Introduction to Swinger’s Lifestyle

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Our new mansion is being built and scheduled to be complete by the end of 2015. Situated on a 1.65 acre lot in Old Preston Hollow, this spectacular estate will have approx. 14, 000 sf of living space including 7 bedrooms, 8.4 baths, 7 living areas, 4-car garage (optional 8), covered outdoor living spaces, attached quarters, summer kitchen, and a pool & spa! Shelly is working with an interior designer from Hemisphere’s for the furniture and carpeting. This will be our permanant residence for our swinger’s lifestyle. Shelly is selecting the five women that will live here and be scheduled for sexual sessions with me 24/7 and as many times day or night as needed to feed my sexual appetite. This will provide me constant sexual partners and provide Shelly and the five ladies time to relax an recover from the sessions. The ladies will not be told ahead time about my monster cock, about my animal lust, and about my love for rough primal sex three or more times day or night. There is an extra bedroom for a guest, who will be selected from my black book or randomly chosen by me or Shelly. Shelly will select who accompany’s me on out of town business trips.

Today, Shelly asked two girlfriends over to try out the lifestyle, they had hinted to Shelly they were very interested in the lifestyle and interested in becoming a permanent partner for me. I was in the shower when Shelly answered the soft knock on their front door. Her two friends — Cheryl and Paula — strolled into the house and gawked at the size of the luxury home. Shelly, my current live in lover, an extremely attractive thirty-two-year-old blonde, sat talking with Paula, they were daintily sipping wine. Cheryl went upstairs to the bathroom and to see the bedrooms. I came out after my shower, Cheryl is standing there in a tight dress on the top, showing off her body and long legs. Her B-cups are hanging loose, and I can tell she has nothing on under the dress. She feels relief as I crossed the room to where she sat on the plush sofa and eased myself down beside her, my right arm encircling her shoulders, enfolding her. She drops her head against my chest, her breath quavering as I drew her closer against me, my warmth mingling with hers. Gently I rub up and down along her bare arms, craning my head forward to nibble softly with my lips at her slender neck and sensitive left ear lobe. ” Ummmm, you certainly feel nice…You are willing to spend time with me.” I whisper hotly into the tender tingling flesh of her ear, sensing her resistance flow away to nothing as I touched her with my breath. The light feathery warmth relaxed and yet exhilarated her, causing a maddeningly light throbbing of anticipation in her loins and at the small, bud-like tips of her full breasts.

Without thinking, she begins to rotate her rounded flaring hip against me, pressing the softness of her still-clad flesh against me. ” You feel nice, too,” she purrs, wiggling closer to me on the sofa. ” You know, why your here.” I reminded her huskily. ” Maybe we ought to use the time for action instead of words.” Feeling herself slipping further into the intoxicating warmth of my touch, she nodded her head in wordless agreement and ran her fingertips trembling across my cheek, her long red nails tracing the distinctive contours of my face. Cheryl kneels in front of me, her head just above my knees, minimal space between us. Her eyes had no-where to look but at my protruding belly. I place my hand under my stomach and yanked hard at my belt. As it unlatched from one of the tightest notches, I stood up, in front of her, and bayrampaşa escort pushed my jeans and underpants to the floor. Cheryl gasps as my long thick hard cock stood to attention, in front of her face. She didn’t move. I’m bigger and thicker than any man, she has dated. ” You’re going to suck my cock now Cheryl.” Cheryl didn’t move. ” Cheryl.” I growled at her. She nodded. I wrapped one hand around my cock and placed the other on top of her head, pulling at her hair, making her head jerk forward. With tears rolling slowly down her cheeks, she opens her mouth. Ready and waiting. She feels sick to her stomach as she watched me thrust my cock closer towards her and as she wrapped her mouth around my large cock.

