Hot Romance during Virus Fear

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Big Tits

Chapter 1

Widower, Doug Childs (66), rolled off the 32-year old neat-looking blonde, his latest girlfriend with blue eyes, attractively slim around the waist and possessing great shaped ones, ah two actually. He began towelling anything wet or damp within reach including his brow.

“Doug, why do you want it so often?”

“Because, baby. we’re under COVID-19 semi lockdown and there’s little else to do.”

“Asking you to come and live with me resulted, as planned, in generating that welcomed outcome for me of exploring the extent of your sexual potential. The Government was appealing to all people to be especially kind to everyone during this virus-spreading emergency. I was out walking for exercise and noticed you on the doorstep of your rented ground-floor tiny apartment, crying.”

“Adele, you were in deep crap. You said you were out of work and worried that you couldn’t pay your rent due in a couple of days and that your family home was far away in Northland. You’d appealed to your landlord, who you now describe as a heartless bitch, to be kind.”

“You said she grunted if you didn’t meet the rent payment, then you must fuck off or she’d call in a couple of heavies to reorganise the placement of some of your bones.”

“Yes, Doug and that was me in a real bind. I’ll never forget that polite inquiry from you asking was I okay as I had been thinking over and over that my life was nearing its end. I told you that.”

“When you said, ‘Honey, may I make a suggestion?’ I knew that I was at least being thrown a bone.”

“Yeah, right, and I’m sorry that my offer was not quite one hundred percent philanthropical. I had been thinking of taking you to the State welfare centre that deals with the homeless and urged you to explain to staff the reason for your predicament.”

“Adele, you were at the edge of the pits. You were fairly new to Auckland and had been working as a callgirl. Your supply of paying customers with the announcement of a national lockdown of most things bar essential services for a minimum of four weeks meant that your supply of men dried up overnight as they were locked in with their wife, or boyfriend or mother during the emergency of spreading the life-threatening virus.”

“Yeah, right. And I gratefully received your offer of free accommodation, free tucker and free run of the house with two conditions, namely, that I join you to spend every day in your apartment nude, and that I’d be available for nookie whenever you slapped my bare arse.”

“Yeah, great deal eh? You had a roof over your head, good tucker with wine for lunch and dinner, and in return you only had to do want you were born to do on leaving high school.”

“Did any of this surprise you?”

“Yeah, Doug. Initially, I was surprised that you stopped to talk to me as you weren’t one of my regulars and, at your age and era, the word pussy would only mean cat to you. And then you weren’t at all shocked when I confessed, I was a hooker and you laughed and said fair go Adele, that you weren’t gobsmacked because you were used to my kind, having served in the Navy for years.”

“Then you told me without embarrassment, whenever your late wife was having a period, you’d used to visit her mother, knowing she’d turned to prostitution after her husband ran off with his best cobber, stripping her of all marital assets that he could lay his hands on including cleaning out their joint bank accounts.”

“I thought yeah, Doug, a mutually good proposal. I could be most useful to breaking the monotony for both of us living under lockdown providing elderly you could summon sufficient energy to indulge in a bit of ‘slap and tickle’ occasionally.”

Doug grinned. “I knew I had pussy waiting for me on a plate but I worried you being young and ultra-experienced could leave me feeling helpless and unable to get an erection. But then I discovered all was well.”

Adele gaziantep escortları said, “Oh yeah, you horny old tom cat. Within fifteen minutes of arriving in your lovely apartment, I was stretched out on the living room carpet with you over me, bringing me to my third release of the session, with more sessions coming before midnight.”

“Adele, have you enjoyed the quality of sex you are getting here?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve never been fucked so much and so often by one bloke in the time since I gave my virginity away when I was eighteen. Sex with you is like engaging with groupies, not just occasionally, but every day.”

“Therefore, you don’t want me to pull out.”

“What, when we are doing it?”

“No, to stop doing it?”

“Oh no, please don’t. I, err, need the exercise. But I’d appreciate you cutting back to say, once or twice every second hour.”

“Aw, don’t you like me?”

“That’s nowhere close to being true, Doug. In fact, if you weren’t such an old fart, I’d plead with you to marry me and remain with me for the rest of my life.”

“Or mine?”

“Or yours, Doug.”

“Are you aware that you’ve gained other benefits since your arrival here?”

