Incestuous Bedtime Tale 9: Mother’s Incestuous Wish

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Incestuous Bedtime Tale

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Nine: Mother’s Incestuous Wish

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Avalon Young – May 2056

“Aren’t they beautiful, Mom?” I asked, holding my phone to film my daughter, Vanessa, and her son. They were on the bed, his cum spurting and splashing across Vanessa’s breasts and stomach. Emotion misted my eyes at the incestuous sight.

“Yes,” Mom said. She was watching the feed broadcast from my phone to her tablet. She was in her hospital bed, a smile on her face. Her wonderful, red hair was gone, lost to the treatment for her bone cancer.

I was worried she was going to join Daddy and Grandma Rachel soon, but I was glad she could watch this. My grandson, Harry Jr., had just turned eighteen. He was a handsome, young man. He looked so much like Daddy, but with this boyish beauty. He had this enthusiasm. He panted and groaned, licking his lips.

I was so wet as I watched him and Vanessa love each other. They were going to make a baby, hopefully, a sister-daughter for Harry to love and marry and continue on the family tradition. I smiled thinking that.

I hoped Daddy was watching from up in heaven.


Vanessa Young

My son sucked on my nipple with hunger. I groaned, glancing at Mom filming. She still looked sexy, her fiery hair spilling around her head, her breasts large and soft. My hand squeezed my son’s still-hard cock. He was so eager for it.

So was I. I hadn’t been with a man since Daddy passed away sixteen years ago. My son sucked with hunger. I shuddered at the hungry suckles. He was such a good boy. His tongue felt amazing on my nipple. He swirled around my nub between his nurses. My pussy clenched, the heat washing through my body.

I was so excited for my son’s first time. For taking his virginity, and his seed. I would make him into a man, and he would make me into a mommy a second time. I shuddered, my pussy growing hotter. His cum ran down my stomach.

“Oh, such a good boy,” I groaned. “Ooh, Harry, you’re just like your dad. Mmm, that’s good.”

Mom moved closer, filming the fun, streaming this to Grandma. My cunt clenched, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. My thighs rubbed together. My clit throbbed and ached. His every suck sent pleasure zapping down to my twat. His hand squeezed my tit as he sucked. He growled with his hunger.

I shuddered on the bed. This was incredible. He popped his mouth off my nipple. He panted, staring at me. His young face held so much of Daddy in his features. The jawline, the full lips, the green eyes.

He made me so wet.

“Mom,” he groaned, licking his lips. His hand shot down to my crotch. He squeezed my thigh, his fingers pressing in between my legs, reaching for my shaved pussy. “Can I eat your twat before I fuck you?”

Mom giggled.

He glanced at her and grinned. “Her pussy tastes good, right, Grandma?”

“Oh, yes,” Mom purred. “I love eating your pussy, Vanessa.”

“She’s good at it,” I said, my heart pounding heat through my veins. “And of course you can. Your dad was good at it, too. I bet you’re a natural.”

“Then stretch out, Mom, and let me do it,” he said, such command in him. I wanted that strength from him. He would be the head of the next generation of our family.

I leaned back on the bed, my breasts jiggling. I shifted, his cum coating my stomach. I played with it, stirring his jizz around with my finger. I spread my thighs for him, exposing the pussy that birthed him.

He licked his lips as he stared between my thighs. I knew he had seen pussy before. He had found porn on the internet. His green eyes stared at my cunt with hunger. Juices leaked out of me, dripping down to my ass and soaking the bed.

My breasts rose and fell as his strong hands planted on my thighs. He caressed up and down them, his hands feeling so much like his father’s. They were large, his fingers strong. He let out a growl. My eighteen-year-old son darted his head down.

He pressed his mouth into my pussy. His tongue flicked out. The pleasure surged through me as he licked and lapped at my twat. His tongue darted through my folds. He lapped at me, licking at my cunt. His clit brushed mine, sparks flaring.

“Look at him go, Mom,” my mom said to Grandma, leaning closer. “Mmm, he’s a stud.”

Harry seemed to be encouraged by that. He licked harder, lapping at me with such a hunger. I gasped, trembling beneath him. My breasts jiggled. Whimpering, I swiped up the cum on my belly and brought it to my lips.

I popped it into my mouth. I sucked on it, moaning at the flavor. My cunt clenched, the heat surging through me. I tossed my head as his tongue brushed my clit. He swirled around it. His hands stroked up and down my thighs as he feasted on me.

“Doing good?” Mom asked me.

