Haunted by the Futa Ghost 4: Taken by the Demon’s Tentacles

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Haunted by the Futa Ghost
Chapter Four: Taken by the Demon’s Tentacles
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

The beat of the drum summoned me to the stage before the statue of our shrine’s guardian, Kanshu-no-Kami. I was dressed in my miko garb, my red hakama about my legs and cinched tight at my waist, my haori over my kimono, the tasseled ends swaying before me, dangling with bells that tinkled with my every movement. I gripped my gohei in my hand, a wand of cedar wood from which dangle two shide, paper folded to form a zigzag chain of diamonds. The shide fluttered as I turned on the tatami mats and faced the audience.

My breath caught. Mitsuko-hime knelt in the audience beside her father, Daimyo Todo Hidenaga. She was so beautiful in a kimono of midnight blue, her face painted white, her lips bright red. Her hair was a piled mass on her head, held together by a comb of alabaster. Her hands were folded into the sleeves of her kimono, and her eyes were on me.

Hot eyes.

The memory of our shared kiss in the onsen this afternoon flushed through me. My feet hesitated in the rhythm of the Kagura, the sacred dance I had to perform. I almost lost my rhythm. She was so beautiful. My Ojo-sama.

But then I felt my father’s eyes on me as he beat of the drum, his voice singing deep, long, sonorous notes. I had to do my part. I could not falter. It was the spring equinox. The Kagura had to be perform so Kanshu-no-Kami could keep the dread yokai Yokubo-no-Tako bound for another season.

As I turned, my eyes fell on the wooden stature of Kanshu-no-Kami, a man grappling with something foul, the hints of tentacles wrapped about his limbs as he drove the yokai into its prison, trapping it for eternity.

So long as I danced.


500 years later…

Bliss exploded through Mariah Young as the purple, octopus-like tentacle, surged up her legs, ripping open the crotch of her jeans. The monster rammed the bulbous, cock-like end into her pussy. The tentacle fucked in and out of her like a dick, reaming her snatch. The African-American girl moaned loudly. She was nineteen, her breasts bouncing in her fringed belly shirt while her head tossed back and forth. Her pussy clenched on the tentacle.

“Oh, my god,” she gasped as she was held aloft while a round mass of purple flesh, dotted with yellow eyes, spilled out of the wall, spilling over more paint cans. They rolled about the art room of Redwood Academy. “What are you?”

“Omeko,” the creature rumbled again, a mouth filled with sharp teeth opening wide. A long tongue licked across its lips as more cock-tentacles reached for the nineteen-year-old Mariah. “Chichi.”

Her shirt and bra ripped away. Her breasts bounced free, brown nipples hard. Two purple, slimy tentacles wrapped about her breasts, squeezing them into mounds as she shuddered in the creature’s embrace. Everywhere it touched her, spreading thick slime, pleasure bled through her body. She screamed and moaned, undulating, her pussy clenching down on the reaming tentacle-cock.

The ends of the tentacles reached her nipples. Little feelers broke out, tiny, almost hair-like appendages wrapped about her nipples, twisting and rolling them. A delightful tremble of pleasure shot through her body, racing down to the pleasure boiling in her pussy.

The monster lifted her higher, her head brushing the drop ceiling of the classroom. Its bulk dragged along the floor beneath her, mouth opened wide. Her pussy juices dripped from her snatch, falling on its large tongue.

“Omanko,” it groaned in delight. “Momo jiri.”

“Oh, god,” gasped Mariah as another tentacle-dick pressed between the cheeks of her ass. It leaked slick slime as it pressed on her sphincter. She her back arched as the tentacle reamed into her bowels, stuffing both her holes.

She bucked and squirmed, friction burning in her pussy and asshole as the monster fucked her. The smaller tentacles pulled at her nipples, stretching out her breasts as she quivered and shuddered. The pleasure surged through her body. Her skin burned as its writhing tentacles smeared slime across her skin. The aphrodisiac sent her mind boiling with ecstasy.

She tossed and squirmed as the monster fucked her faster, harder. Its tentacle cocks reamed into her pussy and asshole. They expanded, growing and stretching wide her cunt and bowels. Mariah bucked, her toes curling.

“Oh, my god! Oh, yes!” She thrashed as her orgasm exploded in the depths of her cunt.

Juices gushed from pussy around the tentacle cock, pouring into the monster’s mouth. It gurgled in delight, tentacle tightening about her breasts. They throbbed in pain, making her gasp louder, harder, driving her orgasm to higher peaks.

She drowned in bliss. She had never experienced anything like it. Her boyfriend had hardly made her orgasm once, and then it had been so weak. Not the flood of rapture splashing against her mind, churned by the strokes of the monster’s two thrusting cocks reaming both her holes.

“Amai,” the monster groaned as her pussy cream poured into its mouth.

