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Liza lay sleeping. Her long red hair fanned across the pillow. Her body barely covered by the sheet. Even covered by the sheet Leon could see the swell of her large breasts. She smiled a little in her sleep and he wondered if she was thinking of the heated passion they shared the night before.

Leon didn’t want to wake her, but he was hard just from thinking about the passionate sex from the night before. He thought about kissing and how it was just not enough. They removed each others clothes, very quickly. He wanted to see her naked body. He wanted to feel her full breasts, to suck them. She wanted him just as much. She put her hand around his rock hard cock and he thought he would explode. She surprised him then by kneeling down in front of him.

Liza ran her tongue over her lips slightly and looked up at him. He moaned in anticipation. She lightly flicked her tongue over the head of his cock and he closed his eyes and ran his hands through her hair. Leon wanted to push his dick hard into her mouth but he let her lead. She opened her mouth and took the head into her mouth, her tongue moving seductively over the tip as she took him further into her mouth. He continued touching her hair, stroking her face and her shoulders as she continued to administer sweet torture. She took more of him. Slowly sliding her mouth down over his cock, caressing his balls and his legs and his backside as she sucked him, faster and faster, she sucked on his hard dick.

He knew he was close to cumming, but he didn’t want to…yet. He pulled her up and laid her back onto the bed. He lightly kissed her lips and slowly moved to her neck. Then he kissed her breasts, very slowly moving towards the nipple and finally taking her nipple into şişli escort his mouth. He gently nibbled on her nipple and then switched to her other tit. She moaned as his teeth grazed her nipples and he grinned just a little because now he was doing sweet torture to her.

She twisted slightly as though trying to draw their bodies closer, but not quite yet. He moves lower and lightly licks her navel, and then lower…kissing and licking her inner thighs. Then he very slowly flicks his tongue over her clit. He takes great pleasure in the sharp intake of her breath. She slid just slightly back but he knows that she is enjoying him lapping and licking and sucking at her wet cunt. She spreads her legs just slightly allowing him better access to her sweetness. He slides his tongue further into her very hot wetness, and then faster as he tongue fucks her cunt. She moaned as he took her clit and sucked it into his mouth slightly. She twisted with the pleasure of being so close to her climax, but he stopped. He wanted to share that pleasure together. He rose above her and let the head of his now throbbing cock touch her wetness.

She looked right into his eyes. He wanted her to be sure. He could see in her eyes that she wanted him to fuck her as much he wanted to fuck her. He slid fully into her and enjoyed her very hot wet pussy swallowing the length of his cock. She brought her hips up slightly in welcome to his thrust. He drew out a little then rocked back in, but he was now in urgent need. He fucked her faster, and harder, slamming his rock hard dick into her pussy. She slid her nails up his back. He knew she was about to cum for him as her nails went just slightly deeper into his skin. She taksim escort arched her back and her eyes rolled back as she exploded. Leon thrust his hard cock once more into her wet pussy and exploded his hot cum into her already dripping wet cunt.

He lay exhausted on her and she smiled at him. He started to move his weight off her, but she held him close to her. That was only the first round of their very passionate night. Looking at her now while she slept and his cock getting harder…he was surprised that he had anything left in him, but he did. He wanted her again.

While he had drifted off in his thoughts she had rolled over. The bare skin of her ass was now exposed and the way one of her legs laid slightly off the edge gave him full view of her pussy. He wondered if he should wake her, cover her up, or just let her sleep as she was. Leon’s desire got the best of him and he slid his hand down her back ever so gently, down over her full rounded backside and finally to his surprise, her very wet pussy. He slid his index finger into her wetness and pulled it back out. She squirmed just a bit. He slid two fingers into her and took pleasure in stroking her velvety wetness. He thrust his fingers into her pussy a little faster and inserted a third finger. She was enjoying this. She was making sexy erotic noises in her sleep.

He withdrew his fingers from her pussy and she whimpered like something was wrong. Leon licked her pussy juice off his fingers and couldn’t wait any more. He moved over her and slid his cock into her pussy from behind. He didn’t go slowly this time…he moved like a man possessed. He pushed into her hard. The sudden invasion into her most intimate area jolted fatih escort her awake. He couldn’t stop now even if he tried. Luckily she realized what was happening and liked it…a lot. She raided her buttocks up so that he could plunge into her deeper and harder. He wanted fast and hard this time. There were no kisses, no caresses, no tenderness…just raw SEX. There were no words, just grunts of animal passion as he slammed his cock harder and harder into her swollen wet pussy. It wasn’t enough though. As he slammed his dick in her pussy he eyed her as sticking up and wanted a piece of that ass.

They hadn’t talked about anal sex and he didn’t know if she would be for or against being fucked up the ass. He pulled his cock out of her wet pussy, and with no more than the wetness from her pussy juice, he placed the head of his dick near her ass hole. She whimpered in protest, but he didn’t stop. Leon pushed the head of his cock into her tight ass and Liza begged him not to because she never had before. He pushed the rest of his cock into her tight ass and once he felt the flexing of her muscles around his dick and knew she was relaxing he began to fuck her ass. He pumped his hard dick in her tight ass. New feelings washed over Liza and she began to push her ass into Leon’s every thrust. She began stroking her wet pussy while she got fucked up the ass for the first time. As his orgasm over took him, he made a guttural, animal like growl and with one more hard thrust he exploded into her just as she let out a series of whimpers as her body was racked with orgasm.

She collapsed face down on the bed, breathing hard and he lay next to her. He stroked her hair and rubbed her back not saying a word. Then he laid his head on the pillow and closed his eyes…not sleeping, just resting. She sat up and began to massage him. It was one of the best massages he had ever had. While she stroked his hair and gave him a massage, he drifted off into a very peaceful slumber. She smiles slightly…he wouldn’t be sleeping long…lol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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