I Remember How

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It felt like the morning hours would never end as I waited for lunchtime to arrive. If one more idiot here made jokes about the fact that I must have gotten lucky last night, I would have been tempted to tell them to go to hell. As it is, I don’t know how I’ll manage to work the rest of the afternoon. I got up early with more energy then I’ve had in a long time. I can’t really concentrate. I can’t stop smiling. I don’t feel like eating. I’ve waited all morning just to write this journal entry. I have to write it down. I don’t want to forget a second of last night.

Robin was working again. Turning off the lamp, I settled onto the couch in the living room and hit the button on the remote to fast-forward the tape in the VCR for about 4 minutes. By now, I know well enough how boring the movie beginnings can be. I’m not sure which was louder, the sound of my zipper coming down as I took off my pants or my groan of frustration.

I never thought that after seven years of marriage I’d be living almost a single lifestyle. Maybe it would be easier if I couldn’t remember how Robin used to enjoy the feel of my cock. The way she would arch into me as I spread her legs and slid into her. Feeling her concentrate on nothing but me. Knowing she liked it when I could feel her wet and hot around my 6 ½ inch cock as her nails raked my back. There’s no comparing the feel of my hand stroking my cock to fucking her. Since she shut me out, stroking my cock to movies, stories, and magazines is the only relief I get. I’ve cycled through everything I have until I’m so bored it takes me forever to cum. It pisses me off that now all I get are the bills and her work schedule. At least when I was single I could spend the night with Crystal once in a while.

Crystal. Just typing her name gets me hard. I was on the couch stroking my cock so I could cum, and all I could do was think of Crystal. How had I managed to go for almost nine and a half years without being around her? Letting our friendship slide to keep Robin happy was the stupidest thing I’ve done in a long time. Emailing her two weeks ago to say hello has turned my life upside down. Talking to her on the phone, it was like when we met the first time. I could talk to her about anything. I didn’t want to put the phone down. God, how awful it was to tell her the truth about things between Robin and I. How wonderful it was to hear her laugh. Her voice just flowed over me and through me.

I’ve been isolated and without my best friend for too long. Hearing Crystal tell me about her life, about trying out some of her fantasies, made me envy everyone she spent her time with. I sat there on the couch and pretty much ignored the movie playing. I put my head back and closed my eyes envisioning Crystal in some of the situations she’d mentioned. God what I wouldn’t give to watch her be with another woman. I could even imagine Crystal being with those three men at once. I was horny as hell thinking about her doing all of these things, but I couldn’t get past knowing that it was my fault these weren’t my own memories but fantasies. I didn’t want to get myself off. I wanted Crystal.

I started to take my hand off of my cock at that point and call it a night, but I got the surprise of my life.

“I want to see some enthusiasm in that stroke. I like my cocks hard and ready.”

I looked up to see Crystal standing in the doorway watching me, smirking at me in amusement. I was so stunned I couldn’t say anything. The only sound in the apartment was from gaziantep escort reklamları the movie no one was watching.

She took off her coat placing it on the chair and removed the heels she had been wearing. All she had left on was a black lacy bra and a pair of low cut black panties. She was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t even breathe.

“I’m going to make your night, but you’re going to do everything I tell you to.”

In a sterner voice she said, “Finish stripping and kneel in front of the couch. I want to see if you still know how to please a woman.”

I did as she told me to and didn’t stop to wonder why. I had to ask myself if this was really happening. She was quiet for a minute or two after I knelt there. I just stared at her not believing my eyes. She had changed slightly over the years. She had gotten heavier by about 20 pounds, but her 40C tits were definitely a benefit. Her auburn hair was shorter but still hung down part of her back. Kneeling this way looking up at her, she seemed much taller than her 5’3″ height.

“Stroke your cock again.” She said as she moved to stand in front of me. She took my head and positioned my mouth close to her tits as my right hand wrapped around my hardening cock. My mouth was dry at the thought of what she wanted me to do as I watched her slowly remove her bra and cup her hard dusty pink nipples in both of her hands.

