Hannah Gets a 2 for 1 Massage

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Hannah Part Two — 2 for 1 sale

This takes place a couple of weeks since her little indiscretion at the massage parlor.

Hannah was feeling in a happy mood lately. One of the main reasons for her happiness was that she wasn’t pregnant. Her little quick thinking to have Al clean up her pussy after some torrid love-making had worked she guessed. She had had her period and that was a great relief. She knew she was in her most fertile time about now just like her last massage.

Hannah thought to herself, “I will remember that little cleanup trick again in the future if I am ever dumb enough to put myself in that position.”

Hannah was scanning thru her many emails and noticed an ad from the Massage parlor.

The Massage parlor was offering a 2 for 1 sale. She worked out pretty vigorously yesterday at the Gym and was sore again. She had worked on several of the Gym’s machines trying to stay in shape.

But today she was sore and thought that the offer from the massage parlor was just what she needed. She also remembered how her last massage ended. She not only got a pleasing massage plus a nice tryst with that sexy Masseur.

After a light lunch, she showered and cleaned up and put on a little makeup and some lipstick, a nice blouse and she tied her hair up in a ponytail today.

After finishing primping up, Hannah headed over to the Massage parlor.

Hannah greeted the young, possibly college intern, with a “Hi” she said, “I’m here for that 2 for 1 sale you advertised, is that sale still on?”

The young girl answered “You bet, and it’s been pretty popular with our lady clients too.”

Hannah asked, “can I get in right away? I plan to do some shopping later on this afternoon.”

The young girl answered “Yep, you’re lucky, you just missed the noon rush and we have our masseuer ready They are cleaning up the room and should be ready in a minute. That should give you time to change into your robe. We’ll let you know when they are ready. Just look for the red light over the entrance door to light up and when it’s on, you can then enter the massage room. It will be empty so you can lie on the table and put a towel over that gorgeous tushy of yours.”

Hannah proceeded to the changing room full of lockers for everyones belongings.

Hannah removed all her clothes and grabbed the provided robe and sat on the bench waiting.

She thought to herself, “I wonder if that sexy Al will be here again”.

She remembered some of the details from her first encounter and it started to get her juices and libido going. She said to herself “Now control yourself, you are here for a massage and nothing more.”

But she couldn’t kick the feeling of how erotic her last massage ended up being.

Finally, the light clicked on, and Hannah entered the massage room with its table with the now-familiar split leg area and a place to rest her head.

Hannah then proceeded to remove her robe and placed a towel over her naked ass and settled in on that massage table. Hannah then lies flat on her stomach and spreads her legs on those table legs.

After a few moments in walks Al and he says “Hi, Hannah, glad to see you again, how have you been”.

Hannah smiles, glad to see Al again and says “quite well thank you, how have you been Al.”

Al says “I have been good but I know I missed seeing you, glad you are back.”

Hannah then tells Al “Thanks for the massage and our little cleanup last time too, it worked just fine and I had my period several days later. That was a blessing getting my period this time. I usually don’t look forward to that but this time was different.”

Al says “I’m really glad too and it sure was fun besides.” Hannah responds “I hadn’t planned on any of what happened to happen but it was so nice and sensual that my libido got the best of me.” Al says “I understand and the whole thing got the better of me too. You have an incredible body and it was such a pleasure giving you that Massage that I didn’t act too professionally either. I’ll try and do better this time.” after a short pause Al says “Well, Hannah are you ready to get started?”

Hannah replied, “I sure am, I had quite the workout yesterday and this should be just the thing to loosen me up.”

Al then said “Are you ready for the 2 for 1 special? We employ interns to learn the ropes of the Massage business and we use young college students to help them get familiar with massage therapy. Today we have Erik. He’s 23, tall, maybe 6-4, and pretty toned with 6 pack abs. He plays tight end for the State University and may be good enough for Pro Ball, and he is a nice guy besides.”

Hannah was bewildered for a moment and was thinking she would get a second massage in this 2 for 1 sale, not 2 masseuer man. She thought it over and thought “This young guy sounds sexy, I guess having 4 hands rubbing me all over may feel extra fine.” Hannah then answered “I guess, this Erik sounds like a nice young man. OK, Bring him in.”

Al went over to almanbahis yeni giriş the door leading to a masseuser room and opened the door and says to Erik. “Erik come on in.”

