His Best Friend’s Girl

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I have wondered why a story that I submitted titled “The Vortex” did not make an impression on many readers, either in hits or votes. The only comment that I recall receiving suggested that it was not believable.

The fact is that it was as truly told as 40 years worth of memory could make it. I think of it as a unique and erotic experience and wonder if the story, written in first person, had been too personal to me and lost something in the telling. I wrote the following version in third person fashion.

The story took place in the early 1970’s and involved two young men returning to a college for their last term following a summer’s work experience in the bush. They both hoped to pick up where they had left off with two young ladies they had dated the previous spring.

Jim was arranging his gear and books in the boarding house where he roomed with his close friend Bob. Bob was out on a date with his girlfriend Amanda for the first time in months. Suddenly the door burst open and a wild looking Bob was standing in the middle of the room glaring at him. He did not look good. Jim suspected that Amanda had cooled over the summer and in fact had another boyfriend.

“What’s wrong buddy, you look like shit,” Jim said.

“Amanda was fucked this summer by some asshole. It pisses me off, she would not let me get my dick near her last year, and now she is off banging some married guy,” he said in obvious distress.

“How do you know? Surely she didn’t tell you that for Christ’s sake,” Jim asked, trying to calm him down.

“Well, wrong again buddy, she told me it flat out. And then she still wanted to keep going out with me and asked me to forgive her. Fuck her.”

It was easy for Jim to believe that Amanda had stated the facts just like that. She was the least devious person that he had ever met. She said exactly what was on her mind on all occasions. But damn, surely she had seen the risk? Why not keep her mouth shut? The married guy was not going to be out bragging about laying her.

A few nights later Jim was downtown reacquainting himself with some of his local friends. Four or five of them were sitting in a booth in the local hangout, sharing French fries and cokes. One of the guys looked up and said, “Here comes Amanda, looks like she is after one of us. Where is Bob?” he said looking at Jim.

Jim knew that she was after him, and doubtless it was about her and Bob. Jesus, what could he do about it? It wasn’t he who had dipped his wick in her.

Amanda stopped and looked at him, “Can I talk to you privately?” Jim reluctantly arose and joined her in an empty booth.

Jim had double dated with she and Bob on many occasions and got along well with her. She was a slightly built gal and while nicely proportioned she was not a woman that would normally grab your attention.

Amanda asked if he knew about she and Bob breaking up. Jim replied that Bob had told him that they were no longer an item. She looked at him as if trying to decide whether he was being truthful.

She sighed then and said “You probably know that we were quite serious about our relationship. You may not know that we had never got it on sexually because I had always been firm about saving it for marriage. We did just about everything except have sex.”

Jim was a little uneasy listening to this degree of intimacy, as he had expected he would simply be receiving a request that he ask Bob to reconsider.

Amanda considered just how much she should tell Jim. She took a deep breath and said, “This summer I was seduced by a married man.”

Jim wondered why she was telling him these things but said, “How the hell did Bob find out about it?”

Amanda had never even considered not telling Bob about the affair, and was a little jolted that his friend reacted as if she should not have. “I thought that I should be open and not have him find out later. I just told him outright and he told me never to call him again and walked away.”

Jim said, “Amanda, what the hell did you expect? You have been dating over a year and you say that you never allowed him to screw you, and now you tell him that you gave it up to a married man. Why not just let it pass by, a one-time error in judgment that nobody will ever find out about. My reaction would have been just the same as Bobs.”

Amanda said, “I suppose that I am looking for help Jim. My feelings for Bob have not changed. He and I have talked marriage in the past and I know that he loves me. If he can get over this problem all will be well. Will you talk to him?”

Jim’s mind was in turmoil, what the hell did she want from him? What could he say? ‘Go back to her Bob, you can probably get fucked now.’ And that is about all he could have said as he saw things now.

“What can I tell him Amanda? I think he should cut you some slack, but I am not in his shoes. Did it only happen once? I mean you know, did gaziantep escortları the guy just get you one time?” Jim thought, ‘now why the hell did I say that.’