“Suck them nicely, and I might suck you later.” Crystal said in a matter of fact tone though her hazel green eyes sparkled at me.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I straightened up on my knees and tentatively put my left hand upon her hip for balance. I immediately started licking the right nipple still held in her hand. I could feel it harden under my tongue as I took the entire nipple into my mouth. She arched her back slightly to push her tit further into my mouth. I was overcome with pride at the pleasure I was giving to her as I heard her moaning low in the back of her throat. I stroked my cock harder and suckled her tit more fiercely as I felt her free hand trace its way through my hair slowly putting more pressure on my head. I felt her hand urging me closer to her so I started sliding my mouth and tongue firmly against the underside of her tit. I moved my mouth as fast as I could to completely cover her tit with my saliva. I swirled my tongue in circles around her nipple before finally recapturing it in my mouth and slightly biting it with my teeth. I wanted to make her as hot as possible. God knows I was hard as a rock and starting to drip precum everywhere.

“Oh yeah, I like that… Ooo, it’s been too long.” She said between breaths.

The only reminder of the movie playing was the flickering light playing upon her skin. I couldn’t even hear the moans in the background. I was completely focused on Crystal. She shifted slightly to one side and presented me with the other nipple.

“Oh, there’s no doubting your cock’s enthusiasm now Rex.” She said as she stared down to see my cock completely hard and glistening within my hand as I stroked it up and down teasing the head.

She laughed low and moved her head back to stare at me. Her hair brushed against my cheek when she moved. “You don’t have any idea how good you look right now, but I think you can still do better.” She pushed me backwards onto my heels.

“Take my panties off of me.”

I stopped stroking my cock and reached up to pull her panties down completely over her legs making it easy for her to step out of them. All I could see was the lush nestle of black pubic hair directly in front of my face. Her sweet strong scent made my mouth water and my head swim as I darted my tongue out to wet my lips. I could remember vividly now how sweet she had always tasted. She reclined on the couch placing one leg slightly up on the back of it. Her small pussy lips spread open in invitation.

“Be a good boy and bury your face and fingers in my pussy. I don’t want to be disappointed in your technique.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

I moved to kneel slightly over the edge of the couch and brought my head down between her legs. As I began to part her lips more, her hot creaminess coated the tips of my two fingers. My cock brushed against the couch fabric, and I couldn’t wait for it to be my cock instead of my fingers at her pussy. I eased my third finger down the length of her pussy slightly pushing it along the edge. She shifted impatiently, and I brought my mouth down onto her clit licking it with my tongue.

“Aaaaa…..Oooooo yeah.” She got out as she threw her head back, closed her eyes, and started pinching her nipples.

I flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit as I fingered her cunt easily with three fingers. Her hips bucked against my face and fingers. I started sucking on her clit as I moved my fingers faster in and out timing it to match her thrusts. The feel of her little hard clit against my tongue and the sweet creamy taste in my mouth brought me close to cumming. All I wanted to do was fuck her and feel my cock coated within her cunt.

“Ooooooh, yessss…that’s what I needed. You still know how to please a pussy after all Rex.” She said to me in a breathless urgent rush.

I didn’t look up at her. My chin and cheeks were wet with her juices. I increased the steady rhythm of my fingers and felt her cunt muscles tightening and grabbing at my fingers. Her knees tensed against the couch pushing her hips harder against my face. Crystal started making constant incoherent noises in her throat as her head moved side to side and her hand pushed against the back of my head with determination. I could only breathe her scent as her pussy hair surrounded me.

She used both hands and pushed against my shoulders moving me away. She got quiet and laid there panting for breath.

“That’s enough of that. Stop and come up here and kiss me.”

