His Touch

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She begins awakening with a long slow sinuous stretch. The blanket covering her form caresses her bare skin, stroking her just as his hands had the night before. Lines of velleity stream down her chest, across robust globes that seem to arch forth to fill his hands. Hands that aren’t there but linger in her memory and at the heart of the one writhing within her bed. Tight flushed nipples ache for the caress of his thumb, the bite of his teeth and the claiming of his mouth so moist and brutal. She reaches for him only to find his day has begun without her.

Turning her head into the folds of her pillow she tilts her head back and groans. Auburn locks spread across the pillow, still untamed and mussed by the hands that had conducted the sweetest symphony of satisfaction upon her willing frame. The song still lingers upon her flesh in the form of welts that have diminished to dual lines of delight. A simple reminder of who is in control even when he is no longer at her side.

The blanket continues its journey across her creamy flesh, drawing unforeseen fingers down her stomach, delving into the indentions at her hips to grip her soul and wrench it from the darkest corners of her heart. A slight gasp catches in her chest. She can still feel his masculine digits fan around her sides to cup her ass. In this dreamy state his hands seemingly draw the blanket down further across her sinuous form, raising it from her body so that she may be exposed for his eyes only. She can see him in her minds eye, he is taunting her while gaziantep escortları he takes what he pleases.

Coiling her head to meet the soft caress of her pillow she slides one silken leg against the other, the whisper soft sound is but a mere cry for him alone. It beckons him from his journeys to cut his path back to her side. Regardless the hushed enticement has been put forth. These thoughts haunt her, making sensitive skin burn with a glowing hue, shivering with the slightest brush of air.

The ache builds to a fevered pitch, her nether lips ache to be parted by his fingers so that he may explore the passion that’s built for him. The blanket slides down to her ankles, pulled by an unseen force. Tis accomplished by the will of the man that speaks in a deeply hushed tone, making his intentions of a dark secret rendezvous known. She cannot escape these invisible bonds. His words make her grind her ass back into the bed and yet she whimpers for more, yes always more, begging her savior in her time of need.

Dark intentions spur her memories. Ribbon once caressed her flesh then bit into her limbs to bind her tight. The bond had already been forged, wrought with a sexual deception to be played upon her flesh with a singular simple word stroked upon her back, scribed upon her skin to seep in and mark her in ways no other could fathom. From his lips to his fingertip to her flesh….and the temptation had only just begun. Mine.

And now she fights this murky place between fantasy and reality. Denying the sheets that have been whipped from fevered flesh and the blanket that began the newest plight of pleasure he’d invoked. Another gasp marks the air followed by a litany of cries that exhale the agony embroiled in her loins to cum for him, to give him the gift of her subservience.

Trailing her fingertips between her heaving breasts she opens lust filled eyes that tell the truth more so than her lips would ever impart. As her fingers travel closer to her moistly parted lips, she eases her legs wider apart. Her hand is his hand, carrying out the actions that his lips had murmured against her ear while she still slept.

“When you waken, your hand does my bidding, your sheets tangled around your body are my limbs, claiming you as mine. The blanket that warms you is but my skin melting into yours. And when you touch yourself, it is my hand that vexes you with such pleasure, my hand that grows slick with your essence. Mine.”

Both hands sprawl across the sheets, grasping them to ball the fabric in her palms. Her grip so tight resembles his grip, the sweetest ecstasy that’s searing through her core and straight to her throbbing clit. Every muscle is tight with the agonizing waking of her torment, flaring and blooming until it’s the only thing she can feel. Breath after breath greets the air with the promise that soon she will crest from blissful agony and into full blown orgasm.

Her hand slides two fingers between velveteen lips, spreading herself open, wide enough to accommodate the thickness of his digits had he been there. Bucking up she shoves her fingers in past her knuckles, the soft padding of her thumb tracing tiny circles against her slick rigid clit, just as his hand would conduct the orchestral maneuver. A solitary cry laced with need and conducive intentions breaks the breathy serenade that flows through her mind. It’s the same serenade that had been coupled with his throaty groans the night before.

Her other hand still cloaked in sheets draws in closer to her bucking body, forcing herself ever closer to the edge of erotic bliss. She can feel his voice so warm and thick, vibrating against the tender skin below her ear, urging her to greet the torrential flood of rapture that will soon coat his fingers and then her lips. Shaking her head from side to side she jerks her hips from the bed and cries out as wave after wave of euphoria wash over her.

Curling her fingers she gasps and grits her teeth, “Come hither…” he chuckles, tugging once more to plant firmly in her mind that she does as he bids. Auburn locks sway into her face, plaited across her features in moist craggy lines of ravagement. “That’s it kitten cum for me.” A soft kiss is placed where his words have pillaged her soul, and once again at the hollow of her throat that’s bared and open to him.

A violent shudder births a sigh that makes her shake in it’s wake, smiling as only one plunged into desirous ecstasy and devastation could smile. Sodden fingers are pulled from the heated silk of her cunt and caressed across her lips. The tip of her tongue flits forth to taste the sweetness that makes rosy lips glisten. “Mmmmm as you wish Sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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