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There’s nothing like waking up with a full bodied woman in your arms. Of course, it probably would have been better if I’d gone to sleep with her there.

I woke up slowly and my confusion only made it take longer to gather my thoughts. The last thing I remembered was crawling into bed alone after a long evening of studying. My suitemates had gone out and it irritated me that I had to pass up joining them, but it was crunch time for me. I blew the first rounds of tests this semester and now I had to play catch up. I hated it, but for some reason I did the same stupid shit every time.

The coed snuggled deeper into my shoulder drawing my attention back to her, not that it had wandered far. How could it? There was a girl I didn’t know in my bed. She was sleeping pretty soundly and the warmth of her body felt very nice.

I glanced around my room and saw that the door was closed and no one else was here. I wasn’t really expecting anyone since I was lucky enough to get a single this year. I looked down at the coed and smiled. One of the two guys I shared the suite with had to have let her in. It could have been Fred, but I was betting on Paul. This was more his type of thing to do.

I had a good group of guys in my hall this year. There were a bunch of us who went out every weekend. The Greek system at my school was big, but I didn’t end up joining a fraternity my freshman year because I went home most weekends to visit my girlfriend. That only lasted until Christmas, but by that time the fraternities had already picked their pledge classes and it was too late to rush. I’d thought about doing it this year as a sophomore, but in the end I decided against it. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the typical pledge stuff during my second year of college. Besides, I couldn’t imagine ended up with a better bunch of guys then the ones on my hall, especially my suitemates Fred and Paul.

I shifted gently to try and get a better look at the girl lying on my shoulder without waking her up. She wasn’t beautiful, but that was okay. I didn’t go for the beauties. They were too high maintenance. I preferred full figured sexy girls and this coed was definitely that. She had dark hair that went just past her shoulders and very nice breasts. They were covered in a shirt with the Greek letters that clearly meant she was in a sorority.

It took me a few moments to read the letters. It might have been because of the way her chest made them curve or it might have been because I had problems focusing on the letters and not what lay beneath. Did I mention that she had very nice breasts?

In either case, I finally recognized the letter as those from the newest sorority on the campus. They only formed this past semester. I looked at the coed’s face once more and frowned. There was no way that this girl went to my school and I didn’t know it.

It took me a moment, but then I remembered Fred mentioning last night that this particular sorority was having a party because there was some big national thing that was being celebrated locally. I figured that some of the sisters from other chapters of the sorority decided to stop on campus and see what our school was about. I’m sure they weren’t disappointed. My school had plenty of free beer and good parties most nights.

I tilted my head a bit more and saw that the girl’s face was tan with high cheek bones. Oddly, she also had some light freckling. I never saw someone who tanned as well as she did also have freckles. They weren’t very pronounced. I found it all very enticing. She might not be a raving beauty, but she was more than a little attractive. It didn’t hurt that her lips were full and inviting.

I wrestled briefly with the idea of kissing her. It didn’t take long to realize that there was no way I’d pass up a chance like this. She was very close to my concept of ideal and I’d kick myself if I didn’t at least kiss her.

I shifted down on the bed and felt her begin to stir. I threw caution to the wind and took her in my arms. Her greenish-brown eyes opened briefly as our lips touched. I thought she might pull away, but instead her eyes lit up briefly before drifting closed once more. Her lips were warm and welcoming. The kiss quickly grew more passionate.

I had no idea who she was or where she came from, but my God could this girl kiss! I brushed my tongue against her lips and they parted slightly. A moment later our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. I let my hands caress her wide hips and slim waist on the way to her full breasts. They were even more impressive than I thought. I groaned as I felt them through her sweatshirt. She smiled at my touch and moaned, biting her bottom lip.

I slowly kissed my way from her lips to her neck. The brunette stopped me after a while and sat up. I thought that was the end of it, but I was wrong. I looked into her eyes and saw her desire. She seemed at least a little drunk, but then again she seemed to know exactly what she wanted. She pulled off her sweatshirt. I’m sure my own gaziantep escort reklamları eyes grew big as she reached around herself and undid her bra. It was white and plain and not particularly provocative looking, but what it held certainly was impressive, not to mention arousing!

