Haunted House Ch. 02

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My pussy spasmed violently, and left me craving more. With a penis gag shoved into my throat, rope tied around my wrists, and a blindfold, I’m a blind fucktoy in an abandoned house. Waiting on someone to fuck me. Fuck me. Hard. Fast. Ugh.

Heavy footsteps walked in, creaking the floorboards as they stepped closer to my shaking body. My heart pounded and I squirmed. How many guys did Kasey send in? I don’t even want to know…

“So, guys, what should we do with this slut we found?”

His deep, husky voice slithered down to my pussy and fed her like velvet red wine. I craved to rip off my blindfold, to see the owner of this oh so sexy voice. But his arms snaked around me, full of intent.

His hands ran up and down my skin, reawakening my already pumped up sex. They reached lower and lower until I felt a finger circle my wet pussy, still sore from my orgy with the girls.

“Kasey told me how much of a slut you are, and she filmed it for us to watch back at the frat house,” the velvet voice continued, “She recommended that I bring some of the other guys with me. So we could… amuse ourselves.” I felt two fingers push into my pussy, moving slowly, scraping my walls for that sweet spot. Moaning, I pushed back onto him, begging for more. Harder. Deeper. More.

God, I’m such a slut.

And then, time stopped.

My penis gag was ripped off, and replaced with a warm cock. I leaned against the rickety bed frame, trying to get it deeper into my throat. I moaned against it, used my tongue, and rolled it around in my mouth. It felt so good, it was so big, slightly wet with a salty taste. The only taste a slut craves.

God, why am I such a slut?

I felt different hands on my breasts. Large, small, wide, narrow, smooth, rough. They reached for the nipples and pinched hard, with me hanging on the edge. My mind was reeling, privy to all the pleasure I couldn’t control. I moaned into the cock in my mouth, taking it deeper into my throat. The twitchy fingers were replaced with warm mouths that sucked and bit on my tits, creating rippling sensations that shoot straight casino şirketleri down to my wanton pussy.

“You should have thought a little more about betting during strip poker, Nana. We’re gonna fuck the ever-loving shit out of you.” that voice began again, “Adam, call the rest of frat guys. They’ll get a live show.”

Lights and smoke lit up behind my eyes as a third finger was added. Wet sloppy sounds of sex filled the room, punctuated with my moans and groans.

Oh my gosh, his fingers are so thick. I’m gonna die.

“Nana, you’re such a slut.”

“Ugh, her throat feels so gooooood. I’m gonna come!”

“Her pussy’s so wet and slippery. Fucking god.”

Their voices brought me closer and closer to the brink. The fingers in my pussy suddenly pulled out, to be replaced with a cock, spearing my walls.

“She’s so tight, ughh!”

“Man, this is one fine whore.”

“Her mouth is amaaaazing.”

Anthony? Holy cow, we’ll never look at each other the same way again.

Velvet voice’s cock pistoned in and out of my pussy, and it was soon replaced by another cock, so thick and hard. My pussy walls clamped hard, while I felt cold lube slathered on my puckered asshole.

“Screw it, Jason,” velvet voice continued, “just pour it all on her ass.”

“Yeah, man,” Jason replied, “She’ll need it.” He resumed by pouring the whole bottle onto my steaming nether regions.

Yes, give it to me! I felt dirty and cheap, used like a two cent whore.

“Mmmph!” I moaned into the cock in my mouth, while he brutally fucked my throat.

“Aww, does the slut want more cock?” he asked, “We can all jerk off on her.” He waited for velvet voice’s approval, and they started to stand around me ritualistically, filling the room with grunts. The cocks in me were driving me higher, as my pussy spasmed around the dicks. Each hole was pounded, sloppy slurps of my body trying to keep up. I imagined them all lined up around the sacrificial virgin, spewing loads of cum from their cocks, and it fueled my pussy’s ascent to climax.

Except for the fact that you’re casino firmaları far away from being a virgin, dear.

