It Started in the Conference Room

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Meredith shifted in her chair and sighed. It felt like the meeting would never end. As her boss droned on and on about quarterly reports, Meredith sneaked a glance at her phone. She was surprised to see that she had an email from Kane Jonsson, the newest, and downright sexiest, member of her team at work. The subject of the email read, “Thought You Might be Interested.” She glanced up to see him watching her closely from across the conference room table.

He winked.

Blushing slightly, she looked back down at her phone and tapped the email. Her jaw dropped open as she saw the first line of an article embedded in the email, “Anal Pleasure – 25 Tricks to Make Him Wild”.

Flustered, she looked back up at Kane, but he was now attentively watching the presentation in progress.

It must be junk mail, she thought as she hastily looked back down at her phone and moved to delete the email. Then she wavered for a moment, surprised at the tingle of curiosity that was competing with her embarrassment. Anal play had always seemed dirty to her, like something she would never bring herself to do. But then, she thought suddenly, perhaps the article was just an unfortunate ad and Kane’s actual message was below. She scrolled down.

If it was an ad, it was thorough. She scrolled slowly, not quite able to tear hear eyes from the scandalous tips and hints. Within each scroll further down her embarrassment and disgust melted away into curiosity and then, to her great surprise, arousal. Her breaths came faster, and she knew dimly that a dampness was growing in-between her legs. The filthy contents of the article drove everything else from her mind, and she forgot that she was sitting in the conference room surrounded by her colleagues. Her cheeks flushed as she read faster and faster, and suddenly an image of Kane pounding into her from behind leapt into her mind.

“Meredith?” her boss said loudly, and she jumped. In a panic she stuffed her phone in her pocket, hoping desperately no one had seen what she was reading.

“I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I was,” she paused and frantically thought of a lie. “Reading an email on the Ranston project.”

“I hope you’re close to finishing,” her boss said, eyebrows raised.

“Um, what?” Meredith asked. She was suddenly aware of the room full of people watching her fumble for words, and she was horrified at the insane desire to laugh rising up in her.

“Finishing with the Ranston project,” her boss said impatiently.

“Oh yes. Yes it will be done by the end of the week at the latest.”

“Good,” her boss said, turning back to her presentation.

Meredith took a shuddering breath and braved a glance at Kane. He was shaking with barely suppressed laughter. She felt a wave of anger rise in her. He knew exactly what she had been reading, and he had sent it during the meeting to distract her. Furiously she deleted the email, and turned her full attention to the presentation.

Later that evening she poured a glass of wine and curled up on her couch to enjoy a book. After a while she realized she had been reading the same paragraph over and over without taking in anything. Her mind kept drifting to the humiliating experience in the conference room.

She had never been so embarrassed. It disturbed her just how engrossed she had been in the article, and she was mortified that she had actually started to get turned on. She blushed fiercely again, but even as she tried desperately to push what she had read out of her mind her body responded with a rush of excitement. Unbidden and unwanted an image sprang to her mind of herself lying face down on a bed, spreading her own ass.

At that thought she let out a quiet moan, and with resignation she acknowledged that she was dripping wet. Maybe she just needed to get off, and her body’s reaction wasn’t actually due to what she had read earlier.

In one swallow she finished the rest of her wine, and lay back on the couch. Closing her eyes she pulled her shirt up to reveal her substantial breasts. Her bra was long gone, and now she massaged one breast, twirling her fingers around her nipple, pinching and flicking until it stood on end. With her other hand she pushed aside her panties and felt how wet she was, just from remembering her experience in the conference room.

With an effort she pushed all thoughts of her embarrassment from her mind, trailed her fingers up from her dripping pussy and began to circle her clit. She moved her fingers in rhythm together, tormenting her nipples and her clit in unison, faster and then slower, taking short breaks to plunge her fingers into herself as deep as they would go. She let out an involuntary moan of pleasure and heard her own breathing grow shaky.

With a shudder she remembered what she had read earlier. Humiliation and anger flooded through her even as her body screamed for further release. Slowly, tentatively, she trailed her dripping fingers down past her pussy toward her other, more sensitive almanbahis şikayet hole. Nervously she circled her sensitive bud, and the gentle touch sent shivers of pleasure through her. All her embarrassment, all her humiliation dropped away and she reveled in the new sensations.

