It Was Nice To Meet You Ch. 01

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First off, Thanks to all the readers and also those that vote on these stories. We don’t get paid for sending in these stories, I do it because I like to, and when I get a vote on my stories, it makes it all worth while!! *SMILE

I was at work one busy Thursday night; I am a Casino dealer, so I see it all. Nothing really exciting was happening that night. I was dealing Pai Gow that night, and I had a friend of mine (Steve) with his girlfriend (Paula) and some other ‘WOW!!’ so attractive girl walk up to my table. -={Now for those people that don’t play Pai Gow, it is a very slow, social game at a casino}=- They had just left a BBQ that they were at and decided to do a bit of gambling. I informed him that he can’t sit at my table (because I know him, can’t have that at a casino) but he was fine with that because he didn’t understand the game and he was there to watch and learn how.

The two girls sat down and I introduced myself, Paula was moving out of town, Tasha, her friend, was her new roommate. They were all excited to be roommates, but she was moving about 2 hours away and Steve wasn’t too happy about that. Well the game went on and I couldn’t stop looking at Tasha, she was so beautiful. We talked a lot that night; she was half Chinese and half Scottish. She had beautiful wavy, shoulder length, auburn hair. She had the most mesmerizing brown eyes, and such an innocent smile (little did I know). Steve and Paula got up and went to a Black Jack table and thankfully Tasha decided to stay at mine.

I am not scared to flirt at a table and that is what Tasha and I did all night. She knew I was interested and flirted back in very aggressive ways. She took off her jacket in a very erotic way, and then started flaunting herself to me in subtle ways. When she would get up for a smoke she would look back at me and wink when I got busted for looking at her ass, so small, perky and round!!! Her top was very revealing, silky, blue, spaghetti strap, low cut top that didn’t hide much for the wondering eye. She would ask me how to set her hand in the ‘House Way’ knowing I would have to bend over the table to help her. Everytime I would help her, she would bend over the table, move in a way so I could look down her shirt and she seemed to enjoy letting me look at her wonderful B cup breasts as much as I loved to take my quick glances.

Steve came back to my table and informed Tasha that they were going. I was disappointed that I might not ever get to see this girl ever again.

‘We are having a going away party for Paula at the Latin Lounge tomorrow, did you want to come?’ Steve asked. I looked over at Tasha and she winked at me in a way that I just had to say yes.

‘Sure, what time?’ I asked.

‘I will pick you up around 8 pm tomorrow’ he replied and they all started to walk for the door.

The next day, I was so excited to see Tasha again, I really didn’t know what to expect. At around 5 pm Steve phoned and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with them before we went to the lounge, I agreed and around 6:30 pm I got a buzz at my door.

I met them downstairs and I could see kağıthane escort Tasha in the backseat smiling at me as I walked to the car.

‘I saved a seat back here for you’ Tasha said jokingly as she patted the seat next to her in the back.

‘There is no other place I would want to be’ I replied with a wink at her as I climbed into the car and sat next to her. The ride to the restaurant was normal; we talked about Paula and Tasha’s new apartment and just basically talked about nothing. As I was getting out of the car I could feel Tasha smack my ass then grab hold of my back pocket as I climbed out of the car. I turned around to her when I got out and with a wink and a smile I held out my hand to help her out of the car. Once she was out, she wrapper her arms around my neck and pulled her head in close to my ear.

‘Nice ass!’ She whispered in my ear. I pulled back and looked at her and scanned her body with my eyes. She had a snug short, black skirt on with a silver shirt (very similar to the one she had on the night before). I held her hand and pulled her in front of me so I could get a look at her ass. She had such a petite body, but well proportioned, with a slim waist and legs that were hidden by some sexy black boots.

‘I’m not complaining either’ I replied as I gently placed my hand on her arch to her ass and gave her a soft pat. During dinner we couldn’t keep our hands off each other under the table. Her legs were so soft and the feeling of her skin started my mind in imagination overload. Her hand was usually on my leg stroking the inside of my thigh up to the point if she went any further she would be able to tell I was getting very aroused. The conversation was normal small talk; it couldn’t really go any further then that with Steve and Paula sitting across from us.

When we finally got to the Latin Lounge, there was a table set up for us. Everyone was there waiting already when we walked in the door. I knew nobody at that table, they were all Paula’s close friends and I never really had the chance before to hang out with her. Tasha grabbed my hand and walked me over to the far end of the table where there was two empty seats for us. She sat down closest to the window and I slide her chair in and then sat down beside her.

‘I am so glad you are here’ Tasha whispered to me as she grabbed my leg under the table, ‘I don’t know anyone here.’

‘Either do I, so I guess we have to entertain ourselves’ I said jokingly as I looked over at her and got lost in her eyes. She was leaning against the window ceil, and there was a breeze coming in that would gently blow abit on her hair. She looked so intoxicating sitting there, her neck and shoulders felt so soft as I brushed some of her hair back over her ear. I could feel her hand lay on my lap again and it made me want her so bad as we looked at each other, not caring about the other people at the table. We were in our own world.

‘I love the way you look at me, you are very hard to read, and I love that’ she told me. ‘I couldn’t stop thinking about you lastnight when I got to bed.’

‘And what şişli escort were you thinking about?’ I asked

‘The way you looked at me lastnight at the casino, I liked catching you looking at my ass when I got up’ she told me in a very flirty way.