The coed had an extremely sexy smile and knew it. She used it to her advantage as she let her breasts come free. She watched my expression and smiled in satisfaction as I did my best not to let my mouth literally drop open. I only succeeded partially. She teased me by lifting her full breasts enticingly. I was tempted to fall on them. She clearly expected it. Hell, she was offering them to me, but suddenly I wanted more.

I pushed the girl gently back onto the bed. Her greenish-brown eyes watched me nervously as I reached down and undid the jeans she was wearing. Her eyes grew big, but she didn’t stop me from pulling off her pants. She didn’t help either. Her desire was clearly fighting with her better judgment. I wasn’t planning on giving the latter a chance to win. I kissed her passionately as I wrestled her pants past her hips. It wasn’t easy, but that only excited me more. Her curves were so sexily!

She was tense as I took a moment to pull off my shirt. I was smart enough not to rush it more than I already had despite my desire. I leaned forward and continued to kiss her. The fact that she was completely naked now didn’t escape either of our notice. Her breast felt amazing against my chest and I rested one of my hands on her hip.

Eventually, she relaxed enough to start enjoying the kisses again. She wrapped her arms around me and thrust her tongue deep in my mouth. I could feel her hunger as it mirrored my own. We stayed like that for quite a while, until I was sure she wanted more. I once again began leaving a trail of kisses from her lips to her neck, only this time I didn’t stop there. My lips followed the contours of her shoulders.

I was sorely tempted to move to her breasts, but I knew that’s what she was expecting. They were too impressive not to have gained a lot of attention from the guys she dated. I wanted to surprise her and make this memorable, so I bypassed them and let my lips travel down her soft curves to her taunt stomach and wide hips. I paused there because there’s something about a girl with well defined hips that gets to me. I licked and kissed them for quite a while before moving toward her center.

The coed was definitely reacting beneath me now. Whatever hesitation she felt before was gone. I could hear her gasping in excitement every now and then, and I saw the small goose bumps that appeared as I got closer and closer to my prize. I glanced up at her. Her eyes were locked on mine. There was a need there that mirrored my own. I placed a hand on each of her knees and lifted, spreading her legs wide. I gave her a chance to squeeze them back together. Instead, she placed each of her feet on the bed and let her legs splay open. It was the perfect invitation and there was no way I was going to turn it down.

She had a neat, dark nest of hair between her legs that glistened with her obvious excitement. I kissed her soft thighs and moved my lips along her entrance without actually touching it for as long as I could hold off. Her panting grew even louder. My mouth literally watered when I finally leaned forward for my first taste. We continued to lock gazes until my tongue brushed through her soft patch of hair and touched her center. The coed closed her eyes and moaned loudly as her fingers raked the bed at her sides. She surprised me by actually cumming. My mouth was flooded with her juices and I groaned as I did my best to drink them all down.

I’d never made a girl come so quickly before. A part of me wanted to move up and take her, but she wasn’t ready for her second orgasm yet, so instead I went back to kissing her thighs. They were very sensitive. I lost myself in them for a while. They were soft and shapely without being overly muscular.

It wasn’t until the coed took my head in her hands that I moved back to her center and started kissing again. I think she wanted me to move up on the bed and possibly kiss her again, but she didn’t complain when I stopped and thrust my tongue inside her once more. I worked her pussy hard. It paid off because it wasn’t long before she was thrashing on the bed and looking at me in a way that let me know exactly what she wanted.

I finally moved up the bed and looked down at her. Her eyes were on fire. She wanted this as badly as I did. I think I may have actually growled as forced my cock past her nest of dark and inside her. We both cried out. She was very tight. I tried to go slow, but she wanted none of that. The coed surprised me by grabbing my ass and pulling me deep.

My lips were still soaked with her juices, but that didn’t seem to bother her at all. Her mouth latched on to mine and we kissed lustfully as our shared release grew perilously close. She wrapped her legs around my hips as I drove deep with every thrust. She didn’t speak, but she did start moaning despite our kisses.