Cheryl shudders as I push forward so inch by inch, of my cock is in her mouth. ” Suck it.” I instructed her. She made a small sobbing noise in the back of her throat, before responding to me. She sucked me slowly and gently, hoping that this would be over soon. My cock twitching in her mouth. I tasted vile. ” I said suck it!” I shouted at her. With my hand yanking her head back and forth, she closed her eyes and sucked me as if I was her boyfriend. With her head moving back and forth over me, she took my full length, keeping the pressure of her mouth around me.
” That’s it you filthy whore. Suck me.” I grunted. I pull my cock from her mouth and bent down, yanking her dress off revealing her breasts. I ran my cock over her cheek, down her neck and across her breasts. ” Squeeze your nipples.” I instructed her. She squeezed them, looking up at me, and watched me groan in pleasure as I watched her. ” Oh such beautiful titties.” I muttered. I thrust my cock back in my mouth and pushed it all in quickly, making me gag. The sound must have turned him on as he began to thrust faster and faster in to my mouth. He grunted once and jerked forward, his cum exploding in to my mouth. I gagged at the taste and tried to pull my head back, away from him. “Swallow it.” I shook my head. “Swallow it.” He grunted again and thrust himself at my face. He removed his cock slowly and watched me closely as I swallowed his salty cum.

Suddenly, she feels me shift beside her and ease myself off the couch and down to my knees on the floor. He knelt forward then and caught her long smooth legs, his palms eagerly clamping against the soft insides of her thighs as she giggled and struggled halfheartedly in an attempt to free herself. ” Come on now, don’t be such a baby,” I said between breaths in an irritated tone of voice, struggling to spread wider her now tightly-clenched thighs Then, mustering all of her female strength, she jerks violently away from me and rose to stumble to the other side of the room, trembling from head to foot with rage as she pushed her rumpled skirt back down over her exposed hips. Deliberately walking towards the door, with a menacing growl, I sprang to my feet, whirling around to face her. Cheryl’s breath caught sharply in her throat and she froze involuntarily on the spot as she suddenly sees the real reason for my preoccupation with her. My long thick penis is glistening wetly as it stood out in full view beneath the hairy curve of my belly, bobbing excitedly, the large cock head dancing obscenely in the air. My God, she exclaimed inwardly, I had what looked like an almost full erection! I stood stroking my monster cock, the towel laying at my feet. The expression of pure, unadulterated fear did not leave Cheryl’s face. Her sky-blue eyes are wide and round with shock and disbelief as she gazed helplessly at istanbul eskort the obscene spectacle before her.

Now, not two feet away from the sexually excited beast, she stood staring, transfixed, barely able to believe the shocking size of my fully-aroused cock. Seeing the hefty thickness and length of my monster cock filled her with a quivering dread that she can barely control. In a split second I grabbed her pinning her with my weight against the door. I kissed her long smooth neck. She is still a bit anxious around me but cannot help but admire my raw animal lust. Cheryl remembered the small penises of the guys she has dated, jutting up under their trousers during seemingly innocent petting sessions in parked cars–and she also remembered that she had been mysteriously excited. My maleness now had the same alarming fascination about it, like some mighty hidden masculine strength that was threatening and yet oddly thrilling as well. Suddenly aware of what she was doing, she quickly raised her eyes and stood there in confusion for another long moment, wondering if I understood her thoughts. What if, somehow, I knew how intrigued she is by her view of my heavy, sperm-filled testicles swaying softly down between my legs? Pressing my body hard against her, she feels something wet dribbling down her inner thighs. My left hand grabbing and squeezing her breast as my other hand pulls her skirt up and boldly grabs her mound.

” Hey, John, I think you’ve got me mixed up with Shelly,” she giggles with perceptibly strained gaiety, her bright blue eyes widening with the beginning of alarm. The forced laughter died in her now- exposed throat as I ripped her dress off. She is startled uttering a tiny cry of fear, especially when I crouched down spreading her legs, lowering my head further down and begin to lick daringly at her naked unprotected mound of her exposed vagina. This is not right, is unnatural, she thought as she cowered and tried to move away from my slavering mouth. Maybe it is only the scent of her perfume, that attracted me to her in this way. Whatever it is, she is afraid and wanted to get out of my room as soon as she possibly can. Then, with one sudden movement, she made a futile attempt to pick up her dress and rise to her feet but a low rumbling growl from me caused her to freeze in terror just as she got to her knees. Her glazed blue eyes popped open wide in fearful surprise and she pressed the back of her hand tightly over her mouth to keep from screaming out. In her unreasoning dread, she thrust out the flats of her palms in front of her in a vain effort to ward off any attack upon her that I might make, but the miscalculated movement only made
her lose her balance. The frightened young blonde toppled helplessly over to the floor on her side, her long legs sprawling out under her as I growl ferociously, standing menacingly over her.

