I Like To…

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I Like…

…to Taste Your Cock After You Make Love to Me

Lying on my back in the bed, Marie crawled between my legs. Up to that point, my cock had not grown hard, but that was soon to change. She gently took it in her hand, and fed it into her mouth, savoring the softness with soft moans. I gasped as the wet warmth of her mouth engulfed my limp cock. Marie’s long fingers cupped my testicles and gently massaged them.

Looking down at her, she was smiling back at me with her mouth stuffed with cock. I stroked her hair and smiled in approval of what she was doing. This approval was all Marie needed to continue.

I knew it would not take long for my cock to grow into a raging shaft in her mouth. I watched as it grew in length and girth and she mouthed it. As only Marie can do, she immediately started deep throating my cock. The sensations were incredible. Feeling my cock in her throat and hearing her gasp and gag on it was thrilling.

With skill, Marie devoured my cock into her mouth and throat. Not being able to hold it any longer, she pulled off coughing and gasping for air as thick saliva drooled from her lips and onto the head of my cock where she would stir it on the head and the shaft with her tongue drawing thick globs of clear saliva.

Marie took a deep breath and swallowed the cockmeat again forcing it deep. She started pumping up and down and the juicy sounds of her mouth fucking my cock were loud as she gasped for air. It was all I could do to hold back from delivering a load!

Finally, she held just the head in her mouth. Grasping the base of my cock with her hand, she began licking and sucking the head that was now producing pre-cum from the tip. Seeing the pre-cum now seeping, she tugged upward on my shaft causing the clear sticky liquid to string from her lips and tongue.

Her tongue artfully circled the knob spreading her thick salvia and my pre-cum making the head glisten. I heard her let out a small chuckle indicating to me she was having fun playing with the juices. Slowly her tongue circled the head and she lifted up to cause strings of juices dripping from her tongue. Her oral skills are amazing and I enjoyed watching her pleasure me. Of course, she was being pleasured in pleasuring me.

Once again, her mouth took the length of my cock and slide to the back of gaziantep escort reklamları her throat as she bobbed up and down gagging each time she took it all in.

I let Marie enjoy playing with my cock, but, eventually, I reached down for her, pulled her to my face, kissed her deep then said, “Let me have you baby.”

With a lusty look in her eyes, she said, “I have been preparing for this all day Doug. While you were gone, and for you baby, I made myself cum twice just thinking about sucking your cock like this and most of all, letting you take me baby. My pussy is ready. Now take me baby. Screw my pussy until I cum hard.”

Marie straddled my lap, reached under and guided my wet cock into her warm juicy pussy. Oh the feeling and sensations of it slipping into her tight, wet pussy was wonderful. No words were spoken and we let our bodies do all the talking.

Laying over me, Marie raised and lowered her juicy pussy up and down on my shaft. My hands rubbed her back and sides enjoying the warmth of her skin. Soft moans filled the room.

I eventually wrapped my arms around her, and pinned her to my body. “Just lay here baby girl. No up and down movement, just lovers embraced in a love making position. Now, feel me flinch my cock in your sweetness.”

I flexed my hard rod in her tight slit making her jerk in pleasure. “Oh Doug, god baby your rod is so hard and rigid. My tight pussy needs more. Please…please let me ride you hard Doug!” She moaned out.

“Not this time baby. Use your mind to enjoy the feeling and sensations.” I commanded her. “Now squeeze that stiff cock with your pussy muscles baby. I want to feel your pussy contract on my shaft as you milk it”

“Mmmmm, yes baby” she muttered.

I felt her work her muscles deep in her sweet slit as my cock pulsed inside of her. “Use your mind to work it Marie. Think of what you thought about earlier today as you masturbated for me.”

In obedience, all she could do was moan and mutter incoherent words.

We lay in that position and used no movement, just focus and concentration on our bodies being intertwined in passion. No talking, just moans.

Since Marie had already prepared herself, her orgasm came fast. “Oh god Doug, oh baby…I am cumming for you! Your cock and passion are sending me over the edge, yesss…cumming for my lover.” She muttered.

I held her tight not allowing her to move as her pussy contracted on my cock. This was all I needed and my cock responded by exploding in her womb. Gush after gush of my cum splashed deep in her sweet pussy.

