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The temperature on her Mercedes SUV read 96 as Mary pulled into her driveway after an early morning spin class. Another hot and humid day awaited. She noticed her flowers needed water, and put it on her very short list of things to do. She sighed. Her life had not turned out the way she planned. At all.

Mary graduated with advanced degrees in computer science and statistics, and was working at a top internet security firm as a data analyst when she met Richard. Richard was 15 years older, and he was a senior VP at the firm, and very wealthy. He was charming and attentive, and they had a whirlwind romance and were married a year later, when Mary was 23. Now 35, she looked back on the last 12 years with regret.

Things were fine with Richard at first. She continued working, and he doted on her and treated her like a princess. Their weekly scheduled unsatisfying, always the same and over way too fast sex was frustrating, but as a young woman the whole package — lavish vacations, the best restaurants, a beautiful home — made things worth it. It wasn’t long, however, before Richard asked her to stop working and stay home. He wanted her to take over planning the building of a new house, then to get ready to start a family.

The house got built, but the family never materialized. Richard’s attention waned, and now here she was, 35 and bored. Home alone almost every day, and recently alone many nights, as well. Ever since Richard hired that new perky blonde 22 year-old personal assistant he was home for dinner less and less, working nights, he said, and their weekly trysts were skipped more than they occurred. In fact, it had been more than 6 months since they had sex.

Mary walked into her bedroom and started to change into her “backyard” bikini, a tiny Wicked Weasel she would never wear in public. She looked in the mirror as she undressed, and was pleased with what she saw. A pretty face with minimal wrinkles and big brown eyes over a size 3 body with natural 36 D breasts and no sag. The spin classes, swimming, and weights kept her toned. She looked good, but with a sigh thought…I’m not 22 anymore.

Putting a cover over her bikini, Mary walked out front to water the plants. She was deep in thought about her life and disappointment and whether her husband was having an affair when she was startled by a man’s voice asking if he could use the hose to get a drink. She looked up into kind, striking grey eyes that reflected the blue on the man’s sweat soaked tank top. He apologized for scaring her, then explained, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I got lost on my run this morning and could really use some water on this hot day.” Mary handed him the hose and he poured the water over his head, letting it run down his body. Her eyes went down as the water cascaded over his shirt to his shorts, and it was impossible to miss this man was in great shape. He had wide shoulders, a trim waist and hips, muscular arms, and when he lifted his shirt to wring it out, Mary saw perfect 8 pack abdominals. Her eyes continued down as the water flowed over him, and through his wet shorts she could see the outline of what looked like a snake. Startled, she looked up again quickly, just as he was about to take a drink from the hose.

“No, don’t drink the hose water!” Mary exclaimed. “Come in the house and let me get gaziantep escortları you a fresh drink of water.”

“I don’t mind, and besides, I certainly can’t come into the house like this” he explained pointing at his sweat and hose soaked body.

“OK then,” Mary replied, “come on in the backyard and I’ll bring you out some cold ice water.”

“I don’t want to be a bother. I’m sure you have things to do.”

Mary chuckled at the notion of her being busy and said, “Don’t be silly. You need to hydrate if you’re going to run on a day like this.”

As she led him into the backyard, he introduced himself. “I’m Chuck.” “Mary,” she replied. It’s great to meet you.

“Wow! Your backyard is amazing! It’s an oasis back here” Chuck exclaimed, as they came through the gate. Mary, who loved her backyard but had not thought of its beauty for years thanked him and went in to get some water.

“You can take a swim if you want” she called over her shoulder as she headed in. She heard him dive in and start to swim slow laps. When she came out with the water, he was walking out of the pool, dripping wet. She couldn’t help but stare at his tightly muscled body as he walked out of the shallow water. Mary gasped as his lower half was revealed. The outline of his penis was clearly visible in his loose, wet shorts, and it was huge. She couldn’t help staring, and was mortified when she saw Chuck looking at her. But if he noticed her looking at his cock, he didn’t let on.

Chuck drank his cold water, thanking Mary effusively for the hydration and the swim. “You’re welcome to go back in if you want,” she said.

“Will you join me?” he asked.


When Mary took off the cover to reveal her bikini clad body it was Chuck’s turn to gasp. He blushed when she noticed him looking, and put his head down. “I’m sorry” he said sheepishly, “but you’re, um, very attractive. I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable.” She laughed and told him it was fine and she considered it a compliment, then dove in the pool.

For the next hour they played in the water and talked. Workout routines, movies, then literature. They had both recently read I Know Where the Crawdads Sing, and loved it. She suggested Poet X for him, while he thought she would like Aristotle and Dante Discover the Universe.

“It feels like I’ve known you for years” Chuck said at a pause in the conversation. “It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to anyone like this.”

“I feel the same way” Mary replied, looking into Chuck’s eyes, “it’s been a while since I’ve connected with another person, too.” With that she began to tell him the story of her last 12 years, finishing with the fact she “knew” her husband was having an affair with his young assistant, and either she was intentionally ignoring it, or didn’t really care. By the time she finished, tears were pouring down her face. “I’m so sorry to lay this all on you, but I don’t know how I got to this point, and I’m so unhappy and feel trapped.” Chuck put his arm around her, telling her it was OK, he was happy to listen.

