His Best Friend’s Girl

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Brian was one of those college guys most guys secretly envied. He always had the “perfect” girlfriend proudly on display wherever he went. Everyone knew him for one reason or another and they loved him. All the girls wanted to be his girl but none really understood what it meant to be his. To him, women were just trophies to be shown off and discarded once they became useless to inspire awe and jealousy. He would never let a woman tarnish his image.

Jesse had known Brian for most of their lives. They had been like brothers for years despite the large amount of differences between the two. Jesse was more of a romantic. He saw women as special creatures put on this earth to be pampered and cherished, not collected and tossed aside. He despised the way Brian would treat women but never brought it up to him for fear of losing a good friend. One thing became clear. Despite their differences, the two had two things in common. They would kill for each other and both were in love with Kailyn.

Kailyn was not like most of the girls Brian went out with. She wasn’t shallow or into showing off her beauty. The two had been dating for a little over a year when Jesse realized something that he never wanted to admit. He had secretly fallen in love with his best friend’s girl. They all spent a lot of time together on weekends. Since they shared the same group of friends, they always were running into each other.

Kailyn was so in love with Brian she could not see what was so blatantly clear to everyone else. He cheated on her and everyone knew it. He slowly changed from Mr. Perfect to a man who belittled her in front of others and treated her more like a servant than his lover. This tore Jesse up inside. Whenever Kailyn had something on her mind, she would always go to Jesse. The two of them had become very close over the last few months. She never really saw how he felt about her because she was still too caught up in her feelings for Brian.

All of it started to unravel the night of Kelly Bixby’s party. Brian picked Kailyn up as usual and drove to the party. He was unusually quiet in the car and she couldn’t figure out what was bothering him. Several times, she had tried pleading with him to tell her what was on his mind but he never would say.

Once they arrived at the party, he kept ditching Kailyn, leaving her to talk to the few females who weren’t jealous of her relationship. The only guy she was allowed to speak to was Jesse and he still hadn’t arrived yet. Brian made sure to keep his woman isolated from other guys. He figured they would betray him or steal his girl away, unlike the girls. They would smile sweetly to each other’s faces then slip out the door and screw the other’s boyfriend without even as much as a second thought. The next day they would pretend to be a sympathetic shoulder to cry on knowing full well how horrible their actions were the night before.

It had been almost an hour he had been gone when Kailyn decided to look for Brian. She wandered through the throng of guests as she searched for him. The men just shook their head and the women whispered and faked halfhearted smiles. She slowly made her way upstairs, figuring he was in line for the bathroom or some other simple explanation. She stopped briefly to ask a few people in line then proceeded to check the bedrooms.

“Oh yeah that’s it ride my cock bitch” he groaned as Kelly bounced up and down on his lap.

The voice was his. Kailyn just stood there for a moment completely shocked. She felt for the light switch by the door. She had to see it for herself. She had to see him. The light clicked on and there was Brian lying naked on Kelly’s bed with her on top of him. She stood there for a moment while it all sunk in.

“How could you do this Brian….” her words trailed off shook her head.

Kelly reached for the blanket to wrap around her naked body while Brian just stared at Kailyn. She broke into tears and slammed the door shut. Kelly was ashamed of herself for being caught. When she started to get off of him, Brian reached up and slapped her hard across the face.

“I’m not finished with you yet. Don’t fucking worry about her” he angrily spat.

Kailyn ran down the stairs past the murmuring crowd. Jesse had just pulled into the driveway when she went running across the yard. He quickly got out of the car and went running after her. She kept running, down the center of the street and away from the party. It wasn’t until she stumbled that he caught up with her. She quickly turned away from him. Not wanting him to see her cry like this.

“Kay… what’s going on?” he inquired.

“B…Brian….” she stammered between sobs. “Kelly…”

“Kay” he put his hand on her shoulder. “Talk to me. What happened?”

She turned toward him and looked pitifully up into his soft hazel eyes. Her arms flew around him as she buried her face against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and just stood there holding her for a moment. He knew Kelly had been after gaziantep escortları Brian for some time but he never suspected he would be low enough to do this to Kailyn. Not like this at least. He stroked her hair as he comforted her.

