Gym Muscle War

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One of my fondest memories of my teenage sexual exploits took place when I was 18 at my local gym. Although I usually trained at home in our well-equipped basement, and inevitably ended up fucking my mother and sister afterwards, due to the rush of blood coursing through my body and enlarging, not just my biceps, triceps, quads and deltoids, but of course my giant 16+ inch dong, I decided to try out a more professional setting and enrolled in a gym called “Fitness Frenzy”.

The first time I went into the weights room, I was impressed by the high-tech equipment. I was going to be able to really pump iron here.

After my first 2h-long training session, using the leg press, the cable machine, dumbbells and barbells, I headed for the gym. Several guys had been openly staring at me and my overstuffed spandex shorts during my exercises, and a few actually followed me as soon as I left. As I was taking my top off, a guy came up behind my back.

“Hey, kid. You think it’s funny to stuff your shorts with socks? This is a serious gym. So get real or get outta here!” A couple of guys clapped their hands. “Yeah, he’s right!”

I finished taking my tank top off, revealing the most chiseled and pumped upper body these guys had ever seen and could only dream of. I flexed my left bicep a couple of times, creating a mountain of rock-hard muscle 25 inch around before looking at the guy.

“I ain’t stuffing my shorts.” I said calmly.

Laughs. I pulled down my spandex shorts enough to reveal the almost three-inch wide root of my monster softie. The laughs stopped. By the time my shorts were down to my ankles, the same guys who had been laughing were dumbfounded, mouths agape. I threw a towel over my shoulders and headed for the shower whistling, letting my colossal dong swing heavily between my thighs, revealing with each step, one giant sperm-maker at a time.

The next day, I came wearing loose fitting bermudas. I was there to train, to build more muscles, and I didn’t want to be disturbed again by small-dicked wannabes. It was Monday morning and I expected to have the gym pretty much to myself. Indeed, when I arrived at around 9am, I was the only one there. All the early morning users had left for work, and I could use any machine I wanted without disturbance. I used the opportunity to really push myself to the limits. For two hours, I did non-stop reps on the barbell and the leg press. I decided to slowly ease down by doing a few dumbbell flexes. Initially, I used 100lbs on each bell, 100 reps, then moved to 50 lbs bells. As I was halfway through this final exercise, three guys and three girls entered the gym. I heard some giggles and one of the guys said.

“Yeah, babe, watch me and Rod and Barney do some heavy bar lifting and then…” He stopped as he saw me flexing my arms while puffing and watching them nonchalantly. “Shit, there’s some guy here,” I heard him mumble. While the three guys whispered to each other, I observed the three women. Damn, they were hot!

The first one was wearing a tight-fitting pink gym suit with a white belt fastened around her extremely tiny waist. She was only about 5ft tall, long blond hair and two giant melons that were clearly hanging braless in her suit, as I could see the two small upturned nipples pushing at the fabric on the top half of those extremely firm (and probably fake) tits. The suit was also so tight that her huge boobs were pressed against each other, threatening to spill free from the lowcut cleavage of her lycra outfit.

The second beauty was a short-haired brunette in her thirties, quite taller than the other two, with a tank top and tight pants. Her hard abs were clearly visible, as well as the defined and chiseled sculpture of her upper arms. She was a fitness babe if I ever saw one. Big round tits were again pushing proudly forward and her long and muscular legs were crowned at the top by two super-hard buttocks.

The third cock-hardening woman was a bit older than the previous two, around 40 I would guess. She was a full-blooded latina with long curly hair, lots of makeup and an absolutely gigantic pair of boobs towering over a flat waist and a large but fat-free hips and ass. She was wearing a T-shirt torn at the top, presumably to accommodate the immense size of her bosom. Damn, she was even more stacked than my mother!

While I was pummeling her tits with my huge cock in my mind, the three guys approached me threateningly.

“Hey kid, beat it, this gym is for us today!” growled the tallest of the three, the guy I had heard when they entered the gym.

“Fuck you-” I calmly replied and I put the dumbbells down and took a towel to wipe the sweat off my face.

“What did you say boy?” he snarled as the other two encircled me with their arms on their waists.

“Leave him alone, he’s done nothing wrong.” one of the girls butted in.

“Thanks, mam, but I can defend myself.” I replied.

“I can see that.” she cooed while admiring my ultra-pumped arms. I was clearly bahis firmaları way bigger than any of the three guys.

“That’s it, you think you’re some kind of muscle stud boy?” Jim (the first guy) asked menacingly.