“He’s his father’s son,” I moaned, trembling, savoring a man licking me. My son! This was so exciting. This must be what Daddy felt like when I came to his bed. That thrill of my offspring loving me. Of showing my child the pleasure of sex.

“Mmm, he looks like it,” Mom said. “That’s it, Harry, honey. Make your Mommy cum. She deserves it.”

“I will, Grandma,” Harry said. He thrust his tongue deep into my twat.

I gasped. My tongue flicked across my lips. My mouth itched. I was feeling good, but what about my son? I wanted to do such naughty things to him. I wanted to love him all night. I humped against him, this desire swelling and swelling in me.

“Let me suck your cock,” I moaned.

He lifted his head from my pussy, my juices glistening on his lips. “But… I mean… You haven’t cum…” Then he smiled. “You want us to sixty-nine?”

“Mmm, yes. Don’t you want Mommy sucking on your big dick while you eat her pussy.”

He nodded. This boyish eagerness crossed his lips. “How do we do it?”

“You stretch out on your back,” I said. “I’ll be on top. It’s easier for Mommy to be on top with you.”

“I like being on bottom with her,” Mommy said. “Feeling her weight on me as she licks at my pussy, her twat planted on my face. It’s such a treat.”

“I bet,” Harry said.

I sat up, my body trembling with delight. He stretched out on the bed, his body lanky. He was filling out with the same strength as his father, but he wasn’t quite as broad in the shoulders. He was taller, though.

I crawled up his body, my breasts swaying. Then I spun around, threw my right leg over his head, and lowered my body down to his. His hands grabbed my ass. I gasped as he yanked my pussy the last few inches down to his lips.

“Harry!” I moaned as he sucked right on my nub, his nose nuzzling into the folds of my pussy. “Mmm, that’s good. Ooh, Mommy likes that.”

I wiggled from side to side, grinding my cunt on his hungry mouth. The pleasure surged through me. His tongue flicked through my folds. I trembled, my hair spilling down my face as I stared at his throbbing cock thrusting from his fiery bush.

I grabbed my son’s cock. I licked my lips. I had created this dick inside of me. Daddy had started him in me. I shuddered as he licked at me. Harry was a union of Daddy and me, a product of our incestuous love.

I sucked on his cock. My mouth engulfed him. I bobbed my head, working my lips up and down his dick. He groaned into my twat as my cheeks hollowed. I loved him. My son tasted amazing, his precum spilling over my tongue.

I wiggled my hips back and forth, my nipples rubbing into his stomach. I sucked on him with hunger. I loved my big boy. His hands massaged my rump. He kneaded my ass. His fingers dug into my flesh, pulling me tight against his hungry mouth.

“How is she?” Mom asked. “I taught her to suck dick. Is she doing good, honey?”

“So good, Grandma,” Harry groaned into my pussy. He thrust his tongue deep into my cunt.

I moaned around his dick. My passion hummed around his cock. I sucked hard. My tongue danced around his crown. I gathered his salty precum while his tongue rooted through me. He swirled around, teasing me.

I cupped his balls. I massaged him. His nuts felt so swollen as I kneaded them. They were full of his cum. The cum that would breed me. My lusts surged through me. My cunt squeezed around his tongue. I whimpered about his cock as the bliss rippled through me.

The bed creaked as I shuddered atop him. My orgasm surged towards me. My son was bringing me to that wonderful climax. I craved it. I wanted it so badly. I sucked with such passion. My cheeks hollowed as I loved him.

“Damn, Mom!” he groaned. “Oh, damn, that’s good.”

“Mmm, are you going to cum in your mommy’s mouth?” Mom asked, leaning over us. “Huh?”

“Getting there.”

His balls twitched in my hand. I wanted that jizz in me. I bobbed my head with hunger. With such alacrity. I hungered for my spunk. His tongue fluttered through my folds. His lips brushed my labia. My clit.

He sucked on it.

I gasped, bucking on him. My nipples rubbed into his stomach. I felt his strength. He wasn’t as soft as Mom. He was turning into a man. His fingers dug into my rump. He sucked hard on my clit. He loved it.

I loved him.

My pussy clenched. My orgasm swelled and swelled. Stars danced before my eyes as I came closer and closer to exploding. I wiggled from side to side. My son was such a delicious treat. An amazing stud. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me.

“Mom!” he moaned.

He licked my clit.

I exploded.

I growled around his cock. I sucked hard on him as the pleasure surged around me. Stars increased, dancing with sparks. Juices gushed out of me. I bathed my son’s face as I moaned hard. I sucked on him. I nursed on him, hungering gaziantep eskort bayan for him.

