Gymnasium Nightmare-Revised

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by Simon Fear

My name is Savanah Paterson. I’m an 18-year-old girl, at an even 5ft, weighing at 95lbs. I have perky 34b cup tits, with inch long nipples when they get hard. I have a firm stomach, and a nice round and firm ass. I have long solid black hair, which goes down to the top of my ass, which I usually keep in a ponytail. I live alone with my mom, and oldest sister and brother. I consider myself to be very sexy, as guys are always eyeballing me, and some even leave their girlfriends to try and get with me, and though I may like guys, I really prefer girls, though dick is sometimes good to have. A lot of the girls at my high school don’t like me, even though it is known I am a lesbian, they just don’t like their guys looking at me. Most of the guys know I won’t be with them, so they think of me as a snobby stuck up little girl who thinks she is better than they are. I don’t think that, and I try to be nice, but it doesn’t matter. When a guy sees a girl he wants and she won’t have anything to do with them they get pissed off.

My own brother who is 20 once told me that I was prudish when I turned down his best friend, which let me tell you this guy was a hunk, but I just didn’t feel like being a guy at the time. Guys don’t understand that I decide when I want a boyfriend or a girlfriend, not them. One guy though took it as an offense though, and did something awful that I’ll never forget. I had stayed after school one day working on a drill that we had just learn in cheer. I was wearing a bright pink gym shorts that were so short, the bottoms of my ass cheeks showed, and if I sat crossed legged you could right up into the legs and see my pussy, which I keep completely shaved. I hardly every wore panties. I was also wearing a white sports bra. Most of us girls in the squad wear this type of outfit to practice in, so there are usually guys watching us, most of them boyfriends to the girls. There was this one guy sitting off to the side watching us. He looked pretty rough, and I didn’t recognize him as one the boyfriends. He kept watching me which creeped me out. After we were done, the girls left with their boyfriends. I noticed that the creepy guy had also left so I decided to stay a little longer and practice. I was there alone doing my drill when I felt that someone else was there.

I looked behind me, and saw the guy standing about 10 feet away watching me. As I got a better look I thought he was kind of handsome in his rough way. He was pretty muscular, wearing tight blue jeans, with the unmistakable bulge in his crotch. I was just standing there when he finally spoke up. “I have been watching you for sometime now,” he said. “The guys here said you are a hard catch that no one has a chance to get with you. I told my friends that I could get you.” I looked at him, a little upset by now, why does every guy think that I am someone to be had. “Well with that kind of come on, you will just be another guy who can share that story.” I turned around and grabbed my palm palms off the floor and turned back to face him. I was shocked to see that he had this sly on his face and a wicked look in his face. “Did you just not hear, there is no chance for you, I am not interested.” He sorta snickered then stepped forward, “I think it’s you who doesn’t understand, I made a bet, and I don’t intend to lose.” I was getting mad by now, who did this asshole think he was. “Look I am not someone to be betted on, I am not a prize, so you can go on about your business, and leave me alone. In case you haven’t heard I am a lesbian, I am not into guys, especially bull headed ones like you, who probably can’t even get a girlfriend.” He then got furious as he spat out, “What does a fucking girl have that a guy doesn’t.” He started walking towards me, and I got scared then. “If you come near me I will scream, so leave now and I’ll forget this happened.” Then he shocked me when he started laughing, “Who is going to hear, I waited till everyone was gone before I came back in here. Scream all you want, but I will have you.” He then walked right up to me, and I started screaming. Then the guy raised his hand and slapped me real hard in my face, which knocked me down to my ass. My head was spinning, and my cheek was stinging badly.

I finally got oriented, and looked back up at him through tear streaked eyes, to see him staring between my legs. I looked down and gasped. When I had landed on my ass, my legs were open, giving him a clear view up my shorts, and seeing my pussy fully exposed. I quickly closed my legs, and tried scooting backwards to get away from him. “Oh no you don’t,” he hissed. He bent down, and grabbed my left leg and pulled me back to him. He then grabbed both of my arms, and literally jerked me up to my feet. Damn he was strong. I started screaming again, when he hit me in my stomach, “OOOFFF” I grunted as I fell to my knees, trying to catch my breath. He then grabbed my hair and hauled me back up. I was really dizzy. I tried to scream again, when he then punched me in my eye. I fell down again, this time actually lying on the floor. I then managed to look at him sneering down at me when I blacked out. I opened my eyes, forgetting what had happened when the pain overwhelmed me. I started crying, and tried to get up, when I heard him say, “Damn, I was hoping you would be out the whole time, I haven’t begun.” I looked over to my side and the guy standing there, his pants were lying on the floor beside his feet. I noticed he was naked waist down, with one hand pumping his dick. His dick was huge, at least 10 inches long, and 3 inches thick. My vision was a little blurry, and I touch my right eye, and could tell it was swelling. I looked back up at him as he continued to stoke his cock. “Now are you going to scream, or do I have to knock you again?” I managed to shake my head. “Good”.