She moved her other hand down to stroke her clit, edging around and around it, making herself squirm with pleasure. With one finger stroking up and down her sensitive bud, she began to do figure eights around her clit with her other hand. She gasped and writhed under the double stimulation. Within moments she felt the wave of intense pleasure rising. She let out a quiet moan and began to tease her tight hole, her circles and strokes getting smaller and smaller, all the while rubbing her clit faster and faster. It was almost too much, she felt herself reaching the edge, and then she slowly pushed her finger in to her tight bud, just to the first knuckle. The sharp, burning sensation drew a gasp from her, and her other hand moved frantically over her clit. She was panting now, the double stimulation nearly too much to bear.

Suddenly she pictured Kane watching her as she was now, laid out on the couch, panting and flushed and so close to finishing herself off. “Oh my god,” she arched her back and moaned as the image of him pushed her over the edge. She felt the intense waves of pleasure crashing over her again and again, her hips bucking against her hands as she gave in to the powerful orgasm. As she lay back on the couch, flushed and dripping wet, she thought with a shock of pleasure and embarrassment of how Kane would react if he knew what she had just done, and what had pushed her over the edge.

The next day at work she tried desperately to focus, but found herself daydreaming about Kane and wondering what it would be like to be with him. Unbidden an image of him taking her and bending her over her desk and fucking her hard came to mind. She blushed with humiliation at the thought, and with fury realized she was getting wet.

“…Meredith?” The voice came behind her and she jumped. It was her boss, and she looked frustrated.

“Yes, sorry I didn’t hear you,” Meredith said, flustered. She could feel how red her face was and tried desperately to ignore it.

“I said the deadline on the Ranston project has been moved up. It’s due tomorrow morning. Can you make that happen or do I need to give the project to someone else?”

Tomorrow morning. Meredith knew the project would take at least 12 hours to complete, and it was already mid-afternoon.

“I can try,” Meredith stammered. “It’s a lot but I think I can get it done.” She hoped desperately she was right. The Ranston account was one of the agency’s biggest clients and she knew if she messed this up it could cost her the job.

“Great. It’ll probably be a long night, you should order some dinner.” Her boss began to move away and then called over her shoulder, “Get Kane to help you, he’s great with tight deadlines.” She motioned Kane over and then she was gone, leaving Meredith in a full state of panic.

“Happy to help, why don’t you get me up to speed?” Kane grinned over at her.

“Right, let me show you what I’ve been working on,” she said, turning back to her computer to hide her embarrassment. She tried to act normal, but she couldn’t quite meet his teasing gaze. He moved his chair over next to hers, leaning slightly over so that he could see her screen. She did her best to focus on the task at hand, but she felt her body react to his nearness. When he accidentally brushed her hand with his she felt her skin zap and tingle with pleasure, and she hated herself for it.

“This isn’t working,” Kane said abruptly.

“Oh, what?” Meredith forced herself to look over at him.

“I mean you’re stressed, not focused. If we are going to get this done by tomorrow morning you need to relax.” He stood. “And I know just what will do the trick.” He grinned at her and held out his hand.

She stared as his outstretched hand. The long moment dragged out as humiliation and outrage battled the undeniable wetness she felt growing and soaking her panties. Her eyes traveled up his powerful body to his chiseled face and, smirking, he winked at her again.

A shiver of pleasure shot through her and she shamelessly took his hand. His grin grew wider and he guided her quickly toward the elevators. He swiped an access card and pushed the button for the top level, a rooftop garden typically reserved for office events and fancy catered meals.

“I didn’t know you had access to the roof,” Meredith said.

“I don’t,” his eyes twinkled. “I stole a card from Alicia in accounting about a week ago and she hasn’t reported it missing yet.” The doors opened, and the sunlight streamed over both of them.

Meredith stepped outside and took in the gorgeous view. From the roof there was a view of the entire city, the water sparkling in the distance. She felt herself relax as she breathed almanbahis canlı casino in the crisp winter air.