“Keep fucking me,” she hissed. “You fucking monster. Yes, yes, ream those tentacle-cocks into me. Oh, god. Oh, yes!”

Rapture surged through Mariah as another orgasm exploded into her. Both her holes writhed about the monster’s plunging cocks. It growled louder beneath her. Mariah’s nipples stretched as it pulled on the brown nubs, her tits aching, her ecstasy growing.

And then it erupted. Cum spurted from its tentacle-cocks buried in her asshole and pussy. It howled its pleasure as it flooded her with jizz. Her body spasmed. She screamed out her bliss as her tits jiggled. The ecstasy built and built in her mind, driving away all her thought as the jizz filled her body. Every nerve in her burned.

There was only the sweet rapture of cumming left to Mariah, and endless need to feel the tentacles flooding her over and over. She thrashed and groaned as white ecstasy consumed her essence.


“How can there be a yokai?” Chris asked, her once masculine voice now high-pitched and feminine, as she struggled to hold up her jeans and follow after Miyu.

Chris heart thudded beneath her breasts. She had breasts. Large breasts. They bounced beneath her t-shirt, jiggling with her every movement, her nipples hard, pressing against the fabric. Her blonde hair had grown long, framing her tanned face, all the masculinity softened to feminine beauty. She even felt shorter, like she had lost a few inches of height. It didn’t make sense to her. The ghost of the Japanese girl had somehow changed her into a woman.

And then had tried to kill her.

But then Miyu appeared, wielding her strange rod with a chain of zigzagging, paper diamonds in one hand and a folded, paper seal in the other. She had driven off the ghost and saved Chris’s life. Now she marched ahead. Miyu was a new transfer student from Japan, still wearing the gray skirt and vest of her old school uniform. Redwood Academy didn’t have a uniform.

“Come on, talk to me,” Chris said as they stepped out of the men’s room.

Miyu’s head snapped back and forth, her long, silky hair sliding about her shoulders. It was as dark as Chris’s friend Yoshiko. Miyu had the same soft, olive skin and delicate face, though Miyu’s eyes were slanted like almonds and dark brown while Yoshiko had her Caucasian father’s round baby blues.

Miyu strode down the hallway, the paper chain whisking as she walked. Her back was set. To Chris, it was like she strode into battle. From ahead, where the art classroom lay, a woman let out a loud moan.

Not of pain, but pleasure.

“Mariah,” Chris gasped. She had left her art project partner, Mariah, behind to go jerk off in the bathroom after Lori, her girlfriend, sent her a series of naughty, nude selfies. While jacking off, the ghost had first sucked Chris’s dick and then fucked her, turning her into a girl.

How do I explain this to Lori? Chris thought with a groan.

“The yokai is attacking someone,” Miyu hissed. “Stay back.”

“Like hell,” Chris said, her voice too high-pitched to make the words sound as tough and manly as she wanted. Her cheeks flushed as she dashed after Miyu, using one hand to keep her pants hitched up. Her waist had shrunk, leaving her with curving hips and pants too big to wear.

Miyu reached the art room and ripped open the door with the hand holding her wand. She marched in, shouting in Japanese, holding up the folded paper. Chris thought it was an ofuda, a Japanese seal used to ward off evil.

White light flared.

Chris darted to the door, looking in over Miyu’s shoulder. Through the glare, he could see a mass of writhing purple. Mariah danced in the air, held aloft, her body naked. Chris’s eyes widened as she watched the tentacles fucking her, white jizz gushing from her pussy and asshole, spurting out around the appendages buried into her flesh.

“So good!” screamed Maria.

A flush of heat rippled out of Chris’s new pussy. She squeezed her thighs together, her clit throbbing. It was a scene right out of La Blue Girl or Urotsukidoji, two famous, Japanese Hentai about demon tentacle monsters.

Yokai, Chris realized. Holy shit, they’re real. First a pissed off Japanese ghost turns me into a woman and now a tentacle monster is molesting Mariah.

The beast growled and snarled in Japanese as Miyu advanced forward, the ofuda thrust before her. She held her wand low, the single chain of paper fluttering behind her. Her words were dwarfed by the power of the monster.

“IE!” boomed the monster.

A roar of wind slammed from the monster. It whipped at Chris’s clothing. Miyu’s skirt rustled. She raised her ofuda higher, obscuring her face. Chris shuddered, fear beating at his heart while Mariah gasped and moaned her delight, still cumming on the monster’s tentacles.

The white light flickered. And then it shattered like glass. The force of the wind crashed into Miyu. She screamed, her voice so small, childish as her body hurtled back. Chris grunted as the Japanese schoolgirl crashed into her. The pair fell backward in a tangled heap of limbs. Chris gasped, the air knocked out of her lungs.

And then the wind vanished.

The world grew calm.

“What the gaziantep eskort bayan fuck happened?” Chris groaned. “Miyu?”