Waves of bliss surged across my mind. It spilled over my thoughts, drowned me. My body trembled on him. He licked at me. He lapped at my cunt, stimulating me while growling. His fingers my flesh squeezed tight.

“Mom!” he groaned.

His cock twitched.

Hot cum spurted into my mouth. I moaned as I savored fresh cum filling my mouth. It was so incredible to taste again. That amazing flavor of incestuous spunk. It spilled over my tongue. I gulped it down, the thick cream warming to my belly.

“Are you cumming?” Mom asked. “Are you flooding your Mommy’s mouth with that hot seed.”

“Fuck, I am!” Harry groaned into my twat.

My orgasm intensified as I drank my son’s cum. It was incredible. He kept spurting. So much jizz. This wonderful treat. It left me dizzy. I felt this heady rush ripple through me. Stars danced over my eyes.

My hips wiggled from side to side. My cunt clenched and spasmed. His tongue flicked through my folds as I sucked out the last of his cum. Then he panted and groaned. I felt his body shuddering beneath mine.

I loved him.

I popped my mouth off his cock. “Ooh, did you like that? Did you like Mommy sucking on your cock.”

“It was awesome, Mom!”

I smiled at his enthusiasm. I rolled off of him and turned around. I cuddled up to my son. He looked at me, my pussy juices staining his lips. I smelled my tart cunt cream. I shuddered as he cupped my face and kissed me with hunger.

I loved the feel of his tongue. Mom leaned over us. She filmed it for Grandma. I shuddered as I tasted my twat on his lips. My tongue darted through his mouth. We dueled, loving each other. The bed creaked beneath us.

Exhilaration pumped through me.

I wanted to make a baby with him so much. I wanted to be bred by my son. This was incredible. I gasped as this surge of bliss shot through me. His hand stroked my side up to my tit. He cupped it as we kissed.

I broke the kiss and smiled at him. “Mmm, how is this so far?”

“Awesome,” he said, green eyes sparkling. “A few of my friends told me how hot it was fucking their moms.”

“Mmm, their mommies made them into men.” This hot rush ran through me. “But did they breed their mothers?”

“No,” he said. “They were just getting taught. You know, so they could enjoy other girls and treat them right.”

“Some people have to breed out of the family,” Mom said. “But you’re going to put a daughter in your mother, aren’t you? Huh, going to give me a great-granddaughter. I want to see you marry her.”

“Grandma,” Harry groaned, his cheeks going red. “That’s so far in the future. I just want to enjoy tonight.”

“But you do want to breed me, right?” I asked, his hand squeezing my breast. “You want to slide your cock into my pussy and fill me with all your seed?”

His cock swelled hard again. It pressed into my belly. I felt him throbbing.

“Mmm, you’re getting so hard,” I said, staring into his green eyes. “You want it, don’t you? You want to breed your mommy’s cunt.”

“Yes,” he groaned. “It sounds so hot. I want to mount you. Fuck you. I want to make you my woman.”

“And make your own wife in my womb?” I asked. “A daughter-wife for you to love?”

“Uh-huh,” he panted, his fingers digging into me.

“You feel like you’re getting ready,” I moaned, my pussy aching for it. I just came, but I needed more.

“Is his dick hard?” Mom asked. “No using the red pill, huh? Mmm, advantages of being eighteen.”

“I’m so hard, Grandma,” he said. “I can breed Mom. I got the lead for it. I’m going to fuck her hard.”

“Good,” Grandma moaned.

I wrapped my arms around my son and pulled him close. He kissed me again. I shuddered at his passion. His cock rubbed hard into me. He kneaded my tit. Our tongues dueled. He pressed me onto my back, mounting me.

This strange, almost virginal ripple of anticipation shot through me. I was almost nervous of this moment. He kissed me hard. His tongue darted into my mouth. Our tongues dueled as his cock rubbed into my cunt. My juices flowed, coating his shaft. His dick throbbed against me.

“Breed your mother,” moaned Mom. “Oh, Mom, they’re going to unite. Can you see.”

Harry broke the kiss with me. He stared into my eyes. He looked a little nervous now. Boyish. This was his first time. He tried to hide it with a big grin. “I’m going to fuck you so hard,” he boasted. “I’m going to make you cum.”

“Mmm, I know,” I said, my hands stroking his back. I loved his bravado. It sent a ripple through me. He was growing up so fast. “Just slide that big dick into me. It’s going to be great.”