Erik walks in and Hannah looks up to see Erik and thinks to herself. “Wow, he is really good looking and I bet he is really a tight end, he probably has one fine tight end too, and he has a nice bulge in that robe already.”

Both of the men are dressed in robes but appear that they could be nude underneath their robes.

Erik said to Hannah, “Nice to meet you Hannah, my name is Erik and I hope that you are OK with my learning the ropes here, thanks to customers like yourself,” Hannah says “Hi Erik, I think you will do just fine and I hope you learn to be as good as Al is. He was so good to me last time I was here, I had a warm glow for Days” Erik responds by saying “I want to learn as much as I can and hope my technique develops with Al as my mentor.”

Both Al and Erik each have their own bottles of warm oil and start to settle in next to Hannah to start the massage. Al will be working Hannah’s feet and legs and Erik will be doing her neck and shoulders.

They both squirt that warm oil on Hannah and proceed to work that oil in. Al works that oil onto Hannah’s feet and calves rubbing and stroking her feet, her toes, between her toes, the bottoms of her feet, and both her calves. Al Lifts Hannah’s legs and really works on those sore calve muscles. Hannah feels these ministrations and thinks to herself “Oh my that feels so good”. Al gets a good look at Hannah’s bare pussy too and really likes what he sees, a bare shaved pussy with nice cunt lips that sure look inviting. Al struggles with trying to maintain his professionalism. He also notices some moisture forming and covering those pretty pussy petals. That moisture leaking from Hannah is quite the turn-on for Al.

Meanwhile, Erik has squirted his warm oil all over Hannah’s neck, shoulders and back. Erik starts to rub in all that oil and Hannah can feel that warm oil and Erik’s strong yet soft hands rubbing her back and neck and shoulders. Hannah tells the men, “This sure feels fantastic guys, I really like those strong hands rubbing me all over.”

Al then proceeds to start on Hannah’s thighs and squirts more oil on Hannah. Hannah feels very exposed now, knowing Al is inches away from her pussy. This secretly turns her on and she reminds herself to stay in control this time. Al then proceeds to rub and stroke all of that nice warm oil onto Hannah. Al is smoothing oil all over Hannah’s thighs and then rubbing that oil into Hannah’s thighs.

Hannah thinks to herself “This feels wonderful, I love those 4 hands rubbing me all over, I guess this 2 for 1 is definitely worth it.” Hannah then tells Al, “You are doing a great job, I can feel my muscles relaxing already.” Al keeps rubbing and stroking Hannah’s thighs and occasionally brushes Hannah’s pussy lips or her bare pussy and that really starts Hannah’s pussy juices flowing. Hannah hopes it isn’t too obvious and is embarrassed but getting turned on just the same with all this stroking and rubbing. It feels divine, she thinks and hopes this exquisite feeling lasts a long time.

After several minutes of getting her pussy bumped or brushed it is becoming a problem. Hannah’s pussy is definitely wet from her secretions of pussy juice. She hopes things don’t get carried away again, but is slowly realizing that her pussy might overrule her head.

Al then tells both Erik and Hannah, “Time to turn over Hannah.”

Hannah moves her legs to the side and steps off the table and Al moves those levers on the table to get the leg portions up into a stirrup position like her last massage so she is no longer surprised to see this happen. Al also lowers the table again so that Hannah’s pussy will line up with Al’s cock as he stands there. Also Erik’s cock will tower over her face if he leans over her just a bit.

Like last time Al asks “Hannah, can I remove my robe to prevent any further staining from this oil?”

Hannah is very hesitant to comply with this request because she knows where this led to the during her last massage. But her pussy does overrule her head. Hannah loves the idea of Al being nude and standing right below her bare and wet pussy.

Hannah says “Are you sure about this? I am nervous being so exposed with a naked man just inches away. Also Hannah looks down wanting to see Al’s bare cock. His cock is tenting his robe and she really likes what she sees. Her head is definitely loosing the battle with her now soaking pussy.

Al says “I can understand Hannah, things did get carried away last time and I apologize. Besides Erik is right here too what could happen?”

“Alright I guess,” says Hannah. Al removes his robe and Hannah takes a long look. She was again near her most fertile time and sure didn’t want to get pregnant and she still wasn’t on the pill. She thought to herself, “maybe I should get those pills, Al sure knows almanbahis giriş how to please a woman. And this is getting pretty dicey.” Hannah then thinks to herself “I would love to fuck Al’s cock again. I see he is leaking some precum too.” The thought of fucking Al again and seeing Al’s cock leaking precum already further excited Hannah.