But the Japanese girl didn’t respond. She lay limp on Chris’s body. Her heart hammered. She reached out, touching the girl’s throat and…

A pulse throbbed. Chris let out an explosive breath. “She’s still alive.”

Chris sighed and looked into the art room, craning her neck. The monster, and Mariah, were gone.


Lori shuddered, her eyes widening. The futanari-ghost was here. Excitement burst through her body. She had just had one hot fuck with her best friend, Yoshiko, both futanari finally satiated enough for their cocks to shrink back into little clits.

Lori didn’t always have a cock, and neither did her best friend. This afternoon, Yoshiko was haunted by the futanari-ghost in the restroom at their high school. After getting her cherry popped, Yoshiko gained a clit that could turn into a girl-dick. When Lori discovered it, after posing naked for nude pictures for her boyfriend, she had to try out Yoshiko’s dick. She felt a little guilty for cheating on Chris.

But it had been hot. And she is still a girl, Lori had rationed. Chris always did want to see me with a girl.

But after Yoshiko and Lori had fucked, Lori also gained a clit that could transform into a hard, throbbing dick. The redhead had loved it. Yoshiko had just finished riding Lori’s dick, and they both had cum so hard.

“I have to see this,” Lori said, eager to see the ghost at work. She scooted out from beneath her friend with a wiggle. Lori’s round breasts bounced. Her tits were nowhere near as big as Yoshiko’s. Though half-Japanese, she was short and petite, she had some of the biggest tits at the Redwood Academy.

The redhead fell to her knees behind Yoshiko. “Is the ghost really trying to fuck your asshole?”

Yoshiko nodded her head, her round, blue eyes wide as she looked at Lori over her shoulder. “I can feel Sayuri-chan’s dick rubbing on my asshole. She was licking it at first. I think…getting me ready.”

“Mmm, I don’t blame her,” Lori said, smacking her lips. Now that she was a futanari, she was finding the female form just so interesting. Before, Lori had no attraction for Yoshiko. Now she felt her clit itching.

She rubbed herself, her clit sprouting into a dick again as she stared at her friend’s ass. Lori’s eyes widened. Ghostly fingerprints dug into Yoshiko’s pale-olive butt-cheeks. There really is a spirit here touching her.

Lori shifted until she could see Yoshiko’s puckered asshole. It was dark brown and clenching. Lori stroked her growing dick, her pussy tightening. The redhead bit her lip, loving the sight of Yoshiko wiggling hips, her thick, black bush dripping with Lori’s own girl-cum, and—

Yoshiko’s asshole widened, blossoming to reveal the depths of her bowels while she shuddered and moaned. Lori’s breath caught. The ghost’s girl-cock was sliding invisible into her friend’s bowels. She stroked her hardening dick faster, watching Yoshiko’s asshole expanding more and more.

“Holy shit, I can see into your asshole, Yoshiko. The ghost’s reaming you.”

“I know,” groaned Yoshiko, her voice throaty. From her pussy, a hard cock sprouted from amid the sloppy, cum-stained pubic hairs. “Oh, my god. She’s so huge. She’s driving so deep into me. Oh, Sayuri-chan”

“Yes, yes, fuck her ass, Sayuri,” groaned Lori. “This is unbelievable.” Lori looked around and spied her phone. She snagged it, ignoring the text from Chris and other notifications. She aimed it at Yoshiko’s ass and hit record. “My friend is being fucked by a futanari-ghost,” Lori narrated. “Look, you can see her asshole gaping open. That’s all ghost.”

Without thinking, Lori reached out, her left finger pointed ahead. She felt nothing as her digit slid into Yoshiko’s asshole, not touching the sides of her friend’s bowels. The dick was far thicker than the redhead’s finger.

“Oh, my god, this is amazing,” Lori said, pulling her finger out of the gaping cavity. “I can’t feel the ghost at all, but she’s fucking my friends ass.”

“Yes, she is,” moaned Yoshiko, her head tossing. The sound of her pillowy tits smacking together echoed as the futanari rocked her hips into the ghost’s cock. “It’s so good. So different than being fucked in the pussy.”

Lori stroked her cock with one hand, recording with the other. Her pussy clenched each time she reached the crown of her dick, smearing precum across the sensitive tip and down the shaft. Lori bit her lip, her hips shaking. She loved her new girl-cock.

What will Chris think when he learns I have a bigger cock than him? She giggled. Knowing the freak, he’d want to watch me fuck Yoshiko with it. Her boyfriend was into futanari porn.

Lori’s hand shot down to her groin and slid along her cock as she recorded. Juices dripped down her thighs. She licked her lip, the itch growing at the tip of her cock. She wanted to be fucking. She wanted to ram her dick into her friend’s asshole and cum.

Her eyes widened. “I couldn’t feel the ghost, Yoshiko.”

“What?” groaned Yoshiko, her voice thick and throaty.