He shifted as I stared into his eyes. I witnessed the anticipation building in him. His cock nudged into the entrance of my pussy. I quivered while this look of awe crossed his face. He pressed forward, my labia spreading and spreading, welcoming my son back into me.

I trembled as his dick slid deeper and deeper into my cunt. I groaned, my snatch squeezing around his dick. The pleasure rippled through my body as he filled me. His eyes widened as he slid to the hilt in me.

“Mom,” he groaned, looking at once boyish and manly, flicking between the two as his cock throbbed inside of my twat.

I cupped his face and kissed him. I loved him with such hunger. It was so wonderful to have a real cock in me again. Not fingers. Not plastic or rubber dildos. A thick, fleshy, hot shaft that would pump me full of incestuous spunk.

To breed me.

It was what my body was created for. I wasn’t too old. I was in my prime. I shuddered as he pumped away at me. His cock thrust into my cunt again and again. He plundered me. This amazing pleasure that surged through me.

My twat squeezed about his dick as he pumped away. He thrust hard and fast. There was this frantic energy to it. I shuddered, my pussy clenching about his cock. I kissed my son with hunger, welcoming his cock in me as he pumped faster and faster.

I broke the kiss, my clit throbbing. His face twisted in delight. His eyes were wild. He slammed into me. His cock buried deep into my cunt again and again. He filled me to the hilt. The bliss rippled through me.

“Mom!” he panted, balls slapping into my cunt. “Oh, Mom, you’re hot! Oh, damn, this is even better than I thought.”

“Mmm, are you going to fill Mommy’s pussy with your cum?” I cooed, stroking his face as he rammed into me. His chest rubbed into my breasts.

“Oh, Mommy, yes, yes!” His strokes were so hard. “You’re so hot. So silky. I can’t believe how amazing this feels.”

I smiled, my pussy clenching around him. This heat surged through me. I rocked beneath him, my hips bucking to meet his strokes. His balls smacked into my taint. They were just so heavy with his spunk. His dick buried into my cunt. The pleasure rippled through my body with every stroke.

His green eyes burned with passion as he buried into me. My twat drank it in. The friction was incredible. My son was on me. In me. He pleasured me. He kissed me hard. He thrust his tongue into my mouth. I shuddered beneath him, my thighs gripping him.

“Mmm, what a cute ass you have, Harry,” Mom purred. “Just slam that cock into her. Breed your mother.”

I loved the audience. I had this amazing treat. Our lips melted together. His hands stroked my sides. The pleasure surged through me. It built so fast. This was so incredible. My son was fucking me with frantic strokes. I could tell he wasn’t holding anything back.


This was his first time in pussy. He was driving himself towards that explosion. He would become a more patient lover. I would teach him, ready him for our daughter, but for this time I enjoyed his boyish enthusiasm.

I loved my son.

His dick slammed deep into me. He groaned into our kiss. His body shuddered atop me. Then his hot cum spurted into my fertile pussy. That hot, incestuous seed erupted into me again and again. Stars burst across my vision. My body shuddered beneath him. My nipples throbbed against his chest.

He broke the kiss, howling, “Mom!”

“He’s cumming in me!” I gasped, staring at my mother. My pussy convulsed. My orgasm exploded through me. “He’s breeding me!”

“Yes!” Mom moaned, trembling, her large tits swaying. Her green eyes burned.

Spurt after spurt of hot cum exploded into my cunt over and over. That wonderful delight filled me. I shuddered. My fingers gripped my son’s face. I trembled beneath him, my cunt writhing about his erupting dick.

“I love you, Harry! Mommy loves you!”

The waves of pleasure swarmed through my body. It rippled over me. I gasped as the rapture surged through me. My cunt spasmed hard around him. This pleasure exploded through me over and over.

My son and I were united. One flesh again.

I kissed him. I loved him. His jizz spurted a final time into me. The pleasure kept rippling through me. He groaned into the kiss as my pussy wrung him dry. His seed filled me. He puddled his essence against my cervix.

I hoped he bred me today. And if he didn’t, well, we’d have plenty of time for that.

“Oh, Mom, isn’t this beautiful?” my mom said to Grandma.

I shuddered at this, kissing my son. His dick felt amazing in me. I held my son tight as we loved each other. His weight felt incredible on me. It was almost like I had Daddy back. I squeezed my eyes shut, a tinge of grief rippling through me.

He couldn’t replace Daddy. He didn’t need to. Harry was my son. He was his own man. I would love him in a different way. I would savor him, train him. I would ready my son for our daughter. I hoped we had a daughter.

I wanted his daughter.