Hannah then hops up on the massage table and places her legs on those stirrup type of legs. She found herself quite vulnerable and exposed again and placed that towel across her lower waist to try and stay somewhat modest, but her nice pointy 34 B tits with her hard nipples are standing strong and proud and bare to both Al and today young Erik. And her bare very wet pussy was fully exposed to a naked Al barely inches away. Quite the dilemma for Hannah now. But she is very excited, with her bare, wet pussy inches away from a nice hardening cock and her willpower quickly fading.

Meanwhile, Erik dribbled some more warm oil on Hannah’s neck and shoulders and her tits too. Hannah thought the warm oil felt exceptionally good today.

While Erik started on Hannah’s upper body, Al dribbled warm oil on Hannah’s upper thighs and started to run and stroke that oil over every square inch of Hannah’s thighs. Occasionally brushing Hannah’s pussy from time to time. Al noticed the pussy juice the first time he stroked near enough to Hannah’s pussy lips to touch them. His hand got a small coating of Hannah herself. That was a turn-on for Al. Each time that happened she winced just a tiny bit because she was trying so hard to remain in control of her emotions.

Meanwhile Al’s cock was starting to rise to full hardness even though he had told Hannah he would stay professional. He was leaking a lot of precum because he was getting so turned on.

Al was having a hard time (no pun intended) staying in control because he found Hannah to be irresistible and her pussy did look sweet, and he remembered their last encounter. That was quite the scene. He dreamed about that time many times since then.

Erik’s hands were also doing a dance over Hannah’s neck shoulders and tits. She got tingles in her pussy every time Erik rubbed or stroked her nipples.

After several minutes of this Erik squirted some oil on Hannah’s stomach area and started to lean over Hannah, but Erik’s robe would start dropping onto Hannah in her oiled-up condition.

Erik then asks Hannah, “Hannah, do you mind if I take off my robe like Al?” Hannah hesitated to answer thinking that this might be too much to have two very naked men inches from her body.

Hannah says “I will agree to this only if you both promise not to do anything I don’t ask for.”

“OK,” both men agreed.

Erik then drops his robe to the floor and kicks it away. Hannah takes a look at Erik’s cock and is very impressed, but worried that something that large might be a bit too much to take, she also thinks “Boy, it sure would be fun to try squeezing that cock into my pussy though.”

And here lies Hannah, spread-eagled on this massage table, her legs up and bent on those stirrup-type legs and completely vulnerable and exposed to anything. with two very naked and sexy men just inches away and stroking, rubbing, and yes fondling every square inch of her nude body. She was in a very excited state besides. Hannah’s pussy is definitely overruling her mind now and is ready to completely let go.

Hannah says to both Al and Erik “You guys sure have me at your mercy and I applaud you guys for your restraint. I just hope I can restrain myself. You both look great and have nice bodies too. I sure like what I see.”

Erik then leans over Hannah and his cock is just inches from her face and his cock reaches past her forehead all the way to her chin, just missing her lips. Hannah can feel the heat from his cock now and can see the veins and can even smell the aroma of the manliness of Erik’s cock. Erick’s balls hit Hannah’s hair from time to time too.

This is getting to be too much stimulation for Hannah and she is having a hard time not grabbing and sucking on that cock that is looking so inviting. She also wondered if Erik would pack a large load.

Hannah then says “You guys are doing great plus I am really getting turned on.”

They both said “Thank you” and Erik says “you are one fine-looking lady Hannah. I haven’t been able to keep little Erik from getting excited and I apologize.” Hannah takes another look at Erik’s cock and says “I take that as a compliment and think little Erik looks very inviting, I must say, I like the way little Erik looks at me! I might just want to hold it for a minute to see how it feels. Would you mind?”

Al says ” Hannah, what about your need to keep this innocent?”

Hannah says, “But would it hurt to just hold it in my hand for a minute?”

Erik then says, “Hey Al, you wouldn’t want to disappoint the pretty lady would you?”

Al says “well she did ask and that is what was agreed upon.”