“Yep, I am, and in all the right muscles.” I said while watching his girlfriend, the short blond blombshell, who blushed slightly.

“You’re gonna be sorry for thinking that boy!”

“Stop calling me boy, I’m more manly than all of you guys put together!” I challenged.

“Oh yeah?” they laughed. “Then, let’s have some fun. Best of three at any muscular challenge. The loser gets the hell out.”

“Ok. But let’s make it more challenging. I said I was more manly than ALL three of you put together. So I have to beat all of you TOGETHER. And if I win, I get to fuck your girlfriends”.

They looked puzzled for a while, the women were whispering and giggling.

“You’re on, this is gonna be so easy!” said Rod, the second guy. “Let’s start with barbells, maximum weight, ten pushes.”

“Fine by me.” I said. “Although something more sexually challenging would have been more interesting, like, biggest cock, who cums the most…”

They laughed.

“You’re on, cock length is the second challenge.” snarled Barney.

“And cum volume is the third.” I finished. “You guys go first on the barbell.”

“Alright, watch out babe, look how much I can lift!” bragged Jim as he lied down on the bench below the barbell. “Guys, put 150lbs at each end.”

“Ooh, that’s a lot!” cooed Barbara, the blonde bimbo. I sniggered to myself.

After 5 pushes, Jim was struggling, after 8 pushes, he was puffing like hell, and he simply couldn’t lift number 9. “Fuck! Fuck it!” he swore over and over again and he sat up. “It’s because I didn’t prep myself, that’s all.” he apologized. “Normally, I can lift 300lbs, no prob.” he snapped at me while pointing his finger at my face.

“Whatever,” I replied, “that’s zero. Your buddies had better lift something or I’ll win that round easy.”

Barney was next, he went for a safe 200lbs, and so did Rod. I had to beat 400lbs. Too easy.

As I lay on the bench, I instructed Rod and Barney to add 100lbs bells at each end to make it 400lbs. Then I told Jim, “Hey Jim, why don’t you add another 100lbs at each end. I wouldn’t want to make it too easy.”

“That’s 600lbs, you’ll never make it asshole.” he laughed as he added the weights.

As soon as he had screwed the last weight in, I pushed up in one quick lift. He was taken aback. I easily did the first five reps, then pretended to be struggling like he had. “Told you, asshole!” he sniggered. When I was at number 9, I again lifted the 600lbs up in one quick thrust, and went one to do number 10 whistling, then 11, 12, until at least 20 before I stopped, sat up and flexed my right arm in front of the girls.

“1-0 to me. Now for challenge number 2.”

The latina MILF spoke up. “Well, we know already the size of our men. We’ve spoken about it enough. Jim here is 4.5 inches, Barney is 5.5inches and my Rod is the biggest at 6 inches. No need to measure them.”

“So that adds up to 16 inches,” continued Whitney the fit short-haired brunette. “Since no one has a cock that big, I guess you lose challenge number 2 since you said very clearly you had to beat all of our men put together.”

“I’m more than 16 inches.” I coolly replied.

“Bullshit!” snapped Jim. Gee, that guy was real aggressive. “There’s no way we’re simply taking your word for it!”

“Fine, then take your measuring tape and measure that.” I pulled my bermudas down, revealing my hardening rod in its quadruple-pouched briefs, which had been pretty well hidden from the looseness of my shorts and the ultra-long T-shirt I had been wearing. Upon seeing the enormity of my mighty organ, the guys’ faces crumbled into panic, and the chicks started smiling broadly.

“OMG! It’s totally huge!” breathed Barbara.

“We have to measure this thing!” exclaimed Mercedes, the Latina. “My hand is like, 4 inches across.” she said with determination as she grabbed my engorging manhood with both hands. “Help me out Barbara and Whitney, this is a 3 hander at least!” she enthused. All three huge-titted beauties knelt in front of me, while their respective boyfriends watched on in utter disbelief. I ripped my T-shirt off, revealing my massively muscular torso. My briefs were now hugely distended by my hardening python. Mercedes took the initiative and started feeling the oversized organ through the fabric with both hands, slowly caressing the widening shaft, cooing in amazement. “Oh shit, que polla grande!”

Suddenly, the waistband snapped. My mammoth dick unleashed itself from its soft confines, poking its apple-sized knob to salute its audience. Rapidly, the still-engorging mega-cock lifted and straightened itself until it reached its rock-hardness position: perfect verticality with mother Earth, the tip reaching the underside of my nipples. Mercedes, transfixed by kaçak iddaa the sheer size of my appendage took a while to fathom what she was seeing. Eventually, as the tip leaked its first glowing dollops of precum, she lifted one trembling hand, tentatively moving it towards the middle of my shaft.

