I didn’t Know You Were Married

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About a year and a half ago I was just starting this new job as an assistant manager. My training went along very smoothly I was learning as much as I could and was using my new found knowledge to its fullest. About a month after my first day I was transferred to another store where I met another assistant manager; let us call her Mrs. G.

Mrs. G was beautiful, I was floored the first time I saw her. She was a beautiful black woman thick in all the right places. Nice breast, nice hips and nice but (even though I am not a but guy). Her face was flawless her skin was a nice color of mocha brown and her lips seemed to call to me to kiss them.

Mrs. G and I would often work together, I would close one night and she would leave at 8 pm or vice versa. Our relationship was professional at first but then we started talking and started flirting with each other. She started first, she would ask me if I had a girlfriend and would I like one, she would also stand so close to me that I could feel her breath on my neck, and every now and then she would stand so close to me that I could feel her breast on my back.

It was fun let me not lie, it was great, especially for me who never got this type of attention from any female growing up. Since I was new to this type of attention my flirt game was slow in progression, she would constantly say things to me that would often leave me flustered and then she would walk away knowing what she did to me:

“I wonder what you look like naked” and

“I hope you can feel me…up” she would say.

We worked together and flirted together for a couple of months. I just built up the nerve to ask her out (something the company frowned upon). I was closing this night and she was going to leave at 8pm, we were in the stockroom getting some stuff for a display that we were building she was called to the front register but before she left she climbed up the ladder behind me that I was on and pressed her body up against mine. It was great I felt her breast and felt her hands rub up and down my side very slowly. As she left to go to the front I was putting everything on a cart. I brought everything out and started building the display when I heard her say, “This is Mr. P, Mr. P this is my husband.” Husband whoa, I never thought she was married, in fact I never noticed her wedding ring. Then I heard a little girl scream “mommy, mommy” mommy to I thought and she stated “oh this is my daughter.” I was floored but tried to play it off, had a little small talk with the husband and then she walked them out.

As I focused back on the display my mind was going on, married, a kid, married, a kid. I couldn’t stop then she came back and I said,

“I didn’t know you were married?”

“Yeah, about five years now”

“Really, I never thought.”

We continued working.

“Yeah but it is not great” she said

“Why not” (I am a nosy guy)

“It’s our sex life it is non existent”

“Non existent, really you?”

“Yeah, it was great before we got married but after we had Stacy (her kids name)

and got married it has been non existent.”

“Well have you tried different things” I said trying to be helpful.

“Yeah gaziantep escort reklamları everything but it is to late now.”

We were back in the stockroom and she continued to say,

“I have been cheating on him for the past year, I just couldn’t wait anymore. Counseling session after counseling session and no change I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Does he know?”

“I think so but he won’t leave and I won’t leave him, we are only staying together for Stacy now and that’s enough.”

“But I am so horny” she said.

“Really, well…” I said with a shocking look on my face.

“Yes really. Would you like to help me?”

As she said this she stepped right in front of me and grabbed me. She was so forward that is what drew me to her. She held on and massaged me and said

“I guess that means yes,” to my growing and growing my erection.

Now I never thought of myself as an adulterer but for this woman I would do anything. Frequently my fantasies of her would put me to sleep, but this is no fantasy this is real she is right in front of me felling my erection grow and grow and just as I was about to press here against the closest wall and kiss her with all that I had we heard someone putting the code in to get into the stockroom and that was it. Her shift was over so she went home.

I couldn’t think straight the rest of the night but my fantasies that night turned into a wonderful and very explicit wet dream. The next day came and I was wanting to continue our conversation from yesterday, but she was gone she was transferred to another store. And that was it I tried to call her at the other store but when I called she was never there so I gave up.

Three or four months past and I was just transferred to another store I had forgotten about Mrs. G but every now and then I would dream of her. One day I saw her in the store and she saw me I was so excited that I “powered” walked to her and almost hugged her but constrained myself. Our flirt game was on and stronger than ever, I was on point it was like it was all built up in me and had to come out when we talked.

“So what’s your schedule?”

“I get off at 8.” I said with lust in my eyes.

“Oh really well I will se you at 8 then.”

“You will, will you where?”

“Don’t worry about that just be ready.”

Then she left didn’t even wait for me to reply. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was only 6, I was useless after that my mind was everywhere accept for work I was jittery, nervous but excited to see what would happen at 8. 7 o’clock came still jittery, still nervous but that nervousness started turning into worry can I really do this, should I do this 7:30, I know I want to do this but, 7:45, 7:55, 7:59.

“I will see you later” I said to the closing assistant manager.

I was so ready to go and so nervously out of my mind with anticipation that I didn’t even clock out. I walked out to my car nothing, no one. I sat in my car for about five minutes, waiting for my car to “warm up” still nothing no one. I decided to leave as I was driving home I was looking in every car, looking at every gas station hoping to see her but nothing. Every time I looked for her and nothing I would loose hope finally I thought to myself ‘forget this she was just playing games anyway, I knew this would happen. I made it home and got undressed, even though I was frustrated and felt a little stupid I was still horny from the thought of being with her, from feeling her breast on my chest and feeling my self inside of her that I had to relieve my erection by watching a new porno tape that I ordered with her in mind, ‘Sex Her Assment at Work.’

