seen anything like this.

The woman started quivering under his touch, she started shaking and writhing, Jesus, he had to hold her down, she wanted to come off the bed, her beautiful copper hair was flailing as she cast her head from side to side, she SCREAMED, loud, raucous, “Oooh you bastard, you magnificent bastard, God I want you, I really do want you, fuck me Johnny, tear me up but fuck me Johnny, aaah.”

He let her settle down a little, he wasn’t going to tear her up in spite of her orgasmic pleas, he really did want to come back for seconds and thirds and fourths, I think you get the idea.

Finally she settled down. She smiled at him, “God damned, you really do know how to eat a girl.”

Following in her analogy he said, “Ah, Monica, it’s the Chef that makes the meal not the diner, and lady, you’re a superb Chef, I’ve never tasted finer.”

Then a little fear or at least trepidation showed behind her smile, she asked, “Johnny are you going to fuck me now?”

He opened her legs and guided himself to her opening; he only had one question, he asked, “Monica, do I need to use a rubber?”

She nodded no.

He considered using some lube but it didn’t seem necessary, she was already lubricating heavily, her crotch was a swamp, Johnny guided himself to her opening. He looked at her; her eyes were on his as he moved into her.

He pushed about two inches into her and stopped.

“God you really are a big boy she said, aaah, Johnny let me have it. It’s gonna hurt, I know it but let me have it. Her eyes scrunched awaiting the pain.

It didn’t happen, she’d been abused by most of the men in her life, they liked to make her hurt, not Johnny. He slowly and gently pressed into her, getting deeper yes, but not tearing her tender flesh, no, in fact the opposite. Johnny was taking it slow and easy, stretching her tender vaginal tissues, but letting her adjust with each inch of his penetration.

Johnny had been watching her, her eyes had been closed during every thing he’d done. Finally, her eyes popped open and she looked at him. She’d been expecting the worst, the abuse that she always got and it hadn’t happened, with this huge man, it hadn’t happened,

She looked up at him, he was watching her when she asked, “You’re not going to hurt me are you Johnny, you could you know, but you’re not are you?”

He didn’t say anything, he just eased forward, letting her take more of him. Slowly, so very slowly he got into her. When he’d filled her he rested.

While he lay on her, no movement, letting her accept him she spread her legs wider letting him know she was ready.

She whispered, “Johnny I won’t break, would you like to fuck me, pump me some, Johnny I want you to.”

His big cock began to move, he didn’t care if she was a thirty-seven year woman, she still felt tight as a virgin to him, they all did but this one was thirty-seven, he started to stroke her. In and out he went, the friction of her tight cunt was exquisite, faster and faster he pumped into her. She opened her legs wide then she encircled his hips with her long legs and pulled him in.

“Fuck me damn you, fuck me, I want to feel that big cock of yours, you got it, damn it give it to your girl.”

He was surprised about what she’d said.

“So Monica you’re my girl now?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m your girl, I’ll call you a bastard, I’ll tell you to go to hell, I’ll abuse you so badly, but yeah, I’m you’re girl. Give me that big cock, I want to feel you in my belly, God damned it, fuck me.”

He lifted her legs to his shoulders, she was open and she was begging for it, he buried his cock in her and she wailed and he pumped her, he could tell her vagina was stretching with every stroke, she was still so very tight but she was accepting him, he couldn’t get any deeper he thought. He started stroking hard and he came against a solid mass, she pled with him to stop. He did, he didn’t want to hurt her.

“Ah Johnny you really are too big for this old gal, you’re banging my cervix and it hurts like hell. I can’t take it.”

He eased her legs back to the bed; he wouldn’t go quite as deep that way then resumed pumping.

“Aaah yeah Johnny that’s better.”

Slowly he stroked, in, out, in, out ‘til she bucked her hips urging him on.

Monica had never been so filled in her life, he was riding high on her, and his cock rubbed her clit with each thrust, he was picking up speed, pounding her a little harder and she was responding, God was she responding.