“I’ve been coming up here all week, just to take a moment and relax from the stress of the day.” Kane said, watching her as she took in the view. “I thought it might help you relax.”

She turned to him with a wide smile. “This is not what I was expecting, but you’re right, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you.” She held his gaze for a moment, and then shivered. “It’s cold! I should have brought my coat.”

“Let me show you the best part,” Kane quickly took off his own coat and draped it over her, and then took her hand. She felt another tingle at his touch, and followed him closely as he guided her around the corner to where a lush greenhouse covered a large portion of the roof. Using his key card again, he swiped them through the door and she found herself surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

“This is so beautiful,” she said, turning slowly to take in the plants draped throughout the glass building.

“And you look beautiful in here.” Kane responded. “Warm enough?”

She nodded, and then stood frozen as Kane reached his arms around her to retrieve his coat. Before she knew what she was doing, she was running her hands up his white shirt, feeling his taught muscles underneath. Kane grew still, and when Meredith looked up his smirk was gone and she saw her own burning desire reflected in his eyes.

Slowly, with torturous leisure, he leaned further in and brushed his lips across her own. She felt like she was falling, the plants around her spun and sparkled and Kane’s mouth hovered a breath away from her own. And then she kissed him back, first gently, exploring his mouth with her own and then harder as her body demanded more of him. She felt herself melt even further into his strong arms and she drug her fingers up and down his back, feeling his powerful body through his thin shirt. Somehow he felt safe and dangerous all at once, like a friendly river that could carry her away if she wasn’t careful.

His mouth left hers and trailed down her neck, kissing and biting her ear and then hear collarbone. She let out a shuddering moan and clung to him even tighter. With one of his strong hands he held her close, and with the other he slipped under her skirt and began to stroke her dripping wet pussy.

“Is this alright?” He whispered hoarsely in her ear.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Please don’t stop.” Her body ached for more of him, for more than a stolen kiss and a gentle tease.

Suddenly, he removed his hand and she gasped at the unexpected withdrawal. He grinned at her as he guided her toward a bench and motioned for her to sit. Then, eyes locked on hers, he dropped to his knees and ran his hands slowly up her thighs. She moaned again with pleasure and leaned back while he stripped off her soaking panties. Slowly he planted kisses on her legs, her thighs, trailing his mouth closer to her dripping pussy. Then his mouth was on her clit, his tongue circling and flicking her throbbing nub. She gasped with pleasure.

“You taste so good,” he growled, and the gentle rumble of his voice sent a thrill through her. He held her eyes with his own as he lifted his mouth and blew gently. The cold air on her throbbing clit felt like ice and she gasped. Then he gave one slow lick up her pussy and across her clit and she shuddered with the sensation. Slowly now, taking his time he sucked and teased her, bring her close to the edge from clitoral stimulation alone. Then, with another quick smirk, he sucked his own finger and then traced up her slit and dipped into her pussy, combining one beckoning finger with his exploring tongue on her clit. She had one hand in his hair go guide his mouth but he needed no guidance. His tongue flicked and darted, moving in circles and bringing her closer and closer. He added a second finger and began to fuck her with earnest. She felt the pressure building and she moaned with pleasure.

Suddenly his fingers were gone and he was grinning up at her.

“Oh god no keep going,” she panted, raising her hips to bring back the pleasure of his mouth.

“You look so hot right now,” he said, ignoring her desperation. For a long moment he slowly drank in her appearance, as she lay disheveled, pussy dripping and desperately close to finishing. She could see his erection bulging through his slacks, and felt a fierce pleasure at knowing how turned on he was by her own desperation. “Now,” he said. “Turn around.”

She hadn’t thought she could be more turned on but the command made her feel weak with desire. She wanted nothing more than to obey him, and quickly turned around bent over, leaning her arms on the bench. Unconsciously she reached down and began to rub her pussy.

“Stop that,” he ordered, and she groaned but obeyed. She was wild now, near the point of begging him to fuck her, she was so close to finishing her body ached with it.

“Good girl,” he said approvingly, and almanbahis casino she squirmed with pleasure. He continued, “You will wait to cum until I tell you, understand?” She groaned her agreement and just barely kept herself from begging him to make it quick. She didn’t know how long she could hold out.