“Shhhh it will be ok. I promise. It will be ok.”

“He… he was fucking her.” She looked up at him. “Did you know he liked her?”

Jesse stared down into her deep brown eyes and shook his head. He wanted so badly to tell her how he felt about her right then and there but he couldn’t, not now. His palm gently cupped her jaw as he tilted her face up toward his. He fought his urge to kiss her as he looked at her beautiful tearstained face. It was almost too much to take.

“Listen, let’s go back and get my car and we can get out of here. I’ll take you home or something and it will all be alright.”

“I don’t want to go back there. I can’t see him Jesse. I can’t do it,” she sobbed.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything. I just don’t want to leave you here alone. Come on,” he took her hand in his.

The two slowly walked back together, hand in hand. The people who had seen the whole ordeal whispered. Everyone knew. There was no denying that. Jesse opened the passenger side door for her. He glared at the others who watched, making them turn away quickly. Suddenly, Brian came from inside the house as Jesse shut the car door.

“Kailyn get out of the fucking car now.” Brian yelled.

“Listen, she doesn’t want to talk to you right now.” Jesse interjected as he stepped in front of Brian.

“Get the fuck out of the way dude. I am not fucking joking…GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR!” He tried to push past Jesse, but his arm was grabbed. “Let the fuck go of me. She’s my fucking girl and she isn’t leaving with you.”

Jesse threw Brian onto the lawn a few feet in front of him. Brian had a reputation as a scrapper but when it came down to it, he was no real match for the 5’8 muscular hockey player. He attacked Jesse, knocking him back a few feet into the hood of the car. He got in one good punch to the face before he was thrown off. Some of the others who had gathered to watch held Brian back as Jesse stood up.

“Come on asshole… COME THE FUCK ON” he screamed.

Jesse just shook his head and walked to the driver side door. He looked back at Brian for a moment. His hand rested casually on the door handle, as Brian continued to struggle to pull free from the others. Jesse opened the door and stood there for a moment just watching him. Just as he was about to get in Brian slipped free. He ran toward Jesse who quickly gave him a jab to the face, knocking him back onto his ass in the yard.

“If you ever think of fucking with Kailyn I will kill you… Got it?” He calmly explained before climbing in the car.

Jesse pulled out of the driveway and sped off. Kailyn was shaking. She saw a completely different side of Jesse tonight. She didn’t speak for the longest time. She kept looking down at her hands as they rested in her lap, and then looking out the window. Jesse could sense her uneasiness about what had just transpired.

“Listen Kailyn. I know you love him but if he tries to mess with you I am going to take care of it,” he said as he pulled the car over to the side of the road. “I’ll take you home. O.K.”

She looked over at Jesse. All that had happened that night crushed her. She wasn’t sure what to say to him right now. She couldn’t believe what was happening. It was all so sudden and irrational in her mind. She was quiet for what seemed like an eternity.

“Jesse, I don’t want to be alone tonight.” she sniffled.

“What do you mean?” he questioned.

“Will you stay with me? I am afraid he’s going to come looking for me. You know how he is when he gets pissed off about things,” she replied.

“Ok. We can go to my place. No one will bother you there I promise.” he took her hand in his for a moment and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I won’t let anything hurt you Kailyn. I swear.”

She felt so safe with Jesse. How could she not? He as so sweet and gentle toward her. She knew how he did treat the few girls he did date in the time she knew him. They arrived at his place moments later. She was hesitant to move when they pulled in but when he opened the door she slowly got out of the car.

“Are you sure this is o.k. Jesse? I mean he’s going to be very pissed at you for taking me out of there.”

“Yeah it’s fine.” he remarked as he ushered her toward the door.

The light outside was dim enough where she hadn’t gotten a good look at his face where Brian had hit him. Once inside she saw the beginning of a painful looking shiner. She gasped when she saw it. Her fingertips lightly brushed just below the forming bruise as she stared into his eyes. Her touch was so soft and caring. He had often imagined how it would feel.

“Oh my god Jesse. You better get some ice on that,” she softly said.

“Don’t worry about it. It will be ok,” he smiled down at her.