Amanda considered that she was not making much headway with Jim. True to her own-self she decided to unburden her mind by telling someone. Bob had not listened, but just stormed away at her first admission.

“I took a job this summer with some family friends who own a small seasonal store in Blakely. They only operate it during the tourist season, but when they do operate it is open from 7 am to midnight.

They are a young couple about 35 or so and have only been married for a few years. The idea was that the three of us would alternate looking after the shop. They offered me a good wage in a great area along with my own room and free board.

Mike was a great looking guy and I was excited by his attention when we were alone. Especially when we worked the shop together. We touched and rubbed accidentally more than was really necessary. I suppose he aroused me because of his age and experience, and his interest in me of course. He seldom made comments but his advances were deliberate. I quite enjoyed his attention but to my mind we were just flirting.”

Despite himself, Jim was no longer thinking about his good friend Bob. His only thoughts at this time were about this gal sitting across the table from him who had been laid this past summer. He was aroused and hard. He wanted to hear more.

“One night I was reading a book in my bedroom when the door opened and Mike was standing there looking at me. I was wearing a nightie and covered by the bed-sheet. He did not say a word as he came over to stand beside me.”

Amanda was a little surprised at her feelings as she related the story. She was becoming aroused, and telling the tale to a man was much more exciting than reliving it in her own mind. From the look in Jim’s eyes, he was enjoying it as well. Their knees brushed under the table.

“He pulled the sheet down to expose me and played with my nipples through the nightie. He lifted the hem of the nightie up to my hips and stepped back and stripped off his tee shirt and dropped his slacks. There was a big tent in his shorts. I could not tear my eyes from it.

He motioned me to remove my nightie as he pulled his shorts off. It looked so damn big, his penis I mean. Just as he was retrieving a rubber from his wallet I told him that I was a virgin. He paused for a minute and left the room to return with a jar of Vaseline.”

Jim was almost beside himself with excitement, his cock throbbing, but in an effort to appear unaffected by her story he said, “Jesus Amanda, why did you not just tell him no. He was not threatening you was he? Not many guys would fuck a woman who did not want it.”

Amanda said, “I know, I know, I should have stopped him then. But I was alone with him, he is so strong, and I had teased him in the store and felt guilty. I had thought we would play with each other all summer when Harriet was not around. But I knew that he was going to put that thing in me, and what the hell, I was curious.”

Now, in defense of his friend Jim murmured, “How was it you were not that curious with Bob?” It was a mean thing to say and he regretted the comment as soon as it was said.

Amanda did not rise to the bait and said, “Oh how I wish I had now. But Bob and I were so inexperienced and just finding our way with each other. Mike just seemed to know all about sexual things. I could have stopped it I know, but I was very excited and just did what he wanted and I removed my nightie.

He bent over me and scooped some Vaseline out of the jar and swabbed my pussy. I thought God, if his fingers felt that good, what will his big thing feel like. I lay there as he stood right beside my face and rolled on the rubber and indicated that he wanted me to apply some Vaseline.

He groaned as I applied the goo on him. The shaft was throbbing in my hand; the knob seemed huge. I had got Bob off with my hands in the past, but this time I knew where this thing was going to go off. And God help me I wanted it there.”

Amanda’s legs were spread, her knees rubbing the knee that Jim had moved between her legs. Their eyes were locked, one wanting to tell the story and the other wanting to hear it all. At this point in time, their good friend Bob was not an issue. Jim could see that Amanda was aroused and could think only of her pussy inches from his knee.

Her story continued, “He knelt between my legs and rubbed his knob in my pussy. I looked down and thought that he would never get in me. I guess I cried out a few times because he would stop for a bit and then continue. It hurt like hell. I was not very active and just lay there and let him do what he wished. After a few minutes he lost control and just laid it into me until he got off. He pulled out and wiped his thing on a towel; pulled on his shorts and pants and left. I had not been close to coming.”