I could only hold off for so long. Her pussy was milking my cock like never before and I wanted to fill her with my cum. No, I needed to do it! I looked into her eyes. She read what was coming from my expression. The coed moaned loudly and raked my back with her nails. I slammed inside of her one last time and lost it. I spewed my cum deep. I couldn’t stop myself. I cried out as I did my best to fill her depths with everything I had to offer. Her response was to scream as her orgasm burst from her.

Afterward we lay gasping and panting as we fought to recover. I had no idea who she was. We hadn’t said a word to each other. I didn’t know anything about her other than the fact that she was the best sexual partner I’d ever had. For the moment, that was enough.

I watched her slowly pass out. I’d like to think it was from the great sex and not the alcohol, but it was probably a little of both. I wondered if I should have felt guilty for sleeping with her while she was drunk, but she wanted what happened as much as I did. That much I was sure of. I only hoped she didn’t regret it when she was sober. I nodded off with her in my arms once more.

I found out a couple of hours later that whatever regrets she might have had were passing at best. She woke me up with her very talented tongue. At first all I saw was the mass of dark hair between my legs, but that wasn’t all I felt! The coed looked up and showed me her sexy smile once more. She had my stiffness in her mouth at the time, but if anything that only made her more provocative.

She climbed onto my lap and slowly sank down on hardness. I groaned. So did she. Her hands were resting on the mattress on either side of my head as she bounced up and down. Her full breasts hung tantalizingly close to my face. I lifted my head and buried my mouth between them. I also took hold of her hips with both hands, although I let her set the pace. It wasn’t long before she slammed down hard and came. Her arms grew weak and her breasts smothered me momentarily. I didn’t mind in the least!

Once she recovered enough we started kissing. She didn’t move off of my hardness, not that I would have let her. It felt incredible to be so deep inside of her! It wasn’t long before she had enough energy to start bouncing again, but far more slowly. I did my best to be patient, only I was in serious need by this point. I eventually decided I had enough and I took hold of her hips. I stopped her from bouncing and held her steady. She frowned in confusion until I started thrusting up into her with short quick strokes. Clearly, no one had ever done this to her before. It was equally obvious that she liked it. She liked it a lot!

My hips blurred as I thrust up into her over and over again. Her eyes grew big as she felt her next orgasm building fast. That was a good thing because I was doing all I could to fight mine off. Somehow I held off until she was shuddering over me in release. I literally lifted her off the bed as I slammed up into her and came. I refused to let her move off of me afterward. I held her in my arms enjoying the weight of her against my body as we drifted off once more.

The next time I opened my eyes I could see that the sun was up though it was still early. The coed was no longer resting on top of me. At first I feared that she had slipped away in the night, but I smiled contently when I realized she had simple rolled off of me and fallen back to sleep. She lay on her stomach resting her head on her hands.

I lay there for some time appreciating the site of her. Her hair was quite a mess and she was snoring gently, but neither did anything to take away from her attractiveness. She was naked and her body was just as incredible as I remembered. I took it all in and smiled. I felt something for her that was a lot like the beginning stages of love, but I knew that was ridiculous. I knew nothing about her. Hell, we hadn’t even spoken yet!

I reached out and pushed her hair away from her face. She didn’t stir so I continued to gently stroke my fingers through her dark locks. I watched her sleep and felt oddly at peace. I almost didn’t notice when her eyes fluttered open. She looked at me and her eyes grew big briefly, but then she sighed and smiled ever so slightly. I continued to play with her hair.

She looked very relaxed lying there, but I saw her glance out the window and then to the alarm clock on the side of me bed. I knew she had to leave soon, but I didn’t want her to go yet so I reached out with my other hand and started rubbing her back. She clearly liked it. Her eyes closed and she forgot the time for the moment. I moved my other hand from her hair to her back. I shifted on the bed for a better position as my rubbing turned to a massage. It was something I was good at and most girls I gave one to really appreciate it. This one was no different in that aspect.

