How a stranger changed our lives

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My name is Jennifer. I’m 37 years old, mother to two children, and married for 14 years. My husband who recently turned 40 is an attractive, intelligent, successful, and a terrific provider to our children whom he loves dearly. I’ve known my husband Christopher for close to 20 years now since meeting back when I was a freshman attending a big state university in the northeast.

I can honestly say on the surface and during most parts of every day, Chris and I have a normal American family life. We live on a lovely farm, ride horses and play tennis together, travel quite a lot, enjoy summer’s at our shore house, and we are close to our families and friends in the community. If you were an outsider looking in I’m completely sure you’d think we had as close to a perfect marriage as possible this day and age.

What people don’t realize about our relationship is that we’ve struggled sexually since an event that happened to us both many years ago now; before we were married and not long after we met. This is my first time actually writing about everything that happened, everything that ended up changing so many things for us.

When I met Chris he was in his last year of engineering and it was pretty much love at first site for me. He wasn’t tall compared to guys I had dated before him, but he played lacrosse for the university and so had his act together academically. I was dating his best friend Alex when I met him, and he was dating a girl named Leslie that had SLUT written all over her.

Alex and Chris lived together, and compared to Chris Alex was a boring guy. I thought Chris was so hot and fun…and I couldn’t stand Leslie after a while. On Friday’s I would leave my dorm room with my duffle bag packed and stay over Alex and Chris’s apartment almost every weekend. They both had lacrosse games on Saturday’s and would leave at like 5 am, and later after I woke up and wait for Alex to return, Leslie would stumble out of Chris’s bedroom and practically give me play by play of their sex the night before. Her rants drove me insane with jealousy, made me want Chris so badly, and caused me to despise Leslie.

I was a thin girl back when I was 18. I had no tits at all, still don’t, but I knew there was always something about my ass, stomach, and legs that a lot of guys liked. I had dated a lot leading up to college, had been having sex since I was 12 years old (I’ll write about that another time), and loved sex more than I should have I thought compared to other girls my age. For so many reasons I totally believed I was with the wrong guy and set off to use whatever qualities I did have to make Chris my guy.

By the time the first term was close to ending Chris knew I was crazy about him and we had several near ‘moments’ behind Alex and Leslie’s back. I schemed every way possible to get close to him and even began to tolerate waking up in the middle of the night to pee and hear Leslie moaning as Chris fucked her in his bedroom. It just meant that we were perfect for each other…so I thought…and I wanted to be her.

My first chance to spend time alone with Chris happened over our session break. Alex went home to Ohio, the dorms were to close down and he had asked Chris if I could stay at their apartment for 4 days until my Mom had a chance to come up and get me on Christmas Eve. Leslie had left for Richmond…and at last I was alone with her man…finally.

In reality I was an 18 year old freshman, Chris was a senior, and admittedly I was nervous to be there alone with him. I remember him coming in the apartment all excited, looking me in the eye and asking me in his sexy confident way, “Hey…its cold as shit out I know…but I want to go camping…wanna go with me”? I was too tingly and wanted to be so cool in front of him, so about a second later I blurted out “YES!” Even though I knew my Mom would kill me. Even though I knew Alex would break up with me if he ever found out.

Chris had this beat up black jeep CJ-7 and we loaded it for camping in like 20 minutes. He told me to bring all my warm clothes, and not a half hour later we were stopping at a food market to get cases of beer, hot dogs, lunch meat, cereal, and these plastic packs of firewood for the camp site. I couldn’t believe I was going up a mountain to a National Park in Chris’s jeep to camp for 3 nights.

That’s when it dawned on me for the first time…I would be sleeping in the same tent with the hottest guy I’ve ever known. Every thought from freaking out about Alex catching me to whether or not Chris brought condom’s crossed my mind in the 3 hour drive to the campsite.

To make a long story a little shorter…by the next afternoon Chris and I had done nothing but set up camp, sleep next to each other, hang out, hike, talk, smoke pot, drink beer, laugh, and grow really close. He was sexy, funny, hard working, and such a partier compared to Alex. He admitted that he didn’t really care much about Leslie, and I told Chris that I didn’t feel like Alex was right for me. The vibe between us was just incredible.

For whatever reason, maybe just to act really cool, Chris didn’t have a problem changing his clothes inside his tent in front of me…and I didn’t want to seem childish so I changed my clothes in front of him. I remember watching him in the glow of the lantern as he took his cargo shorts and shirt off and changed into his boxers. I watched as he bent over and I could see up his muscular ass and his balls and penis hanging between his legs…and I remember I practically passed out with lust. Chris had that laid back hippy thing down, had an amazing body, and it turned me on completely.

