Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 01

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Megan seemed right from the very start, but I was still in the afterglow of the long-term relationship with Robin. Three months had passed, and I was still saddened from the breakup…it was hard to let go…you know? Of course, it was sad, but we did part in a good way…and I was ready to move on. Thankfully, I still had Darin and now Benji in my life; the sex was good between the three of us, but I still missed having a girlfriend. On top of everything, I was a little apprehensive and not wanting to replace her with any warm body. Darin knew how important it was to me and he likes to think he made me start looking.

I was meeting with my Teaching Assistant over coffee; we needed a brief meeting before the class, on Tuesday. I wanted to incorporate her site visit and photos into the packet, we were giving to the students.

“Yeah, we can stay here or take our coffee to the office…but what you’ve got here is perfect, Janie. This will merge with no problem.”

“Thanks, professor…and I’m okay hanging out here.”

“Let’s just stay here, then and just call me Rob.”

“Have you reviewed what I put together? I’m still going to bring in some more context; I think it will direct them to a more informed approach…you know?”

A young woman approached the table with a big rice crispy treat, while Janie continued talking, “Um yeah, it all looks good and bringing in the context will give them everything they need…I can photocopy portions of the diary, I was talking about. This’s my roommate, Megan; she helped me find the diary.”

“And Megan, this my professor…or rather Rob.”

The light brown hair, forming a ponytail, bounced when she nodded and smiled, “Nice to meet you, professor Rob.” The tight-fitting jeans and t-shirt hugged her firmly toned body.

“Nice to meet you, roommate Megan.”

“This’s good work you two…this gives us historical look at the land and its stewardship.”

“Megan, do you have some time to grab a seat and talk history?”

When I left for home, I thought the world of Janie and her gifted approach to teaching, but I thought Megan was smoking hot. She was a 23-year-old T. A. in Library Sciences…a sexy librarian.

During that first encounter, I struggled to focus my attention on her face (or Janie), because her tits were an eyeful. Either she had big, hard nipples or puffies poking through her bra; they were almost impossible to ignore. The t-shirt hugged her body and showed everything she had to offer; the shirt had “Books Make Everything Better” across the front and I tried to cover my adolescent behavior by asking her about the shirt. She smiled, “I’m in library sciences and I got it at a library symposium…yeah, there are library conventions. I know it sounds geeky, but they can get wild.”

“I bet they can,” I smiled.

Before they left, she handed me her phone number and email, “If you have any questions…um…well…about research, the libraries or anything, just call me.”

When she turned and headed out with Janie, my eyes followed her cute butt out the door. It was tight, with a little bounce, and the way it filled out the jeans was breathtaking. If that wasn’t enough, to guarantee my call, she peeked back through the window and flashed a sexy smile.

I, of course, called and a week later, we had a first date; it was a great time and we had one of those memorable, but awkward, evening-ending kisses. It was the type of lingering kiss that you didn’t want to end, but it was only a first date.

But a few days later, I asked her out again…and that second date was crazy, hot. We checked out Open Mic Night at a campus bar…the music was great, but it was obvious we both were more interested in each other. We moved to a quiet corner way back from the stage and talked.

Making-out and playful gropes, defined that part of the evening, and I was ready to fuck her right there, on the table…for the entire bar to see. She ran her fingers over my crotch and full-on grabbed through my jeans. I grinned, “Yeah, I knew there was something special about you. Like what you got there?”

“You bet,” blushing and nodding, “Let’s say my interest is piqued, but you really had me when you said, do you have some time to grab a seat and talk history?”

After that I got more relaxed; I went beyond flirting with her breast and brushing it with my hand. My fingers dug in; it was enough to satisfy me, but I seriously wanted to shove my hand inside and really check things out. But then my hot librarian made another bold move, “Well, I want you to stay the night, but you’re Janie’s boss.” She got a super sexy grin, “It could be really awkward when she hears you screaming in ecstasy…you know?”

“Oh really? Ecstasy?”

“Yeah, screaming in ecstasy.”

“You may be the one screaming,” I grinned, “and I can’t wait to see how you explain your moans to my roommates.”

We headed back to my place and started kissing on the steps; I think I started to slide her shirt up before we even got to gaziantep escort reklamları the door. Fortunately, nobody was home when we got there, because the minute the door closed, we were all over each other and clothes started coming off. She thrust her tongue into my mouth, and I pressed my hardness into her belly.

Entangled in each other’s arms, I jokingly offered her a drink, “Beer, wine, martini…or maybe a Manhattan?”