He took his hand off his dick, and reached down and grabbed my arm and hauled me back up. I noticed his hand felt sticky and I looked at it, and saw it was coated with a clear liquid, and realized it was his precum. He then wiped his hand across my lips, and then shoved two of his fingers into my mouth, causing me to gag. “Oh yeah taste that, if your good enough gaziantep eskort bayan I’ll let you have more”, he sneered. I felt his hard penis rubbing against my thigh through my shorts. It felt rock hard. He then removed his finger, leaving the taste of his cum in my mouth, which was very bitter. He saw me making the disgusted face. He got angry again, “Bitch, don’t make faces at me, you ought to be happy I am even letting you taste. Just for that, I am not going to give you the pleasure of removing your clothes yourself.” He bent over and fumble in the pocket of his pants, then pulled out a pocketknife. I gasped and shrank back but he caught my arm with other hand and pulled me back. “Uh-uh you stand right there, and be still, I would hate to have to cut you.”

He then grabbed my sports bra and pulled it out, and slipped his knife under the fabric, and then cut it half, pulling it off me. I tried to cover my tits, but he slapped me, not near as hard, and told me to keep my hands to my side. I did as he said, as he proceeded to cut my bra up into pieces. Then he grabbed the waist band of my shorts, and pulled the waistband out, and slid his knife down one shorts leg, and cut it open, then the other shorts leg, then pulled my shorts off, leaving me standing there completely nude. He then cut my shorts up and threw the pieces down. “There that’s better, you won’t need those.” I just stood there in shock, when he slapped me again. “When I say something you will respond, yes sir, do you understand me?” I nodded my head as I whispered, “Yes sir.” He patted my ass, “That’s a good little slut. Now get down on your knees.” I did as he said, kneeling in front of him. “Now spread you legs open, that’s a good bitch, you catch on good.” I couldn’t believe what was happening, here I was naked on my knees, with this guy standing before me, his dick just inches away from my face. I could see pre-cum dripping from the tip of his penis, and I could smell the musky odor coming from it. “Now I want you to just stay there and not move unless I tell you, do you understand?” I nodded and said, “Yes sir.” He smiled as he placed his hand around his shaft and slowly started pumping it. “Now I want you to beg, to suck my dick,” he said. I didn’t say anything, I wasn’t about to beg for something I didn’t want.

When he realized I wouldn’t he slapped his dick into my cheek, smearing his cum on my face. “I said beg bitch, you don’t want to make me any angrier than I am.” When I still didn’t say anything, he slapped my face with his hand, “I said beg bitch!” The slap stung and I started cry, I knew he would hurt me more if I didn’t corroporate. “Please sir, may I suck your dick?” I managed to whisper. He slapped my face with his dick again, “Sound like you really want it, make it good.” “Please Sir, I want to suck your huge beautiful dick.” He laughed, “More, put some feeling into it.” “Oh please gracious sir, I really need it, please let me suck on your huge beautiful dick, oh please, I beg of you.” I felt like choking on my words. “There’s a good little slut, now open your mouth, and I’ll give you what you want. But if you try anything, like biting, I’ll cut you.” He flashed his knife in front of my face, and I knew he would. I opened my mouth as he pushed his cock past my lips. I felt like gagging, when the bitter taste touched my tongue. “Now suck on it, and suck good, make me cum.” I started sucking on his dick, as I moved my tongue up and down his shaft. He had about 4 inches in, which was already touching the back of my throat. I had practiced with sucking, so I could deep throat pretty well, with out vomiting. I moved my mouth back to where his head was right at my lips and then I would take him back in, working on getting him further in. “UUGGHhh shit you are good at this, I knew you would be, ooohhh yes suck my dick,” he said as he grabbed my head pulling me further into him.

