Home Invasion_(3)

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I know I can’t fight it. He is going to kill me. I feel slightly dizzy. The man who broke into my house stares at me as I struggle to take in breaths. It really is the end. I’m on my knees, shaking as he approaches.

Those cold eyes stare straight into my own greens. He holds the knife firmly and my anxiety makes breathing even more difficult.

I can’t look any more. I shut my eyes. The silence is overwhelming and I can hear the frantic beating of my heart.

Death doesn’t come. But as I hear him unzipping his jeans. I wish he had killed me.

“Look at me,” he demands as he forcefully rips off my shirt.

I tremble as I open my eyes.

His cock is in front of me, already semi hard.

“Put it in your mouth.”

I shake my head.

“Okay. If you’d rather it in your ass…”

I’ve never given a blow job before. Despite the man about to rape me, I worry I’ll be bad at it.
I take it in my hands.

I hesitantly take the tip in my mouth and I’ve hardly begun when he grabs my hair and shakes his head. “Take it all.”

I try, but I gag.

Sighing, he grabs my head firmly. “If I feel teeth, you feel the knife. Got it?”

I don’t have a chance to agree before he slams the length of his cock down my throat. My body begins to panic. I can’t breathe. I long to bite down, to break free. But the glistening knife so near my face forces me to fight the urge with all I have. When he brings the knife closer, I fear it is over, but then he cuts my bra.

Finally, he pulls it out. I gasp for air, relief flowing through. I’ve hard got my breath when he does it again.

“Enough of that,” he says as he withdraws from my throat. “Take your pants off.”

I’m still wearing my jeans from earlier that day, and even with the threatening knife, I hesitate. He grabs gaziantep eskort bayan me by my hair and shoves me to the floor. Scrambling, I begin to remove my jeans, my hands trembling as I unzip them.

“Very nice,” he says with a smile as he sees my black lacy thong. He leans down and grabs it and begins to use it to pull my up. It’s cutting into my ass and my pussy when it begins to tear. Finally, he shoves it aside and rolls me onto my back.

I know what’s coming, and I freeze as his large cock approaches my vagina.I see him spit on it and that’s when my fight or flight instinct kicks in. I begin to kick and attempt to crawl away.

He isn’t even annoyed. He finds my attempt amusing as he grabs my leg and yanks me back. There is little I can do as he uses his knees to force my legs apart and pushes the tip of his cock against my pussy.

The head enters, and I cry out. Then, he slams the entire length in. The spit wasn’t near enough lubricant because the pain is intense. He withdraws slowly before slamming it back in.

My C cup tits jiggle with each powerful thrust. The agonizing thrusting lasts for several minutes. His cock pounds my pussy mercilessly, tearing itself in and out.

My pussy gets a little bit wet, but I am not enjoying this. Although, it does make the entire situation a bit less painful.

When the pain subsides a bit, I stop crying out. This seems to bother him because he begins smacking my tits. He is hitting me as hard as he can, trying to get a response out of me. And he succeeds. I reach up to try and stop him and he effortlessly uses one hand to hold both of mine down. He then uses the other to choke me.

The choking distracts me from the thrusting, and I begin to writhe below him. My body struggles below his weight as I struggle for breath.

I’m about to pass out when I feel him ejaculate inside me. He releases me and gets up off me.

I feel relief.

“One hole left,” he says, eyeing me up.

“N-no,” I object. “You said if I gave you a blowjob…”

My pleas fall on deaf ears as he picks me up and carries me to my own bedroom. I don’t go quietly, but it only gets a chuckle out of him.

He throws me down on the bed, and that’s when I see his bag is already in there because he reaches in to pull out some rope.

I kick him and I actually make contact. “You’re going to regret that,” he promises reaching for my legs. When he’s finished, I’ve been tied spread eagle on the bed. I am face down, and my bottom has been propped up by pillows.

Pulling as hard as I can doesn’t allow even an inch of movement. Until this point, I hadn’t cried really. That was before I felt the pain. The pain of the paddle on my ass caused me to scream out, tears immediately falling down my cheeks.

He doesn’t hesitate before whacking me again. My leg muscles tremble as I try to get away. I am helpless, unable to move as he paddles me again.

The impact is so hard, I can hear and feel a piece of the paddle break away. But even then he doesn’t stop.

I am screaming, and he is laughing. Over, and over again. Paddle after paddle. That is until I pass out from the pain. I awaken moments later with a bucket of water to my face. He tuts at me, and resumes the paddling. Every time I begin to pass out, he dumps more on me.

Then he stops. My sobbing has gotten so extreme I can hardly breathe.

The bed shifts under his weight as he crawls up behind me. He touches my ass, and I flinch. It stings. I hear him spit again and then his cock is at the entrance to my ass, ready to fuck me yet again. He doesn’t give me the chance to catch my breath before he impales me on his cock.

My virgin ass gives under the power of his thrust and he hits home. Nothing could have prepared me for the pain. My entire body clenches, but he just keeps thrusting. Merciless thrusts that leave me crying out. I wish he’d just killed me.

Once again, the second my painful screams die out, he causes me more pain. He reaches underneath to pinch my clit. Apparently my painful yelp from that isn’t enough because he’s reached for the paddle again.

It connects with my ass, and I am wailing. He goes in, and out. Paddle after paddle.

When he finally pulls himself out, I cry in relief. He’s at the top of the bed, cock erect in front of my face. He grabs me by the hair and yanks me up.

“Open wide, slut.”

I do as I’m told and he face fucks me again. The taste causes me to gag.

When he ejaculates, again, I pray it’s over.

But then moves back to the end of the bed. I hear him reach in the bag for something. And then I feel his lubed fingers in my ass. One, and then two. He forces three in before I’m ready, and tries to jam a forth in. It takes a lot of strength, but finally it plops in. And I realize what he is doing.

He is trying to get his fist in me.

“P-please,” I beg. “It hurts, please.”

He doesn’t stop, and I am screaming myself hoarse. It takes awhile, and a lot of work but finally he has his fist in me. And then, he begins to fuck me with it. It almost feels like he’s punching me with it, and I can feel my ass bleeding.

He doesn’t relent. I scream so much that I can’t any more. I begin to hyperventilate, and I pass out.

He splashes more water in my face. My entire body is in pain, and I wish for my death.

“Now, little girl,” he says showing me the knife from earlier. “Are you ready to get knife fucked in your pussy?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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