“Indeed, I have, many from the frivolous ones to things important such as living a healthier life.”

“Great, then list the ones you believe are tops for you.”

“Okay, here’s the top ten in no order of merit that I’ll write up on the whiteboard on the door of the refrigerator:

You have diminished my habit of using bad language.

Thanks to you, I now speak with more refinement than when we first met. I believe I no longer look like the dishevelled – my, that was a biggie of the new words you added to my vocab – slut that I was, when you found me.

My TV viewing now includes, as of choice, some of the arts programmes, women’s sport, the news and self-care including tips on choosing clothes and even underwear.

Sleeping in the nude, is not to give you a bare bum to swat, but rather for my own comfort after wearing a bustier, stockings, tight bra as a call girl and easing away from my previously preferred physically eventual harm of my business choice of wearing really high heels when the lockdown ends.

Those last two listings contribute to my self-care and feeling of self-worth like nothing else ever has, thanks to your influence.

And insofar as what to wear at home when the lockdown is lifted to go about normal life again, the impossible has occurred. I believe I’ll walk around all day when not on call-outs of going shopping stark naked until the day comes when I note in the mirror that my tits, um breast have not far to go before the nipples are level with my navel. Come on, laugh Doug.

He obliged.

For the first time since I left high school feeling I was a loser, thanks to you I’ve stopped thinking that and have learnt the value of having a real friend, even one that’s twice my age.

Since having sex with you, again and again you have taught me some of the finer points to come from fucking and how to fuck with the feeling that my actions can have significant impact of my partner’s sensitivities, leaving him with the feeling he’s been partnered by a really caring person. I say, unbelievably, that has taken my own feelings and physical sensitivities to new heights. Awesome.

I’m now not a bad cook and have learned to do housekeeping competently and have become an enthusiast gym-user. In the first week using your home gym with you, the weights that I’d struggled to lift, had almost doubled in weight by the end of the second week. I felt so proud, and you made no secret that you were proud of me.

When the lockdown ends, I’ll attempt with determination to re-establish contact with my parents and much younger sister and the extended family. Initially, I was pissed off, um annoyed, when you bullied me about that and now, more change, I feel it’s the right thing to do. You won’t realize it Doug, but that’s huge change mentally for me.”

I’ll add one more reason should that really massive reason occur.

Doug asked massive, such as? He was told to keep watching that empty space. Possibly it may never be filled.

“Well, that was a very satisfying twenty minutes for us both, much like isolating for later perusal, influential markers that have occurred during our recent past,” Doug said.

Chapter 2

A few days after Adele and Doug had seriously reviewed their time together, the Government announced slight easing of lockdown regulations nation-wide, allowing builders, building tradespeople, businesses and shops and restaurants with provision for accepting on-line orders for delivery and allowing specified workers to return to their jobs where available providing minimum ‘social distancing’ rules were observed. More liberal restrictions were expected to be follow two weeks later.

Doug and Adele were watching a presenter on TV explain in some detail which businesses and employees were most likely to be freed to return to work or re-open their businesses to resume their services in that second wave of easing restrictions.

“It would appear that I’ll get calls again by men wanting me by their side as they’ll work out that I can legitimately respond to their call under the relaxed provisions allowing home helpers to get back on the job providing it’s of social importance.”

Doug’s face turned white and then changed into angry red and he yelled, “Absolutely no way, Adele. Slowly I have transformed you from hooker into the framework necessary to develop into an honourable woman. I don’t want you being fucked by anyone but me.”

“I hear you Doug. Please calm down and remember, a girl has to get out of the house and work hard for success to gain a satisfying life.”

“I thought females gained that by having two or three kids?”

“That’s not the goal of many women of my generation Doug, although many may have the thought to fit in child-rearing along the way should desire change into that direction.”

“Anyway, what’s this reference to ‘honourable woman’? You are aware of my past and I have seized the chance as a result of your support to take advantage of it right to the hilt. That doesn’t necessary mean becoming virtuous and high-principled. If you are trying to say that those terms apply to me, Doug, then you are in need of a brain scan.”

“Don’t be so fast to chop me down, young lady, before you fully understand what I’m on about. But first, read that list again on the kitchen whiteboard to refresh your memory of the points you recognised that I have been instrumental in influencing change in your life.”