Jim was rubbing his cock under the table. He was not sure where this might end, but he was starting to think about fucking his best friend’s girl. She obviously knew that she was having an impact on him, and he was pretty sure she wanted him.

He said, “Was that it? He only did you that one time?”

She said, “No, that was just the start, we did it regularly for many weeks. I am ashamed to admit that I could barely wait for him to come to my room. After a few weeks, his wife Harriet asked me if Mike used a safe every time we made it. I guess I looked shocked that she knew but she just patted me on the arm and told me to be careful and not to let him at me without protection. She told me he was after pussy all the time and she was relieved that I was giving him some. She suggested that I see a doctor and get a diaphragm.”

They were both turned on by the tale. Jim reached under the table and slid his hand up her inner thigh. Amanda’s eyes and face softened in obvious desire. She said, “Why don’t I leave now and wait for you down the street.”

Jim replied, “Yeah, do that, I will sit with my friends for a bit and then find you and walk you home. Just a minute, let me touch you.”

She closed her eyes, spread her legs and shivered as Jim’s finger found the edge of her panties and ran along her slit.

Jim’s mind returned to the present as she left the restaurant. He was rationalizing now. Bob had dumped her and was no longer interested so it was not as if he was being disloyal. Deep down he knew this was not true and most likely he still wanted her. But at the age of twenty or so a guy tends to follow wherever his cock leads him. And Jim’s cock was smelling pussy.

He made his excuses with the guys and left. The knowledge that Amanda had been fucking all summer and probably wanted more now, totally obscured the fact that she was Bob’s girl. He did not ponder over why she had elected to tell him this story. All those questions would come months and years later.

Amanda still lived at home with her parents. Jim knew that her father had an office of some sort in the back yard. Bob had told him that they used to go there for their necking sessions. Jim was expecting that she would guide him there.

As they walked Jim said, “Did you tell Bob all of this about screwing this guy all summer? Or did you just tell him that you had just got laid?”

She said, “I just told him that a married man had seduced me. He took off before I could tell him more.”

Amanda was ready, she was hot and had not had sex for over a month. Her fingers slipped between Jim’s fingers until their palms were rubbing. She pressed one tit against his arm. She was ready to turn up the heat to ensure her conquest. Jim was probably the safest guy with whom to have sex. He would not be telling Bob or anybody else about it. And she had learned a lesson about being too open with her thoughts.

“He came home one day when I was at the sink doing dishes. I heard the front door open and all of a sudden he was behind me. I was wearing a loose dress and his hands slid up under my dress, right up to my breasts. He rubbed his big hard-on against my bum and my heart was pounding in anticipation. I was really horny for him.

I thought he would take me to the bedroom but he remained behind me and pulled my panties off. He loosened the back of my dress and unhooked my bra. He asked me if I was wearing the diaphragm because he wanted to fuck me bare. I told him that I did not have it yet. I did have it but had never put it in and besides, I wanted him in me right away.

I leaned forward with my hands braced against the counter top as he worked his cock in from behind. There was no longer need for Vaseline; his cock just slipped right up me. He started fucking me; holding my hips at first and then sliding his hands up to my tits, squeezing them, pinching the nipples and driving it into me. I came so hard that I almost collapsed. I did not always get off, but I beat him that time.”

This was probably overkill in Amanda’s attempt to keep Jim on track. He pushed her up against a fence in a dark area, forcing his knee between her legs and thrusting it up to her pussy.

Amanda’s lips were open as their mouths met. She slid her tongue into his and circled it between his lips and gums. He grabbed both her tits as they tried to rub every body part they had. Jim ran his hands up under her skirt and grabbed at her pussy, grinding her mound with the heel of his hand while his fingers searched to get under her panties to touch her bare slit.

He said, “I am going to fuck that.”

She said breathlessly, “I know you are, I want you to.”

They walked more quickly, now in a hurry to find a place to be alone. Amanda was turned on by her own story. Truth was, she had expected to be fucking Bob regularly as soon as he had returned for his school term. She had loved the steady diet of sex during the summer, and was ready for more. She had not planned to nail his best friend this night, but she was looking forward to it now. Almost without thinking she continued the tale of the horny husband.