I continued sucking on his manhood for a couple of minutes when I felt him start to tense up. “OOHHHH fuck yeah, I gonna cum in your mouth, uuggghh, oohh yes, suck it good bitch.” He started humping my face faster, forcing his dick further into my throat almost causing me to vomit, so I position myself to take more. I had about 7 inches in now. “OOOOHHH fuck here it comes, oooghhhhhh shit.” I felt his thick warm cum start shooting into my throat, which did make me gag. I tried swallowing, as I had no choice but there was so much, it began spilling back out my mouth, and down my chin. He pulled his penis out, and started pumping it fast, causing more jizz to fly out hitting my face. He then pointed his penis downward, causing his cum to shoot onto my tits. “OOOhhh fuck yeah,” he grunted, as his streams of jizz finally subsided. I could feel cum all over my face, and still in my mouth, as well as globs of it on my tits. Damn this guy could cum. Had it been with someone, who was worth it, and I was willing, I would have enjoyed, but I just felt degraded. The guy started running his dick all over my face, smearing his jizz around. “Ohh fuck girl, you are talented, no girl has ever got me off so fast before. Now I want you to lick my dick, clean my jizz off like a good girl.”

I started licking the cum off of his shaft, swallowing it. When my tongue touched his head, his dick jumped as he shuddered. “OOoohhh, careful with that slut, it is still sensitive.” When I had licked all the cumm off, he stepped back and looked at me. Good, I thought, maybe now he will leave. But it wasn’t going to be like that. “MMM, ok, now I want you to stay on your knees and turn around and get on your hands.” I looked at him shocked; he was actually going to fuck me. I couldn’t believe that I was about to be raped right here at school in the gym. Where were the teachers who stayed late, hell, even a janitor would be nice. “Please, I sucked your dick, you have something to tell your friends, just let me go,” I managed to stutter. He glared at me, “Are you disobeying me, I said get on your hands and knees, NOW!” I started crying again, “But you don’t have a condom, and I’m not on any birth control.” He slapped me hard on the face, “Don’t fucking back talk me, you’ll do as I say. If my jizz is good enough for your mouth then it good enough for your pussy.” He then shoved my head causing me to fall backwards. I managed to throw my arms out keeping me from falling all the way down.

I did as he said getting on my hands and knees, with my ass pointed back at him. I then heard him kneel down behind me. “Damn slut, you have a beautiful perfect ass. I may even fuck that when I through fucking your pussy.” He then slapped my ass real hard causing me to cry out. He started running his hands over my ass, squeezing here and there. Then he spread my cheeks, as I felt the air against my ass hole. “Please, don’t fuck in my ass, I have never done anal,” I said. “Never done anal huh, well there always a first time isn’t there.” I then felt his thumb pressing against my anus. “MMM you are tight. I think I will fuck it, never broke a girl’s anal cherry before.” I then felt his thumb press harder, as it slowly started to slide. I tried clenching my ass, but he just pushed harder, making it hurt. Then his thumb pushed down and went past his knuckle as I cried out in pain. “Ohhh fuck, you are so hot slut.” He started wiggling his thumb around, which brought strange sensation through my body. I could actually feel my pussy getting wet. He then pulled his thumb out, which left my anus opened a little. I gasped out, as it felt I might shit. I clenched down. I then felt his finger touching my pussy lips, as he explored my bare mound. “Shit you are so wet, I knew you were getting off on this. I bet your are tight in there too.” I then felt two of his fingers slide into my pussy. I tried not to show, but my body betrayed me, as I shuddered and felt my juices flowing out. Why was I getting so turned on? I was being humiliated and degraded.

He continued to finger fuck me as I felt as I felt the sensations building up. Oh please no, I didn’t want to cum and have him think I was enjoying this. He continued to finger my pussy, as he placed his thumb against my clit. My whole body shuddered, as I let out a moan. “OOhhhh fuck bitch, you are enjoying this, you are so hot inside, and so wet.” He continued to manipulate my clit, as I felt a climax building. Why was my body doing this to me? I didn’t want this to happen. He thrust a third finger, as he pressed against my hard clit. “UGGHHHH” I moaned. He continued to finger fuck my pussy, as he rubbed my clit. My body began to shudder as I felt my orgasm about to erupt. “Ohhh yeah slut, cum for me, show me how much you like it.” He started thrusting his fingers in and out faster, circling my clit with his thumb. “OOOOHHhh fuck, UUUGGHH, no please don’t UGGHHHH, AAHHHHH!!!” I screamed out as my orgasm racked my body. Spasm after spasm hit me, as my pussy gushed my girl juices out, squirting all over his hand, and my inner thighs. He removed his hand as my pussy continued to squirt my juices all over the gym floor. My orgasm finally started subsiding, when I felt his dick press against my pussy. I was breathing hard, trying to catch my breath, I couldn’t even protest as he pushed his dick past my nether lips, and entered me. OHHH it was so huge.

