Hotel Mary

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This is for the person who wanted the name Mary in a story. You will have to give me your email address sometime.


I work at a hotel, small but clean, we get lots of summer traffic but in the winter things slow down, that is how the business is. My name is Sara and I work the midnight to 8 am shift as the night Auditor. It gives me my days to myself and many nights it is so slow I lock the door and take a nap so I have plenty of rest if I want to stay up all day.

I’m a petite brunette, not a girl the guys go for, being small I also have small breast. I don’t use a lot of make up and working nights I don’t hit the bar scene or the partygoers scene. That leaves me to my own devices when I get the urge for self-abuse or gratification.

I guess that’s why when this girl checked in and asked me about the local action I couldn’t give her any details, only where and what time they were open. Her name was Mary Sellers, she was in her late twenties, 5 ‘7″ and about 130 pounds. Like me she didn’t wear a lot of make up, her hair was worn in a ponytail and she was dressed in jeans and a pull over. Thinking back I guess small minded people would think of her as a dyke or lesbian.

Around one AM I heard a car pull in and looked out to see Mary getting out of a car with two guys. They seem to be laughing and the way they were walking they appeared to have had too much to drink. About thirty minutes later a call came in from Mary’s room, she wanted to know if I could bring her some extra towels.

Since it was a slow night and it was late I told her I’d bring them to her room, usually the guest have to come to the desk to get these things. So I locked the door and put up the message to ring the bell or call our number to gain entrance, then went to deliver the towels.

Before I knocked on her door I could hear them laughing and Mary was giggling about something one of the men had said. I thought how fortunate that I had placed her in a room away from other guest so that their noise wasn’t going to disturb anyone. At my knock the door swung open and one of the men stood there in his under shorts holding a bottle o beer. I could see the other on the bed with Mary both of them were semi nude. Jake, the guy at the door, bowed and begged me to come on in and join the fun. I offered him the towels but he took my arm instead. As I was pulled into the room, Jake closed the door and took the towels.

He asked me what my name was and when I told him he introduced himself and his friend Jason.

I wasn’t sure what to do; guest before had propositioned me but I was always gaziantep escort reklamları at the desk and had the counter between us. It was Mary who did the asking this time. Her plea was “Honey I’m not sure I can handle both these young studs, how about helping me out?” Maybe I should have said no and politely excused myself, but the sight of Mary in Bra and Panties, and Jason with his shorts made taught by the swollen cock in them and Jake standing there looking at me with his eyes undressing me, well I couldn’t help myself.

I went to the bathroom and put the towels on the rack and then joined the party.

The room had two beds, and Jake led me to the empty one. He told me, ” Well little darling someone here is wearing too much clothes, why don’t I help you get comfortable.” Before he could get started I jumped on the bed and told him to sit back and relax and enjoy the show. I started to sway with them music playing on the radio unbuttoning my blouse one button at a time. When it was all undone I slowly pulled off my shoulders and arms then threw it at Jake, who howled. Mary and Jason were whistling and clapping to urge me on put I didn’t need any encourage meant. Something had come over me and I was feeling naughty.

When my bra felt Jake crawled on the bed and grabbed me around the waist pulling me to him so, he could get his mouth on my tits. I let him kiss them and lick them as I swayed to the music. I was finished yet so I pushed him aside when I was ready to go on. I un hooked my skirt and slowly let it slide down my legs, then I bent over and kissed Jake as I slide my panties down.

Jake could wait no longer. He pulled me down and buried his face between my thighs, his tongue found my pussy. I squirmed and heaved as he licked and probed me with his tongue. I had heard about it but this was my first time having my pussy ate. I held Jakes head against me not wanting him to stop.

Mean while on the other bed Mary and Jason had removed the rest of their clothes and were fondling each other. Mary had Jason’s cock in her hand and was jerking him off as Jason had his face buried in her breast, sucking each nipple in turn. Jake brought me back to my own pleasures.

Jake had removes his shorts and his big swollen cock was throbbing between my legs as he held my legs apart and crawled close and I took his cock and guided it to my waiting wet pussy. When he entered me I let out a noise of half groan half moan. Jake pressed my legs back over my head and began pumping his cock deep in and out. It had been a long time since I had been fucked and the feeling was sending me over the edge quick. I had a quick orgasm and then a big one. Jake had been drinking too much and so his cock wasn’t about to go off quick. I was happy to oblige when he pulled out and turned my over. I got up on my knees and he entered me from behind, I swear his cock went deeper inside me than before and now he had my hips and was thrusting against me harder and harder.