Lori gripped the phone as she crawled on her knees forward. Her body phased through the ghost’s body. She didn’t even feel a tingle. She brought her cock to the gaping-open asshole, guiding it into the hole. She groaned, feeling the walls of Lori’s bowels. Her cock was as thick as the ghost’s.

“Lori,” Yoshiko groaned “Oh, god, your fucking my ass, too.”

“It’s too inviting to pass up,” Lori moaned as she slammed all the way into the hot, velvety depths. “Mmm, I’m fucking your asshole at the same time the ghost is.”


“Oh, my god,” Yoshiko squealed, her body shuddering at the strange sensations rippling out of her bowels.

She could feel Lori’s cock buried into the depths of her asshole at the same as Sayuri-chan’s cock reamed in and out. She squirmed, two different cocks fucking her bowels at the same time, overlapping with each other, driving her wild with the duel sensations.

Her girl-dick throbbed before her. Overcome by the sensations, Yoshiko lowered her head, resting the crown on the floor, peering down her body. Her large breasts jiggling, shaking and bouncing together, her hard dick swaying beyond. Juices and cum leaked out of her pussy, dripping down her shaft as she was fucked.

And then Lori began moving.

“Oh, my god, you’re both fucking me,” Yoshiko moaned as the powerful wave of pleasure rippled out of her body. “This is so much.”

“Uh-huh,” Lori moaned, fucking Yoshiko faster and faster, gripping her hips.

Yoshiko shuddered as she felt the two different cocks fucking her at different speeds, sliding in and out at different moments. She shook and shuddered at the duel delights reaming through her body, sending waves of fluttering bliss through her. She rocked back, hearing the smack of flesh as Lori’s bottomed out, feeling Sayuri-chan’s groin a heartbeat later but not hearing any sound.

Lori moaned and groaned as she pounded Yoshiko, but the ghost was silent. If she made noises, Yoshiko didn’t hear them. But she could feel both dicks. Her bowels burned from the friction It melted out of her bowels to her pussy and then down the length of her dick.

Which throbbed.


“I’m not her,” gasped Yoshiko. “But just keep fucking me anyways, Sayuri-chan.”

“Oh, yes, keep fucking her, Sayuri,” Lori moaned. “Oh, damn, Yoshiko, this feels so good.”

“Uh-huh.” Yoshiko lifted her head and swept her gaze around behind her, watching her friend’s breasts bouncing before her as she pounded Yoshiko’s bowels. She’s so beautiful. A part of Yoshiko wanted to blurt out, “I love you,” again and make sure Lori heard her this time.

But what about Chris? Lori loves Chris. They’re both my best friends. I can’t break them apart.

Guilt washed through her. But only for a few moments. The two cocks reaming in and out of her bowels sent ripples of pleasure through her body. The guilt banished as she enjoyed the hard thrusts of both Lori and the futanari-ghost, her dick aching, throbbing.

Yoshiko grew closer and closer to cumming. She bucked back into both their thrusts, clenching her bowels around their dicks. For a moment, Lori and the ghost had the same rhythm, both their cocks reaming in and the same moment, really teasing her nerves.

Then they fell out of sync and buried into Yoshiko at different times.

Yoshiko loved it. “Oh, God, Lori, I’m going to cum.”

“Do it. Oh, damn, cum on both our dicks.”


“Yes,” Yoshiko moaned. Her pussy clenched. Her body trembled. Her dick throbbed.

Her bowels spasmed about the reaming dicks. Pleasure erupted in the depths of Yoshiko’s pussy. Waves rippled down her cock. Every time they reached the tip, a powerful blast of cum erupted, splatting the carpet of Lori’s bedroom. The pleasure caused by the spurts of girl-jizz slammed into the waves of pleasure rippling through her body.

They reached her mind.

Yoshiko trembled and gasped as the pleasure burned over her. Both cocks reaming her teased her asshole’s depths. They kept her trembling and moaning, her dick erupting over and over as she bucked and groaned.

“Damn,” Lori moaned. “Oh, damn, that feels nice when you cum on my dick.”

“Both your dicks,” gasped Yoshiko. “They’re both so good. “Oh, yes, Sayuri-chan! Lori!”

She trembled, the delightful sensations kept shooting through her body. The pair fucking her asshole kept her trembling and gasping. Her girl-dick stayed hard as both the ghost and Lori pounded her. She groaned, her breasts shaking, her face contorting as the rapture spilled over and over into her mind. Her pussy kept spasming, juices gushing down her thighs.

The spicy scent of her juices filled Yoshiko’s nose as she gasped and moaned. Her head leaned down again, her black hair sweeping across the carpet as she stared at her cock swaying behind her dangling tits. The tip throbbed and ached. She felt her dick twitch. And then another powerful blast of cum erupted, splattering the beige carpet, matting down the fibers even worse.

“Oh, god, I keep cumming,” moaned Yoshiko. “This is so hot. Oh, yes, just fuck me. I love it. You’re going to make me explode.”