I broke the kiss and whispered, “I love you, Harry.”

“Love you, too, Mom,” he said, his green eyes shining. “That was incredible. I mean… Wow. My friends told me what it was like, but… I had no idea. Damn.”

Mom giggled. I heard a smack and my son jolted. “You did good, champ. But it’s my turn to tag in.”

“Tag… in…” Harry asked.

“I think it’s a wrestling thing,” I said, shrugging. “Your grandma is into some weird things.”

“Nothing weird about wrestling,” Mom said. “Now what do you say I don my strap-on and we have some real fun.”

“I was having fun, Mom,” I said. “Mmm, my boy gave me such pleasure.”

Harry grinned at me.

“Sure he did,” Mom said. “But there can always be more.”


Avalon Young

I might be a grandmother, but I still felt young. Though I was worried for my mother—the hip pain she’d been feeling for years had turned out to be bone cancer—tonight was special. She was watching from her hospital bed, witnessing the magic of our family.

I set my phone on its dock, the camera aimed at the bed. I ducked my head down, staring into the screen. “Enjoy the show, Mom.”

“I am,” she said, her voice sounding stronger than it had for days.

I winked at her. Just knowing she was watching made this naughtier. I was eager to have a threesome with my grandson and daughter. I sauntered across the room, Vanessa lying on her back now, her hand clamped over her pussy, trapping in her son’s cum.

She wanted to be breed.

I wanted her to be knocked up, too.

Another incestuous generation. Daddy would be so proud. I liked to think of him in that field of wildflowers. Vanessa had that dream the night he died. It was such a beautiful thing. I didn’t know if it was true or just a coincidence my daughter had it, but it gave me peace.

I hoped Mom would find her way to that wildflower field.

I pushed down those thoughts. This was a night of celebration. I felt my daughter and grandson’s eyes on me. My breasts swayed. I was still in great shape. I kept myself fit just like Daddy wanted. I bent over, wiggling my naked rump at them, my pussy on display.

I loved being a tease. I remembered the fun I had when I was Harry’s age. Teasing Daddy at my high school. I did such naughty things, risking getting him fired by screwing him in the locker rooms, his office, empty classrooms. The more and more pregnant I’d become that first year, the more and more I wanted his cock in me.

Would Vanessa be like that with Harry? I shuddered, imagining her showing up at his college for hot trysts. Letting everyone see that he’d bred her and made her so wet she had to have his cock in her twenty-four seven.

Well, Vanessa wasn’t me. She was still a shy girl in some ways. Her confidence had grown as she aged, but she wasn’t adventurous.

“Mmm, we’re going to have so much fun fucking your mother,” I told Harry as I pulled out my favorite strap-on. The long, pink shaft was still as shiny as ever. It had been polished in pussies for so many years. I whirled around. “Huh?”

Harry grinned. “I want her pussy, though.”

“Oh?” I asked, seeing this strength in him. He’d never been so forceful with me. “Want to make sure you’ve bred your mommy?”

“Yep,” he said. His hand went to her belly. “I want to put my daughter in her belly.”

Vanessa shuddered at his touch. Her blue eyes, the same color as my mother’s, found mine. They had such a bright gleam in them. An excited shiver raced through her as he rubbed her flesh. She licked her lips, her hands rubbing at her sloppy cunt.

“Mmm, I don’t mind fucking your mother’s asshole,” I purred as I donned my strap-on. I stepped into the harness, the fourth one for this toy. They did break when you fucked as hard as I did. I pulled the vinyl up my legs, shivering at the contract. “Your mother loves it up the ass.”

“Once she’s pregnant,” said Harry, “then I’ll fuck her up the ass.”

Vanessa shuddered. She smiled at her son. Her wedding ring flashed as she reached out and took his cock. She stroked him hard, her hand gliding up and down his glistening dick. She was still Daddy’s wife. She didn’t plan on marrying Harry, but she would be his lover.

As for me, Daddy was enough. I still had Vanessa to be my lover. I would share her with my grandson and, hopefully, my granddaughter in about nineteen years. I would still be eager to have fun when she became an adult.

I glanced at the phone and bit my lip.

“Mmm, Mommy will ride your cock day and night until she’s bred,” Vanessa purred. She threw her leg over my grandson, straddling him. Her hand pulled from her pussy. Cum dripped out of her snatch, running down her thighs. One drop landed on the tip of his cock she held.

He groaned.

I licked my lips as I adjusted the harness traps, pressing the base of the dildo against my clit. I couldn’t look away from my daughter’s cunt lowering and lowering until she brushed my grandson’s cock. He was also my brother and my nephew.

