Intercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 01

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This story is true, but telling it makes me feel a little queasy. It’s not disgusting or anything like that, but when I think of what I did, I feel both guilty and thrilled at the same time.

My name’s Peggy, but all my friends at college call me Pygmy I’m not on the campus now; I’m on summer vacation for another three weeks.

Anyway, they call me Pygmy because it makes a good play on my name. And, I’m little.

I’m nineteen now, but you’d never know it. I used to be super-embarrassed about my growth, or lack of it.

My family doctor even sent me to an endocrinologist and to a genetic counselor. They told me that my body had failed to mature normally, that it was a genetic gift from some long-lost ancestor.

Not that I’m ugly. My soft auburn hair curls in ringlets to between my shoulder blades, and my hazel eyes always get me compliments. My skin is a pale cream and is very youthful.

Youthful. My whole body is youthful. I reached puberty at the delayed age of sixteen, but even then I failed to show it.

I’m often mistaken for an adolescent girl. . It used to make me really mad, but I’ve come to accept it. I don’t date, because most of the guys at school are freaked out by my childlike appearance. My voice never matured either, so I even *sound* like a preteen!

I’ll probably get carded at bars until I’m dead.

My sex life is limited strictly to self-love. If masturbation really makes you go blind, than I’m super-screwed. I oughta be Ray Charles by now! I love running my fingers softly over my nipples. I don’t have any boobies to speak of, but my little pink nubbies are so-o-o sensitive.

I love to explore my hairless little slit, too. A boyfriend I had during my senior year of high school told me that it looked like his baby sister’s pussy. The pervert had spied on her in the shower when she was ten. I slugged him, but he made up for his remarks by gently diddling my little-girl sex until I had my first mind-blowing orgasm with a real boy.

Anyway, I’m getting away from my guilty story. I had been assigned a roomie for my first year in the all-girl freshman dormitory. Belinda was a head case, but she was beautiful. She had everything I lacked, a beautiful pair of tits, a very hairy pussy, round big butt and a deep, sexy voice. I often caught her masturbating with one of her many sex toys. Once I watched her stuff herself with an immense black rubber cock while she gave her dorky boyfriend head. Well, after two months of her freshman year, my roomie lost her mind. I wasn’t there when the cops and ambulance guys took her away. Our R.A. (that’s our Resident Advisor) asked me to help out the next day by packing Belinda’s stuff into cardboard boxes. Snoop that I am, I made a show of reluctance while secretly being very eager to help. .

I stashed all Belinda’s clothes in one immense carton, carelessly mixing clean with dirty. I might have pilfered some of her sexy clothes and lingerie, but I would drown in anything Belinda could wear. Then I carefully packed the contents of her bookshelves and desk, stowing her laptop in its nylon bag. Then I found it.

Belinda’s stash of sex toys and a digital camera.

The camera was identical to the model I had owned but had destroyed in my move to the dormitory. bursa escort Without thinking, I quickly took off my clothes and set the camera to countdown, firing the shutter and flash, capturing me in a sexy pose, my crossed arms over my chest, my butt in three-quarter profile to the lens. I giggled when I looked at the photo, then decided to take a few more.

I didn’t want to put any of Belinda’s pre-owned dildos or vibrators into me, but I saw nothing wrong with using them as props for a nasty little self-photo shoot. Soon I had filled the memory card with hot poses. I reviewed the pictures, and deleted a few. I kept most of them. In one photo I was on my hands and knees with my backside to the camera. I posed with a big black dildo at the entrance to my pussy and a pink bumpy thing resting on my puckered little asshole. I smiled wickedly at the camera as the flash went off, staring wantonly into the lens.

I started to think about my appearance. If the wrong person found this, he might think it’s kiddie porn. I laughed as I rose from the bed, quickly removing my makeup and pulling my hair into twin pigtails.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Now I really looked eleven. I smiled into the camera which I had focused for a nipple to top of head closeup and pretended to lick the tip of a very lifelike rubber dick. It got me hot. I connected the camera to my laptop and dumped its contents onto my hard drive.