“Good,” groaned Lori. “Your ass is so tight. Oh, damn.”

“Cum in my bowels,” begged Yoshiko, lost to the bliss boiling through her mind. This is so wild. Two cocks fucking in and out of my ass. A ghost’s and a girl’s.


“I’m not her,” moaned Yoshiko. “But, please, don’t stop fucking my asshole, Sayuri-chan.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Lori, her hips slamming in. “Damn, I’m going to cum. I’m going to flood your ass with so much girl-jizz.”

“Do it.” Yoshiko’s bowels clenched hard on both futanari fucking her. “Do it,” she screamed as another explosion of cum burst from her dick.

Each pulse shooting down her shaft made her shudder and her back arch. Her pussy clenched. Juices flooded down her thighs. They coated her in a sticky mess, forming two more wet spots on the carpet around her knees. Yoshiko’s fingers dug into the fibers as her body shivered and shuddered in delight.

“Damn,” groaned Lori. “So good!”

Yoshiko’s round eyes widened as she felt her friends girl-cum fire into her bowels. The futanari-jizz splashed against her walls, filling her asshole. Lori spasmed. Yoshiko looked over her shoulders, her friend’s tits bouncing together, red hair flying. The redhead’s mouth widened into a big O as she moaned out her pleasure.

And then she stopped fucking Yoshiko.

But not Sayuri. The ghost kept pounding Yoshiko as Lori pulled her cock out. The same friction shuddered through Yoshiko. Driving her to another orgasm. Lori’s dick plopped out. The redhead panting.

“Holy shit, that’s such a hot sight to see.”

“What?” groaned Yoshiko.


Lori’s green eyes were wide as she stared into her friend’s gaping asshole. She could see her cum swimming in the depths of her friend’s bowels, pushed to the side by the ghost’s thrusting dick. As Sayuri fucked into Yoshiko, the cum squeezed up the sides of her bowels, rising towards the surface.

“I don’t know how to describe this,” Lori said as her cum spilled out around Yoshiko’s sphincter. But only on the edges. A line of white dribbled down to Yoshiko’s soaked bush. Juices dripped down Yoshiko’s thighs.

Lori inhaled the spicy musk.

Unable to control herself, she leaned over and licked at her cum leaking down Yoshiko’s taint. The redhead groaned, savoring her salty flavor tinged with a sour musk. She licked up to Yoshiko’s asshole. Thanks to the ghost cock, she gaped open, and Lori had no trouble swirling her tongue around the insides of the Japanese futanari’s bowels, gathering more of her salty, sour cum.

“Damn, your ass tastes good,” moaned Lori.

“That feels so weird,” gasped Yoshiko. “I’m being licked and fucked at the same time. Your tongue feels soooo much different than the ghost’s dick.”

“Mmm,” Lori purred, licking again, savoring the sour flavor and her salty cum. She pressed her tongue in as deep as she could, swirling it faster, gathering all the yummy jizz she could. It was delicious.

She gripped her friend’s butt-cheeks as her tongue danced and swirled. The flavor was so intense. So delicious. She sealed her lips over her friend’s gaping asshole and sucked. Yoshiko’s butt-cheeks clenched about Lori’s face as her friend screamed out her pleasure.

Yoshiko’s body bucked and gasped. She let out mindless moans and groans. She trembled. And then she collapsed on the ground, her asshole ripped away from Lori’s lips. Lori blinked, staring at her friend lying on the floor, breathing softly, her eyes closed.

“Did you cum so hard that you passed out?” Lori asked, noticing the spurt of cum shooting from Yoshiko’s dick. “Was it the ghost? Did she cum in your asshole?”

“Yes,” murmured Yoshiko, not unconscious after all. Her eyes fluttered open. “Oh, that was nice.”

“Yeah.” Lori sighed and looked around at her carpet. “My mom is going to kill me. It’s ruined. How much did you cum, Yoshiko?”


Chris panted as the unconscious Miyu lay on him, her glasses hanging off of one ear. Chris shifted her body, settling Miyu’s back onto the the tiled floor. The gender-swapped girl stood up, her jeans and boxers falling down her hips, leaving her naked beneath her t-shirt.

“Shit,” she cursed, hauling them back up, her cheeks burning. She looked around, glad no one saw that she had a curving ass and a thick, blonde bush covering a pussy.

“I have a pussy,” she muttered, heading to the art room. It was trashed. Tables turned over, paint splattered everywhere. In the corner, the art project she had been working on with Mariah lay broken in half, the canvas torn. There was no sign of the yokai or her classmate.

“Mariah?” Chris asked, stepping into the room. Her shoe fell off her right foot on her third step. She blinked, her white sock hanging loose. “My foot even shrunk. Great.”

She stepped her foot down into something slimy spilled across the floor. It was clear and thick, soaking through her sock and… Heat rushed up her leg. It shot straight to her new pussy. A wet, molten itch erupted. Chris groaned, stumbling back out of the classroom.

