Her WIshes, His command, pt1

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No one needed to know her name. He knew and that was enough for her. She had wanted this for a long time and he was just the man to give it to her. His name was M, and he knew just how to make this fantasy become a reality for them both.
Since it was mostly for her, he made plans behind the scenes, but had her place the ad looking for more. She wanted to be sure no one the knew her would be able to tell it was her by the photos she posted, so she had to be very discreet. Nothing showing her face or her recognizable tattoos. The ad read as follows:
Looking for more
My partner and I are trying to host a very special party. Men only. You must be discreet, in decent shape (no big bellies!), 5’9 or taller, white men only! We will accept 3-5 men to participate. You must be at least 21 yrs old, no older than 35. Discretion on our part is assured, must be from you as well. Photos are required, please send body shot at least. Emails without photos will be deleted immediately.

Just posting the ad got her wetter than she could imagine. She was really doing this.

“This” was mostly out of her control. She and M had just recently began discussing fantasies. She told him how she had always wanted to participate in a gang bang. But not just any gang bang, there were conditions she needed met before she would truly be interested. 3-5 men plus M, they had to fit her specifications body and race wise, she wanted to be blindfolded throughout the entire encounter, no anal licking by her (to her was ok), and M had to take total control. Otherwise, pretty much anything else goes.

M was almost as excited as she was in regard to his planning. Being in total control of her and what situations he could place her in got him hard just by thought alone. He knew her limits and intended to take her to the edge of them during this special party. Once she chose 3 men from the hundreds of emails she received, she turned the addresses over to M so that he could disclose to the participants what he expected from them throughout the night. They all reached a consensus to hold the party at a seedy motel in town where the noises they knew would be elicitited from her would not bother the neighboring rooms. The party was to be held the next night at 9pm sharp.

When they arrived at the motel, she was a little unnerved by the seediness, but excited at the same time. M had not told her anything he planned ahead of time. He knew any ideas floating around in her head were enough to get her excited and ready for the night to come without giving away any of his plans. He also knew that considering what he had in store for her, she would need some affection and attention from him before and after the party. So, they arrived about 2 hours before the party was to begin. She was never very good at shaving her pussy, so M had her spread out on the bed in the room and shaved it smoothly gaziantep eskort bayan for her, then he ran a bath for her, complete with bath salts and candles. At the last minute, he decided to join her in the tub and pamper her a bit. He washed her hair and helped her wash herself, all the while with the utmost tenderness. She was a little confused by the attention but enjoyed it nonetheless. After rinsing off, they went back into the bedroom. It was almost time for their guests to arrive and she needed to be prepared. M gave her the blindfold and instructed her to tie it around her eyes tightly. Very firmly he told her, “From now until all of our guests leave, I am in control. You have no name unless I give you one. You will be pleasured, but your pleasure is not foremost this evening, the pleasure of our guests and myself are. You will do as you’re instructed immediately and without question. Considering your lack of sight, I will position you wherever and however you need to be. Know this, NO ONE will put their cock inside your tight little asshole until I have taken it the way I chose, and maybe not even after that. I will decide. You belong to me and no one else this evening, and I will give you away at will. Our guests know their place, and if anyone forgets, he will be escorted from here immediately, no questions asked. Your limits are noted, do you have anything to say before you lose that ability as well?”
She was in shock. She knew he could command a situation when necessary, his military training saw to that, but she had never seen him so in control. She wordlessly shook her head, indicating she had no questions. She tied the blindfold on as instructed and sat on the edge of the bed, still completely nude from their bath.

M saw that they had a few more moments before the guests arrived, so he commanded her to lie back on the bed, propped up against the pillows. He opened the bag he brought all his supplies in and took out a large bottle of baby oil. He proceeded to oil her entire body, having her flip over so he could oil the backside as well. He put a box of condoms on the night table along with bottles of lubrication, a paddle, butt-plugs in 3 sizes, anal beads and a small vibrator.

At the first knock on the room door, he quickly instructed her to get back in the original position and wait quietly. M quickly ushered the first guest into the room and closed the door so as not to attract any outside attention to the curvy nude woman displayed on the bed. M knew the names and pertinent information of all 3 guests, however, he had decided she did not need to know, nor did they need to use any names this night, other than calling him M. Anonymity played into his scenario much better than her trying to keep track of names. M had explained to all 3 guests that they were allowed to call her anything they chose as they would not be told her name. The other two men arrived shortly thereafter, and quietly on the far side of the room, M made sure they all remembered the rules. Condoms were to be used if they were fucking her pussy or her ass, if allowed. No condoms for oral. M got first choice at anal, and any subsequent anal was at his discretion. Fingering, tonguing, toy use in her ass was allowed. Liberal lubrication would be used at all times to ensure maximum comfort for everyone. No did not mean No, she was given a safe word up front. The safe word stopped everything on the spot no questions asked. “Franklin” was the safe word. If she chose to go on after the safe word was used, activities would recommence, if she chose not to continue, then everyone packed up and went home. All 3 guests agreed once again to the rules. It was game time.