“You tease…all I want is right here…no drinks required. Now, bend me over that couch or take me to the bedroom!”

Once in the bedroom, she dropped to her knees and slipped my underwear off. “Oh shit! Jeez, you are bigger! But it’s okay…or its more than okay…its gorgeous…it’s a gorgeous cock. Sorry, I sound a little awkward…but…um…I’ve never seen one like this.”

“You mean circumcised?”

“No, my ex was circumcised, but he was thinner and not as long…he was smaller…just a lot smaller…and you’re not.”

“Megan, it’s all fine…but now that we’ve got that out of the way…continue. Go ahead, grab it…hold it…or maybe taste it.”

She got a sexy grin, and using both hands, carefully explored with her fingers; it was arching upright and bobbing over my abs. Inches from her face, she was staring trancelike and carefully stroking the shaft, yearning for its satisfying pleasure. Then she cradled the balls in her hand; she appeared to be assessing their weight, while her fingers sensed shape and size.

She nudged me to lie back and, again, took it with both hands, slowly closing his fingers around its throbbing girth. She stared into my eyes and ran her hands up and down the shaft. She licked wildly, slid her lips down over the head, and triggered my intense moaning. As it pumped through her lips and her tongue worked the shaft, I gripped her head and pushed her deeper.

“Oh…god, Megan…fuck…fuck…yeah, that’s good…yeah…fuck, that’s good,” I groaned, watching her ponytail bounce and her lips slide up and down my dick. She grabbed my butt, to push it deeper; she wanted what I wanted and impaled herself, till it poked her throat.

Bobbing hard and riding it with her face, my dick felt like a steel rod. She was trying to take it all and her throat was loud, “Ga, ga, ga, ga…uhhhh…uhhhh…ga, ga, ga, ga!”

“Fuck…Megan…Meg…an…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…that’s so good…that’s it…take that dick…take it all…take it deep…jeezus…fuck…yeah…yeah!” Despite an awkward moment or two, she certainly knew what she was doing, now.

I’d found a talented cocksucker; spit was hanging from her lips and dripping over her tits. I started to paw and grabbed a big handful…my hand was full and feeling the weight. Her bra really needed to go because those nips…those fun-sized nips were calling my name.

She pulled off admired her handiwork; it was rock-hard, spit-soaked and swaying proudly. She smiled up at me, giddy with her shiny, new toy, before going back at it again. It felt so good, I was reluctant to stop her, but I was ready to fuck her till she was screaming.

“Hey, I think it’s my turn to do you…but you have way too many clothes; let’s get you out of that underwear.”

She too was reluctant to stop, but lifted her head, letting my dick pop from her lips. She got a huge grin when she saw a bead, at the tip.

“Mmmmmm…you taste good, too.” She rolled back and laid next to me, savoring the reward.

I slipped her bra off and her breasts were perfect…rounded, firm and full. The nipples stood erect, above the puffy areola, “Fuck! You are gorgeous…those perky tits…and puffies!”

I felt the warm, fleshy mound filling my hand. I’d groped them all night, but they were better than I had imagined; they were amazing…the puffy areola stood proud of her breasts. I ran my fingers down her nipples to explore the exquisite erections. With my lips stretched, I got as much as I could in my mouth…and I felt the engorged nips under my tongue. I licked and suckled, circling each nipple with my tongue, savoring the raised puffy nips that crowned each breast.

“Yeah, that’s it…suck those titties…they’re yours…all yours! Mmmmm…lick’m…suck’m…yeah, that feels good…yeah…yeah…yeah!”

“Oh god, I want you…need to get a condom.”

She had tensed up a little (she was still nervous), “No…ahhhh…ahhhh…no, I’m on birth control…I want you…no condom.”

Her eyes were wide open, savoring the moment when I tried to push inside, but then we quickly realized more preparation was going to be needed. My hot librarian was tight as hell, so I leaned down and ran my tongue through the tiny slit. “Sorry, it’s really tight…use some oil…oh, that’s way better…mmmmm…yeah…yeah!”

Gently teasing her clit, I licked up and down between the tight inner lips, pushing my tongue inside. “Oh god…oh god…that’ll do it, Rob…Rob…Rob…Rob, eat my pussy…yeah…eat my pussy!”

She was tight enough, that I realized why she seemed nervous…and I even wondered if she’d ever had a cock inside. She talked about her boyfriend, being smaller, but maybe they never actually did it…maybe she was a 23-year-old virgin. My concern was growing, until she groaned, “Aaaah…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, I love having a man between my legs! Especially a man that knows what he’s fucking doing…yes…yes…that’s so good…so good.”