After pleasuring my self I took a shower, feeling the water on my back calmed me down and relaxed me. I got out of the shower and started cooking then as I was mixing some brownie mix I heard or rather thought I heard a knock on my door so I ignored it. A couple of seconds later I heard another knock on my door so I went to go see who it was.

Oh my… it was Mrs. G. and from what I could tell from the peep whole she was dressed with me in mind. I opened the door; she had on nice jeans that accented her butt very well and a t-shirt that was cut down the middle to show off her great cleavage.

“How did you find me, where did you come from?”

“Are you going to let me in or talk?”

“Sorry yes, please come in, please. I thought you were just messing with me but you are here, in my apartment.”

“Yes I am here and you are here. You and I have been wanting this for a long time and I am tired of waiting” she said coming closer and closer to me.

She kissed me probably knowing that I would never make the first move. I was surprised her tongue rubbed against mine her lips were so luscious her touch was electrifying. I kissed her back with the same passion and lustfulness that she did me. Our hands were all over each other I went straight for her breast; they were full and felt like mid to upper c’s. As I got more and more into it I took control and she seemed to like it. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, I turned her around and began to kiss her back with every kiss and breath she felt on her back she would moan ever so slightly, it turned me on.

Her bra was red, lacy, see through. I unhooked her bra and reached around and massaged her breast, I almost cam. I pinched her nipples and she moaned and pushed her butt into me. She turned around and I laid her down on the couch, I went for her breast, I wanted to taste her mocha skin, I wanted to feel her nipple in my mouth. I took one breast in my mouth slowly kissing them…

“MMMMM” she moaned and arched her back.

I began to suck on her breast, softly at first, enjoying every inch, feeling every part of her nipple and massaging her other breast. I then began to suck harder and massaged harder. I switched breast and repeated the process. I teased her with every lick, with every touch, with every pinch. Her body was twisting and her moans were getting louder.

“Yes, oh yes, oh yes keep going,” she yelled “give me more.”

“I want you, I want you inside of me I want you now,” she said.

When she said this I new it was time. I wanted her to cum, I went down on her. First I kissed the outside of her pussy, her hair was trimmed close, and they tickled my nose. I teased her once again allowing my tongue to graze clit. She then moaned and her body began to shake, I knew not to stop so I continued to lick up and down her pussy. Her moans went along with every lick. I would lick from the bottom to the top she would moan,


I would lick fast she would moan fast,


I would lick slow she would moan slow,


“Give me more Mr. P more.” She said.

It turned me on that she was calling me Mr. P, as I licked and got to the top of her pussy I sucked on her clit, hard. It was round and huge in my mouth I felt every crevasse it felt so right and here moans and twisting of her pelvis turned me on even more, I did not know how long I could last. She grabbed my head and moved my head with her pelvis up and down. This turned me on even more. She then took control, she got up suddenly so suddenly that my head was left where her pussy was. She pulled me up and took my shorts off, she grabbed me

“Now it’s my turn, Mr. P” she said with a wink.

She took her hand and rubbed her pussy and then grabbed my dick. Her hand was wet with the juice from her pussy.

“You made me cum so many times that I will please you until you are dried up.”

She began to jerk me off with her pussy juice, it was great, it was so soft and with every stroke, I grew and with every stroke I came closer to cumming. She saw that I was about to cum and she put me in her mouth, she tasted her self and her face was full of pleasure. Her head was moving up and down her mouth was so soft and wet that my dick began to jerk, with every jerk she kept sucking. She stopped suddenly and said,

“I want you to cum on me; I want to feel that hot cum on my breast, on my mouth, down my throat.”

So I stood up as she laid on my couch, she rubbed her pussy again and began to jerk me off with her juices. Every stroke of her hand I moaned and with every stroke of her hand she wanted more.

“Oh yes” I said “Oh , Ohhh….Ohhhhhhhh.”

“Come on baby, you know what I want, cum on me, cum on me” she said with passion

“Ohh, ohh, ohhh, ohh, yes…oh, oh, oh.” I kept repeating.

As I cam I opened my eyes I wanted to see me cum on her breast.

I cam on her breast, she then moved me to her mouth, I cam on her check, on her mouth and she then took me in her mouth and started to suck me dry. With every suck she drew more and more cum out of me, she took me out of her mouth and I was still cumming. I was so turned on that I kept cumming, back down to her breast and and then ending on her stomach. I was spent, drained and couldn’t move, she was still tasting my cum, rubbing it into her skin, massaging it into her breast, she was still going, she was about to cum herself, not wanting to be left out of this I went back down on her sucking on her clit and liking her pussy up an down. She cam, I continued to suck on her pussy as she cam I tasted her juices ooze out of her, I began to suck her dry like she did me with every suck of my mouth she cringed with excitement,

“mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.”

“Oh you are great, you… you … are, wow.”

I then crawled up to her and laid beside her we both went to sleep for about 45 minutes and woke up to the smells of a great dinner just finishing up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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