Monica’s body began to tremble as her orgasm built, she was shaking and screaming, her organs were contracting, spasming and Johnny pounded her, she flooded out, her juices pouring when he came, God, he roared, spewing gush after gush of hot cum into her. He opened his eyes, she was beautiful, her hair wild her face twisted in pain/pleasure, he pumped her, smaller orgasms rolled through her, contracting her vagina, constricting his cock, it felt fantastic. He slowed and eased his motions as he finished.

Monica opened her eyes; she had a dazed expression on her face. She’d never been fucked like that. Johnny was still in her, he was softening and he still filled her.

All she could say was, “Damn Johnny that really is a Big Girl toy, wow.”

He pulled out, he was still semi-hard. He was young and he was virile.

Monica looked at his enormous cock and said, “Come up her Johnny, come here.”

When he was within reach Monica took his cock in her hand, soft she could almost span it.

“I’ve gotta try this Johnny,” she said. She took the head between her lips.

He stiffened; the head was all she could get in her mouth.

Below her lips she gripped him with both hands and masturbated him. She licked along the sides and teased his little hole with the tip of her tongue then tried again; she covered about an inch of his shaft and bobbed up and down while her hands continued to work.

Slick with their fluids she slid one hand under him, he was big and he was virile but she was experienced, she knew how to please a man. She circled his anus and probed a finger in. Johnny groaned when she penetrated him. She pushed further ‘til she found his prostate, she rubbed the gland.

Johnny had never felt anything quite like the sensation she gave him, he hadn’t been ready to ejaculate but, when a man’s prostate is milked he releases, he did. His cum flowed from him and Monica swallowed, hand and mouth working together, she drained him. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Wow Monica, what did you do?”

“My secret, did you like?”

“I don’t know, I think so but it was weird, one second I’m not ready to cum, the next one I’m spewing, what the hell did you do?”

She didn’t answer; she just got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She was back in a trice, tossing him a tube of lube.

“Get me ready,” she told him.

“Monica we don’t have to do it, not today.”

“Yeah we do,” she said as she sprawled over his lap.

Hers was the most perfect ass Johnny had ever seen. He massaged her cheeks then opened her. She was still pink from the day before but she was sealed, no longer dilated. He rubbed her.

“You’re sure Monica, I’ll probably hurt you.”

“Johnny, I know you’ll hurt me but I’m sure. It’s gonna happen, might as well be now, lube me up good.”

Johnny rubbed some gel around her opening then put a finger in, working some down into her, with a second finger now in her, he spread her rosebud and squeezed the KY directly into her, then he slathered some on himself.

“Monica, let’s do it this way,” he said as he rolled her off his lap and lay her with her back to him on her side.

“I’m going to get behind you, you can push back against me and you can stop when you want to, we’ll go at your speed.”

She thought, it’s gonna hurt no matter how we do it but at least he wasn’t going to just ram her like Harry did. He was going out of his way to be gentle.

He lay behind her, spread her cheeks and guided the head of his cock to her portal.

“OK, it’s up to you now,” he said.

Monica took a deep breath and tried to make her muscles go limp. She eased back.

God he was already stretching her and she didn’t even have the head in she thought, she pressed back a little harder.

Her sphincter was being strained, she was trying to relax it but she felt like he was trying to drive a locomotive up her.

She pressed backwards a little harder. His head popped in, “Aaah, Christ, damn, oooh,” she couldn’t catch her breath, the pain, God the pain. Was it a cock or a firebrand in her butt, oh it burned.

She rested but it didn’t help much. She was stretched open, her flesh strained by his monster. She played with her clit, trying to take her mind off the agony, that didn’t do much good either.

There were tears in her eyes but she was going to get through this. She pressed back, taking a little more maybe an inch.

His shaft was easier that the head, it was sliding in with less pain but his head was in her rectum. He was bigger than she was; it felt like he was shoving a fist into her guts, her insides were being stretched to accommodate him. She pushed back just a little more.