Then her skirt was gone and he was massaging her cheeks, slowly spreading them apart and taking in the sight of her tight hole. “My god you’re beautiful,” he said and a whimper of pleasure escaped her. The whimper turned into a gasp as he lowered his mouth and licked across her hole slowly, gently circling her sensitive bud with his tongue. This new sensation drove every other thought out of her mind and she pushed back into his tongue, hoping he would dip inside even slightly. Instead he pulled back, “None of that,” he admonished. She moved back and was immediately rewarded with his mouth on her hole again.

He took his time exploring with his tongue, circling and lapping like he had never tasting anything so delicious. Her arms began to shake with the effort of holding herself up on the bench, but then he began to lick faster with more deliberate strokes and circles until he abruptly pushed his tongue inside her. She cried out with the sharp burn, but the pain quickly gave way to a deep pleasure, and she unconsciously bucked back into his face, trying to force his tongue further inside of her.

Suddenly he moved again, and she came back to herself, bent over panting, her eyes dark with arousal and the effort to not cum. Vaguely she realized that he was finally undressing and she burned with shame knowing that she still stood bent over, fully naked, ass and pussy offered freely to a completely clothed man. Then he was behind her again, and her desperation for him to fill her completely drove every other thought from her mind. Roughly he pulled her back toward him and she felt his erection press up between her legs. She moaned and pushed back into him, and she felt his cock slide into her dripping pussy. He held her hips and rocked against her with slow thrusts. He trailed kisses along the back of her neck with each thrust, his hot breath in her ear as she felt him drive deeper and deeper inside her. She needed more, she wanted more, she was so close to finishing and as his thrusts came faster and faster she could feel herself nearing the edge yet again. Her clit screamed for stimulation but she clenched her teeth and forced herself to keep her hands on the bench, terrified that he might stop if she disobeyed him. As if in reward for her discipline he reached around and began to stroke her clit in rhythm with his thrusts.

It was almost too much. She felt the powerful orgasm building and she realized the long, drawn out moan she was hearing was her own voice. She threw her head back and gasped.

Then his cock was gone and she whimpered in desperation, bucking and twitching at the sudden emptiness inside her. Then, just as suddenly, she felt the head of his cock press against her tiny bud, still warm and loosened from his mouth. She tensed slightly, and he pulled her closer to whisper, “You need to relax,” in her ear. Before she could respond she felt a sharp burn as the head of his cock, still dripping wet from her own pussy, penetrated her tiny hole.

She gasped and jerked involuntarily at the sharp burn, but he held her firmly and with one slow thrust he was all the way inside her. The pain brought stinging tears to her eyes, but then a deep tingle of pleasure drove all memory of the pain from her mind. She felt completely full, the burning ignored as she stretched to allow his cock inside of her. The pain served to intensify her pleasure, and her legs twitched with anticipation.

Slowly he drew almost completely out of her, and she whimpered at his absence. Then he pushed all the way back in with one swift thrust and she moaned at the intensity of the feeling. “Push back against me,” he commanded, and when she obeyed he began to thrust, slow at first and then faster as she pushed back into his cock. Then he reached around and began to tease her clit again, moving in circles and figure eights with excruciating rhythm.

“God, you are so fucking beautiful like this,” he growled as his thrusts became faster. She imagined herself as he saw her, dripping wet, bent over a bench with his cock deep inside her. She moaned as she felt herself nearing the edge of a powerful orgasm.

“Oh god,” she panted. “Oh god I need to cum.” His thrusts came even faster, his fingers on her clit unfaltering. “Please can I come?” She was begging now, her breathes ragged and she could feel herself losing control.

“You can cum now.”

She gasped, and shuddered, and in an instant she exploded into a powerful, shuddering orgasm. She heard her own scream of pleasure from far away as wave after wave of blinding pleasure rolled over her. Dimly she felt his thrusts slow and with a muffled moan of his own he came inside her. Her arms shook with exertion as she bent over with her hands still gripping the bench. His breathing was ragged from behind her and she reveled in the feeling of him coming inside her. After a long moment he slipped out of her, and she could feel his cum dripping slowly out of her stretched out hole.

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