In Detention_(2)

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As always I’m in detention again. It’s Friday afternoon everyone has left for the weekend. I’m sat at my desk as I was told to wait for Miss Laura the headmistress.

Miss Laura opens the door to the classroom. She’s dressed all in figure hugging black.

Well Sarah “you knew this would happen again didn’t you, you just can’t be a good girl and do what you are told”.

It’s annoying. I’m old enough to leave school but my parents won’t be happy if I don’t get the exam results I need to go to uni. I have to put up with these teachers and their stupid rules and uniforms.

Miss Laura sighs and looks at me. She offers me two options stay in detention or get out in an hour to join my friends.

To get out early though I have to undergo her training programme. It’s Friday I need to get out of here so I agree to the training.

Miss Laura licks her lips – her red lipstick looks so wet and inviting.

She tells me to stand up and walk to the front of the classroom. I stand there waiting.

I’m told to take off my jacket and I put it on the desk behind me. “You have a nice body, no wonder you’re popular” Miss Laura says. I blush.

She tells me to bend over the desk behind me. I feel her hands lift my skirt up over my bum gaziantep rus escort showing my white panties. Before I can complain I feel the slap on my thigh hard, making it turn red. I moan in pain and she slaps me again.

I feel my panties being pulled down. This is so wrong but I don’t move to stop her.

Her hand falls hard on my bare bottom – slap, slap – first one cheek then the other. It stings but feels nice once the pain ebbs away.

A hand is between my thighs. Sliding slowly upward toward my pussy. I’ve had a few boys feel me up under my skirt but their hands didn’t feel so soft. They didn’t feel so sensual but so determined – like she knows she’s in control.

This is supposed to be a punishment.

Miss Laura’s fingers reach the top of my thighs. Her long fingers play along my pussy lips. I’m slick and wet her fingers seem to just glide from the front of my pussy to the back.

It’s so frustrating – her fingers feel so wonderful but she just runs them on the outside of my pussy. Then with a little pressure her middle finger parts my lips rubbing my entrance and then my clit. I moan again.

Her fingers continue to tease me I’m so wet now I can feel some slowly leaking down my thigh. Oh god what she is doing is so wonderful, so tender and intimate.

Her hand speeds up its rubbing motion. Every now and then she stops to rub my clit a bit harder. It’s so good I’ve never had a boy make me so wet.

Without warning she pushes two fingers deep into my pussy and I moan loudly.

I feel my orgasm coming the sensation spreads through my whole body and I shake from the intensity. When I calm down, the hand is removed. I turn my head to see why. Miss Laura lifts her hand to those luscious red lips and gently licks the juices – my juices – from her fingers.

Turn to face the back of the class I’m told. I do and I wait. I can hear a desk drawer open, something is happening. I fight the urge to turn around.

Miss Laura is behind me again “Ok you can look now” I look and she’s wearing a huge strap on. I gasp but turn to face the back of the classroom again and wait in anticipation.

She rubs my pussy with the head of the strap on getting it wet. Then she runs it along my pussy as she did her fingers earlier. every now and then nudging my clit. The expectation builds in me, every time I feel her pull back to my opening I expect her to enter me but she doesn’t. She just rubs along my pussy driving me wild.

I can’t take this anymore I’m so close to cumming again but I need more. Without warning she pushes deep inside me. I scream out loud. My reward is another slap on my bum. Quiet I’m told.

I feel her hands slide up my back, oh god yes Miss Laura, please slide your hand around my body, cup my breasts Miss Laura. Hold them while you fuck me.

But her hands don’t slide around my body. What’s wrong why not? My head is pulled back sharply. She has my plaited hair in her hand and is pulling it back hard hurting me.

She starts to fuck me. Not like the soft rubbing on the outside. This is long hard thrusts. Pulling the strap on out to the tip before pushing it with force back in. My pussy is dripping – had I been a little less wet it would hurt but now it’s just wonderful.

I can feel my second orgasm rising – Miss Laura seems to sense this, her thrusts become quicker, her grip on my hair tighter.

Oh my god I cum over and over again – the pounding doesn’t stop until I go limp I can’t take any more.

Miss Laura’s grasp on my hair relaxes and my head lowers to rest on the desk.

I feel the strap on pull out of my pussy and close my eyes.

“Oh Sarah I hope you learned your lesson,” Miss Laura says her lips close to my ear. “I Will see you on Monday,” she kisses my cheek gently leaving her lipstick mark.

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