God she wanted him out of her and she wanted to be able to finish what she’d started. She pushed back a little more.

She thought he is being patient; he’s letting me set the pace. Not that it helped all that much, she thought this like putting her hand in a vice then tightening it. It hurt like hell but she was doing it to herself. She pushed back further.

She thought she had to have at least 8 inches in her, she was almost there. With a deep breath she thrust back taking him in, all of him. She screamed in agony as she accepted his entire length and girth but he was in.

She lay still, her breathing was raspy, she was pouring sweat and her eyes were leaking but he was in. She felt like she needed to use the bathroom to have a bowel movement, her rectum was stuffed and her body said expel.

His arm was around her and he was fondling her breasts. She guided his hand downward, she pressed it against her abdomen, she could feel him clear up there it seemed then she directed him to her clit.

“Play with me Johnny, give me a nice feeling.”

She tried to use her sphincter to squeeze him, she couldn’t it was stretched to far, she couldn’t tighten.

While he strummed her clitoris she started to move back and forth on him. Gingerly to be sure but she was moving. When she pulled forward it felt like her guts were being dragged out of her and when she moved back they were shoved back in.

She knew she’d never cum, not this time but Johnny would. She whimpered, “Johnny, you can pump me if you want to.” She moved his hand to her hip.

He started to work her, slowly and gently he worked about four or five inches out then pushed back in, Monica was moaning, her hand had replaced his; she was masturbating herself while he pumped her.

Johnny thought, this is incredible, all the girls he’d fucked had been tight, nice tight vaginas, even Monica’s but there was no comparison, her ring grasped at him, trying to squeeze him and her insides were liquid, hot and smooth. He picked up a little speed and intensity.

Monica was making incoherent noises, “Augh, augh, augh, ugh, ugh, ugh, augh, augh, augh,” every time he pumped into her.

His cock was swelling, he was ready, he gripped her hips and pulled her back to meet his thrusts, she was moaning when he came. He pumped gush after gush into her, spewing his seed deep in her bowels, he kept up, stroke after stroke, emptying himself until he was drained. He stayed in her until he’d softened, it would come out easier. Finally he pulled out.

Monica rolled over on her back. “We did it, Johnny.”

“You did it Monica, it was you.”

She gave him a pained little smile, “Yeah, I guess I did, God I’m beat.”

“Johnny I want to take a bath and then a little nap. You can come back over at lunch; I’ll fix us some sandwiches.”

After Johnny’d gone Monica ran a hot bath and soaked. It seemed like every muscle in her body had been strained and it was gonna get worse before it got better.

God what a cock she thought, when he was in her pussy it was the best sex she’d ever experienced, he’d filled her, the sensations he could create were fantastic. She’d even had fun trying to suck that monster and his expression when she’d milked his prostate was priceless. But oh her aching bottom. It felt like the water was sloshing around inside her, she knew she was still gaping open down there. That was the challenge; she couldn’t take that much pain every week. The only way it could work was if she could be stretched so he could get in. She thought she’d get a butt plug, a great big one; she could wear it during the day while she did her housework. She made herself a mental note; go to sex shop, buy whopper. She smiled wryly at the thought.

Johnny had gathered up the pictures from the kitchen table and destroyed them, he didn’t think he’s need them again and he still had the flash drive if it came to that. He wondered why she’d invited him back.

Monica toweled off then lay down naked on the bed; she pulled the sheet over her and dozed off.

Around 11:30 she awakened. Johnny would be over shortly. She ran a brush through her hair and freshened her lip stick. She didn’t look perfect, she was a little haggard but it would do. She put back on her Ivory robe and a pair of slippers then went down stairs to make lunch.

She fixed sandwiches, ham on rye and sliced turkey breast, set out some cole slaw and chips and Cokes. Johnny came in just at noon.

While they eating Johnny couldn’t keep his eyes off her, the robe left just enough to the imagination, he’d seen her completely naked just a couple of hours earlier but that robe, she was so sexy.