Erik then steps to almanbahis güvenilirmi the side of the table right by Hannah’s face and says to Hannah “well go ahead, you said only if you agreed to this would anything happen.” Hannah reached over and grabbed Erik’s cock. Hannah says “this is one nice cock, hard yet soft to the touch and quite warm too. Oh look at this” Hannah stares as a drop of precum slowly oozing out of Erik’s cock head. She squeezes his cock a little to hopefully get more precum out of his cock. She is delighted because now the precum is looking like it just might drip on to the floor and her sexual reflex caused Hannah to quickly stick out her tongue and dart her mouth to Erik’s cock and start licking Erik’s cock head.

Hannah really enjoyed Erik’s precum and now puts Erik’s cock into her mouth and closes her lips around that cock. She sucks trying to get more precum and she is now on her way to getting a hot warm load of cum in that pretty mouth.

Al then removes Hannah’s towel leaving her completely naked, with legs raised and spread with a naked man just below her pussy and another naked man with his cock now on Hannah’s lips and tongue and with Hannah now licking and sucking the cock of that naked man. Quite the scene. Hannah, is overwhelmed with sexual stimulation and wants to feel a cock in her pussy now. Hannah wants to experience having 2 cocks making love to her and completely abandons any cautions and is carried away with lust.

Al then leaned in a little further until his cock lined up with Hannah’s pussy and touched her pussy with his cock but didn’t enter. Hannah continued to lick and suck Erik’s cock. She then took that cock out of her mouth long enough to say to Al, “Honey you don’t have to ask permission to fuck me.

Feel free to put that wonderful cock right where it belongs. I need it now! Fuck me Al, please, I need to be fucked!”

Al pushed his hips forward and slowly entered Hannah. She was very wet and had no trouble accommodating Al’s cock for the second time in a few weeks.

So as Hannah was lying there with one cock in her pussy and a second juicy cock in her mouth she forgot all about her being very fertile right now and just concentrated on the marvelous feelings she was now experiencing. Her pussy tingling, her tongue doing a dance over Erik’s cock.

Erik then started to swing his hips back and forth pushing and pulling his cock in and out of Hannah’s sweet mouth.

Al also started to fuck Hannah with a slow in and out. It was a rhythm Hannah found super pleasurable. Al would pull out almost all the way and then drive his cock home in Hannah’s wonderful pussy. Hannah’s pussy seemed to be sucking Al’s cock to get all its cum out and Erik’s cock was getting very juicy indeed and Hannah could taste Eric’s generous helping of precum and really enjoyed how juicy this cock in her mouth was getting. It made Hannah’s pussy tingle with even more excitement.

But Hannah now was now sucking to get much more than just precum in her mouth. She wanted to get a full mouthful of cum. It was getting hard to concentrate though with 2 cocks to please.

Erik was leaking so much cum in Hannah’s mouth and that drove her even more wild. Her senses were almost overwhelmed. She could feel her own orgasm building this intense pressure right in her pussy.

Erik started to fuck her mouth with faster and faster strokes in her mouth and Al no longer was taking it slow. He had increased his speed also. All 3 of these people were heading to an orgasm.

Erik started to really face fuck Hannah now and was reaching the point of no return. Erik warned Hannah, “I’m going to cum,” and let out a series of grunts and moans and started to cum directly into Hannah’s willing mouth. Having Hannah’s tongue teasing his cock, and her wonderful lips wrapped tightly around his cock was too much for Erik. He started to unleash a large load of hot cum right into Hannah’s willing mouth.

Hannah could feel and taste each spurt of hot cum on her tongue and all over in her mouth. There was lots of cum! Erik was a prodigious cummer so Hannah had her work cut out for her to keep all that cum in her mouth without letting any escape, but a small dribble spilled from the corner of her mouth and slid down her cheek, and ended up near her ear as she was laying there.

That cum drool sliding down her face was very exciting too. She really liked the feel of that cum sliding down her face and marking her.

Hanna also loved that hot warm cum that filled her mouth so nicely. She swirled her tongue around in her mouth to get cum over every part of her mouth, she loved that cum and held it there without swallowing right away. Hannah wanted to savor every second of having that hot, tasty cum load and was in no hurry to swallow. She had earned her reward.

Meanwhile, Al had slowed up for a while to let the cum sucking lady time to enjoy her reward. Al then picked up his pace and started to really pound that pussy today. He was determined to give Hannah everything he had. He wanted to dump a big cum load into Hannah’s sweet, lovely pussy.

It was hard to describe what Hannah was feeling because all her senses were in overdrive. She just wanted this cock fucking her to never stop, it felt so good.

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