He continued to push, as I felt his thick penis sliding further into me. As I felt his balls press against me I knew he had shoved his whole ten inches in. I felt like I was going to be ripped opened. He grabbed a hold of my thighs as he started fucking me, pulling almost all the way out, and then slamming back into me. “UGGGHHhh, ohhh shit you are so tight bitch, you are a hot slut.” He kept slamming his dick into me, going hard and fast, I felt for sure it would rip me. But then I felt my orgasm start building back up again. Ohh please no, why was this happening to me, I didn’t want to cum. This was rape, and yet my body was reacting as if I was enjoying this. He started fucking faster, as I felt him tense up. I didn’t want his cum inside me, but I couldn’t do anything but take it. As he kept fucking my orgasm built up real fast, as I started screaming out from the pleasure I was receiving. I didn’t want to feel pleasure, but I had no control over my body. My body started shaking as I continued screaming out, the sensation overwhelming me. My orgasm then exploded as I screamed out, “UUGGHHhh fuck AAAHHHHHH.”

I clenched down on my pussy muscles as my body spasmed, my juices flowing out past his dick. My body was so into it, I didn’t feel him tense up as he thrust deep into me as he grunted, “OOOOHHH fuck here I cum, UGGGhhh shit yeah!!!” His thick hot jizz started filling me up as globs of his cum shot out. He held onto me, digging his fingers into my thighs. After what seemed forever, his grip lessened. I felt his dick still inside throbbing, but it was still hard. He finally pulled out, as I collapsed onto the floor still trying to catch my breath. I could feel his hot jizz dripping out of my pussy, along with my juices. The guy started moving around, so I stayed still hoping he would think I had passed out, and leave. “Come on bitch wake up, we’re not done yet, I’ve still got to break your virgin ass.” I didn’t respond feigning unconsciousness. “I said get up bitch, quick playing around,” he bellowed. Then he delivered a hard kick to my side. I cried out as I doubled up in pain. It hurt, but he was bear foot, so it wasn’t near as painful as it would have been if he had been wearing shoes. I managed to get up into a sitting position still holding my side. I knew I was crying but I didn’t care, I just wanted it to end. I could feel that I was sitting in a puddle of my juices mixed with his cum, as it was still oozing out of my pussy.

“Now bitch, get back onto your hands and knees, like a good little slut.” I did as I was told. I looked over my shoulder and saw him stroking his cock again. Damn didn’t that thing ever shrink down. Guys that I had been with would usually go limp after the first if not the second orgasm. I heard him kneel down behind me as he rubbed his cock over my ass cheeks. “Now you can relax and take it, or you can try to clench your anal muscles and I was just have to forced it in the hard which will cause you a lot of pain, do you understand?” I nodded my head, “Yes sir,” I whimpered. I then felt his head press against my anus. I relax myself as best I could, as I felt the pressure of his dick pushing against my asshole. I felt his head slide in as I grunted, “UGGGHHh.” He kept pushing as I felt my anus give way to his huge dick. It felt like my ass was being ripped, and also felt like I was taking a shit, as he slowly pushed it in. “OHH fuck you are so tight,” he grunted. He finally got his whole dick in, then he slowly started pulling back out. Just as he was almost out, he started pushing back in. He did this a few more slowly giving my ass enough time, to get used to his huge tool. Then he began to pump his penis in and out of me, fucking my ass. The pain had subsided, leaving only the shit feeling in my ass.