She smiled, she’d followed his gaze.

“Do you like what you see Johnny, do you like my body?”

“Monica I think you’re a vision of loveliness, I could stare at you for hours and never see an imperfection, you’re Aphrodite to me.”

She took his hand and stood saying, “Let’s go upstairs, you can see more of me.”

In the bedroom she dropped the robe to the floor.

“Look at me Johnny, what do you like best.”

She thrust her breasts out, her magnificent breasts full and darkly tipped they jutted from her chest, “Do you like my breasts Johnny?”

“Or is this your favorite,” She parted her legs and ran her fingers through her wild copper bush. “Do you like this best?”

She pirouetted; with her back to him she spoke over her shoulder saying, “Johnny I think you like this best.” She bent at the waist displaying her perfect bottom. “I think you like this best, don’t you Johnny?”

Johnny caught his breath; she was adorable, delectable, every inch a dazzling goddess.

“Can’t choose Johnny, I’ll choose for you. I choose my bottom, just for you Johnny, just for you.”

She walked to the bed and retrieved the tube of lubricant; handing it to him she crawled on the bed, pulled her pillow to her face and rose on her knees. “Lube me Johnny.”

He stood dumbfounded finally saying, “Monica?”

“Get me ready Johnny, if I’m going to be your lover I have to be able to handle you. I can’t right now so I’ve gotta learn. Now come on and get me ready.”

She wiggled her butt at him.

Her sphincter hadn’t yet regained its tightness, she was still slightly agape. Johnny applied the lube directly into her, rubbed some around her pucker then coated himself.

He spread her cheeks and guided his cock to her, he pressed in.

Monica moaned when he entered her, his head stretching her again. She started sobbing into her pillow as he pulled back on her hips piercing her with his shaft. He wasn’t violent but he wasn’t slow either, steadily he pulled her back as he slid deeper into her.

She felt her bottom contact his pubic hair, he was in her. He started to pump.

Johnny liked it better this way, he could watch as his cock pistoned in and out, alternately filling her and emptying her bowel, her anus turned inside out when he pulled back then was pushed back in when he thrust into her.

Monica was making little mewling sounds interspaced with the occasional sob, she sounded like an injured kitten.

Nearly ready, he was nearly there; he mounted her and fucked her harder, going deeper with each thrust, impaling her, stabbing into her guts. He pulled her back to him as he thrust once more and he exploded, he roared as his scalding cream washed her insides.

Monica had screamed when he jerked her back on him then had collapsed limply to the mattress. Johnny rode her down, still pumping her as she lay stunned.

He pulled out of her. Cum, two loads flowed from her, pooling on the sheet between her splayed thighs.

He rubbed her back; she still lay, silent and unmoving. Johnny feared that he’d killed her. But no, she was breathing, shallow, panting breaths; she was alive.

He lay down beside her. When she could finally move she pulled herself to him and buried her face in his chest.

She was wetting him with her tears, she whispered, “Ah man, Johnny what are we going to do, what are we going to do, I fainted, Johnny I just couldn’t take it.”

She put her head back down, Johnny stroked her hair.

When she was finally able she rolled over on her back.

“Go home Johnny but come back again tomorrow morning after the guys are gone, ok?”

When Johnny was gone Monica went to sit on the commode, she didn’t have to go but she had to leak, drained, at least partially, she put a light days pad in her panties, just in case, donned a pair of shorts and a blouse, sandals, a scarf and sunglasses. She wanted a little bit of a disguise for where she was going.

Monica had never been an adult store before but she knew where one was, she parked around back so no one would recognize her car and slinked in.

She knew what she wanted but she was too embarrassed to ask the girl at the check out. She wandered around until she found the rubber goods. She couldn’t believe the selections and some of the names for the things, there were butterflies and rabbits, long dongs you name it, they had it.

Ah there they were; butt plugs. From finger small to humungous, flesh, black, purple, pink damned near a rainbow of colors. She thought, what difference does the color make, the thing was going where the sun don’t shine anyhow.