The next morning I returned the favor and changed my clothes in front of him. I remember how we just talked like everything was totally normal as I pulled my sweatshirt gaziantep eskort bayan and sweatpants off my body and stood there in the tent naked in front of him. I was in no rush to hide my body and I remember feeling so amazingly comfortable and close to him at that moment. I remember how he pointed out a small birthmark on my thigh not too far from my pussy and told me how cool he thought it looked. I also remember wishing he would just take me right there in the tent and make me his by having sex with me. But…he didn’t touch me.

That next night we had a huge campfire, drank, got high again, and had the best time. I stopped thinking about Alex and my Mom and started acting like Chris’s girlfriend. I started holding his hand and he held me while we talked by the campfire. I knew right then and there I was going to marry him one day…I swear.

Chris and I made out that night in the tent after changing in front of each other for bed. I lay back under the sleeping bags zipped together without a top on and so did he. I was so nervous…but I knew I was wet between my legs and so excited to have sex with him. I wanted him to make a move, but he didn’t, so not being a stranger to first moves I pushed my tongue down his throat and reached into his boxers and found his penis.

I wasn’t sure what to think but I was dismayed to discover that he had only a slight erection. The way he kissed me told me he was totally into me and all I could think was that he was cold or nervous or too high to get hard. I tried to stroke him to make him harder but somehow we found a perfect moment to stop even that and we talked until we fell asleep. I was so into him…I didn’t even think twice about what happened.

Our third and last full day together camping started the same way. The National Park campground didn’t have shower facilities and Chris told me he was going to just wash off outside the tent. I remember how totally cool and erotic it felt being outside with him, taking our clothes off and being nude in front of each other while we boiled water over a propone stove and used it with soap and washcloths to clean our bodies. I got even more turned on than the night before as we took turns with the same washcloth…we both washed our faces first…helped each other with out backs…kept trading wash clothes until it was time to wash our private areas. I remember watching him run the washcloth over his penis, under his legs and over his butt, and thought it was so hot and cool when he handed it to me to clean my pussy and butt with it too. It was cold and we had steam coming off our bodies…and it was one of those connecting moments I will never forget.

I’m not sure I would change anything about my time with Chris up to that point, but it was about 4 in the afternoon when everything would soon change for us. We no doubt looked like lovers and best friends to the few other campers in the camp ground. We met a couple from Canada who came down to celebrate Christmas in the mountains when we were hiking down near a beautiful river. We met two guys that we decided were very gay later in the day while exploring this old stone logging house that a trail led to. We held hands, laughed, frolicked, and I felt like we started to fall in love that day.

At around 4 that afternoon we met a man named Karl at the crude campground bathroom facilities. Chris and I learned he was 46 years old, camping by himself, recently divorced, and paid for a campsite that was hard to see but turned out to be next to ours just around the corner. He told us he almost came over the night before when he smelled our marijuana, that he thought we were an amazing looking couple, and in the most casual and sexy outdoorsman nature type of way complimented us on how happy and comfortable we looked when we sponged off outside our tent earlier that morning.

I’m not sure what it was about him…but the more we talked with Karl…the more I really liked him. Chris really seemed to like him as well, and one thing led to another and we both almost at the same time invited him over to have “dogs, beans, beer, and pot” at around 8 O clock. He calmly agreed and seemed genuinely grateful for the company.

I remember curling up for an hour nap with Chris, after we lit a bowl, and feeling so amazed at how everyone seemed to talk to us and like us when we were together. I remember joking with Chris…literally just a silly comment about how I was “going to be all alone with two hot guys”. Looking back on it…whatever it was that happened or was just said…Chris and I started kissing more passionately than the night before. About 5 minutes after that I discovered that he was really hard for me…I found his cock and pulled it through the fly of his cargo shorts and ended up giving him head for the first time. He was really into me…I fucked him with my mouth hard…and I remember after he came partly in my mouth and on my hand and neck he pulled me up and kissed me for the longest time before we dozed off. At the time I didn’t over think anything, I was just so excited to be with Chris and so confident because he came with me for the first time.

When Karl showed up we hit it off again really fast. Karl talked about his family, his divorce, and how he had the best job in the world owning a large Pennsylvania fishery. We drank beer, laughed, hung around the camp fire, talked about our families and school and futures…it was amazing how we all connected.

After dark and supper…the three of us were really high and pretty buzzed too. Off and on throughout our time together the topic of our conversation would change to sex. Karl and Chris weren’t bashful and told different stories about being with girls, and even though I thought I would be embarrassed sharing my own stories I discovered I wasn’t. Chris and Karl both seemed to enjoy the fact that I wasn’t prudish about sex, and I talked more and more about things I had done and things I would be willing to do with the right guy one day. Chris and Karl did the same…and the sexual energy at our campsite just seemed to grow. I knew I was feeling sexy…and I could feel Karl getting closer and closer to me physically as the night wore on.