She shook her head and smiled slightly for the first time since the incident. She walked around to the sofa and sat down in the middle. He threw his keys on the end table and sat next to her. The two of them sat talking into the early hours of the morning. He could see how tired she was getting. He offered her something to change into so she would be more comfortable and she eagerly accepted. He sat and stared as she walked back in wearing one of his baggy t-shirts and cotton boxers. He kicked off his shoes and socks, making himself more comfortable. To him, it did not matter what she wore, she looked amazing.

As the settled in, he turned on the television. Soon the two were engrossed in a movie. Neither of them said much to each other as they stared at the screen. Jesse wouldn’t have cared if they were watching a congressional debate. Anything would be fine as long as she was with him. He tried to muster up the courage to say what was in his heart.

Kailyn looked over at Jesse sadly and asked. “What’s wrong with me?

“What do you mean Kay?” he inquired

“There has to be something wrong with me for Brian to do that.” She sighed, “I just wish I knew what I did to make him like that.”

Jesse could not believe what she was saying. Brian had broken her heart yet she was taking the blame for his cheating. He just shook his head as he moved closer to her. Kailyn stared down at her hands as she fidgeted. He gently placed his fingers under her chin and tilted her head up. He searched her deep brown eyes for a moment before he could speak. He drew in a deep breath and exhaled slowly before he began.

“Kailyn, Brian is an asshole. Plain and simple. He has cheated on all of his girlfriends at one point or another. He just usually doesn’t get caught. That was the first time he had done anything like that since he has been with you. Believe me. If he had cheated before that, I would have told you. I don’t want to see you get hurt. You should know that” He paused. “He was a fool for what he did Kay. Any man should be honored to have such a beautiful and amazing girl like you.”

Kailyn blushed as a gentle smile began to form. “That’s really nice of you to say Jesse.”

“Listen, I know this is probably the last thing in the world you want to hear right now but…” he stopped, trying to brace himself incase she reacted badly to the news.

“What’s wrong Jesse?” she asked.

His words stuck in his throat as he quickly dropped his gaze for a moment. He looked back up at her and without a word leaned in. He kissed her softly on the lips as his arms encircled her body. At first, she was shocked but it felt so right… so natural. Her eyes fluttered shut as she relaxed. She slipped her arms around him as the kiss deepened. His hands gently caressed her body before he reluctantly broke the kiss. He sat back and stared into her eyes for a moment.

“Jesse?” she curiously said.

“I’m sorry Kailyn. I have wanted to tell you for the longest time… It’s just you were my best friend’s girlfriend. I couldn’t do that to him. I should have told you and maybe this all wouldn’t have happened. I… I love you Kailyn,” he whispered.

The words shocked her more than the kiss did. She sat there just looking at him for a moment without being able to say a word. She was confused more than anything. The pain and anger that Brian caused didn’t seem as intense since the kiss they just shared. It had stirred something deep within her soul. Brian never kissed her like that. She had always cared about Jesse as more than just a friend but never really thought if it could be more. Now she had to wonder.

“I…” she stopped watching the look on his face shift into a deep sadness.

Kailyn leaned in and softly kissed his lips once again. The passion built quickly as the kiss deepened. She moved to lie back on the sofa but Jesse stopped her. He scooped Kailyn up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. He laid her softly upon the bed, as the kiss was broken. He sat next to her looking over her body for a moment. He smiled at her as he lay down next to her on the bed.

His hand rested upon her stomach as he propped his head up on one hand. The way he looked at her amazed her. It wasn’t as if he was just admiring her form. It was as if he was looking into her soul. She was a little nervous. She had never really imagined any of this would happen. His hand moved slowly over her stomach, dragging the t-shirt up slightly to reveal her tanned skin.

She shivered as he laid his hand upon her bare flesh. His touch was so delicate. He gazed deep into her eyes as his fingertips brushed lightly over her warm skin. Kailyn had never been touched quite like this before. The feel of her skin was more perfect than he had even imagined. She bit down softly on her lower lip as his fingers reached the curve of her breast. Very slowly, his hand moved over the fleshy mound. She let out a soft gasp as she felt the tips of his fingers trace her nipple. His eyes never left hers as his hand explored her chest.

