How My Sister Took Over Ch. 01

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This is an adaption of one of my earlier works for a role reversal site. I had to adapt a few things to fit this site’s standards. All of my characters having sex are over 18.

This story contains aspects of domination, femdom, and incest. Of course it is fiction and admittedly pushes the bounds of credibility.


It was well after midnight when I got home from hanging out with my buds and sure enough my twin sister, Evelyn was waiting for me. I was over an hour past curfew, but that did not matter since my parents were out of town anyway.

She immediately started in on me catching me as I barely closed the door. “Where have you been?” she demanded. “I had a date and got back two hours ago. When you didn’t show up I got worried. Why didn’t you answer your phone?”

“Out of charge”, I muttered. ” And I was just hanging out with Roger and Dave.”

“Oh, and like you could not have used one of their phones to call?” she demanded.

“Didn’t think about it.” I said, looking down, trying to get past her. No good, she sidestepped to get right back in my way.

“That is your problem, you DON”T think!. You just do stuff without thinking things out, just like a little kid. HEY!! You were drinking… I can smell alcohol on your breath!” Her voice was high and stringent. ” I am over 18 and can drink. Dad doesn’t mind,” I replied.

“Only beer, you idiot, not whisky. You think I don’t can’t tell the difference?” This was going downhill fast. I knew I had been caught flat-footed. I expected her to be asleep by the time I got home as she usually was.

We were twins but our personalities were no where similar. I guess that comes with being opposite sexes. She was the responsible one. We were scheduled to graduate high school in only 3 weeks. She was likely going to be named either valedictorian or salutatorian. Of course, she worked at it and studied hard pulling straight A’s. On the other hand, I did enough to get by and got mainly B’s with a few A’s in the easier courses. My philosophy was why bust your butt when you can do almost as good with a lot less effort. Of course our parents did not share that logic and expected me to do better.

Evelyn never gave me a hard time about her getting better grades, but she sure did about my lack of effort. And now I was hearing her let out her frustrations for my not paying attention to things at full volume. All about how I always took the easy way, not thinking things through, not considering other’s needs.

I know I should have rebuffed her attack. I could have easily pushed her hand away and forced my way past. But I was taken aback by her verbal barrage. I was admittedly more than a little drunk and she knew it. I was actually a little fearful of her. I stood there and let her unload.

And damned if her fingernail was not sharp, poking me right in the center of my chest as she chewed me out. All I could do was backpedal. I backed a few steps until I hit the front door while she followed. She had lost her point in the center of my chest and as she got right in my face her hand shifted over to my left chest and had me pinned to the wall with her fingernail burying itself about an inch into the skin of my left pec. She was calling me an inconsiderate brat and berating me for everything I had done lately. Saying how our parents had been too lax on me, giving me more room than I deserved. And what a screw-up I was. I was afraid to grab her hand and pull it away. I stood there……and took it.

Then I realized my cock was starting to get hard. Perverted as it might be, I had fantasies about being spanked and by her in particular after reading numerous role reversal stories while jerking off. Sister or not, Evelyn was a fox. She took after our mother. Thank God for cargo pants and boxer-briefs. Hopefully I can get away before she notices.

“Okay, I’m sorry for being inconsiderate.” I muttered, trying to diffuse the situation.” Can I go now?” Anger spent, she turned and walked away leaving me standing there and headed to her room. “Turn off the lights, if you can figure out how.” she called back sarcastically as she disappeared. I did and retreated to my own room. I stumbled as I passed her door. I’d had more to drink than I realized.

When I stripped off my shirt, I saw the crescent shaped mark on my left chest where her fingernail had all but punctured the skin. It felt like it might even bruise. I dropped my pants and laid on my bed, jerking my cock until I spewed all over my belly.

I knew I needed to have a talk with my sister in the morning. If she tells our parents about my drinking and then driving home my ass was toast. That we were drinking whisky and not beer compounded the issue. The last three weeks of the school year would be miserable. Yeah, I was over eighteen but still totally dependent on my parents. They owned my car and paid the insurance. I got a small allowance for spending money. Not to mention the roof over my head and the food I ate. What asyabahis yeni giriş they gave they could take away. That was their mantra. I generally did not cross the line to really piss them off. Drinking was certainly way across the line.