As the men whispered among themselves, she couldn’t help being a little nervous. She had no idea exactly what M had planned for her, but she trusted him and knew she had her safe word. She found her pussy getting wet while being made to wait and couldn’t help reaching down and touching herself. Just how wet she was surprised even her. When the guys made their way over to the bed, that’s how they found her. Finger on her clit, sliding up and down her slit, just barely touching the opening, then back up to her clit again. Her mouth was slightly open, so M nodded to one of the guys and jerked his head in the direction of her face. All of a sudden, there was a cock touching her lips. She had no idea who that cock belonged to, yet she opened her mouth wide and began to suck. She had been with M long enough to know it wasn’t his cock in her mouth, even though it was a similar size. The idea of a complete stranger, whose face she had never seen and would never see, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth drove her over the edge and she squirted and soaked the bed. Without a word, another man got on the bed with her and started touching her soaking wet pussy, roughly moving her hand away. He slid one finger inside, testing the waters so to speak, and she spasmed around his finger like her life depended on it. He told her to get on her knees in the middle of the bed with her ass in the air. The cock she was sucking came with her. He propped against the headboard and directed her head back to his swollen wet cock so she could continue. As she was tending to his cock, M kneeled beside the bed and put his hand on her throat and whispered in her ear “We are just getting started.”
The man behind her took the smallest plug handed to him, already lubed, and very abruptly shoved it directly into her tiny little asshole. She tried to jerk away, and the hand on her throat tightened. This got the response M knew it would, she rocked her ass towards the plug and the hand that was holding it in place. M chuckled low, and she immediately knew it was him, only his laugh at that particular point in time could make her shiver like she did. He kept his hand on her throat but released the pressure a bit and used his other hand on her head, forcing the man’s cock further down her throat. He knew she loved cock in her mouth and especially a helping hand so to speak. As he pushed her head down and kept her from being able to pull back, he released her throat completely and lightly smacked her face. “Good slut, I’m going to take my hand off your head, but you better keep giving this blow job, don’t stop until you’re told or made to.” He removed his hand from her head but continued to lightly slap her face as she swallowed the other man’s cock over and over. The man behind her was rock hard at this point. He instructed her roughly “Do NOT let this plug pop out. If you do, something larger will be put in its place.” He put on a condom and very roughly shoved his entire 8 inches in her wet tight pussy. She immediately tried to pull forward and was rewarded with a sound smack on her ass. “DO NOT do that again. You will take my entire cock whenever I chose to give it to you, you fucking cunt. You know you want it, you’re soaking wet!” Her pussy was contracting against his cock like it wanted to milk him dry. He fucked her hard and fast at first, making her take all of his cock until he hit bottom, then shoved harder to make her take more. All the while, she continued to be slapped in the face and suck the cock in front of her like her life depended on it. She was airtight, plug in her ass, cock in her pussy and cock in her mouth. Her senses were reeling and she was cumming faster than she ever had before. The man fucking her pussy pulled out all the way to the tip and in one long stroke, made her throbbing pussy take the entire length of his cock again. As the tip of his cock touched her deep inside, the tip of the cock in her mouth touched her as deep as she could handle and she gagged. Losing control, the plug tried to come out of her ass before she could stop it.
No words, the small plug was removed, and before she could come up for air, a larger plug replaced it, no warning save the earlier one about not letting the plug come out. She had taken M’s cock in her ass a few times before this night, but the sensation of being stuffed full, even at the mouth, was overwhelming and she had tears in her eyes. M noted this and took advantage of a perfect opportunity. He wiped a tear from her cheek and whispered in her ear, “We will make you cry, you’ll wish you could scream, you have no control, you are a fuck doll. You’ll puke bile on cock from having it shoved further than it’s ever been shoved before, your ass will be filled with plugs, cock, whatever I want it filled with, and you’ll lick every last drop of your own ass juice off whatever I tell you to. You will be beaten, you will be broken, you gave me control and I intend to take it.”

She was terrified, but never once thought to use her safe word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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