It is Evening

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It is evening:

I am lying all alone naked on my bed.

I am on my side with my hand gently caressing my buttock; not for any particular reason, just because it feels good to caress my tingling flesh.

I roll over on to my stomach and reach back with both hands and kneed both buttocks, it feels very pleasant as I squeeze a little harder and move my hands around changing the position of my squeezing, my buttocks feel warm and relaxed and all tingly from my manipulations.

The more I continue to squeeze and kneed my ass; the better it feels, so warm and comfortable, just plain nice!

I draw my knees up under my stomach so my ass is up in the air and I can manipulate my buttocks with more feeling, this is much better.

I find my self breathing a little faster, one of my fingers drifts by my asshole and my whole body tingles from the feel of its gentle caress.

This feels so wonderful! I bring both hands around and with each index finger gently draw little circles on each side of my asshole.

Ever so gently, I caress the edges of my anus; it is beginning to feel like it is on fire.

I can almost feel the blood coursing almanbahis şikayet through my veins as my fingers caress with a feather like touch the very edges of my little hole.

I bring my right hand around to my mouth and suck on my index finger, it leaving it covered with saliva.

I return the hand back to my ass and ever so gently push the wet finger in to the centre of my hole and press ever so slowly into it.

Ever so slowly my finger penetrates into my as hole, as it presses onwards and deeper into my body I feel my flesh squeezing upon my finger, it feels so tingly, so hot, so wonderful.

I gently withdraw my finger a little and then press it back in, my ass feel hotter, wanting more; tempting me to go further.

I resist the temptation to move my finger faster; in and out; despite my longing to do so.

I tease myself not wanting to shorten the sensations: but my body cries out for more.

More, more, more!

I withdraw my finger and bring it back to my mouth and suck on it, lubricating it with more saliva, I can taste myself on the finger, not a totally unpleasant taste either.

I put my finger back almanbahis canlı casino into my mouth and then add another lubricating both fingers with saliva, and return them to my quivering asshole.

I gently press both fingers into myself, and it takes very little pressure to push them ever so slowly into my ass.

I slowly twist them sideways as I push them in deeper still twisting as I go.

I press inwards parting my anus as my mind screams at me to thrust them in and out faster and faster.

It is so hard to resist this calling, but I do!

The pressure on the walls of my anus feels so good as my two fingers press it apart, but I want more much more!

I withdraw my fingers and return them to my mouth, I suck both of them and then I add an additional finger to my mouth and suck and lubricate all three of them, enjoying the taste of my asshole.

Who ever said assholes taste bad was ever so wrong!

I reach back to my quivering asshole and squeezing my three lubricated fingers together I push them ever so slowly into my ass.

I feel the pressure as my fingers squeeze into the resisting anus, I feel so excruciatingly almanbahis casino good as I push my three fingers further and further into my body.

My ass feels filled. It is tingling! It is on fire!

I cannot resist the urge to withdraw my fingers and push them back into my ass, I push back in with a little force, my body shakes with ecstasy I cannot resist, resistance is totally futile.

My mind calls for more stimulation!

I find my fingers out of my control.

All I can do is thrust them in and out of my asshole faster and faster, holding them further apart.

So deep in my ass! Such a wonderful feeling.

Opening it: making it fuller!

The pleasure mounts as my fingers thrust in and out; my whole being is centred on the feelings of my asshole.

I feel the hotness, the wetness; every nerve in my ass cries out for more and more stimulation, faster and faster I thrust in and out.

It feels like my whole fist is in my ass!

I squeeze my buttock hard with my other hand as my fingers thrust ever faster, ever harder in and out!

I am on fire: my ass trembles! It vibrates with sheer delight!

I cannot do more! I want more!

Such delight, such an exquisite delight my whole body quivers.

My senses overwhelm my brain.

My toes tense, my body shakes with ecstasy ~ with passion.

I almost pass out with the feeling of total pleasure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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