Marie’s whimpers and moans were intense and her breathing labored as we locked together in passion.

As our orgasms subsided, Marie moved and my juiced cock slipped from her dripping pussy. Slowly she slid down my body and in between my legs. Without saying a word, she took my cock in hand as I watched her lick the juice and cum from it savoring the juices we had produced. Her eyes closed as she licked my shaft clean.

Marie then sat up, took my cock in hand and pulled up on the shaft producing a glob of cum. She sat there looking at it and playing with it. Then she asked, “Baby, let me eat your cum, please?”

Smiling at her, I said, “Show me how much you love my cum Marie.”

She smiled back and bent down, gathered the glob of cum, then lifted her head back and let the cum run down her throat. She smacked her lips looked at me and said, “Sweet lover, it is better than I imagined when I made myself cum today. I so enjoy the taste of your cock and cum after you make love to me.”

Again, she pulled up on my shaft and licked a glob of hot cum, let it slide back on her tongue, then down her throat.


After pulling myself back together, I said, “Good Lioness. Now I am hungry. Do you have any suggestions?”

I Like To Eat Your Pussy After I Make Love to It

“Of course I have a suggestion, Doug. I like the way you eat my pussy after your long fat cock fucks it and fills it with your creamy cum,” Marie replied with a gleeful tone in her voice.

“Is that right? I am very hungry baby girl.” I responded.

“Oh goodie! Get to eating baby” she replied.

Marie turned herself on the bed and propped herself up with pillows. “I want to watch you eat me baby.”

With her legs hanging over the edge and her feet drawn up resting on the bed she positioned her pussy so I could kneel on the floor giving me full access!

Without hesitation, I dropped off the bed and knelt at the edge. Before me was her gorgeous pussy, wet with her juices and the remnants of my cum oozing from the lips. I looked up at her, along her belly, past her sweet tits and saw a BIG smile on her face.

I spread her lips with my fingers exposing the pink of her pussy glistening with juices. Sliding my finger up and down her moist slit smearing the slickness everywhere.

Taking her left lip in my fingers, I massaged them feeling the puffiness. I pulled the lip together, leaned in and licked it…then puckered and sucked it into my mouth making her moan. I took the other lip and ministered to it the same way making her moan more. I glanced up and she was watching as I dined on her pussy lips.

“Baby, your pussy lips are a delicacy. I do enjoy them.” I said.

“Eat me more Doug, eat my horny pussy please,” she replied.

My hand rubbed up her lips onto her mound. I let my hand press down on her mound and my thumb found her slit and slid in. With pressure on her mound, I shook her body making her twitch. Sliding my hand lower, I let two fingers slip into the warm depths and screw in and around in her pussy making Marie moan louder.

“Oh baby, that feels sweet and perfect. More.” She moaned.

Her pussy was so wet from being fucked earlier that I slide a third finger in and started pumping in and out. Marie responded with her body and lifted her ass off the bed with each in inward thrust.

With fingers in her pussy, I leaned in and opened my mouth and my tongue found her clit causing her to let out a yelp and said, “God yes Doug, that’s the spot, please don’t stop until I cum for you!”

Her words drove me to lick and suck her clit and hood with abandon. Eating her pussy was enjoyable and I was going to make sure she enjoyed it.

Sucking and licking her clit and mound with fingers fucking her slit, Marie lifted her ass off the bed and shouted, “Oh god Doug, I am cumming baby, eat it more. Eat my fucking pussy baby!”

I felt her hands grab the back of my head as I ate her pussy the way she wanted. I felt her pussy tighten as her orgasm took her.

“Oh fucckckkkk baby, I am cumming hard for you! I love how you eat my sloppy pussy after you have fuckeeedddd it baby!”

My lover came hard…very hard! She pulled on my head and I stood up and came to her mouth and we kissed deep. Her mouth was hot and slick with juice and her breathing deep.

We broke the kiss, and she said, “Oh Doug…you drive me crazy with lust. Please baby…please, please, please, fuck me again?

I smiled and said, “My pleasure Baby.” And I pulled her to the edge and slammed my cock deep into her pussy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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