The weird thing was my pussy was started to drip again. I couldn’t believe my body was betraying me so. He started thrusting faster, grabbing a hold of my thighs again as he continued to fuck my ass. Without realizing what I was doing I slid my hand underneath and began rubbing my clit with my fingers. Why was I behaving like this, I didn’t want any of this happening to me, yet here I was fingering myself, while this guy raped me. It didn’t take long, before an orgasm hit me. “OHHH shit I’m cumming, UUGGHHH yes fuck me, fuck my ass, AAAHHHH.” Was I saying that, it sounded like my voice, what was I doing? I felt my juices gush out of my pussy as it splatted against the gym floor. I started frigging my pussy harder sliding two fingers into my pussy. I was giving into my body, letting the orgasms take me now, just wanting to cum. I heard him grunt, “Oh yeah bitch, I knew you were liking this, I knew you would give into me, tell me how you want it bitch.” I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I just wanted to cum now, “Ohhhh fuck me, fuck my little ass, fuck me hard, make cumm,” I screamed. I was really fucking my pussy with fingers now, feeling another orgasm building up. “Ohhhh yeah slut, you are so fucking hot,” he said.

He started pumping my ass harder, faster filling me with huge dick. I started feeling dizzy, as another orgasm racked my body, “UUGGGHHH shit I’mm cummmming, ohh fuck yeaahhh, AAAHHHHH!!!!” I was screaming from pleasure and my juices spewed out of my pussy splashing onto him and onto the hard floor. I felt him thrust one more time, hard into my ass, as his jizz started filling my ass. “UGGGHHH ohhh shit, I’mm cuummming, UGGGHHHH,” he grunted. He held on tight as he fill me up. I could feel his jizz spilling back out my ass. Another orgasm hit me as I screamed out, “AAAAHHH fuck, OHHH I’m cumming.” As I felt my orgasm explode out of me, everything went black. When I finally opened my eyes, I almost forgot where I was, when I felt the pains from my beating return to me. I broke down crying, realizing what had happened, and how I had given in at the end. I felt so degraded, so dirty I couldn’t bear it. Through my crying I heard some movement behind. Oh no he was going to do some more to me. I looked over my shoulder, through my blurry tear streaked eyes, and was surprised to see that the guy had put his jeans back on, along with his shoes.

He saw me looking, and smile his wicked grin. “Damn bitch, you are one hot lay, I’ll just have to hit you up some other time.” Then he pulled a camera out of his pocket and started taking pictures of me. “That’s just to prove to guys that I did lay you, plus it will add to some private jerking off time, till I want some more of you.” He took quite a few pictures, but I was too out of it to protest. Then he laughed, “Now you’re not going to say a word of this to no one, this is our little secret.” Then he knelt down beside me, “Because if you do go to the cops, or tell anyone about our little escapade, these pics will wind up all over the Internet, and they will be sent to every email of everyone in this school, including teachers, and your parents. Don’t think I won’t, because I managed to pull up everyone’s email address out of the school computer database. I’ll be home, and already have these pics downloaded into my camera, and if any cops come up to my door, I’ll already have these pics set up to send to all emails at the touch of one button.” He then took a few more pictures, then placed the camera back into his pocket. Just then I heard car pull up outside the building, as the parking lot was right next to the wall, where we were closest to.

I heard a door open and then close. The guy heard it too. He patted my ass, “Remember tell no one.” Then he stood up and ran to the back double door heading out to the back parking lot, and was gone. Just then I heard footsteps running down the hall, as the gym entrance flew open. “Oh God, Savanah are you all right,” I heard Shelly shriek. My best friend ran up to me, and knelt down beside me pulling me into her lap, hugging me. “I’ll call the police.” Shelly pulled her cell phone out, but I stopped her, “No don’t call the cops, just help me to the showers.” “I’m going to call them Savanah, you’ve been raped and beaten, you need help.” I held her arm, “No Shelly please don’t. I’ll be ok, just help me please.” Shelly then helped me up and walked me to the shower. As I felt the warm water I started crying again. What had happened.

After I got dried and changed I looked in the mirror. Oh God I was a mess. My eye black and swollen, I was so sore and stiff, and I had bruises on my body. I limped out of the locker room where Shelly helped me to her and drove me home. When I got there I thank Shelly and made her promise not to tell anyone. When I got I was happy to see my parents were not home, cause I did not feel like explaining my situation. I got to my room and logged on to my email. I some new messages but there was one I didn’t recognize but it said urgent. I clicked on it and waited for the images to pop up that my email said it had. As soon as they came I screamed out.

My rapist was good on his word about having people’s email addresses. On my screen were the pics that he had taken of me. A message was written. “Remember not a word to anyone or these wind up in all the emails of every student in school. I can’t wait till our next time, maybe then you’ll be a little more cooperative.” As I stared at the pictures and message in horror I thought, “My God what was going to happen, what was he planning he next?”

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