“He started coming to my bed in the middle of the night. It seemed so damn shocking to be taken like that with his wife just across the hall. It really turned me on. I would have the diaphragm in place every night in hopes that he would show up.

He seldom missed a night. As soon as my door opened I would throw the sheet off and spread my legs. I loved it. I wanted to feel his bare cock as much as he wanted to give it to me. It felt so free, the silky skin of his cock so much more exciting than the rubber. I loved the feel of his cum jazzing me and I was coming regularly now.

I want you bare tonight, my diaphragm is in my purse,” she added.

Jim’s throat tightened in his excitement, her last comment sealing out any other thoughts of disloyalty. Arriving at her home, they slipped quietly into the back yard and into her father’s backyard office. It was dark but not late and apparently her parents were still up and awake.

There was enough light filtering through the window to allow them to see each other and their surroundings. Amanda said, “Don’t worry, we won’t be bothered, they know I come in here with Bob and will be thinking it is he if they hear any sound.”

They kissed with a passion, the evening’s story telling having inflamed them. Jim’s hand felt and squeezed her tits, while the experienced Amanda rubbed his stiff cock through his pants. They undressed quickly. Jim’s eyes were totally adjusted to the light and he drank in the sight of her dark nipples and triangular bush set between her pasty white boyish hips.

Jim’s mouth hungrily sought her nipples. They were fully erect, protruding out like two little fingers. They felt like gum drops in his mouth, sort of semi-hard. Amanda moaned and held his head as he sucked.

“I love that, Mike seldom sucked them or even kissed me. He was mostly right after my pussy.”

Amanda became the aggressor and Jim was quite comfortable allowing her to take the lead. She rubbed her tits on his chest and took hold of his cock while kissing his neck and licking behind his ears.

“Your cock feels good. Rub it in my bush. Slide it between my legs. I’m wet, can you feel it?”

He grabbed her ass cheeks, caressing and massaging, pulling them apart as he slid his cock along her wet slit. His fingers slid in between her legs from behind until he located his knob, pressing it into her slit.

Jim backed her up against the door, lifting one of her legs in the crook of his arm to open her. He fucked her with his knob and half his cock. He looked around frantically for a better place. There was a sofa against the wall but it had a pile of boxes and junk covering it.

Amanda sensed his problem and whispered, “The chair, the chair, take me there in the chair.”

Jim duck walked her over to a cushioned chair in a dark corner. He laid her back in it, and sunk his cock deep into her. She was scrunched up in the chair with her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. She was frantic, sliding her hips back and forth on the chair, virtually fucking Jim, who stood rigid in a half crouch between her legs.

They soon found a semblance of synchronization and pounded away at each other like animals. There were no words, only the sound of grunts of pleasure and the squishy sound of a cock plundering a very wet pussy along with the slap of his thighs on her ass as they banged together.

It was pretty much over in ten minutes. Jim’s body jerked as he got off and he collapsed to his knees as Amanda threw her hips up at him in a shaking convulsion. They dressed silently, both wondering at the speed of which it had all happened. There had not been any build-up of affection between them; events had just taken on a life of their own.

Jim wanted to suggest that she not provide Bob any more information on her summer’s events, but he did not. Nor did he suggest that she not mention this night either. She would do it her own way despite anything he would ask.

Amanda had more mixed feelings. There was a feeling of triumph that her summer’s experiences had made her more desirable to men. She still hoped to regain Bob’s affection and did not worry about what Jim might say, and in all that she had no remorse whatsoever.

The story had a happy ending. Within a few weeks Bob had relented and their love affair continued and they married following his school year.

Bob and Amanda remained close friends of Jim and his new bride, and they worked together for a number of years as they raised their families. Amanda never acknowledged that night with the exception of those few times that she and Jim danced at a party. With their bodies close and touching one or the other would murmur, “Remember?”

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