I took my time. Her back was tight, but it didn’t stay that way. My hands drifted to the top of her ass and I massage the large muscles there until they loosened as well. The coed moaned into the mattress. I smiled and shifted to her legs. I started at her calves and slowly worked my way up to her thighs. I was rubbing the inside of one of them when she lifted her hips off the bed slightly to give me better access. Two things struck me at once. First, I received a glimpse of the pink between her legs. She was wet and more than ready. Second, her aroma of excitement and need hit me.

I leaned forward and thrust my face between her legs. The coed moaned and lifted her hips even higher. My tongue pushed into her pinkness as I tasted her once more. I continued to lick and suck until her juices literally sprayed my face. If anything, that only made me want her more.

I shifted on the bed and straddled her thighs. She was too spent to move, but that didn’t stop me from forcing my hardness between her legs. I thrust my cock deep inside of her and despite her recent orgasm she moaned. I was in too much need to go slow, but the coed didn’t seem to mind in the least. Her center was wet once more and my cock moved smoothly in and out of her. She was still tight, but she’d grown used to my size.

I held myself up by placing my arms on either side of her head as I slammed in and out of her. This gave me an amazing view of her face as her next orgasm grew. There was nothing gentle about what we were doing now. It was all about need and desire. The cooed realized I was watching her, but didn’t seem bothered by it. She was clearly immersed in the passion of the moment. Her face glistened in the heat of the morning. So did the rest of her. We slid against each other finding a rhythm that drove both of us to the brink.

The coed started moaning and painting. Her expression was one of pure passion when she finally lost it. She clamped down hard on my stiffness and I felt her insides throb. My orgasm burst from me as I filled her one last time. I didn’t so much roll off of her as fall. She shifted with some difficulty and rested her head on my shoulder.

I was half asleep when she kissed me. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t wake me fully. I was too spent. I started to drift off, but stopped when the bed shifted as she got out of it. I heard the shower from the bathroom I shared with my suitemates. She wasn’t in it for long. I got out of bed and threw on a pair of shorts when I heard the water turn off. The coed came out wearing my towel and looked amazing.

I started to reach for her. She saw my expression and stepped away from me quickly. She was smiling, but that didn’t stop her from letting me know we were done. I was disappointed. I was pretty sure she was too based on her expression, but it was obvious that she was late for something. She kept looking at the clock and frowning as she dressed quickly.

I felt bad for her and helped her find her bra. Somehow it ended up under the bed. I also lent her a brush. She was fully dressed and presentable in record time. We shared one last kiss by the door. Despite her need to be gone, she didn’t rush it. I appreciated that. We looked at each other briefly afterward.

She was clearly just as surprised by what happened as I was, but unlike her I couldn’t leave it like this. I opened my mouth to speak, but she stopped me by covering my lips with her fingers and shaking her head once. I sighed and nodded in understanding. She slipped out of my room without a word and I let her. We both knew that this was the way something like this was supposed to end.

I climbed back in bed and tried to sleep, but it was impossible. My room reeked of the mysterious coed. An hour later I was still tossing and turning. I found myself wondering if she and I could have ended up being more than just a one night stand if we’d met differently. It was silly, I know, but there was something about her. It made no logical sense, but I felt strongly that it wasn’t just the great sex despite that being really the only thing we shared.

I fell asleep thinking about her and woke up hours later with her still on my mind. I wanted to go after her, but clearly that would be a mistake. She made it plain that she wasn’t looking for more than what happened.

I got out of bed and took a shower. I knew that she was probably right ending it the way we had. Hell, for all I knew we’d actually hate each other if we actually started talking, but a part of me didn’t accept that. It was also just as likely that she lived far away so even if we did hit it off it probably wouldn’t work out. No, our night together was incredible, but that’s all it was, a night together. I would just have to accept that.

I dressed in silence and opened my bedroom window afterward to air it out. I pulled my sheets off the bed because they were a mess. I spent a few minutes digging into my closet until I found the second set my mother had sent along. I took my time making the bed. Afterward, as I looked around the room and saw that all hints of what happened were now gone, I felt an odd kind of sadness. I left and started wandering around campus.

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