She groaned as I drove my tongue back in. “Oh, yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…that’s it…right there…yeah!”

I pushed my fingers inside, pumping gently and flicking her clit. I guess I knew it was good, because she was throwing back her head and pumping her hips to fuck herself.

I sampled the sex on my fingers and slid my hands up over her tits. My fingers dug into the firm flesh, savoring the puffy areola; their prominence fascinated me. They were raised and clearly defined from the beefy D-cup breasts. The more I teased her nips, the more they seemed to puff-up…and the harder they got. The eraser-like nipples got super hard and topped the puffy areola, almost like candles on a cupcake. “Sweetie, you got first class puffies…so fucking sexy.”

I was still rubbing her clit, “Oh god, Rob…oh god…mmmm…you can have all the puffies you want! And you can do my pussy all night…yeah…yeah…all fucking night…keep that up.” I thought to myself “all night” sounded damned good…my cock was pulsing, almost twitching, from my senses and the mental picture that overwhelmed my brain.

As her orgasm started to build, her hands gripped, her legs held me tighter and I put all my attention on her clit. When I took it back between my lips and flicked with my tongue, that was all she could handle. She moaned, “Oh…oh…oh god…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s make’n…make’n me cum!”

Her body shuddered, and her grip tightened; she was cumming hard, moaning loud and bucking her ass off the bed. It was a long…intense orgasm, and her body melted over the bed, when the moans finally dissipated.

She splayed her legs out, thinking I would try to take her pussy, again, but I pushed my tongue inside…I worked up and down her slit, circling her labia and fucking with my tongue. Going easy after her orgasm, I gently teased her clit, just grazing it with the tip. The moaning continued, “Oh my god, Rob! That…oh god…that was perfect…perfect…that orgasm was the best!”

I grinned and kissed my way over her body, till our lips met. Her tongue shot through my lips and my tongue tangled with hers, sharing the taste of honey. “I’m so worked up thinking about your big dick, but that tongue,” she giggled, “set the bar very, very high.”

She grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled them back as far as she could, spreading herself even wider. I spanked it over her pussy, ran the cockhead through her slit, and pushed forward, barely splitting the lips.

I shook my head and smiled, “You know, let me get lube…you’re wet, but it’ll make things perfect.”

She whispered, “I can be a little tight…just take it slow.” She flashed a sexy grin, “I promise I’m worth it.”

I worked lube over my dick and then inside, with my fingers. The lube made my dick look both enticing and ominous, but she looked up, “Oh my fucking god…I want that! I gotta have you…Rob, put it in and fuck me.”

“Oh god that’s tight…tight pussy…that’s it, pull yourself open…yeah…yeah, that’s it.”

I gradually pushed my way inside, and felt her lips stretch to envelope the shaft. She was crazy tight and moaning, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…oh my god! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

Careful not to go too deep or too fast, I kissed her, and started with slow, gentle strokes. I moaned quietly, “Megan…you are so…so tight…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…you okay?”

“Yeah, just go easy…it’ll stretch…uhhhh…uhhhh…good…feels amazing…it stretches me so good…real good!”

The strokes were getting longer as I pumped deeper, until I hit bottom. Her groaning increased, “Oh god…mmmmm…mmmmmm…Rob, no…no guy has ever fucked me like this…ever.”

I felt better after realizing virginity was no longer a possibility…she was just tight and accustomed to small dicks? I was trying to make sure it wasn’t painful, and she was sharing the pleasure, I felt. Fortunately, she did start to loosen up, and I could sink it all, in one thrust.

She groaned louder, wrapped her arms tight, and started rolling herself into me. “Oh my god, fuck me hard…harder…hard…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s good…yeah, like that…Rob…oh Rob!”

We were fucking hard, and her long legs were spread wide but clinging tight, as I pounded her, over and over.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah…yer cock…yer cock feels so…so good, sweetie.”

Her legs loosened their grip to where she could work her hand between us to work her clit. I was pumping her faster, but still being gentle; her pussy was stretched tight, and every time I pushed in, the lips clung tight and followed the shaft inside.

“I want ya to cum for me…cum for me…cum in my pussy…yeah…yeah…gimme that cum…yeah, gimme your cum!”