” Such a dirty bitch.” I chuckle at her. ” I know you want it.” She pulls away, shocked and disgusted that she had wanted to try doing this. ” Oh Cheryl. There is no mix up.” I muttered. I pushed her backwards with one shove so that she is laid on her back, with her legs open to me. Cheryl watches in horror as I move myself quickly, positioning myself over her and between her legs. My hard stomach pressing against her and she feels my penis touch her pussy. I rub myself up and down against her. Cheryl feels like she is suffocating. I push a hand underneath myself and grab my cock, directing it to her cunt. ” Please…Please…no…Please don’t…Please…I don’t want…I don’t…please escort şişli no.” Cheryl whimpers and begs. She didn’t care about dignity any more. It terrified her feeling my long hard thick cock pressing against her pussy. The tip of my cock pressing against the soft folds of her pussy. I push forward and she screams in pain. My big cock head feels like a ball, her terror is insufficient to lubricate her. The dry taut lips refuse to part, my cock head drags against her lips two more times, before I lean back. ” Damn frigid cunt! You’d think a single slut would be so excited and wet I’d slide in.” I reach down and begin to stroke my cock, when Cheryl begins to sob. I grab a tube off the nightstand next to the bed, Cheryl can’t see what I grabbed. A flash of a bottle of some sort, a moment before a cool torrent of gel splashes across her dry folds. Cheryl screams again, as I force my cock into her barely wet pussy. I growl and grunted as I use my weight to force myself deeper into her. With every millimeter I inched in, the searing fire follows as my girth came into contact with tender walls of her vaginal canal. Every muscle in her body tenses when she feels my hips grind against hers. My feral grin reveals my pleasure with my hard thrusts. Her hair whipping futilely around her face, the only part of her unencumbered enough to resist. Unfortunately, it only served to remind her how thoroughly she is being violated.

Each new thrust is no easier to handle than the last one. Cheryl feels as if her body is on fire as my white hot rod slides in deeper. Her muscles burn from the useless struggling until she can barely feel them. Her breath coming in ragged gasps between sobs that have become as dry as between her legs. With the pain and humiliation fighting to overpower each other, ” No …” She starts to sob. Slowly I push myself further into her, inch by inch, forcing her further down the bed by pushing myself on her, almost burying her. ” Ohh, you’re so tight.” I groan. I begin to thrust into her harder and harder. Thrusting myself deep inside her. ” You’re getting wet!” I start to laugh. Cheryl wanted me to stop. She hated this. She can’t believe that her pussy is reacting to my monster cock inside her. ” Please.” She whispered. ” Please what?” I grunted at her. She tried to buck her hips under me, wanting me to get off. To finish, and leave her alone. ” Don’t stop? Is that what you’re asking?” I grab her hair in both my hands and jerk against her harder. ” No .. No..” She groaned under me. Cheryl feels her pussy getting wetter. Her body is responding to my cock buried deep inside her, even though she is disgusted.

” Such a dirty slut.” I muttered. She tried to buck again. It must have had an effect as I groaned and thrust deep inside of her once more. She hears herself moan quietly as I penetrated her deeper. She feels my cock throbbing before exploding a load of cum deep inside her. Her pussy tightened around my cock with each jerk of my cock. ‘Fuck.’ She thought to herself. She didn’t want me to know that she had enjoyed it. That her body had enjoyed it. I pull myself out of her and wipe my dripping cock along her stomach before getting off the bed and putting my jeans back on. I look at her then said ” This is only the beginning…I’m not through with you…I will be back.”Finally, my quicky claimed what I already perceived as belonging to me. Cheryl finally feels empty but what should have been a relief only burns all the more harshly with shame. A silky warm trickle of my cum begins to seep from her and travels down the crack of her ass. Cheryl laid there gasping for breathe, her body sore and feeling torn inside. She sat up looking down between her legs seeing the bloody towel and streaks of cum and blood on her inner thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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