“Your husband is a fool,” he said. “You are amazingly intelligent, beautiful, sweet, and unless I’m very wrong, a wonderful person.” Mary looked up at him, tears in her eyes, and leaned in for a kiss. Their first kiss was small and chaste, but when it broke and they looked into each other’s eyes, there was an undeniable electricity. The next kiss was passionate, wonderful, and she was tingling, her nipples growing erect and a wetness developing between her legs. But he quickly pulled back. “Are you sure?” he asked. “I don’t want to take advantage of you when you’re vulnerable.”

“I can’t think of anything I’ve ever wanted more” Mary replied, and she aggressively pulled in him for another kiss. This one lasted a long time, and when it was finished she breathlessly asked him, “Do you want me?”

“More than anything, but…”

“Is there another woman?”

Chuck looked so sad when she asked that, and it was a while before he responded. “My wife died 2 years ago. Breast cancer. She was the love of my life, and I’ve shut down since. I barely see my friends, and have immersed myself in work and exercise. Today with you is the most I’ve interacted with another person since she died.” His eyes were moist when he said, “and it’s been wonderful.”

They kissed now with passion, a yearning and need for each other on a physical and emotional level. Chuck traced the outline of her bikini top with his fingers, then very deliberately untied the string around her neck, letting the small triangles of fabric fall away. “My God, you’re perfect.” He lightly touched her nipples, rubbing them gently, and she felt tingles of electricity all run through her body down to her center. Chuck moved his lips down her neck to her breasts where he licked circles around her nipples before flicking them with his tongue. He gradually increased his pressure until he was sucking on them, taking turns left to right. Mary was more aroused that she ever had been in her life, sitting in her backyard with a man she had just met with her top off and his mouth on her sensitive breasts.

Coming up for air, Chuck looked into Mary’s eyes, and asked again if she was sure she wanted to do this. Her answer was another passionate kiss, with her hand reaching down his chest, tracing the lines on his stomach muscles, then lightly touching his penis over his soaked shorts. He was rock hard and huge, and he trembled when she touched him. “My God, that feels amazing” he sighed. “It’s been so long…”

She took his hand and led him into the house, both of them dripping wet all over the floor as they headed to her bedroom. They kissed, standing, as they entered the room, but soon found themselves on the bed. Chuck’s kisses started to drift down Mary’s body, to her neck, between her breasts, over her belly button, and finally to the top of her bikini bottoms. She shivered as he traced the outline of the tiny suit with his fingers, then untied it on the side. After removing Mary’s bikini bottom, Chuck began to tease her clit with his tongue. She was in heaven when he started to lick her in earnest, using his hands to flick her nipples and caress her stomach and legs as he did so. Their movements together became almost desperate as they explored their shared passion. When Mary came, it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, and she screamed in pleasure and locked her muscular thighs around Chuck’s head.

When she relaxed, he got to his knees in front of her prone body and she looked up at a cock that was at least twice the length and width of her husband’s. It fascinated her and scared her a bit, but mostly it turned her on. She reached up and touched it, then brought her face up to kiss it. She worked her mouth around the massive shaft as best she could, but he pushed her away. “I want to be inside you and make love to you.” His eyes were questioning, unsure. It had been years since he’d been with a woman, and more than a decade since he’s been with someone other than his wife. Mary reassured him, “I want that more than you can imagine,” she replied, “But you’ll have to take it easy and be slow. Your penis is huge — much bigger than I’m used to.” Chuck positioned himself over her and kissed her deeply. He allowed Mary to guide him into her, taking his cues from her as to how deep to go and when. When he was fully inside her, she gasped for air; she had never felt anything like this. He started with slow movements, her wetness coating his cock as he slid in and out of her. After a few minutes, he got up on his elbows as he continued his deliberate motion and looked down at her, almost reverentially. “You are so beautiful” he said. “Your eyes… it feels like they can look into my soul. And your face, like an angel. And that body. Jesus, that body. Made for this.” He lay back on top of her again, pulling himself up higher on her, and started grinding into her pelvis deliberately and in small circles, stimulating her clitoris. Mary had never had an orgasm during intercourse before, but with Chuck’s huge cock filling her up and with his hips moving in slow circles, first one way then the other, it wasn’t long before she had her second screaming orgasm. She clawed at his back and wrapped her legs around him to bring him closer to her, further inside her. For the first time in her life, pure animal instinct took over in bed.

After she relaxed following her orgasm, Chuck straightened his arms and picked up the pace of his lovemaking. He began to move in and out of her more rapidly, with almost the full length of his penis sliding in and out of her. While he was making love to her, he began to run one hand over her body almost desperately, the animal in him taking over, as well. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, and began to pound Mary with a fierceness that surprised him. His hands were on her ass now, as he impaled this beautiful woman who was beneath him. Mary moaned in ecstasy, feeling as though this was the first time she had ever really had sex. She wanted it to last forever… And Chuck could last — his conditioning wasn’t restricted to exercise apparently. But after what seemed like hours but was probably close to 30 minutes Chuck breathlessly said, “I’m going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?” Mary’s answer was to pull his ass into her with his hands. “Please, I want to feel you come inside me, Chuck.” The way she said his name and the look in her eyes send him over the edge, and he shuddered as he sent wave after wave of sperm into her. Chuck was still shaking when he finished, and he fell into Mary’s arms like a child. She held him tight, with feelings that couldn’t be real filling her head. He finally picked his head up and, looking deeply into her eyes, said, “That was amazing. You are amazing. I could fall in love with you so easily.” Her eyes teared a bit when he said exactly what she had been thinking.

Chuck rolled off and held Mary close, both of them in the afterglow of wonderful sex and with the thoughts of what the future may hold in their minds…

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