House of Glass Ch. 03

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Copyright © 2006 Trace Ekies. All rights reserved.

I was sitting by myself in a semi-circular booth at the edge of the dance floor. I had just started my second drink. Smitty’s was a popular dinner/dance club about ten miles North of the city’s center. When I came here after college this area was a cow pasture. But the city grew rapidly to the North; Smitty’s was surrounded by high-rise office buildings and now this area wouldn’t even be considered suburbs.

It was almost eight on Friday night. Kara said she would meet me at Smitty’s after work, sometime about now. Smitty’s isn’t very close to her office but it is close to where we live. The place is a top drawer “meat market”; a favorite meeting spot for the young single professionals that work in the area.

Most of the customers at Smitty’s come right from work. The food is good, though not gourmet; the drinks are generous, even if expensive; and the music is loud, a throbbing disco sound that starts at four in the afternoon and goes until closing. Smitty’s doesn’t officially shut down until two in the morning but it starts thinning out around nine or ten, even on Friday night. The people who come right from work usually get paired off and leave before ten.

The women were dressed to kill: up-lift bras with deep cleavage; short dresses and skirts that made you think the legs went all the way to the arm-pits; and pants that looked like they had been painted on. Most of the women did come right from work. If they had to wear something more professional at the office they carried their dancing attire with them and changed just before leaving. Kara would come directly from the office. I hoped she had remembered to take a change of clothes when she left home this morning.

Kara walked in about eight. I had asked the head waiter to be on the lookout for her. When she arrived he brought her right to the table. We were both hungry and ordered immediately. I was disappointed. Kara was still dressed in her business attire, boxy looking shoes, pants and jacket, a frilly blouse and a little bow tie. I had expected her to change into something more feminine. Of course I knew better than to say anything.

Kara however, could sense my lack of approval. From the way she spoke you would think she had just been told she flunked the bar exam. “I know you don’t like the way I’m dressed, I don’t either. But if we had gotten to discuss my meeting with Grayson the other morning, you might understand.”

I tried to calm her some. “You’re right, we got sidetracked a bit and never got to it.” I asked, trying to take the chill off, “What was the meeting about?”

Kara’s tone lightened. “Well I got pretty upset and the meeting didn’t last long. The bottom line is that Grayson, and probably his wife, are nosing around in our personal business. They know we’re living together and I don’t think they like it.”

I let her talk. “Grayson reminded me that you’re very well known in this town and anything that we do together in public is going to reflect on the firm. If there’s anything that sounds even a little bit wild, my guess is that his wife will make sure I never become a partner.”

I questioned, “And thats why you’re afraid to dress like a woman?”

“Right, they might not know me in here but they surely know you. If you’re seen with someone showing a little cleavage or wearing a short skirt its bound to get back to Grayson and I’ll lose my partnership. I guess I can be as wild gaziantep escort reklamları as I want at home but at least until I make partner, I’m going to have to cool it in public. As Grayson put it, we can’t do anything that will cause us to be noticed.”

“So that means that when we go out, you wear some little business suit and those clunky shoes.”

“You’ve seen my wardrobe. I’ve got several pairs of tight fitting pants, including those leather ones you like so much, and a bunch of show-off dresses or blouse and skirt outfits, all of ’em low-cut, short or both. I’m not soccer-mom yet. I still like looking sexy when I’m not working. But the only thing I dared to bring tonight was some high-heeled open-toe shoes.” Kara patted a good-sized purse.

The food came and we ate in silence. While the wait staff cleared the table we got up to dance. The music had slowed down just as we finished eating. There was something about the way she was dressed that made us both stiff. It was like we had just met and were at some formal ball. There just wasn’t anything sexy about it. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the sexy women on the dance floor. Yes, I was in-love with Kara but with her dressed the way she was it was hard not to notice all the flesh around me.

Kara could tell my eyes were wandering. She wanted my attention but she could tell she wasn’t getting it. She suggested we sit down.

Kara didn’t sit down though. She picked up her purse and headed toward the ladies’ room without saying anything. I guessed she was pretty pissed.

When she returned I barely recognized her. It’s easier to describe what Kara was still wearing than to list everything she had taken off. There was no question that the feminine side of her had arrived. As she crossed the room she was followed by many pairs of eyes, mostly those of men but some women too. She was still wearing the jacket to her business suit, a pair of thigh-high stockings and the high-heels she had brought with her. I imagine that she was also wearing panties but everything else was gone.

She must have had something like this in mind when she bought the business suit. The jacket was perfectly cut. It had a deep vee that accentuated the firmness and the comparative small size of her breasts. She was probably around a 34 B and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Three buttons held the jacket together with one side securely overlapping the other from about nipple level all the way to the bottom. The jacket was long enough to cover her butt and the tops of her stockings; the high heels and flesh colored hose gave her legs a length and shape that would cause any red-blooded male to dream of having them wrapped around his neck.

With her hair down and the brevity of clothing, it was easy to imagine her on top of me, naked, supporting herself on her hands, green eyes staring into mine, lips inches away, nipples grazing my chest, shoulder-length hair tickling my face, and her pussy sensuously moving up and down my cock. Of course she looked good in her business attire but the way she looked now was just plain hot! Her purse could barely hold all the things she had stuffed into it.

Kara put the purse under the table and slid in next to me. She said, “Well, what do you think?”

“That was a dumb question.” My fingertips traced the tops of her stockings. “But aren’t you risking your career?”

“My sexuality is more important to me than the partnership. I probably won’t get caught anyway but I’m willing to risk it.” Kara put her hand on the front of my pants and stroked the growing bulge. She said, “Lets dance. I think I might be able to keep your attention now.” My hand slid under the short jacket and cupped her panty-covered pussy. She was already getting damp. I stood, pulled her up and pushed her toward the dance floor.