“What the fuck was that?” she muttered, struggling to keep her jeans from falling around her knees again. Her thighs pressed together. Something throbbed near the top of her pussy. It ached, demanding to be touched just like a cock.

The heat swelled in her pussy. Chris bit her lip and let out another wanton moan. Her nipples were hard, thrusting against her t-shirt, itching to be touched, too. Tingling sensations rushed through her body while juices trickled out of her pussy.

Being a girl was all so strange to Chris. So different. She didn’t know what to do. She trembled, licking her lips, glancing at the sleeping Miyu. Her silky black hair spread about her body. Her gray skirt had ridden up her pale-olive thighs, exposing a pair of white panties stretched over her flesh, molding to her pussy.

“Damn,” Chris groaned, biting her lower lip and trying not to stare at the unconscious girl’s panties covering her pussy.

The heat in her pussy increased. The slime soaked into her sock made her entire foot tingle with excitement. Her hands clenched and relaxed, releasing her jeans. They fell down to her ankles. A moment later, her boxers slipped off her narrower hips.

A tangy scent filled her nose. It was similar to Lori’s musk, not as tart as the redhead’s, but close enough. Chris groaned, staring down at her large breasts and catching hints of her blonde bush. She groaned, hands so sweaty, so aching to touch herself.

I have tits and a pussy. Tits.

Her hands moved almost on their own. They slid up and cupped her breasts. They squeezed and kneaded them. Her fingers dug into the pillowy flesh. They were softer than Lori’s, and larger. The size of Yoshiko’s. Looking around, Chris didn’t see anyone. Almost no one was at Redwood Academy this late.

“Fuck,” she muttered, pulling up her t-shirt, exposing her flat stomach, her rippling abs gone, replaced by sleek, tan flesh. She shuddered, her nipples rasping against the material as she pulled her shirt higher and higher. The bottoms of her breasts appeared, round and as tan as her chest was. Her nipples caught on the fabric.

Then sprang out.

Her pillowy breasts bounced before her, jiggling and rippling. Her nipples were hard and fat, the same shade of pink, but easily ten times as bigger. Her fingers grasped them, rolling them between thumbs and forefingers. She shuddered, playing with her nipples, the sensations racing down to her pussy.

Which clenched.

“That ghost made me stacked,” Chris panted, her hips shifting. More juices trickled down her thighs, her tangy musk swelling in her nose. “Damn, damn, damn. This is kinda…hot. I have my own tits to play with.”

Chris loved playing with Lori’s smaller, firmer mounds. Her fingers sank into her own tits, kneading them, shaking them, watching her nipples sway as the heat increased in her pussy. The slime tingled her foot, racing sensations up her leg to her cunt.

It begged to be touched. The throbbing point demanded attention.

Chris bit her lower lip again. She shivered, looking around. I can’t believe I’m about to play with my own pussy. She shoved her hands down quickly, like she wanted to get it over with. Her fingers brushed her curly bush and then plunged between her thighs and felt her wet folds. She traced them, loving how they felt, how her fingers made her shiver and shudder.

Then she found the demanding point. Her clit. It was hard, throbbing, aching to be played with. She groaned, eyes fluttering as she rubbed and stroked her clit, massaging the bud, letting out groans of delight as she masturbated herself.

Chris closed her eyes, wanting to pretend it was Lori’s pussy she fingered, getting her girlfriend wet and ready for her cock. She loved making her girlfriend cum. She would go down on Lori, licking, nuzzling, making her scream. She loved the flavor her girlfriend’s snatch.

She pulled her fingers to her lips, licking at her tangy juices, groaning as her other hand frigged her clit faster and faster. Her breasts shuddered as she wiggled against the wall, her bunched-up t-shirt rasping on the painted drywall.

“Oh, damn, that’s nice,” Chris whispered as she shoved both her hands between her thighs.

She explored her pussy and found a hymen covering her cunt. She shuddered, probing it, finding little holes in the membrane. She wiggled her little finger through one, gasping as she felt the tight walls of her virgin cunt, delight tingling through her body.

She rubbed her clit harder, licking her lips, still lingering with the flavor of her tangy cunt. Chris moaned, hips wiggling as her pussy clenched and relaxed. A swelling pressure grew in the depths of her pussy.

I’m going to cum, Chris realized. I’m going to cum like a girl.

“What are you doing?”

Chris let out a frightened squeak at Miyu’s accented words. Chris ripped her hands from her pussy, cheeks burning, and tried to shove her t-shirt, bunched up above her tits, down over her mounds, her thighs clamping tight together.

Miyu sat up as Chris tried to cover herself, the Japanese girl adjusting her glasses. She pushed her skirt down, her slanted eyes falling on Chris. Her embarrassment only grew as Miyu stared at her, making her pussy even wetter for some reason.