I licked my way completely down her slit one last time before kissing her clit in parting. I moved up and laid down stretching out completely on top of her. My cock brushed hard against the top of her pussy, throbbing. I could feel her tits crushed against my chest as I french kissed her with abandon. Our tongues were meeting each other, swirling and teasing. My lips were tight against hers. I loved feeling her thoroughly probe the inside of my mouth tasting her own juices before she began teasing my lips and cleaning her juices off the outside of my mouth. I groaned as our hips starting thrusting against each other. My cock was leaving a trail of precum across her pussy.

She stopped kissing me and said against my mouth, “Let me see if you’re ready for more.”

I almost exploded as I felt her hand wrap around the base of my cock as she finished her statement. Her small hand sliding easily up and down my shaft gripping me before opening and closing over the head.

“Nice to know I won’t have to punish you.” I melted at those sexy words.

She pushed me back off of the couch and stood up next to me.

“Sit down on the couch Rex.”

I sat down and moaned as she straddled my thighs with her tits in front of me and her pussy and inch or less above my cock.

“I’m going to ride your cock now Rex. Don’t cum until I’ve given you permission.”

Her hand reached down and put my cock directly under her pussy as she dropped straight down on it. She was so slick and hot as she took my cock to the base. Crystal bounced up and down until the head’s tip was left just at the inside of her lips before plunging back down, up and down, over and over. My balls got wet from our juices. I was panting and trying not to cum immediately. Her cunt muscles kept tightening against my shaft. I was having the fuck of my life. I barely managed to hear her laugh triumphantly as she brought her fingers down and started rubbing hard on her clit.

“I loooove how your cock feels….Uhm, so hard…. So full…. Fuuuuck me.”

She bore down as I thrusting my hips up harder and harder. Her tits were bouncing wildly against me. I held onto her ass and enjoyed the ride. Her hair covered my face as I brought my mouth close to bite her shoulder.

“AAAAAhh….that’s it. Ooooo. Ooooh yeah, I’m gonna cum all over your cock. AAAAhhhh yeah, ah yeah, don’t stop!!!” She screamed and came around my cock, pushing with all her might, soaking both of us.

I started pumping my cock faster into her cunt. I had to have her. “God Crystal.” I panted. “I love your cunt. I’ve got to cum….please…”

She slid off of me quickly and before I could shout for her to return I felt her mouth wrap around my cock. It was hot and wet. She was sucking hard as she went up and down swirling her tongue around the bottom of my shaft. I put my hand on her head and started pumping hard at her mouth without thinking. She backed off and started sucking hard on the head.

“Oooooh God…..oh shit…..I’m gonna cum Crystal!!!!!” I shouted loudly as I started spurting cum with hard steady spasms. She took the first swallow of cum before moving her head away to watch the rest of my cum hit my chest, my stomach, before finally covering her hand. She laughed a throaty laugh as I threw my head back against the couch trying to catch my breath. Her breath felt cool against my hot, sweaty skin.

“I…..you….that was….” I said helplessly while staring at her.

She stood up and put on her bra and panties. My eyes were half closed as I watched her in amazement. She reached for her coat, and I started to get up off the couch.

“No Rex, don’t get up. I’m not staying.” She said smirking at me. ” I think you’re going to have to rewind that tape. It stopped quite some time ago.”

I couldn’t believe she could be so casual. She was leaving as suddenly as she got there.

“Thanks for the wonderful night. I’m sorry I’ll have to punish you the next time I come over here.”

She put on her coat and buttoned it while smiling at me with a sad smile.

“Punish me? What did I do wrong Ma’am?” My throat went dry and my chest got tight. This was fucking unbelievable.

“I never said you could cum. I just wanted to clean my cum off of you. I won’t be too harsh on you though. You did please me with everything else. ” I could have sworn I saw her wink at me when she finished.

I watched her turn around and walk through the doorway. A minute later I heard the front door close.

I just sat there unable to move. I could only feel joy that Crystal was back in my life.

I have to tell you, Journal. I’ve thought about it for hours now, and I have to admit that I think that punishment just might not be so bad.

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