The DJ was playing a fast number with a driving beat, one of those that just goes on forever. Everyone was pretty much doing their own thing but still there was a vague resemblance to what was currently showing on MTV. I don’t know when Kara ever got a chance to watch television but her style of dance was very up to date. I can’t say the same for my own.

Kara was being watched by most of the men on the dance floor. Even though her outfit wasn’t any more revealing than what was being worn by most of the women in the club, it was more sexy in that she had taken so much off in order to turn a business suit into a dance outfit. Naturally her exposed legs and the deep vee of the jacket were also helping to maintain the male interest, at least mine. I don’t think this was what Winston Grayson had in mind when he suggested that Kara shouldn’t be conspicuous.

The music slowed down and the lights dimmed on the dance floor. I put my arms around Kara and held her close. Kara said, “I sure am glad that formal edge is gone. In fact, considering the bulge in your pants I’d guess that I’ve got your attention again.” My hands were on her back but they dipped lower as we danced. When I got to the hem of her jacket I dropped my hands a little lower and held the backs of her thighs. Then my hands crept upward until they were holding her panty-covered ass-cheeks. Kara whispered in my ear, “Yes, thats a lot better.”

Our lips touched and Kara thrust her tongue into my mouth. Without heels Kara was five-seven, just five inches shorter than me. But with three to four inch heels she was only an inch or two shorter. My cock was semi-erect while we were fast dancing. Now, with my hands kneading Kara’s panty-covered ass, her tongue in my mouth and her crotch grinding against me, I had become hard, there was nothing ‘semi’ about it.

Kara put one of her hands between us, took hold of my cock through my pants, pushed the lower part of her jacket away and rubbed my cock against the front of her panties. I took my mouth away from hers and said, “You keep that up and I’m going to cum right here.” Just then the lights came up a little and the tempo of the music increased.

Kara said, “Maybe its time to sit down.” We straightened our clothes and returned to the table.

In the booth we sat a lot closer to each other than we had before. The lighting was dim and there was still a cloth on the table that hung down into our laps. I reached under the table and put my hand on Kara’s leg. The jacket had ridden up some as she slid into the booth. With nothing to really obstruct it my hand quickly slipped to the top of her thigh, above the stocking top, on soft bare inner thigh, right next to her pussy. I grazed the front of her panties with my little finger then slid my whole hand down the front of her and between her legs. My fingers grasped the thin material of her panties and tugged it gently aside. As my fingers touched Kara’s bare pussy lips she let out a little gasp then pretended as if nothing was happening.

My fingers slid along the slick surface of her outer lips. Pressing upward I brushed against her clitoris. I rubbed it gently with a single finger. It was just a small nub but I could tell by the look on Kara’s face that it was hyper-sensitive.

Kara breathed deeply; moving the air slowly in and out of her lungs; attempting to control her reaction; trying to keep from screaming. She had her eyes squeezed shut and her fists clenched on the table.

While still using my forefinger to massage her clit I inserted my middle and ring finger into her dripping pussy. Kara quivered and dropped her head to the table. Even with her face buried in her hands I could hear, “Oh God, Dirk, I really want that partnership but it’s not worth giving this up to get it. Pleeze get me out of here; I need to scream.”

While I settled the check, Kara picked up her purse and went to the powder room. When she returned to the table the waiter had been paid and was gone. Kara had freshened her makeup but hadn’t changed her clothing any. She still looked like the main character in a wet-dream; deep-vee jacket, thigh-highs and heels. I couldn’t wait to get home.

The parking lot, primarily for the surrounding office buildings, was dimly lit and deserted. As I walked Kara toward her car she unbuttoned the jacket. She wasn’t wearing anything under it. Just before we left, on her last trip to the restroom, she had removed her panties. When we got to the car, she looked around, made sure no-one was nearby, leaned her back against the car and opened the jacket.

Her breasts were large enough to stand firmly, yet not sag. The aureoles were generally small, quarter to half-dollar size and the nipples were no more than a quarter of an inch long, but they were hardened by a combination of the excitement and the cool night air.

Below her flat belly was a strip of hair, certainly no longer than two inches and not any wider than one-half inch. It ended just above her clitoris and from there down she was cleanly shaved. I could just see a bit of moisture forming on her smooth pussy lips.

I looked at her approvingly, made a low whistle, then stepped closer and ran my hands over her breasts. Kara swallowed my tongue as I played with her nipples. She undid my pants and pulled my cock out, held it in her hand and slowly stroked it while my fingers explored her vagina. I opened the car door and pushed her back gently on the seat with her legs spread and high-heels on the ground.

I ran my tongue up the insides of her thighs, lapping up the pussy juice that had already drained out of her. My nose nudged the nub of her clitoris while my tongue slid between the folds of her pussy. I worked my tongue in as far as it would go while gently teasing her clit with my nose. Kara began to writhe and shake. As her shaking became like a spasm, she jerked repeatedly, punctuated by little screams.

I wanted to fuck her but we heard voices near the car. I quickly put my cock back in my pants while she buttoned up the jacket and sat up. The people passed a couple of cars away. Kara started her car and pulled out of the parking lot. As I walked to my car, I thought about the things we had planned for tomorrow, Saturday.

Kara was going to mow the lawn, why I don’t know. I was willing to hire people to take care of that. Kara had said something about needing the exercise and promised to wear at least a T-Shirt while doing it. I had a man coming to give me an estimate on some remodeling. Kara had assured me that after he was gone I would be ready to fuck her silly. But, she did promise that she wouldn’t take her clothes off while he was there.

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