“I was…” Chris whispered. “I mean…”

“You touched the yokai’s slime,” Miyu said, her eyes falling on Chris’s soaked, right sock.

“Yes. It’s gone. It took Mariah.”

“To its part of Yomi,” Miyu answered, straightening her skirt. She rolled onto her knees and crawled towards Chris who stood frozen. “She’ll be molested by the yokai until he drains her life essence. It will feed him.”

“You have to do something,” Chris groaned.

“I cannot when he is in Yomi,” Miyu said, her delicate hands sliding up and down Chris’s thighs. “Even if you weren’t providing such a distraction. Oh, Hangetsu, what a feast before me.”

“Feast?” blinked Chris in confusion.

And then the Japanese schoolgirl buried her face into Chris’s blonde bush and licked. Her blue eyes widened as Miyu licked through her folds, teasing each of her pussy lips before ending at her clit, flicking it with her mouth.

“What are you doing?” groaned Chris.

“I expended powers,” Miyu moaned, “saving your life from the onryo. And she made you into such a delicious woman. I cannot resist.”

She leaned in again, the metal frames of her glasses rubbing on Chris’s thighs as Miyu licked and nuzzled. Pleasure shot through her pussy and then to the rest of her body. Chris gasped, bucking, her breasts bouncing before her. The pleasure she had almost attained before Miyu’s interruption rushed back to her, building her towards another climax.

Miyu’s tongue was deft and skilled, licking through Chris’s folds. The blonde moaned, savoring the new sensations racing through her body, the foreign delight that had her gasping and moaning, her body shuddering and pussy clenching. Her head tossed back and forth, blonde curls spilling about her shoulders as Miyu devoured her.

“That’s so… I mean… Oh, wow…” Chris struggled to speak as the pressure built in her pussy. Miyu’s tongue rubbed at her clit, sending new surges through her as the Japanese schoolgirl licked at her hymen. “Fuck, that’s wild. Oh, damn, no wonder Lori always goes so wild when I go down on her.”

For a moment, her redheaded girlfriend popped through her mind. Her eyes closed. She imagined Lori going down on her, loving her, devouring her pussy. Chris’s head shot back. Her cunt clenched. Her body trembled.

She came as a woman for the first time.

Her pussy spasmed. Juices gushed out into Miyu’s hungry mouth. The fingers kept massaging Chris’s clit, sending jolts of bliss shooting through her as the pleasure rippled out of her cunt. They were long, slow waves, making Chris shudder and moan, her eyes wide with delight. She bucked and gasped, grinding on Miyu’s mouth.

“Lori, yes!” Chris groaned, lost to her fantasy. “Eat my pussy, Lori. Oh, you’re so good.”

Miyu pulled her face away. “Calling out another girl’s name isn’t very nice.”

“Sorry,” Chris groaned, shuddering as her body tingled. “It’s my girlfriend’s name.” A pang shot through her heart. Lori’s straight. I know Yoshiko once tried to put the moves on her, and Lori felt nothing. She won’t want to love me like this. “Miyu, I need to go—”

Chris’s words cut off as Miyu pulled her down for a kiss, planting hot, hungry lips on her mouth. She shuddered, tasting her tangy juices coating the aggressive schoolgirl’s lips. Miyu’s arms were tight, holding Chris in place.

Miyu broke the kiss. “No more talking about your girlfriend. I’m fucking you right now.”

Chris shuddered at the heat in Miyu’s eyes, the domineering tone to her voice. The blonde shuddered, her pussy rubbing on Miyu’s skirt and…

There was something hard beneath the skirt. Something that felt a lot like a cock. But that’s impossible. I saw her panties. They were stretched tight over her pussy. She had nothing in them.

Miyu smiled. “Yes, you feel it. My gift from the great kami Hangetsu.” Miyu undulated her hips, grinding the hard shaft into Chris’s pussy. “And you just want to feel it popping that cherry. I need your energy, Chris. I expended mine saving your life.”

“But,” Chris said as Miyu stepped back and hiked up her gray skirt. A hard cock now tented her tight, white panties, the tip peeking out the top. She shoved her panties down, revealing a thick, throbbing shaft jutting from a black bush. The tip was dark and throbbing, flaring into a thick mushroom head.

“Shit, you’re hung,” Chris gasped, feeling a little emasculated. When she had a dick, it wasn’t that big. “How are you a futanari?” Chris loved futanari porn. She found it so hot to jerk off to a girl with a dick fucking another girl. She didn’t understand why, but it made her so hard.

And now it made her so wet.

“The futanari-kami Hangetsu, Lord and Lady of the Changing Moon, has gifted me this cock for serving her.”

“You’re a…a…miko?”

She nodded her head and grabbed Chris, spinning her around. “Mmm, the onryo gave you a great ass.”

Chris shuddered as the girl-cock nudged her butt-cheeks. Then it slipped down, rubbing on the hot flesh of her her pussy. Chris’s fingernails scraped at the painted drywall as the cock nudged her clit and then slid back to her hymen.