I woke early the next morning. I’d had some wild dreams the night before and, of course, woke with my normal morning wood. Thoughts of last night’s confrontation with Evelyn came back and I stroked myself off before I even got out of bed to piss.

I did not bother to shower. Dressed in my regular tshirt and cargo shorts, I made my way to the kitchen. As expected, Evelyn was already up, a pot of coffee already made, even though she was not drinking any.

She had a glass of what looked like some kind of smoothie in front of her. She was into a big-time health kick. Not exactly an athlete, she played on a couple sports teams, girl’s volleyball and soccer came to mind. She always claimed the activity kept her feeling good and able to focus on what needed to be done. And what she thought needed to be done was half again what other students did. Debate team, school newspaper editor. She was the golden child. I poured myself a cup of java and sat down at the table.

She looked at me with what could almost be called a smirk and asked, “So how do you feel this morning?”

“Pretty good,” I answered, “I was not not all that drunk last night, just a little buzzed.”

“Yeah,” she replied, “Buzzed enough you could not think too straight. Nor walk straight. You stumbled a few times.” When I did not reply she said. You were stumbling right? Admit it.” This was not how I had envisioned the conversation going. I admitted I had enough to drink that I was stumbling.

“You never thought to call me to tell me you were running late. Of course I can see how you would not want to phone and tell me what you were really doing. Out drinking and whisky of all things. Then when I confronted you, all you did was babble and gave me that ‘deer in the headlights’ look.” “Sorry” I muttered. ” No you aren’t.” she said. “You are just saying that. You will be back doing the same crap at the first opportunity”

“No, I mean it” I said. “I have been thinking.”

“OOOH… did thinking hurt?”, she scoffed.

“I am serious.” I said. ” I was thinking that maybe we could come up with a plan to sort of straighten me out. Get me to be more responsible.”

“Yeah, right’ she laughed. “you are looking for a way to keep me from telling Mom and Dad you came home last night late, without calling, and with liquor on your breath.

She was right. I really did not want them to find out. But I needed to say something mature that she would appreciate. “Seriously. I need your help to get back on top of things. We are graduating in a few weeks and will be going to college next year. Last night you told me I don’t know how many times that I was immature and needed self-discipline. Well, thinking about it, I have to admit, I agree.”

Evelyn was laughing a little now. “What I said was you were an immature little brat who deserves his butt kicked so he might begin to think. Glad to hear that this morning you agree I was right. Although I know it will not last. You will go right back to doing whatever catches your attention at the time. You are a horrible waste of potential and that is what pisses me off.”

I was thinking, damn!! now here she is belittling me again. Without really thinking what I was saying I blurted, “Dammit. I am trying to suggest that maybe you could take charge and sort of whip me into shape before I fuck it all up.” I shut my mouth at that point and must have turned completely red. I could feel my face get hot. I had sort of rehearsed this before I came out of my room this morning. I knew I had to use finesse. I had almost blurted out something that would make me look like a world class chump. Or even a full blown pervert.

Her facial expression was classic surprise. She looked at me and said, ” Alright, saying I would even think you would do what I said for even a few days before reverting back to your regular asshole self, what do you have in mind?”

I said, ” I don’t know for sure. Maybe set rules for me to follow and ground me or something when I mess up. Just please don’t tell Mom and Dad about the drinking. Even if I deny it and you don’t have proof, they will believe you.”

At that she laughed and told me how it might last a week until I decided I did not want to go along. I promised I would comply. “Oh, and who says I don’t have proof? I took a video of the whole thing including me pushing you around with my finger.” My mouth fell open. “And when I went to my room it recorded you stumble a bit. I came out and got the phone after I heard your door close.”

At that point she told me to get another cup of coffee and go into the living room for a bit while she thought a few things over. Then she poured herself a big cup of coffee and and walked to her room her face showing no sign asyabahis giriş of what she was thinking..