She grasped them, measuring from memory until she found several that approximated Johnny’s size. Just standing there they looked huge. Now color, she’d never had a purple cock in her, never even seen one, she’d have her own. Some of them didn’t do anything, just plugged holes but several were motorized, battery powered. She picked a purple one, wireless, a hand held remote control with three vibrating speeds. She was startled to realize, just holding the thing, imagining where it was going, she was getting wet.

She went to the check-out; she paid cash, $43.50. She sure didn’t want this purchase showing up on a charge card statement.

Back home she looked at the clock; it was only 2:00. Byron wouldn’t be home ‘til 4:30, Ben got in at 6.

She went upstairs and undressed, she felt a tingling of excitement, this was the unknown, the forbidden, she rinsed her new toy and lubricated it, then herself.

She lay on the bed and tried to cram it in. She couldn’t, maybe someone else helping could have got it to go but she couldn’t. All she was doing was hurting herself then the damned thing would slide out.

In frustration she put it on the seat of her vanity stool and squatted over it. She got it aligned then she sat down. EEEOOOW, she just knew she’d split herself in half, she just sat there, impaled and hurting, God what she had to go through for a man. She picked up the remote, why not she thought, she switched it on low.

Ah, that was more like it; the vibrations gave her a little tingle. She turned it to the medium speed. God that was even better, it was more than a tingle; she could feel the vibrations in her uterus, her breathing increased as she enjoyed her uterine massage.

What the hell, go for the gusto, she upped it to high, wow, she felt like she was riding the A train, a steady buzz in her bottom and all the way up. It made her want to move. She wiggled back and forth on her stool. Now this would keep her moving when she did her housework. She slipped her panties back on; she didn’t think it could fall out but why take the chance, put on her shorts and blouse and went down stairs.

She was right, it did spede her through her chores but there was a drawback, for all the time she saved speeding along, she lost, she wanted to sit down and grind on the damned thing every ten minutes of so and her panties were wet, she was lubricating.

Boy, she’d like to sleep with it in her but no way, she and Ben slept together, she wasn’t sure he’d understand. The next time he had a business trip though, she would.

She took it out, washed it and hid it, it was a little after 4:00, Byron would soon be home.

Coming out was darned near as painful as going in; it didn’t soften like Johnny did.

The house was clean and dinner cooked by the time Ben got home.

Next morning the coffee was made waiting for Johnny, Monica was again wearing a robe, a different one, this one was a pale lilac but just as revealing. She was nude beneath it.

They finished their coffee and went upstairs. She didn’t need any foreplay, she wanted him in her, in her bottom, she wanted to be able to gage her progress.

I t still hurt when he entered her and she still saw stars when he really pounded her but it wasn’t as bad.

She had him come every morning for a week and she still wore her toy when she was alone it the house. Johnny was able to slide into her pretty easily by this time. She knew it was risky, having him come every day, they decided they’d meet on Thursdays, he’d gotten his college class schedule and Thursdays were vacant.

So Johnny only visited on Thursdays but her friend was still with her in all her private moments. She was already on her forth set of batteries.

It was October, Johnny was in his second month of college and it was Thursday. Monica was leaking just thinking about his arrival, she wanted sex, pure unadulterated pussy pounding sex. Her bottom wasn’t hungry but her vagina was starving, God she wanted his big cock in her.

When he finally showed up she drug him upstairs, no coffee, no conversation, just cock, she undressed him and pushed him backwards on the bed.

Johnny I want cock today, in my pussy, I want stuffed she said, she dropped her robe and straddled him.

She lowered herself on his mighty pole, she was full and she was satisfied. She started to post on him like a steeplechase rider, up and down, her cheeks pounding his hips, sliding up and slamming down, she tweaked his nipples and urged him,

“Play with my tits Johnny, pull on my titties.”