“So close…so close,” orgasm ripped through her body, “Oh…oh Rob…yes…yes…yes…Rob, cum with me…cum with meeeeeee! God…oh god…cumming…cumming”

Slamming my body against hers, I felt her squeezing my dick with muscled pulses. I moaned louder and my body stiffened, “Fuck…Megan…fuck…fuck,” and I felt my cock jerk inside, as cum pumped into her pussy.


The next morning, I put her coffee on the nightstand and sat up in bed with mine.

When she opened her eyes, I smiled and brushed her hair back. “Good morning, sweetie, you got coffee over there…I hope you slept.”

“Well good morning! I slept great…thanks to our sexual gymnastics, last night” she pulled herself up, sinking into the pillows and reached for the cup. “Mmmmm…coffee in bed…and what a handsome sight you are in the morning! I could get used to this.”

“I can, too…by the way I think we were both right.”

“About what?”

“Well, I think we were both screaming in ecstasy,” I grinned.

“I know you may not believe me…or I maybe you would. I really wanna scream some this morning…but really soft screams, so I don’t wake up your roommates.”

“Can I ride you,” she giggled, “I didn’t get enough last night.” She reached down under the blankets and felt wood, “What’s this?”

“That’s your fault…it just grows that way when I got a hot librarian in bed.” Grinning, “I wouldn’t mind screaming in ecstasy this morning, either.”

“I’m so super horny, Rob.”

I kissed her and took one last sip, “Well, we need to take care of that.”

I worked some lube inside, “There, that feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, real good, sweetie…you gave me a workout last night.”

I stroked some over my dick and she perked up, “Hey let me help with that.” Laying back onto the pillows, I watched her cover every inch and bring my dick to complete arousal.

She grinned, “There, he looks ready,” and straddled it. I pressed into her pussy lips, and she took over. She groaned as she lowered herself and my cock split her wide open, as it slipped inside. “Ahhhh, that’s it…that’s what I need…ahhhh…yessss…yessss…that’s good…yesss…yeah, so fucking good!”

She giggled when I grabbed her tits, “You really like my titties, don’t you?”

I pull her down to get my lips around a nipple, “Mmmmm…yeah…fuck yeah…what’s not to like?”

“That’s perfect, sweetie, because I’m smitten with this big thing…it stretches my pussy…so good…uhhhh…uhhhh…so good!”

She groaned, “Yeah…yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…it’s a perfect…perfect cock…uhhhh…uhhhh,” as she started to roll her hips, working her pussy up and down the hard shaft. “So good…ahhhh…so…so fucking good…yeah…yeah…yeah…oh god yeah!”

Picking up the pace and riding faster, “Fuck…yeah…yeah…you really need to ask me out again!”

I know I was grinning when I responded, “Maybe tonight? I was really hoping to go out with this sexy librarian I just met…you know? Do you think she is available?”

I looked into those big blue eyes, “As long as I can still walk,” with a sexy grin, “now give me that cock…and that sexy librarian might just take you out to dinner, tonight.”

I started humping up into her, stuffing my dick deep into her pussy; rolling her hips to meet my thrusts, she squealed with delight. Her moist pussy lips rippled up and down the thick shaft. Taking every last inch, she rode it from tip to base, each time coming to rest in pubes.

I moaned, “Megan…fuck me…fuck me…ride it…ride me…ride me…uhhhh…uhhhh…god damn…ride me…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…fuck yeah!”

Her big, perky tits rocked up and down; I couldn’t resist and pulled her forward to lock my lips around a puffy.

She reached between her legs, and frantically fingered herself, “Fuck me…yeah, gimme that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…uhhhh…yeah, gimme that big…that big dick!”

“Oh God…yeah, don’t stop…don’t…don’t…don’t stop,” she moaned. Her head nodded to the side and her eyes rolled back. Orgasm started overwhelming her body, and I felt her pussy tighten.

“Oh Rob…oh Rob…Rob…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck…cumming…oh god, I’m cumming!” Her entire body shuddered as orgasm rippled through her body, waves of pleasure coursed through her lean frame. “Oh Rob…don’t stop…don’t stop…fuck me…yeah, fuck me…don’t stop…cumming…cumming…uhhhh…uhhhh…goo…good…so good!”

I fucked her through it, “I can feel it, too, Megan…damn…work that dick…yeah work it!”

She rolled off my lap and grinned, “I hear you scored a hot date with a super, sexy librarian, tonight…but she’s got to drain that dick, first…and leave good a lasting impression.”

She shoved it in her mouth, embracing the taste of pussy. Both my hands gripped her head and I started thrusting into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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