“This has to be a dream,” groaned Chris. “What is going on?”

“The lightning bolt split open the tree and freed what was sealed in it,” Miyu moaned. “My order has long tried to find this yokai. Some fool took a cutting of the original tree from Aokigahara and planted it at your school, not knowing what it contained.”

“Oh,” Chris said and then she gasped as the dick thrust.

Her cherry popped.

There’s a dick in my pussy, Chris thought as she groaned out in pleasure, ripples of delight washing through her body. There is a dick belonging to a Japanese shrine maiden in my fucking pussy.

“Shit,” Chris groaned as Miyu fucked her hard and fast, her groin smacking into Chris’s breasts. “Oh, shit.”

“Yes, you love my cock, joro,” groaned Miyu. “Yes, you do. Your pussy is so wet, joro.”

“Yes,” Chris moaned, her juices dripping out of her pussy around the thick shaft reaming into her.

She could feel the dick plunge into her depths, stretching her out, making her shudder. She felt so stuffed whenever Miyu bottomed-out in her cunt. The blonde shuddered, her nipples tingling beneath her shirt as her hips moved, bucking back into the thrust, loving the sensations. She wanted to keep being fucked. She didn’t want this delight to end.

“Oh, yes, pound me. Oh, this is so hot. I love it. Oh, wow. Oh, yes. Fuck my pussy.”

“Joro,” hissed Miyu. “Oh, yes, such a hot, tight cunt. You just love my futanari-dick. Don’t you? All the girls do. They all love it.”

Chris thought she heard a door creak nearby, but she was too lost to the pleasure.

“God, yes,” she moaned no longer caring that she used to be a guy at this exact moment. There was too much wonderful delight shooting through her body, making her tremble, her hips buck back into Miyu’s thrusts.

Chris’s pussy clenched over and over on the futanari’s dick. She bucked back, her butt-cheeks jiggling. Miyu’s hands reached around, grasping Chris’s bouncing breasts through her t-shirt, squeezing and kneading them, sending new delight shooting down to Chris’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Chris moaned, her hips undulating, grinding back into the wonderful delight, her pussy clenching and relaxing. “Fuck me. Oh, god. A futanari is fucking me. They’re real.”

“Yes, we are,” Miyu moaned, her voice so throaty. “Oh, joro, you have such a tight cunt. Oh, you’re going to cum so hard on my cock, aren’t you?”

“So hard!”

Chris shuddered, her pussy churning into a froth. She savored the friction of the girl-dick reaming into her depths. The pleasure built and swelled in her. It drove her to higher and higher passions. She trembled, gasping out her joy. Her head threw back.

She came on a girl’s dick.

Chris savored the pleasure rushing through her body. She gasped and moaned. Her pussy spasmed on the girl-dick reaming her depths. It churned her into a wondrous delight. She screamed out Miyu’s name, the sounds echoing through the hallway. She grunted, shuddered as the pleasure peaked in her mind.

“Cum in me, Miyu,” the cumming, gender-swapped girl moaned. “Cum in my new pussy.”

Miyu moaned something in Japanese, the words spilling out of her mouth. Her dick slammed into the depths of Chris’s pussy. Her eyes widened as she felt girl-jizz spurt into her sheath. It splashed against the walls, so hot and thick.

This is what Lori feels when I cum in her, Chris thought as a second orgasm shot through her body. She trembled and gasped as Miyu thrust a final time.

“Oh, you were good,” moaned Miyu, leaning against Chris. “Mmm, such delicious energy in you. So strong and primal. Part of you remembers being a man, and it made your feminine energies just delicious to imbibe.”

“Thanks?” Chris whispered. The girl-dick slid out of her pussy. Then a flood of cum poured out. “Now what do we do?”


“Damn,” Phil grinned as he walked through the first floor of Redwood Academy, his fingers flying on his phone. He couldn’t believe what he stumbled across. Miyu, the Japanese exchange student, was a tranny and fucking a blonde girl on the second floor outside the art room. “People are going to freak out.”

His dick ached in his jeans as he uploaded the video to PornHub before tagging everyone he knew on it. The nineteen-year-old burst into the boys’ restroom as he completed his upload, needing to stroke his dick. He couldn’t wait until he got home to cum.

“Fuck, that was hot to watch,” Phil muttered to himself as he burst into the last stall, one hand unfastening his jeans. The dark-haired youth pulled out his dick, stroking it hard as he watched the video. He just caught Miyu ramming her dick into the stacked blonde’s pussy, fucking her hard from behind.

As Phil jerked his cock, something warm sucked at the tip. Her froze, his body shuddering. It was like a pair of lips were latched onto his dick, a warm tongue swirling around the crown. He groaned, looking away from his phone.

There was nothing there. And yet…something sucked.


To be continued…

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