I went back to the kitchen once for a refill of coffee. Finally she came out and said, “Ok, let’s go to your room.” I followed her wondering where this was going to go.

“Oh, god, this place reeks!!. No wonder Mom makes you bring your dirty clothes out to be washed if you want clean clothes to wear. She probably can’t stand the smell either. All your clothes are scattered on the floor, your bed is unmade, and I would be afraid to go into your little private bathroom for fear some fungus would poison me.” I held my retort. “First things first. Pick up all these clothes and strip the bed. Take it all to the laundry room.” I did not argue and quickly did what she said. “Good boy!” she said, grinning. I know I blushed.

Pointing at my desk she said, “Sit down and write this…. ‘I, John, am a pathetic loser who has asked….no change that to ‘BEGGED’ my sister to take control of my ass to teach me self discipline so I might become a functional unit of society.” “Now write that in cursive, VERY neatly, 300 times.”

I looked at her aghast. “That will take me hours!!” She looked at me and replied..”Ok, now it is 500 times. You either do it or don’t. This is a test to see if you have the balls to keep your word for even a day. Oh and to motivate you, I recorded our conversation in the kitchen. I went to my room to send it to the cloud.”

Evelyn left me to my task. I started writing and after maybe 30 minutes realized this was not an easy task. It was boring and most of all painful. I had not written anything beyond a few sentences by hand for years. I even took notes in school using the keyboard on my tablet. My right hand and forearm were already tired. I decide to take a break, let my right hand rest and count my lines. I had written only 100 lines. I was trying to be neat like instructed, but this was going to take all day!!!

Another hour passed and Evelyn walked in without knocking and asked how I was doing. I stifled my protest that she did not knock. I complained that my hand and forearm hurt, my butt was numb and I was bored with this. She laughed and asked me if I wanted to quit and repeated her comment or if I had the balls to go along with what I agreed to. I gritted my teeth and kept writing. “And it’s a good thing you did not gripe about me just walking in. I was prepared to add another couple hundred lines.” she added with a smirk.

Finally close to supper time I was finished. Evelyn counted my lines per page and then multiplied by the pages and pronounced I had completed my task. She took the pages away. She had ordered takeout for supper and was amused when I barely used my right hand hand to eat. I told her my whole forearm hurt and I could barely move my fingers.

“I guess you won’t be playing with yourself much tonight, huh?” she quipped.. When I blustered, she said she had been doing laundry and could tell what I spent my time doing after seeing my stained and “crusty” sheets. She told me after we ate I was to take my clean laundry to my room, put it away then make my bed and she would be in to check soon.

I had just finished putting the fresh sheets on my bed when Evelyn came in and asked if I was going to quit or wanted to continue. I had resolved to see this through and see where she took it. Plus I was more than a little pigheaded and decided she was not going to get the best of me that easy. I might have my fantasies, but I also had my pride. I was not enjoying this at all but I was NOT going to quit. I had opened the door and she had pushed the issue.

She then told me to sit down and write what she said. “I, John being an undisciplined idiot who can not keep focused on a task long enough to excel, have begged my sister Evelyn to take charge of my pathetic ass. I want her to set restrictions as well as goals for me so I can grow to be a better person.”

“I acknowledge that while we are the same age, she is more mature so should assume the role of dominate sibling while I subordinate myself to her will. She is free to make my rules for me and impose punishments as she deems fitting. signed…..”

“Holy fuck!!” I exclaimed out loud. “You want me write this out?”

“Yep… and sign it” she replied. “Then you are going to read it out loud for a video. Put your ass where your mouth is…. that is, if you still have the balls.”

“If we are going to do this, then we will do it MY way. And if you even try to back out, I will fry your sorry butt. I will let everybody know you make promises and then break them.”

I wanted one caveat. And that was this agreement was between us and nobody else could or would know. Nothing would be done in public that would ‘out’ me. Not even our parents could know. Evelyn assured me that our contract was between us. and then added, ‘As long as I did as agreed.’