“Mercedes, be careful!” warned a spellbound Barbara.

“No need to worry, ladies, this cock is not for hurting, it’s for pleasing.” I replied and I tore my briefs in half, letting my heavy seedmakers drop in their resting position. “Now your friend Mercedes here clearly doesn’t have enough hands, and we have a competition running, ladies!” I said matter-of-factly.

They understood and joined their super-busty friend, who by now had both hands on my giant cock, side by side tightly against my pelvic bone, her heaving breasts gently caressing the underside of my orange-sized gonads. Barbara added one small hand above Mercedes’. Realizing she was barely encompassing half the girth, she put her other hand around her first, and Whitney added another hand. Half of my glans was still sticking out despite four hands attempting to cover the length of my shaft.

“My God, he IS bigger than 16 inches!” exclaimed Mercedes.

“No way, we want a proper measurement!” complained Jim.

“Honey, just give it a rest will ya. This boy has you three losers beaten by a mile. He wins and we’ll just have to let him fuck us.” replied Barbara. “Right girls?”

“There’s still the last challenge.” I observed.

“Oh stud, we have no doubt you’ll come more than those three pindicks put together, judging by the amount of precum that’s already oozing from your huge cock.” announced Whitney as she scooped a dollop of my cream with her finger and slurped up my young nectar. “But you’re right, we should still go by the rules. Hey, boys, come over here, start wacking those little pricks of yours and let’s finish this damn race, my pussy is on fire!”

As Jim started to complain, his girlfriend Barbara kicked him in the crotch. “Put up or shut up! You made me believe you were a stud, but clearly, you’re the smallest man here. I can’t believe I went out with you all these years!” she yelled at him. Holding my cock just under the fluid-covered helmet, she continued. “Look at this cock! Just look at it! It’s HUGE, it’s a REAL MAN’s cock. Now pull your shorts down and let’s compare your tiny shlong to that massive piece of meat. NOW!”

Jim, sheepishly, slowly undressed. His tiny stub of a cock was hard, all four inches of it. It paled in comparison to my studly pussy-wrecker. Barbara pulled him towards me, and forced his cock next to mine. It was obvious to all that my helmet alone was considerably more voluminous that his whole genitals, tiny balls included. Barbara starting wanking her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend in a frenzy, urging him to cum quicky. Whitney and Mercedes soon followed, quickly undressing their respective hubbies and jacking them off.

“Let’s make them cum on the mirror, that way, we’ll be able to compare with you!” announced Whitney as she looked up to me whorshippingly. “I’m Whitney, and here are Barbara and Mercedes. You are a fucking sex God, young man! What’s your name, studboy?”

“The name’s Tim, or Big Timmy, for obvious reasons.” I replied, while slowly jacking my long, thick, hard cock, precum steadily oozing from the humongous tip. The whole situation really excited me, I was harded than titanium, and my colossal manmeat must have been thicker than ever, my hand did not reach around and I have massive hands.

The girls were expertly masturbating their hubbies, bringing them to the brink of orgasm. Jim, who was the most muscular of the three men, tensed as Barbara teased him mercilessly with her dirty talking.

“Come on, show us what you’ve got, give me your load, blast it!”

Suddenly, a thin yet powerful flume of spunk jetted out of his tiny cumhole, hitting the mirror a foot away unceremoniously. A second, less powerful and even less plentiful wad joined the first, and his arched his hips backward, signaling the end of his orgasm.

Whitney, who seemed an expert at handjobs, urged her fiancée on, moving him closer to the mirror.

“Since you’re a dribbler rather than a shooter, I’ll have to smear your spunk myself, so just shoot it on my fingers honey, show us what you’ve got!” she encouraged him.

Sooner rather than later, Barney ejaculated, but only a few droplets of creamy sperm dribbled out of his 5-incher, slightly coating his super-fit girlfriend’s middle finger. She cautiously carried the offering to smear in on the mirror, next to Jim’s more impressive load.

Finally, Mercedes took matters into her own hands, so to speak, and her hubby quickly lost his load to her fierce administration. He jettisoned three short blasts and dribbled the final remnants, which Mercedes added to the cum-smeared mirror.