He twisted and tugged on them as she rode him. She pounded harder and faster, her released her breasts and gripped her hips meeting her pounding with thrusts of his own, she came down hard, ground her bottom against his and screamed out her climax, her juices were turning their crotches into a swampy morass when he came, shooting up into her with jet after jet of his hot semen. She finally slowed then stopped, sitting on him, still filled.”

“Wow, that was fun, I felt like Dale Evans with old Buttermilk between her legs if that horse’s saddle had a nine inch saddle horn.”

When she finally dismounted she stroked him several times, he was slick with their fluids then took him in her mouth until he was erect.

She knelt beside him saying, “Johnny I want you in me from behind. Not in my bottom though, I want you to fill up my pussy, come on, fuck me.”

She got on hands and knees and arched her back like a cat in heat. That’s how she felt, like she was in heat, she wanted to be banged and banged again, God her vagina was thirsty for his cum.

He got behind and mounted her, he could slide into her easily now, she was bigger, lots bigger. Johnny wondered how old Ben felt when he took his monthly, probably like he was opening a gate and fucking down a road.

He rode her hard; he wanted to hear her moan.

His hips were slamming her bottom, they could hear the slapping of flesh on flesh, he was stroking her hard, fast and deep. She was moaning but not in pain, she was throwing her hips back, meeting his thrusts, forcing him deeper. He gripped her hips and powered in. Her vagina must have been stretched; he didn’t hit her cervix any more. What had been small valleys, her vagina and her anus were now gaping abysses. He stroked harder into the abyss that was her vagina.

It often took longer to cum, the friction wasn’t the same but he still loved to fill her. He didn’t worry about hurting her anymore; she could take as good as he could give; they could get wild.

Monica started to quiver under him, her body was trembling and her wail was intensifying. He swelled and spewed into her, she screamed her orgasmic scream as her body was shaking, contractions pinching him as he pumped out his load.

Monica lowered her body to the mattress; Johnny followed her down, still in her.

She sighed and said, “Wow Johnny Boy that was pretty intense.”

He rolled off of her and she turned onto her back, she spread her legs asking, “Ready to go again, I am.”

He looked down at her open invitation and joshed, “Easy enough for you to say, you only catch, I’ve got to pitch.”

With a wicked gleam in her eye she asked, “Well come here pitcher, let me warm you up.”

She stroked him, teasing the head, restoring his arousal, he hardened in her fist.

He crawled between her legs and entered her, pushing in his full length.

Monica sighed, “Oh that feels so nice Johnny, so nice.”

They took it slow and easy, long languid strokes, he toyed with her breasts, playfully pinching, twisting and tugging on them while he filled her.

She lay cooing, accepting his easy ministrations, enjoying his hands on her and his penis filling her. They climaxed the same was, hers a gentle release, his a flood into her. They lay together; he was still in her until he’d softened.

Beside her he drew her into his arms and kissed her the deep passionate kiss of a lover. They were lovers, never to be more. She was now thirty-eight, he was nineteen.

“Johnny, I’d like something to drink, you want a Coke or something?”

“Thanks Monica, a Coke would be nice.”

She slipped back into her robe and, barefooted, went downstairs.

Johnny was sitting up in bed when she came back, she handed him his Coke then lay down with her head in his lap.

She sighed, “Johnny do you ever think how we got started, what you did? I do, and I’m glad it happened. If you hadn’t such a sneaky bastard and taken those pictures we would have never have gotten together and I’d have missed out on all this. Johnny, I’ve never said it because it can’t go anywhere but, I love you, I suffer through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday mornings come and I’m wet, my panties are soaked until you get here, and yes before you get here I’ve got panties on. My thighs would be dripping if I didn’t.”

“I love you too Monica, sometimes I fantasize what it would be like for us if you were nineteen or I was thirty-eight, I’d want you for my wife. But I’m so happy you are my lover.”

“I want to take a little nap but I want you to stay, it may be the only chance we’ll get to sleep together.”