I was very worked up and had spread myself open on my bed, stroking my sex. I took a few more snaps of myself as I jerked off, then stowed the camera in my bag, replacing Belinda’s camera with my own broken unit. Honest mistake, right? But that’s not what I’m feeling guilty about.

As I made the switch, my phone buzzed. The desk had just accepted a package addressed to Belinda from UPS, and would I come get it and pack it with her stuff? Certainly.

I took the box into our room and hefted it, shaking it to determine its contents. I believed I knew what it was, but when I finally got the nerve up to open and peek, I could not have been more surprised.

The box contained a butt plug. It was really huge, and I wondered how Belinda was planning on fitting this thing into her tiny butt hole. Then I noticed the battery pack and the squeeze bulb. With a start, I realized that it was an inflatable, vibrating plug! I knew that I would have to pilfer it. Maybe I’d never use it on me, but I’d maybe keep it for the lover I knew I’d someday have. Makes sense, right?

I found a common rubber buttplug from Belinda’s collection substituted it for her new toy in its box, carefully resealing the tape before placing the box among Belinda’s other toys. The girl was so messed up that I knew she wouldn’t even remember having ordered the monstrous ass-raper.

I sealed the last of the boxes, pilfering a little clit vibrator that was miraculously still untested, then carried the boxes to the storage room on our floor. The R.A. beamed her thanks at me and gave me a thumbs up. Attagirl.

For the next three days I tried to concentrate on my classes, but the wicked ass-invader hidden in my panty drawer kept calling to me. I became very wet during class, as I imagined frigging my little pink clit, with the big plug inflated and vibrating in bursa escort bayan my bum. At one point, I nearly moaned aloud before catching myself, thus avoiding worrying Professor Ellerbaum’s Intro to Literature class.

I wanted to feel the monstrous thing inside my tiny backdoor. I couldn’t keep my hands off it while I was in my room. I stroked it like a kitten, pressing it to my anus without inserting, kissing it, smelling its latex balloon, testing the intensity of the vibrator. Each time I played with the magic plug, I’d get so hot that I’d have to masturbate.

Remember that my body is that of a little girl. Oh sure, my pussy gets juicy and my little pink button gets hard. I have real grownup orgasms and a period every month. Hey, I’m nineteen after all. But both my pleasure ports below are teeny-tiny. The largest thing I ever put into my pussy is my own finger. As far as my butthole goes, forget about it. Even so, the monstrous anal plug kept calling me.

I have this friend from high school, Jerry. He’s the typical geek. He’s surrounded himself with lots of electronic toys and computer junk. I had a plan for him that I hoped would accomplish two goals. First, I hoped to use the big ass stretcher that I had intercepted on its way to my psycho roommate. Also, taking the self-portraits with the digital camera gave me a brilliant idea on how to make money to pay for the next three years of college.

I know that some men are really into the Lolita fantasy. I read stories every month about guys getting nailed by the cops for kiddie porn and statutory rape. I quickly resolved to make some serious cash. My pygmy curse would quickly make me a lot of money, and it’s legal, because I’m over eighteen. Jerry would provide the video camera and take the still photos that I would market on the Internet.

I called him up and told him my plan. He enthusiastically agreed when I asked him to be the photographer and run the camcorder. I knew that he wanted to sleep with me, but Jerry has become a little brother to me, even though he’s only a year younger. I think like me he’s an over-eighteen virgin. We agreed to meet at Jerry’s house to do the filming. He still lived with his Mom and a step-dad, who never seemed to be home. His basement space is huge, and it’s furnished with a huge iron bed that’s really old.

Jerry expertly set the lighting, manipulating professional gear and making my skin glow with a warm pink and amber light. “What should we do first?” I asked. He grinned and shrugged. “Lay down on the bed in your panties but topless, okay?”