Once again, I let my teenage male gonads override my brain. I could not help the erection asyabahis güvenilirmi I sprouted. Looking back, I can see where I knew I really did need some direction and discipline in my life. I wrote it all out in long hand as directed and signed.

I handed the confession /contract or whatever you want to call it to Evelyn. She read over it, smiled and said, “Ok. We begin.” Then I read it as she taped me. “Answer these questions. I will be back shortly.” She left and I read the paper she handed me. It simply asked for my passcodes to my computer and cell phone as well as the password and username on my browsers. I realized right away she would have full access to my websites, but she returned before I could log on to clear history or delete bookmarks. Now why don’t you take your books out to the kitchen table and start studying? Finals are week after next. I want to take a little time and look at your computer.” When I started to protest she just looked at me and told me I was in enough trouble and to not compound things. As I made my way, I decided that this was not measuring up to my expectations.

I could not really concentrate on doing much studying worrying about what Evelyn was doing in my room. About two hours later she came out. “Interesting sites you’ve been surfing little brother.” (Little brother?) “I expected some porn like pics of naked women, but you had a mother load of story sites. No wonder you don’t get much studying done. It would take hours to keep caught up with all those sites. Several I found very interesting in light of our new family dynamic.” I flushed beet red and could not look her in the eye. “Just fantasy reading..” I muttered. “Yeah, and they are going to stay a fantasy as far I am concerned. Well except for a few things. I wondered where you got the idea you blurted earlier about me ‘whipping’ you into shape.” she said. “Was that you being impulsively honest?”

“That little agreement you signed earlier is going to take on a whole new meaning. I was thinking of just grounding you like you suggested this morning, maybe a little humiliation by threatening to out you. But now I am going to take it further.” The first thing she asked for was my cell phone. Examining the call and text logs, she immediately scolded me. “No wonder it took you so long to write those lines earlier. You wasted time texting with Roger about why you can’t hang out and play video games this afternoon. And lying saying you had to do my chores so I would not report you to our parents for drinking liquor last night. You could have simply said you had other things to do, like your chores and studying, but you had to blame me.”

“Sorry,” I muttered. “You will be…” she said.

Then she pulled out her own phone and started messing with both at the same time. When I asked what she was doing, she told me she was changing my privacy settings to those of a child and syncing the phones so she could track me. “I also just made it impossible for you to delete any texts or logs without a special code. I will know what you are doing on this phone. I have already done that with your computer. I will be able to see every site you go to and how much time you spend on the web.”

“Now for some rules to start with: I have been driving to school so I can get there early. You get there at the last minute. That is a waste of gasoline. For the next few weeks you will drive both of us and that means we go early.” I nodded.

“Next, no more of those colored boxers or boxer-briefs you are so fond of. You have a half drawer of tighty whities that you never wear. I know because I do the laundry most of the time.”

I protested. “Why? I like them. Those boxer briefs are a lot more comfortable.”

“That is the reason”, she answered. “You are going to have to start earning things you like. Besides you have a pile of those white briefs. They may a little small depending on how much you have grown, but I am sure you can get them on. Or I could get you some women’s panties if you prefer.” I shut up and shook my head.

“This next part is a no-brainer. We have a week to study before finals. So, no video games with friends or even internet time. We are both going to be studying our butts off this next week. Work hard and you might get some free time next Friday night.”

“That is what review in class at school is all about. To go over stuff and refresh it”, I commented.

“And that attitude is why your grades are ok but not great.” she argued. “Matter of fact, I bet you do not even EXACTLY know the grade you have now in each of your classes.” I shook my head.

She started lecturing me on how I need to know so I know where to put the emphasis into my studying for finals. How it made no sense to waste time if I had a solid grade that could not be changed no matter how well or poorly I did on the final. But if the grade was marginal, I could improve or drop a grade by a letter depending on the final exam.

Damn, she was getting picky here. I’d heard her say this before. Normally I would have blown her off and walked away, but these were not normal times. I sat there politely and listened. Especially when she told me how it could effect my going to college next year. I planned to go to the University we had in town.

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