I felt myself hoisted into the air, and the cock in my mouth pulled out with a pop. Hot saliva and cum landed on my face, a messy Jackson Pollock painting by now. He rubbed his cock on my lips, my hair, my cheek. I smelled cock, tasted cock, loved cock. Ugh.

“Here, you cumslut,” his hardened voice said, “take my cum, don’t you love it, babe?”

“YES, PLEASE,” I heard my animalistic voice chant, “GIVE ME MORE. MORE.”

The guys laughed, and I felt a dick in my back door. I groaned as he slid himself in.

Ugh, he’s so big, and I feel so full. Oh god.

The third cock filled me completely. I felt so cheap, like just holes for their pleasure. The cock in my ass slid past my sphincter, and started fucking me in earnest. I moaned into the dick in my mouth, my voice reverberating back as vibrations. Yes. Yes. Yes.

“Do you wanna come, Nana?” velvet voice asked, as he fondled my small boobs, “Does the cumslut want to come?”

His voice fueled me higher, fed my pussy dirty words as I felt my climax building.

“Oh yeah, slut,” a voice exclaimed, “Squirt for us,” I felt his hands pressing hard against my clit. The dual dicks inside ground hard against the thin membrane that separated my pussy and my ass. A pressure built, as I felt myself wanting to pee. No, no, that can’t be right.

“Come on, whore,” velvet voice continued, “We’re filming this, so squirt for us.”

Oh god, this is on film. You’re such a nasty slut, Nana.

The three cocks fueled my ascent, and I felt myself letting go. My breath hitched and toes curled inward. My body tensed up, waiting for the ultimatum.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH,” I screamed, as I felt the barrier break loose. The coil uncoiled, and I was seeing stars. My pussy spasmed and my ass sputtered. Jets of liquid squirted from my urethra, heightening the frantic fucking in my other holes. Ropes of cum squirted on my face and my body. I felt them emptying their loads in my abused pussy and ass hole, leaking out onto güvenilir casino the dilapidated bed. I felt my hands and feet being tied, but I didn’t care. I was too exhausted to fight back.

Snaps of cameras and video recorders went off, as the blindfold was ripped from my head.

I saw the owner of the velvet voice, and he smiled devilishly, giving me a self satisfied, crooked smile. In his hands held a camcorder, filming me and my cum soaked body.

“Open your mouth and show everyone all that cum,” he said with a sneer, “I’m sure the slut has more!”

I obeyed, and gurgled it as I swallowed the last of it. He crouched to my ears and whispered to me.

“We’re gonna put this up online and share it with the rest of the frats. So they can haze the fuck out of you,” he whispered, “For now, we’re reinserting that thick penis gag, and lodging your holes with our cum. Until the next frat finds you here, tied to their mercy.”

My face contorted with horror, as I realized their intentions. He smiled the smile of the devil. He pulled the blindfold back on, and he forced my mouth open to reinsert the gag. I squirmed and fought, but he simply slapped my breasts and laughed. I felt a cold lubed flared butt plug enter my ass, with all their hot cum trapped inside. He spat in my pussy and bit my clit before shoving a large 10 inch dildo into my pussy. My insides twitched alive again. I felt full, and my insides were burning with their cum trapped inside.

“It’s so you’ll remember how much of a slut you are, Nana,” he continued, “And how you loved it.”

He slapped my tiny breasts, and he pulled on my cum encrusted nipples. More spit flew from his mouth, violating my used body.

I felt his lips through the penis gag lodged in my mouth. More spit landed on my face, as I leaned up for more.

God, I feel so humiliated. Like a slut should.

“You should have thought harder before you decided to bet, Nana,” he whispered, “Happy Halloween.”

I twisted against my bonds, and felt my raw insides giving out. He laughed and got up, creaking on the old floorboards. My mouth was stretched; my pussy and ass were burning, as I felt the dirty reminders of the orgy slither inside me. They left me tied to the cheap mattress, in an abandoned house, yearning for release.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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