As soon as one of the girls had finished with her poorly-endowed boyfriend, her whole attention had kaçak bahis been drawn onto me. Therefore, by the time Mercedes was done with Rod, who had retreated and cowered with his spent mates, three pairs of hands were lovingly jacking my humongous cunt-splitter, coaxing copious globs of precum which covered my newly acquired cockwhores with endless supplies of lubricating fluids.

I looked down upon the three women worshipping my cock, and glanced at their three soon-to-be-cuckolded hubbies.

“So you said it was going to be easy to beat me losers? Just watch the load I’m about to dump pindicks, your girlfriends are going to be delirious with lust!” The girls cooed and urged me on as I flexed my muscles for them.

“Damn kid, I can almost hear your cream slushing in those giant eggs of yours” said Whitney as she attempted to malax one of my big boys with her hand. I was getting real close, my already rock-hard behemoth turned into a titanium-like pillar of lust as the strongest wave of pleasure coursed through my entire body. The imminence of my orgasm was mind-boggling, I arched my back and, contorted with orgasmic bliss, the first jet of boysperm coursed through my straight shaft.

“Shit, I can feel it!” screamed a delirious Barbara, whose hand was vigorously jacking the underside of my dick. Mercedes, who was in charge of the top third of my colossal cum-cannon, moved out of the way just in time to avoid the first blast.

With a mighty roar that resonated throughout the weights room, I unleash the first of many gigantic volleys of boycream. An unending stream ripped through the 6 feet separating my tip and the mirror, loudly splashing on its surface. It took several seconds to eject that gargantuan wad, during which I was in the throes of one mighty orgasm. Up to two cupfuls of cum had already splattered on one mirror, inundating it entirely, when a second blast hit the neighbouring mirror, where the three loads of Jim, Barney and Rod had been deposited. After a loud thud, my teenage cream literally drowned the surface, erasing any traces of their previous attempts.

The girls were delirious, cheering me on like horny cheerleaders, while the men looked on, dumbfounded that a young man could produce so much virile seed. “More cum, more cum”, babbled Mercedes, while Barbara held on to my pulsating rod for dear life, as it spewed voluminous after voluminous flume of boy-batter against the shattering glass. When my continuous outpouring of creamy spunk passed the one-minute mark and wad number 15 was about to be released, Mercedes rose to her feet and immediately received the brunt of my ejaculating dough. The sheer force with which it splashed against her mammoth bosom knocked her off her feet, as she tried to contain the onslaught. Goblets of my cum clung to her shredded T-shirt and her cleavage was instantly filled to the brim with a pool of red-hot sperm. Not to be outdone, she managed to regain her composure, only to be hosed down once again with a river of copious juice. She gargled and slurped at my youthful nectar, as wad after wad pummeled her face and body.

Eventually, my orgasm subsided and Whitney decided to drink directly from the source as my wads became less powerful. She filled her mouth with the final dregs of my milky syrup and let it slowly seep down her throat as she relished its musky taste.

I was heaving from the exhaustion, barely having managed a single breath during this cataclysmic orgasm. Mercedes was dripping from head to toe in my cream, four of the one meter-wide wall mirrors were caked with my heavy goo, Whitney was still gargling my tasty offering, Barbara was wiping from her face and hair the sticky side-gobs she had received in the last couple of minutes, and the whole room reeked of cum.

“At least, he won’t be able to fuck our girls,” commented Jim. “Let’s go home and forget about this Barbara, I’ll make sweet, tender love to you, please, let’s just go home.”

As he finished his pleading, I grabbed my cock by the base, feeling its steel-hardness, walked up to him, pushed him down on the ground and delivered a powerful cock-slap to his face.

“Who said I was done? Barbara, why don’t you come over here, feel my cock, and let your pathetic boyfriend know exactly how hard it still is?”, I ordered calmly.

Barbara jumped to her feet and skippered towards us, a broad smile illuminating her goo-covered angelic face.

“Yes, master.” She grabbed my shaft midway with both hands, barely encircling the tremendous girth of my leviathan, kneaded it lovingly and proudly announced. “Sorry Jim, but Tim here is still rock-hard, and his massive cock demands attention. I will have to please him, because you guys simply don’t measure up and you lost the challenge 3 to nil so Tim is entitled to fuck me as he wishes.”

“It can’t be possible!” muttered a defeated Jim.

I grabbed the bimbo slut firmly by the base of her waist and lifted her clear off the ground, all the way up past the tip of my log and gently sat her on my coke-can thick shaft, which lowered itself with her weight, until it stayed perfectly horizontal. Jim realized that she was suspended in mid-air by the sheer strength of my granite-like cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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