On the other bed, Jason and Mary were doing the 69. Mary was sucking his big cock with long draws as she took the big cock deep in her throat, pulling it out and licking it and then licking his balls. Jason was giving her pussy a tongue lashing as well and fingering her pussy with three fingers. Between gulps on his cock Mary would let out her own groans and moans of pleasure. Mary broke the rhythm first; breaking free and made Jason lay back on the bed as she climbed on him. She guided his big throbbing cock into her pussy and then she began to rock up and down on his cock while he played with her tits. Her pleasure must have increased because she was making more noise now.

Jake was slowing his thrusting and I knew he was about to fill me with cum. I was ready to go myself and squeezed his cock as much as I could which pleased him. He was telling me he was going to blow and then he did. His cock shot my pussy full of cum, the hot sticky cum seeping out and running down my leg. When he finished he fell back on the bed spent for the time being. I got off the bed and went to clean up.

I returned in time to watch as Jason pulled out of Mary and shot his cum load on Mary’s belly and up to her tits as Mary pulled on it to get the last drops out. She took her finger and wiped some of the cum off and licked her fingers smiling. Then she too went to clean up.

I was still supposed to be working but when Jake offered me a cold beer I took it and drank half the bottle in one gulp. Fucking made me thirsty. We all sat around drinking a beer for a few minutes and nothing was said about what had just happened. No one made a move to get dressed.

Mary grabbed two beers and signaled me to follow her to the bathroom. “Thanks for joining in I wasn’t sure but you looked like you could use some fun,” she told me. “But really I was hoping for more.” “You have such nice round tits and that pussy just begs to be licked.” Then Mary put her bottle down and got behind me and began messaging my tits as she rubbed her pussy on my ass. I had never been with a woman before but for some reason I didn’t mind it. In fact when she sat me on the closed toilet seat and spread my legs I was more than a willing partner. I held my legs in the air as she began tonguing me and fingering my hot wet pussy.

She knew what she was doing and I found I enjoyed it, as she knew I wanted my clit rubbed as she pressed on it and worried it as she sucked on my pussy until I had a big orgasm.

“What did you think of that?’ she asked as she broke free. I was panting from the exertion and she knew the answer already. “I’ll let you know when my pussy stops throbbing” I told her. I would get ever with her later.

When we came back into the room the boys had switched beds. Jake spoke up” hey darling how’s about you girls sucking a couple of big cocks, I’ll even put a little beer on mine.” I looked at Mary and giggled and then Jumped on the bed with Jason and grabbed his cock. He laid back and I began my sucking and Mary was doing the same on the other bed. Mary and I seemed to be in a contest as we kept looking over at each other to see what we were each doing. The men were oohing and ahhing with each stroke,

I could stand it no more and climbed on Jason’s cock. I slide down on his big cock taking the big thick shaft the full length into my pussy. With my hands on his chest I began rising and falling with Jason’s hands on my ass cheeks helping me go up and down. Mary had joined the action in the same way and now it was a race to see who got who off first. That big cock of Jason’s got me off more than once before he finally made noises like it was time to let go.

I climbed off and grabbed his cock and jerked it and sucked it alternately until he exploded a big load of cum on my face and down my throat.

With cum drizzling down our chins Mary and I smiled at each other. The men were now spent and it was time to send them home.

They didn’t bother to shower they just wiped themselves off and got dressed. Offered to do it again sometime when ever we were ready then left.

Mary and I went to the showers. The warm water cascaded over us washing the sweat and cum of the men off. I washed Mary’s back and then reached around and washed her tits and belly. Mary leaned back against me and my hand slide down to her pussy and I washed it or rubbed it. Mary moaned at my touch and I slide down in the shower and turned her to face me as I parted her legs and slide my hand over her pussy and her clit. My mouth covered her pussy as the water washed over me. I licked her lips and fingered her deeply as she moaned with the touch. When I felt her tense up I knew she had her orgasm so I took one more lick and stood to face her, “MMM that was nice, we well have to do this again some time. Now I have to get back to work.” I dressed and left with a promise of the future. I hope it was going to be the near future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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