‘Well I was looking at more then just your ass’ I said with a wink, ‘your breasts kept getting in my view, it was hard not to get aroused lastnight. I felt her hand start to slide up my thigh and stop as she cupped my cock under the table.

‘I was thinking of this lastnight in bed’ she said with a big smile on her face as she started to rub my cock, ‘I wanted to call you lastnight so you could help me out, but I didn’t get your number.’ Hearing that drove me wild, I could feel a lot of movement going on. ‘I love feeling you cock getting hard in my hand, and the breeze going down my shirt is making my nipples hard.’ I looked down at her and she leaned towards me giving me a perfect view down her shirt. Her breasts were perfect, olive skin and these perky little brown erect nipples were staring back at me.

‘No bra’ I said with a wink.

‘No need’ she replied quickly.

‘Panties?’ I asked. She slid back on her chair and slowly slid her skirt up, just to the point to where I could see her pussy nicely tucked away in some sexy black lace panties.

‘I bought them today for you, I can tell that you like them. Your cock is so hard in my hand, bigger then what I expected, my pussy is getting so wet’ she explained with lust in her voice. “Do you want them?’ she asked but didn’t have to wait for a reply from the look on my face. It was funny but so sexy watching her remove her panties at the table, trying to make it so nobody knew what we were doing. I took a sip of my drink as I watched her trying not to make it look obvious. When they were off she slid them up my leg and let them land on my engorged cock. I reached down to grab them and I could feel the wetness she left on her panties from her pussy.

‘They are so wet, it is hard for me not to grab you right now and fuck you’ I told her and ment it. I was so turned on, I could feel the pumping of blood so strong in my cock.

‘My pussy was aching for you to say that, this is so erotic. I feel like a dirty girl and you know how to treat me like that, and I just LOVE it’ she whispered. She sat back in her chair and slid her skirt up again this time exposing her naked pussy to me. Her hand went back to my cock, gently rubbing it through my pants as I looked at her. Her pussy was bald and it looked so smooth. I could see her clit and how engorged it was as she spread her legs open for me to look. Her inner labia were so long, about an inch, and I had always fantasized about being with a girl with long lips. (I don’t really know why, I guess it is for the play factor of them)

‘Your pussy is so beautiful, and I love how long your lips are’ I told her.

‘Do you?’ she asked, I replied with a nod, ‘I like them being pulled and tugged on.’ I slid my hand, with her panties, to her thighs and slowly worked my hand to her pussy. Her pussy was so warm and wet, escort istanbul she would twitch everytime I would touch her clit. I loved watching how her long pussy lips would spread around my finger as I entered her.

‘I love the feeling of your fingers and my panties on my clit, pull on my lips’ she ordered. I pinched her right pussy lips with my fingers and slowly started to pull down on them. ‘More, harder’ she said with a whimper in her voice, and slide her hand down to her pussy and grabbed the other side. She pulled so hard on her lips they were stretched atleast 3 inches, and I did the same with the other one. I was so excited as I watched this, I didn’t care about the other people, but they were all chatting amongst themselves without a clue what we were doing. Her pussy was so spread open to me, I could see her olive colored lips being stretch pulling her clit down with them and the soft pinkness of the inside of her pussy. I could tell she was loving this and so was I. Her hand was massaging my cock very fast, and I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm. She unzipped my pants and slide her hand inside and it felt great to feel her hand on the flesh of my cock. It was hard keeping composure at the table, but we both got off on that.

‘Wow, your cock is so big, I am going to cum and I want you to cum with me’ she whispered in my ear.

‘I can’t, not if we still have to go to a bar after, it won’t feel good with cum lingering in my pants’ I replied jokingly, but wanted to cum more then anything. She giggled and told me she understood. I could tell she was so close, her pussy was so wet around my fingers and her clit was so hard as I rolled around it with my thumb. I felt her hand slide off my cock as she removed it from my pants. NO! I thought to myself.

She grabbed her panties from her pussy, and they were soaked from her pussy. I looked down as she slide her panties into my pants. I was wondering what she was doing with them. Her panties felt so good on my cock, the lace tickled my balls and the satin part felt so smooth on my shaft. I could feel her guiding her panties over the tip of my cock as she masturbated me with them. I was so turned on by this.

‘Cum in my panties’ she said as her hips started to gyrate a bit. Her hand was softly stroking my shaft coaxing me to cum. I could feel her pussy clench the same time my cock did. We both sat there feeling our orgasms coming on.

‘I am cumming’ she whimpered to me, but she didn’t have to tell me. I could feel her pussy contracting and clenching around my fingers, her pussy muscles were so strong. Once I started to feel that, I couldn’t hold on anymore. I felt her move her hand to the tip of my cock as I started to cum in her panties. It was so hard not to make noises but we both managed to fight it. I slide my fingers out of her wet pussy and they were just soaked by her. I looked at her as I secretly slide my finger in my mouth to taste her orgasm. Her cum was so sweet but yet still salty as I tasted her and I could feel her remove her hand and cum filled panties from my pants. She enjoyed watching me taste her as she looked down at her cum filled panties and smiled.

‘That was amazing, I have never had to fight so hard not to make a sound. I want more and that is what I am going to get later’ she whispered as she kissed my ear.

But lets save that for part 2!!

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