At around 11 I had gotten up to go pee and left Karl and Chris talking as I slipped behind what had become our pee tree to squat and go. I had just pulled my jeans over my bottom and began to squat when Karl came up with a roll of toilet paper and said, “Chris said you’d need this”. There I was squatting and peeing there in front of a stranger, a man I had not known more than 5 hours, the sound of my pee hitting the ground as he stared down at me and smiled. For whatever reason…I still can’t explain it to this day…I wasn’t embarrassed or shy or afraid…we just talked and I stood up and felt his gaze as I wiped myself there in front of him before pulling up my jeans. The connection I suddenly had with Karl was electric.

After I wiped myself Karl took out his penis, held it there in view from the moonlit sky, and pee’d onto the spot where my pee had pooled up on the cold ground…and we both talked about how we thought Chris had way too much to smoke and drink. When we had returned to the campfire, Chris was lighting another bowl and smoking it. I remember I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I snuggled up to Chris and tried to talk to him, and while he was smiling and trying to joke about the toilet paper with me…I started to realize that he would soon be passed out. I had seen it in him before, back at the apartment when we all partied together. He was tired and 10 minutes later leaning up against me and pretty much gone.

What happened next is something that I will never forget. Karl and I talked for a while longer until we were both chuckling at Chris’s condition and feeling embarrassed and sorry for him. He looked so cute and innocent to me slumped in my lap, and I was running my hand through his thick hair to make him feel better when Karl suggested that he help Chris get into the tent.

I remember wondering suddenly why Karl had even come over and I felt the connection between us as he stood up and lifted Chris up more easily than I thought he would and carry him into the tent. I followed them and told Karl where to lay Chris down, and Karl even helped me take Chris’s shoes and shorts off to make him more comfortable. I remember thinking how totally insane it was that I was with two guys in Chris’s tent…the same tent I had just given Chris a blowjob in hours before.

Once we put Chris into the sleeping bag…we smiled and laughed together at how awkward the situation was, but I could feel myself wanting to get close to Karl…wanting to kiss him. He smiled and just sat there on my half of the two zipped up sleeping bags staring at me…as if he knew that I wanted him to stay. That’s when I crawled over to the opening of the tent and zipped it up with Karl inside with me…both of us staring at each other knowing what we were both thinking.

We whispered for another minute or two…and then Karl literally took control of everything and reached out and pulled me up so I was kneeling. He then knelt right next to me…so tall and confident…and he reached out and unzipped my heavy hooded sweatshirt and took it off my shoulders. I remember staring at him…already knowing I was past the point of no return with this man…watching him strip me. A few seconds later he pulled another layer off, then a long sleeve t shirt, then my thermal top, and then my bra.

There I knelt next to him as he kissed me…we opened our mouths up…he pushed his tongue inside mine…and he grabbed my nipples between his fingers and pinched them until I flinched and pulled away. I really wasn’t in control of myself any longer and he looked at me still holding my nipples and he said, “you like it like this Jenny…don’t you…I knew that the minute I laid eyes on you”. I remember telling him to stop with my eyes because it hurt, but he pinched harder and knew I wouldn’t open my mouth.

A minute later he stopped kissing and pinching me and pushed me back onto the sleeping bag next to Chris and took a hold of my jeans snap and unsnapped them. He opened the zipper, reached under and I pushed up my butt off the ground to help him grab my rear pockets…and he slid my jeans off my hips…took my boots off…and socks…and pulled my jeans off my legs. He then grabbed my long under ware thermals and my panties at the same time, and pulled them off until I was naked in front of him. I was scared but knew what was going to happen, and trembling. I watched as he stuck a finger inside my pussy and shoved it in deep…me looking down at him pushing his finger inside me next to Chris…thumbing my clitoris…I could only open my legs and let this man take what he wanted. I closed my eyes and felt him slide in and out of me…doing what Chris had not done…doing what I wished he had…and I heard Karl say, “You’re fucking perfect…look at you…so horny and ready…you’re such a slut aren’t you”.

A minute later Karl had undressed himself and did something more aggressive than anyone had ever done to me before. He stood up….his big hard cock hanging down at me…he turned around and straddled both sides of my shoulders and squatted down and made sure my arms were at my side as he sat naked on my chest. His huge back and frame was now on top of me and he lifted up his ass and pushed his cock into my mouth with his hand…squeezing my arms to my sides with his strong legs. He began pumping his cock into my mouth…pushing it down to my gag reflex…whispering to me to relax my throat…and he would ease it past into my throat and fuck parts of me that had never been fucked. His anus was in my nose, I was pinned down by his weight, and he swelled so thick and huge in my mouth while he finger fucked my pussy and throat fucked my mouth.

