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Tonight is a special occasion. You have promised to take me out and I am getting ready, excited about our date. I have a new bra and panties you have not yet seen, black lace and I touch myself putting them on, thinking about you taking them off. I dress in your favorite outfit, the skirt is short and the top is tight and shows some cleavage. I put on very high heels, knowing they make my long legs look longer.

You come home late as usual, but I expected this and bring you a glass of wine to drink as you take a minute to relax, and I remind you of our date. Even though you are tired from a long day, you look at me and cannot bear to disappoint, so you dress for our night out. On the way out the door you stop me and give me a passionate kiss, we both love the feel of the embrace. For a moment I consider – why go out – but we both have been looing forward to a romantic dinner and so you walk me to your truck, opening the door, taking in the view as my skirt rides up when I climb in.

We go to a romantic restaurant and you remember how hungry you are. We make small talk and drink red wine waiting for dinner. I play with my necklace, running my little finger along the edge of my breast while I am doing this, so only you notice. When we eat, I find reasons to lick my fingers and run my fingertips along my lips. I’m getting so hot for you, I slip off a shoe and run my foot along your calf, up your leg and make my way gaziantep escortları into your lap, tickling and teasing you under the table. You smile at me and remove my foot, telling me you wont be able to get up from the table if I keep this up.

My smile is becoming so sexy and lusty, you decide not to linger. You pay the check and the waiter wraps the leftovers and we leave. We get back in your truck, and I am getting more excited by the minute. You begin the drive home and I reach over and undo your belt, and your pants and begin stroking your dick, which is already hard, getting harder from my attentions. I lean over and begin to lick you as you try so hard to concentrate on not driving off the road.

I lick then I begin to suck so lightly and so gently that you moan in frustration, so then I take you in my hands and begin to suck you harder. I suck you hard and long, licking and teasing you with my mouth and hands. I am delighted at your response, I like you so excited and hard for me. I suck deep and slow, then deep and fast, bringing you so close. You wrap your right hand in my hair and pull my head closer to your face, kissing me while you try not to drive off the road. I pull my shirt off over my head and you admire the sexy black lace bra holding my breasts so tightly together. I return my attention to your dick and with both hands and my mouth bring you to the edge, pulling back at the last minute, catching your cum in my blouse as you let go, squirting shot after shot in a thunderous orgasm, which causes you to pull over to the side of the road.

Darling, we are nearly home, I remind you as I see you pondering whether to attack me right there in the truck. You put it in gear and bring us home in record time, glancing every chance you get at my lace covered tits. We are finally here and you nearly pull me out of the truck, kissing me in the driveway, your body pressed against mine and we hurry into the house. You reach for the zipper on my skirt and undo it and I let my skirt fall to the floor, standing in my lacy undies and heels, I feel so sexy and you stop for a moment just to look at the black lace, my fair skin, and my long blonde hair cascading over my shoulders.

I reach for your clothes, your buttons, zippers, I feel like I cant get it all off you quickly enough. You reach for me and pull me close, kissing my lips, my ears, my neck, hands all over me, making me moan with pleasure and desire for you. You lay me down on the floor and play with my pussy through my panties, then very slowly remove my panties, making me go wild as you pull them down my thighs, over my knees, past my calves, you make every inch erotic. I raise my hips to meet your hand as you rub my inner thighs, the crease at the top of my thighs, then you stroke my lips.

I am so hot and wet, your fingers are wet as you move past my lips toward my clit. You run circles around my clit while you rub your face against my chest. You reach behind me and unsnap my bra and I slip it down my arms and grab your head, bringing your lips to my nipples. I moan and squirm as your tongue and lips tease my nipples while you put two fingers of your hand inside my pussy. I am going wild as I reach for your dick, which is by now beginning to get hard again. I stroke you as you finger fuck me, I am so wet and horny. You start fucking me harder, rubbing my clit with your thumb and I lose it, oh darling, I moan as I cum on your fingers, bucking and moaning, while my hands squeeze your dick so hard. I moan and fuck your fingers back in a frenzy until the waves begin to subside. The sight of me moaning and grinding against your hand gets you harder and you want to fuck me.

You turn me over and enter from behind, so tight and deep and wet, I respond by arching my back and grinding onto your cock. I start rocking my legs and hips, pounding you into me, Faster and harder, you are on your elbows and I take one of your hands and suck on your fingers and you pound me and I pound you back. Oh baby, I moan, feels so good, oh baby yes oh yes oh yes baby oh yes. I feel you getting harder, fucking me faster and deeper. I feel each stroke, so hard so deep, so good and I get caught up in your excitement. I begin to orgasm again and the feel of my pussy contracting and spasming on your dick pushes you over the edge, you thrust harder and faster, then stop and pump me full.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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