“Secondly, other meanings for honourable include ‘On the up-and-up’ and ‘of good repute’.”

“Adele you are now amid the well-founded personal framework to gradually display slowly increasing evidence that you are a young woman of good repute. But for that process to begin, you must accept that your days of actively engaging in any form of prostitution belong to you past absolutely.”

Adele nodded thoughtfully.

“For that to happen Doug Childs, you’ll need to keep me on living with you, err freely and without restraints. For that to happen, I’ll need a ring on my finger and a big reduction in carnal assault, replaced with a frequent engagement in loving sexual relations.”

Doug sighed and said well, usually such demanding requests came at a price, and he should remember he was sixty-six rather than a horny twenty-something chap nursing a constant erection.

“I’m going to walk 10 circuits of the house while I think about your request.”

“Okay Doug, and I’ll lie here thinking about all of the bucks I earned in theory just for lying on my back and jerking my arse and fluttering my eye lashes with sighs of encouragement.”

Doug returned from the same way he’d left through the back door, and went to the fridge to grab a beer as it had gone 10.30, his earliest start time for the day for alcohol. He began thinking what to serve for lunch.

He glanced at the whiteboard and noticed the space No. 11 had been filled in.

What the fuck?

He read the entry: ‘My greatest moment in living with Doug has arrived. He wants to become engaged to me YES! and turn me into a lady YES.”

Smiling happily, instead of drinking his beer, Doug grabbed a bottle of sparkling wine, two glasses and entered the living room where he found Adele asleep and no sign that she’d fallen into that mode while masturbating.

He grinned, thinking perhaps she was attempting to think that masturbation was something the upper class never engaged in.

Using his cell phone, he made his selection on the music system and Beethoven’s 5th began filling the room as he sat facing his protégé.

She moaned. “What the f… Oh, goodness, whatever is this” while blinking to focus on Doug.

“Sparkling wine to celebrate our decision to become engaged soon.”


“Well it’s something we need to discuss. Being engaged will envelop you and indeed us in a greater sense of propriety than had we just continued on living in sin unfettered.”

“I don’t understand. Don’t you want sex before lunch?”

“I thought we could begin the foreplay twenty minutes after eating, much like all married couples do.”

“Why do they wait so long and indulge in such traditional behaviour?”

“They think it’s the right thing to do.”

“Oh, but I’m warning if I have to wait until twenty minutes after lunch, I’ll be so horny Douglas that I’ll be difficult to handle.”

He licked his lips said perhaps that was the secret reason being the twenty-minute countdown after eating a meal.

“In that case, let’s adopt that custom.”

Holding up her left hand and eyeing the base of her fourth finger, Adele asked, “Why the wait before we announce our engagement?

“I thought we should wait for the lockdown to lift as that would allow us to invite a large number of guests her to join us to celebrate. We’d be free to invited relatives and friends on both sides to meet us for the first time to introduce our better half.”

“What if people ask me do you intend to marry, when we both know that engagement is the only offer on the table at present.”

“Easy, just reply we’ve decided on a longer engagement in case the virus returns bringing fear and forcing another big disruption to our lives again.”

“Oh, brilliant thinking, darling. Um, my family is widely dispersed and my only friends were my clients.”

“Well, invited your clients and their partners to even things up. By including partners, it wouldn’t occur to those women that until recently their partner used to fuck you.”

“Oh, brilliant and I could have fun attempting to work out why their male partners two-timed them.”

“Y-e-s,” Doug said slowly.

“Catching the doubt in his voice Adele, with smart-thinking, replied, “Oh, perhaps not. A lady would think of doing such a con… con…”

Doug chipped in, “Contemptible thing.”

Adele looked coyly and licking her top lip asked, “Have you thought about buying me an engagement present?”

“Yes, I’ll give you an expensive car to show my commitment to you and perhaps to change the minds of any doubters thinking that perhaps I thought an official engagement making you my fiancée was the only accepted way socially to have a regular supply of pussy at my side at home. Also, the thought of having such an attractive young lady at my side will encourage me to treat you warmly with niceness and spend heavily on you.”

“Oh darling, this is opening into true romance for you. I intend to develop into letting it all hang out in hot affection for you, too. But for now, come on, undress. Bugger convention.

The End

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