Our family was so wonderfully fucked up.

Vanessa groaned as she slid her pussy lips over his cock. I shuddered as I watched that magical moment of my daughter and grandson uniting into one flesh. Vanessa’s back arched, her fiery hair sweeping down her back. Her cute ass clenched.

God, she was such a sexy thing. Thirty-seven and hot. In her prime. She and Harry were going to have so much fun together. They were going to love each other. I was so glad I could share in it.

I grabbed the lube out of the drawer and coated the dildo. I stroked up it as my daughter rose up his cock. Her pussy left his dick gleaming with fresh juices. Her hips wiggled, her cute ass jiggling before she slammed down him, impaling herself again.

She threw a naughty look over her shoulder, a bewitching smile on her face. “Come on, Mom. Mmm, I want that dildo in my asshole.”

Harry grabbed her butt-cheeks and, to my utter delight, parted them. “Yeah, Grandma. My mom needs a cock in her ass. She’s a bit of a slut.”

“Harry!” Vanessa groaned. “What a thing to call your mother.”

“I’ve heard you call Grandma a slut before,” he said, his fingers digging into Vanessa’s rump. “You’re a slut-mommy who loves being fucked in the ass by Grandma’s huge dildo.”

“That does sound like something you’ve said,” I purred, advancing on the bed with my dildo coated in lube. “I am a big slut for my daughter, Harry, honey. I love fucking her up the ass. Your mom would ride Great-Grandma Melissa’s dildo while I fucked mine hard into her ass.”

“Damn,” my grandson groaned. “Come on and fuck her ass. My mommy-slut needs it.”

“Mmm, I’ll be your mommy-slut,” moaned Vanessa. “You’re just as sexy as your daddy.”

Harry Jr. was definitely getting there.

I slid onto the bed as Vanessa looked over her shoulder at me. She smiled again, her blue eyes twinkling. She wanted it. I glanced down at her asshole exposed by her son’s grip. His fingers held her apart, that wrinkled hole just aching to be fucked by my dildo.

“Mom,” she moaned. “Hurry up. I need it bad. I have my son’s cock in me. He’s right, I’m going to be such a slut for him.”

I winked at her. “Good.”

I pressed the lubed dildo between the cheeks of her ass, sliding down to her sphincter. The base massaged my clit already. That wonderful delight shuddered through me. My cunt clenched, drinking in the delight.

I found her hole. I pressed forward. My arms went around my daughter, grabbing her tits. They were a little sticky with my grandson’s cum. I kneaded her tits as she groaned. The dildo massaged my clit as it vanished into her asshole.

“Oh, Harry, your grandma’s sodomizing me!” she moaned. “Ooh, she’s filling me up the way your cock’s stuffing my pussy.”

“Mmm, we’re going to make her cum together, aren’t we, Harry, honey?” I purred, squeezing my daughter’s plump breasts.”

“Yes!” groaned Harry. “Come on, Mom, ride me.”

My grandson thrust upward, making his mother gasp. Her back arched into my breasts. My nipples throbbed against her flesh. I shuddered at the contact. It was such a wicked thrill. This naughty heat surged through my body. I bit my lip, my nipples throbbing against her flesh.

I squeezed her tits and pressed my pillowy breasts into her back. I pumped my hips, working the dildo in and out of her asshole as she rode her son. Her moans were so sweet to hear. Such wicked sounds. Incestuous bliss rippled through me, flowing from my clit every time I thrust forward.

The dildo’s base massaged me.

I nuzzled into her ear and whispered, “Mmm, you’re going to cum so hard on our dicks, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mom,” she moaned, a quiver to her voice. Her hips swiveled, moving my dildo. The base massaged my clit in circles as I pumped in and out of her. “I’m going to explode on you both. I’m going to milk my son’s balls dry!”

“Not going to be an ounce of sperm left in him,” I moaned, my crotch smacking into her bubbly rump. “You’re going to drain him.”

“Every drop!” she moaned. “Ooh, Harry, until I’m pregnant, I want your cock spurting in my pussy day and night!”

“Yes, Mom!” he panted. “Damn, work that pussy up and down my cock. That’s such a hot feel.”

Vanessa purred in delight. “Yes, it is.” Her head turned to glance at me over her shoulder. “I love it, Mom.”

I kissed her, hugging her tight as I sodomized her ass with my dildo. Hard strokes that reamed into her deep. I shuddered, my clit throbbing and aching from the force of my strokes. I buried into her bowels again and again.

My clit loved it.