I laid down on the big bed and smiled up at him. Jerry smiled back from behind the camera and took a shot, then moved my pigtail aside and zoomed in for a shot of my smiling face. I was amazed. Jerry wasn’t getting all goofy or horny or anything. He was acting cool and professional. “Nice!” he exclaimed after reviewing the close up of my face. “Look!” He proudly turned the camera’s display so I could see. “Pretty little Lolita,” I giggled.

Okay now Peggy, cross your arms over your boobies. And sorta half close your eyes, looking right into the lens.” I did as he directed and gave him a smile. Okay now, eyes still looking at me, touch the tips of your index and middle finger just at the edge of escort bursa both areolas.” Snap.

Jerry didn’t stop to check the shots he’d already taken, and we began to get into a nice, sexy rhythm. “Okay now Peggy, just tickle your nipples with your fingertips. Relax, enjoy it. Move your head anyway you like…” I began to seductively stroke my nipples, as Jerry continued to snap photos. I felt myself beginning to get close to cumming when Jerry stopped me. “Damn. Card’s full.” He moved to his computer and connected the camera to it, transferring the contents of the memory card. He soon returned to the bed with his fancy digital video camera. “Why don’t you play with yourself, get yourself off?” I quickly agreed, and I felt so naughty. I knew that Jerry was dying inside to watch me cum. My nipple teasing had gotten me very hot, and if Jerry’s dumb memory card hadn’t run out of space, I would have cum already.

. I again put up my hair, this time in a bobbed ponytail tied with a purple ribbon. Jerry gasped. “Damn, Pygmy…I mean Peggy. You look like you’re in fifth grade! I blew a friendly kis at him. “I have two cameras on you. One is fixed and will sort of look straight up your crotch. The other is a handi-cam. I’m also going to mic your mouth and crotch from off camera; that way the audience won’t hear when I cum in my pants.” He laughed, but I could see the desire and nervousness in his rapidly shifting gaze.

I stretched out on the bed, never making eye contact with the fixed camera. Jerry had fired up the handi-cam, and I could almost feel the focus of the smaller lens on my face. I smiled, licked my lips and began to play again with my hard little pink nipples. It felt so good! I gasped aloud and whimpered, “Yes….yes…oh baby…. Oh daddy!” as I pinched and pulled at my tender buds. Jerry was having a hard time stifling his own noises of arousal. I snuck a peek and saw that his penis was sticking straight up! I returned to the stimulation of my titties, then moved my hands down to spread myself.

Jerry knew that the camera at the foot of the bed would record my crotch play, and he concentrated the hand-camera on my face. I kept my eyelids closed, even as my left hand temporarily left my sex and found the little clitty vibrator.

I activated the junior pocket rocket and rubbed it gently around my pussy. My previous masturbations had all been manual, and this was my first-ever time with a sex toy.

I pulled the little hood back and pressed the tingler to my exposed little clitoris. The sensation blew me over the edge, and I opened my mouth to scream, my eyes to look right into the camera. “Unh-h-! Oooh! It feels so-o-o…aieeee! Unh, unh, unh, oooh….!”

I was proud of Jerry. He held the camera steady, and I gave a sweet smile to the camera. Ummmm, that felt really good!” I looked at Jerry. “Was that hot?” Do you believe it? That’s the first time I ever made myself cum with a vibrator!”

Jerry held himself under control as he handed me a Diet Pepsi. I opened the can and took a huge gulp. Jerry had opened a can of Dew for himself and deliberately looked away from me as he drank it. “What’s next,” he asked.

“Some more still photos. What should the theme be, more toys or just some manual shots?” He deliberately set his can on a table and turned toward me, his whole body trembling.

“Okay, P-p-peg, f-f-for this n-next scene, wuh, wuh, wuh we’re gonna do a little bondage thing.” He lunged at me, a pair of bright steel handcuffs in his trembling hand!

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