Chris was totally gone, not 2 feet from what was going on…from me basically getting raped by Karl. Karl would take himself out of my mouth and push his ass to my lips, and grind down until I licked and tongued him back there. I could taste and smell his dirty ass, but just let go and did everything I could to please him and do what he wanted.

When Karl was close to cumming, he stopped and turned around, pushed my knees up to my shoulders and eased his hard cock into my pussy. He slid in easily, pushing aggressively until he bottomed out against his pelvic bone, and he rocked his weight over mine spreading me wider and pushing my feet up against the tent above my head. For another ten minutes all I could feel was Karl fucking my pussy harder and harder. I squeezed my thighs to tighten around him and found his cadence and helped ease him to climax. Suddenly…he wrapped his arms around my body and held me down and against him…pushing my thighs up with the top of his…and fucked me until his sperm started bursting out of his cock into my pussy. I could hear his grunt from down inside his chest as his cum shot out inside me, and I felt his right hand reach under and press fingers into my asshole as he pumped and drained himself.

A few minutes later … Karl quietly stood up and picked up all his clothes and shoes…and unzipped the tent after kissing my lips and telling me I was an awesome girl and a hot fuck. I don’t think I had ever felt so used in my life, but I also knew I would have done nothing to stop him if it all were to happen again the same way. I felt guilty, alive, sad, and upset all at the same time. I had sat up to say goodbye and make sure he zipped up our tent…I could smell the cum and sweat in the tent…Karl’s ass smell on my lips and face.

When I looked down at Chris…me sitting there naked…cum making its way out of my pussy…I pulled my sweats on and noticed that Chris had turned onto his side away from me. I wanted to hold him, I felt so bad for what happened, and tried to get physically close to him to stay warm but also hope he felt me behind him as he slept.

In the morning…we woke up the same way we had woken the previous mornings. We were smiling and talking and laying there next to each other. I really wasn’t sure if Chris knew what happened with Karl and I couldn’t figure out anything as I flirted with him and talked to him. All that I know is about 15 minutes after we woke up, Chris started kissing me and feeling all over my soft goosebumpy skin. Something he had not done the entire camping trip.

I knew I really cared about Chris and wanted to make love with him, and I realized how different I felt with him than I did with Karl. Chris gently took my clothes off and gently kissed my neck, tits, tummy, and thighs before turning around and laying in a 69 next to me on his side. Unlike Karl he didn’t push his cock into my mouth and just started kissing my pussy lips and exploring them with his tongue. A minute later he had my pussy spread and tingly, and he was eating me out so much better than his best friend Alex ever had. Chris was so hard in my mouth and held me close as he tongued my pussy…no doubt sucking out the remainder of Karl’s semen.

I never did climax with Chris. He ended up ejaculating in my mouth before I could get close to orgasm, and I ended up faking it to make him feel good just after his erection went down. By the time Chris and I finished having sex and washing our bodies again outside with the washcloth…Karl had already left his campsite.

I remember packing up the campsite knowing that Chris and I would have to figure a lot of things out with Alex and Leslie…which we did eventually. We grew closer and closer over the next few months and became the best of friends as well.

Chris and I stayed together through his graduation, and my own, and started living together when I wasn’t studying for my Masters Degree. It wasn’t until a year after Chris and I were married however, actually 13 years ago, that Chris and I had our first big noticeable struggles together sexually.

For the longest time I just thought we struggled for obvious reasons. We were apart a lot as his company took off and he traveled, and I had my own issues with school and things. It seemed like one problem led to another, we started to fight, and one day Chris decided to take me away for a long weekend so we could “talk”.

It was there that Chris confronted me about the camping trip, about how he knew about Karl, and we ended up talking for 3 or 4 hours admitting everything we felt that weekend. I admitted I let Karl fuck me, that I liked fucking him, and thought about the night many times since. I told the truth that even though Chris was right next to me in the tent it really didn’t matter to me at the time. I just couldn’t and didn’t want to stop.

And Chris, well he admitted that he wasn’t passed out completely when Karl helped him into the tent. Chris said he had been obsessed with the idea of other men fucking me over the years, ever since that night with Karl. He said he was really high but knew that I wanted to fuck Karl, and he didn’t want to get in the way.

Later on Chris admitted that he totally got off watching Karl use me…and that dynamic has evolved even more in our marriage over 14 years. I can’t say it has always been an easy thing to deal with.

We’ve had several other sexual encounters with others since Karl…but it was one I won’t ever forget…and one that stays with me most.

I’m sure I wrote too much here, and bored you…but it was important for me to share.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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