Sparks flared every time while my tongue danced with hers. I could taste the faint flavor of my grandson’s cum. A ripple of delight shot through me. I drove my dildo hard into her asshole as she rode my grandson.

She moaned into the kiss. Her body trembled in my embrace. My fingers dug into her tits, massaging her. Loving her. Our tongues dueled. Harry grunted. The slap of flesh on flesh echoed through the room while the bed frame creaked.

“Damn,” Harry groaned. “Oh, damn, Mommy-slut. I can feel how much you want my cum. You want me spurting into you. Just flooding your pussy!”

“Yes!” Vanessa moaned, breaking the kiss. Her body shuddered as she stared down at her son. “ I do!”

She leaned over him as she worked her pussy up and down his dick. Her back fell away from my tits. They swung before me as I pounded her asshole. I stroked her harder, my hands sliding from her breasts to caress her side.

She kissed her son. They moaned together. Her back arched, her red hair swaying about her. I loved it. I drove my dildo hard into her asshole, my crotch smacking into my daughter’s flesh. My heavy tits heaved.

I scooped up my right tit, cradling the pillowy boob in my hand. I lifted it, bringing my nipple to my mouth. I suckled, missing my breast milk. I lost it after daddy passed away. I’d dried up when we were lost to our grief.

I shuddered as my sensitive nipple throbbed in my mouth. I loved the feel of it as I thrust my cock into my daughter’s asshole hard and fast. I fucked her with vigor, moaning about my nub. The pleasure shot down to my pussy.

My orgasm grew and grew.

Every stroke flared passion from my clit.

My little nub throbbed against the dildo’s base. It drank in the feel. I groaned, drunk on the delight of fucking my daughter’s asshole while she kissed her son. I thrust harder, faster. My pussy dripped juices.

I moaned around my nipple. The hums sent ripples of delight through my flesh. I groaned louder, sucking harder. My right hand squeezed my tit that I nursed on. The fingernails of my other hand scratched down my daughter’s back.

“Oh, Harry, yes!” Vanessa moaned. “I’m getting there. You and your grandmother are driving me wild.”

“Good!” Harry growled. His eyes flashed up at me from over my daughter’s shoulders. “Fuck her harder, Grandma. Let’s make her explode!”

I popped my nipple out of my mouth. “Like the mommy-slut she is!” I moaned, thrusting hard and fast. “Cum, Vanessa!”

“I’m getting there,” she groaned. “Oh, god, I am. Your shafts are filling me up. Ooh, my son’s so big, and Mom… I love your dildo pounding my asshole. Yes, yes, keep thrusting into me.”

I fucked her hard, my tits bouncing before me. The sparks of pleasure fed my orgasm faster and faster. I was getting closer and closer to that wonderful moment. She squirmed atop her son, working her pussy up and down his dick.

He grunted and groaned. She panted and moaned. I loved it. My hair danced around my shoulders. I glanced to my right, at the phone recording this all. I winked for my mother watching us. A wave of heat shot through me.

“Mommy! Harry!” squealed my daughter.

“Yes!” Harry gasped.

My daughter must be cumming. I slammed my dildo into her asshole while she writhed atop her son. The pleasure surged through me. My cunt clenched. I drew back the dildo, needing just a little bit more stimulation on my clit to melt into rapture.

“Fuck, Mom!” grunted Harry.

“Yes, yes, I love your jizz spurting into me!” my daughter howled as I slammed back into her bowels.

I came.

“I love being bred by my big, strong son!”

“Yes, yes, breed her!” I gasped as my pussy convulsed. Waves of ecstasy washed out of my cunt and through my body.

“I am, Grandma!” groaned Harry. “Oh, yes, yes. Her pussy’s milking my dick!”

“Good!” I moaned, dizzy with lust. The pleasure was incredible. It rippled out of my pussy.

Cream gushed hot down my thighs. The bliss drowned my mind. Stars danced before me as my mind rode the waves of ecstasy. Each one crested higher and higher, carrying me into such rapture. My big boobs heaved before me as I swayed.

“Vanessa! Harry!” I moaned.

“Oh, Mom! I love you!” my daughter panted. “I love you and Harry!”

“Yes!” I gasped, my orgasm peaking. Dying.

“Mom, you are such a slut!” groaned Harry. “That was incredible. I think you drained my balls.”

“Mmm,” my daughter purred, panting as she trembled on him.

Panting from the delight my orgasmic bliss, I slid my dildo out of my daughter’s asshole. I shuddered as she lay collapsed on my grandson. They were kissing, loving each other. I smiled at the intimacy they had. I crawled off the bed, my limbs still shaking from the pleasure I’d just experienced.