She stared up at him inquisitively. Her dark eyes widened, shimmering as the lights hit them. Her lush pink lips part instinctively to draw a shallow gasp of air. Her heart pounds rapidly as the hunger for him spread through her soul. He stares back at her for a moment. In his eyes, an intense longing burned brighter than ever before. He had dreamt of being able to hold her for the longest time. Now it was finally a reality.

He lowered his head. Their eyes closed as their lips met once again for a gentle but passionate kiss. Both of them were incredibly nervous but overwhelmed with desire. Kailyn never knew she could feel like this. He moved his body over hers as his hand slid from under the shirt. She could feel the growing bulge in his pants pressing against her as they kissed. His tongue slipped into her mouth and began to tease hers.

He moaned into the kiss as she sucked lightly on his tongue. Her body writhed under the weight of his. Never before had she felt such an ache inside her. Her nails gently raked over the soft fabric of his shirt as she traced down his spine. He broke the kiss and sat back on his heels. Kailyn sat up slowly. He lifted her shirt, taking in her beauty as it slipped over her head. He dropped it to the floor. Her fingers worked quickly as she unbuttoned his shirt.

He had a remarkable body. She slid the open shirt over his shoulders and down his arms. Immediately, her fingertips began to glide over his newly revealed flesh. She was seeing him in a completely new light. The two of them felt as if they were virgins again. Each experience was so new to them, so awe inspiring. He laid her slowly back against the bed. He lightly kissed her lips, then down her chin to the hollow of her neck.

Kailyn closed her eyes, purring softly as his hot breath tickled her skin. She tilted her head back as Jesse’s kisses continued to trail downward, over her breastbone and then moved across her right breast. Her chest began to rise and fall faster with each heavy breath. The taste of her skin just fueled his appetite. His lips brushed lightly against her nipple before taking it into his mouth. His lips closed softly around it as he began to suckle. A low moan slipped free as her body momentarily tensed from the sensation, making her crave more.

His hand moved along her left breast, as his fingers caressed. Her body had never felt so alive before. As his lips left her hardened pink nipple, she let out a disappointed sigh. His mouth soon found her other nipple, giving it the same loving attention. He then continued to venture lower with his kisses, over her stomach, stopping just shy of the shorts’ waistband. His fingers snaked under the material and slowly peeled it from her. Her hips shifted, allowing him to do so with ease.

His eyes fed upon her as he stared at the naked goddess before him. To him, that was what she was, his goddess of love and desire. His lips again continued their pursuit of heaven as they moved further down her stomach and to her smoothly shaven mound. He nudges her legs further apart as he looks up at her again. His lips ravenously attacked her moist flesh as he placed a spirited kiss upon her clit.

Her fingers gripped the sheets tightly as her body was overcome with the soft ripples of pleasure. Kailyn shivered as his tongue continued to softly caress the little nub. His lungs filled with the intoxicating scent of her sex. He watched her body shudder and quake as it reacted to his tender licks and sucking. Her hips began to lift and rock as his intensity built. Her voice filled the room as her moans became louder and more passionate. He watched her face as it contorted in ecstasy.

“Oh god Jesse” she cried. “Oh god I’m so close.”

His heart raced as her heard her moan his name. His tongue fervently flicked over the throbbing little bud. Her hand moved from the mattress and landed softly against his head as her fingers began to play with his hair. As her moans drifted to near screams of desire, his dark tresses intertwined with her fingers and she gripped him tightly. Her body shuddered hard as the orgasm tore through her. He quickened his pace until she fell exhaustedly back against the bed from the orgasm passing. He then slid his tongue to her velvety folds and lapped at the sweet ambrosia that flowed from her.

Her body twitched as she released her grip on his hair. Laying breathless and panting, she softly forced out a moan as his tongue darted deep between her puffy lips. He swirled it inside her as he gathered as much of her delicious juices as he could. He slowly pulled away and sat back on his heels. All around his mouth was glazed with her sweetness. She leaned up to meet him, pulling him in for a passionate kiss. Never before having tasted herself on anyone, her tongue probed his warm mouth and tongue. A new desire raged within her. She had an urgent need to return the favor.

Kailyn pulled back from the kiss and softly whispered “Now it’s my turn” as she maneuvered around him, laying him back.

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