She rolled onto her side, her back to Johnny, “Spoon with me, hold me Johnny.”

He held her and nuzzled her neck, kissing it and nibbling on her hair, his hand went to her breast, he caressed her and she snuggled against him.

Johnny, could you put it in me, I’d like to sleep with you in me.”

She arched her back presenting herself to him, he was nearly hard, he slid into her awaiting vagina.

She squeezed him and whispered, “Maybe one more before we nap?”

He stroked into her, slowly deeply, filling her, she snuggled back against him and breathed, “Johnny, this is nice, so very nice.”

He felt a little orgasm flow through her, the contractions of her vagina brought him to climax, he added a forth deposit of his sperm deep within her.

“So very nice now stay in me, please Johnny.”

They slept for two hours, he was still in her when the wakened, filling her, plugging her soft flesh, keeping his sperm in her.

Once Johnny had left Monica still lay on the bed. She didn’t want to play with her toy and she didn’t want to do house work, she wanted to stay on the bed and reminisce.

She felt sluggish and logy, her tummy was bloated and her mood was lethargic. Her period was due in two days, maybe that was why she’d been so desperate to have her vagina filled and why she felt like she did now.

She dozed off.

The two days came and went. Her period didn’t start. Monica was as accurate as an atomic clock; she’d had her first period at twelve and every 28 days for the next twenty-two years. She thought, there’s always a first time, she’d wait a week

She waited a week; the only thing that happened was she began to feel sick in the mornings, if she ate anything more that toast and coffee she’d vomit it back up.

Johnny had come over two days ago, the sex had been raucous but she hadn’t mentioned what she was beginning to think of as her problem.

She put on shorts and a top, brushed her hair and drove to the drug store. She chose the ClearBlue three pack and went home.

After reading the directions she learned that the test was most accurate in the first urination of the morning, she hid the kits in her lingerie drawer.

The next day was Sunday, Ben and Byron were going golfing, they had an eight A.M. tee time, she was alone by seven thirty.

She got up, took off her nightie and retrieved one of the kits.

Sitting on the commode, she spread her legs and released. She stuck the test into her golden stream, it turned pink, she nearly panicked.

God what was she going to do, she tested herself twice more, the next two times she made a trip to the toilet, the results were the same, there was no question, she was pregnant. She tried to remember when she and Ben had last made love, she squirmed on the seat, damn, she couldn’t remember. She knew it had been at least two weeks. What was she going to do?

Fortunately Ben had never had a vasectomy; at least he wasn’t firing blanks.

Ben was just going to have to make her pregnant, she got his Viagra supply and took several of them, down stairs she chopped them up and put them through the food processor, pulverizing them into a fine powder, his food was going to he seasoned with Viagra for the next few days.

It worked, that night in bed Ben patted her hip asking, “Do you think we could Monica?”

She lifted her gown above her hips, “Yes Ben, I want you.”

He slipped into her, she could hardly feel him after Johnny but that was ok, she was getting what she needed.

After four nights of sex she asked, “My, what’s gotten into you Ben, you’re like a stud; I’m not complaining mind you, I love making love with you.”

“Guess I got my second wind, whatever it is I’m sure enjoying it.”

When Thursday rolled around she was waiting in the kitchen for Johnny, she was in one of her robes and she was naked underneath. They’d have a good time today but it would be the last time, she’d end it and be a good wife to Ben and a good mother to the child, Johnny’s child.

They had their coffee then went upstairs. They took pleasure in each other’s body but it was bitter sweet for Monica, it would be the last time.

After she asked Johnny to join her in the kitchen, they talked and she told him what had occurred, she told him this would be the last time.

“But Monica, you told me you were protected, that I didn’t need a condom, what happened.”

“Johnny I didn’t say I was on birth control; when you asked I told you that you didn’t need a condom. I’ve been sexual active since I was sixteen, twenty-two years and I’ve never used anything. I thought I was sterile but I guess you proved I wasn’t.”

Sadly, Johnny walked out the door.

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