I picked up the phone. “You still with us, Mom?”

“That was beautiful,” she said. “You three are having so much fun.”

“I wish you were here,” I said, crossing the room, leaving my daughter and her son to their dwindling passion. It was getting late.

I was feeling it. My body didn’t like late nights any longer.

“I wish I was, too,” Mom said. “Now you should get some sleep.”

I laughed. “That’s what I was going to say to you.”

“I’m still your mother.” She gave me a happy smile. It broke into a yawn. “Mmm, I think I’m going to sleep, too. I know I’ll have naughty dreams.”

“Night, Mom,” I said, smiling at her wan face. She looked so old now. The last few months… “I love you.”

“Love you, too,” she said, her voice sleepy. Then the screen went black.

I closed the door to the master bedroom. It wasn’t my room any longer now. I was surrendering it to my daughter and grandson. I padded down the hallway to my new room. It was a guest bedroom. I wanted Harry and Vanessa to be able to have their own place. I knew I would join them for fun, or Vanessa would come to my bed.

When Mom recovered, she would sleep in here with me.

I slipped into it, stripped off my dildo, and fell onto my bed. The sheets felt cold. I rolled over onto my side and stared at the picture of my wedding day. Eighteen and pregnant, clinging to Daddy. Mom was on the other side, so young and beautiful. Only thirty-seven. A woman in her prime.

I drifted off to sleep and fell into dreams of the past while the future was being created down the hall.


Vanessa Young – September 2056

Dr. Wilson had a sad smile on her face, an echo of grief that I felt as she moved the ultrasound around my belly. She was my mother’s best friend. Heaven Wilson had been a great help to mom the last few days. I had hoped Grandma lived long enough to see the ultrasound of her second great-grandchild. The continuation of our family tradition.

Despite the grief of losing Grandmother, hope surged through me as I stared at the image of my child. The image looked so lifelike. My baby twitched as she lay on her side, her eyes closed. I could see my baby’s tiny fingers balled up into a little fist.

“Wow,” Harry said as he looked at our child. He leaned over, staring at the screen.

“I know,” Dr. Wilson said. She pushed up her small reading glasses, her hair gray. “I had the same reaction when I saw my twins. My brother was so thrilled. He had this look of pride on his face.”

Heaven had inherited the practice from her father who got it from her grandmother. They’d been our family’s gynecologists, understanding about incest when it was stigmatized. That was such a weird thing to think about. The past was so bigoted.

“Okay,” Dr. Wilson said, smiling.

“What’s the sex?” Mom said. She leaned close. “Is it a girl?”

“It is, Avalon,” Dr. Wilson said. She smiled at Mom and then at my son. “I hear you’re going to be marrying your daughter.”

“I want to,” Harry said, squeezing my hand. “I mean, she’ll have to want it. And that’s a long time.”

“It’ll fly by fast,” Mom said. “Trust me. The older you get, the faster time goes.” She sighed and I knew she was thinking of Grandma.

I stared at the screen, at my daughter. Dr. Wilson moved the probe around my stomach, shifting the image of her. I couldn’t wait to raise her with my son and see her marry my son. I wanted my daughter to love him like I’d loved my daddy.

“Just love her,” I whispered to my son. “Every day. Even when she aggravates you. Even when she’s such a brat you just want to tear your hair out.”

“I wasn’t that bad,” he said.

Mom laughed. “Oh, Harry, you have no idea. Your mother was an angel, but you… Well, she still loved you anyways. And that’s what you have to do.”

“But we’ll be here,” I said. “Together.”

Mom nodded. “Family’s important, Harry. Don’t ever forget that.”

I knew my son would. I smiled and remembered the dream I had last night. It was Daddy with Great-Grandma Rachel. They were in the field of wildflowers. Grandma Melissa was with them. They all looked young and happy. Grandma and Great-Grandma were making love, something they never had the opportunity to do in life.

Daddy watched them.

I knew that one day, my mother would join them in the field and so would I. Years from now, hopefully many, I would pass on, but it wouldn’t be the end of our family. Harry and my daughter would start their own line. They would continue on our tradition, loving each other.

Tears beaded my eyes as joy rushed through me. Immortality wasn’t found in great deeds, but in seeing your child growing in your womb and knowing she would grow up and have her own family. On and on and on, a chain stretching from the beginning of time to the future.

I squeezed my son’s hand and took my mother’s. I was just one link of our incestuous love. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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