Greg’s List Pt. 03

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Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

Alexis took Samantha into her warm embrace, the two lying together side by side, nipples touching, arms holding the other, lips moving together, their small bushes occasionally teasing sweetly, hips brushing, and bare feet moving, one against the other, toes caressing like rabbits playing together.

“You’ve never tasted another woman, have you?” asked Alexis. Samantha shook her head, like a little girl asked if she had yet been to Disneyland, excitement flowing from her pores.

“Well, then,” said Alexis. She reached down between her own legs, teasing her fingers through her small, perfectly trimmed bush of soft, curly blonde hair, and worked two fingers into her wet slit, the fingers like pink drills into soft, wet earth, exiting her pussy bedewed with a thick, glistening coating of her feminine cream.

She brought the wet fingers up first to her own nose, inhaling the scent, and approving, then brought them to Samantha’s, the girl’s eyes warily following their progress as a tourist might view an approaching cobra proffered by a fakir.

“It’s okay,” Alexis said. “Give them a sniff, if you don’t care for it, I’ll understand.”

Samantha closed her eyes. Alexis’ fingers came closer and closer to Samantha’s small nose.

Comically, her nostrils flared as she inhaled delicately, then her eyes opened.

“You smell like me,” Samantha said. Alexis smiled.

“Clean, fresh pussies often smell very much alike. When you have more experience, you’ll find that women’s normal fragrance can be quite identifiable, and that the aroma of another woman’s pussy alone can drive you into the throes of passion.” She began to move her hand away from Samantha’s face. “In time-“

She stopped when Samantha’s hand struck out, grabbing her hand quite forcefully, and bringing it back. Alexis looked at Samantha.

Samantha returned the look. “Oh, I’m quite ready for that ‘throes of passion’ part,” she whispered. Then she slipped her lips over Alexis fingers, her tongue swabbing over the woman’s creamy and wet fingers, obviously savoring the sweet taste of her first pussy.

It was Alexis’ turn to moan. She looked on Samantha as though her slow pupil had suddenly showed a glimmer of genius.

“Lie back,” Samantha commanded.

Alexis’ look of surprise was quickly replaced by a smile. Without a word, she did as Samantha had ordered. Samantha got on all fours above the recumbent body of the cosmopolitan woman, like a lioness over the body of its next meal – the look in Samantha’s eyes must have been similar – then leaned down and kissed Alexis, their only point of contact their lips.

To Kim, sitting in the shadows of a corner of the room, completely silent and virtually invisible up to this point, the game had now taken on interest. Not yet ready to involve herself actively, she was very aware that Samantha was about to make some waves that Alexis might not have expected.

“All the more fun,” Kim whispered to herself.

Samantha kissed Alexis for a time, then lifted her head, Alexis almost expecting to see a bloody piece of her own throat in her jaws. Samantha leaned down again, her lithe body, now very much catlike, backpedaling, as she kissed her way leisurely down the woman’s body, missing very little of the woman’s fine and smooth skin that she was interested in tasting, perhaps cataloguing her taste and fragrance for future reference.

Alexis’ breasts were not spared, nor even her underarms. She stifled a small giggle when Samantha nosed into her damp armpits. Her stomach received kisses and licks, as did her navel, and her hips…then into the pubic bush, Samantha’s nose sniffing there. She raised her head, mouth open as a cat will do when it smells something…interesting.

Samantha sat back on her heels, smiled at Alexis, and spoke.

“You smell, and taste wonderful, all over. Now, I’m ready to see what I can do for you.”

“Spread your legs,” she said, as though expecting immediate obedience. She received it. Alexis’ legs moved further apart, bending at the knees to receive her new lover. Samantha began above Alexis’ knee, kissing the woman’s inner thighs, approaching closer and closer to Alexis’ suddenly hot and bothered pussy.

Samantha brought the fingers of both hands to the woman’s dark red slit, pulling her labia away, revealing her sweet, pink interior, feminine cream oozing down her glistening flesh. Samantha licked at the blonde’s wet slit, her tongue lasciviously licking her fragrant, tasty cream, lapping up the abundance of Alexis’ hot excitement.

“Ohh god,” Alexis groaned, perhaps more at Samantha’s sudden complete control over her body’s reactions, than because of the physical sensation involved. Her aggressive domination of Alexis brought out the woman’s innate submissive nature, and excited her to the point that she would willingly do anything that Samantha commanded – and it was Alexis’ desire that her commands be as degrading, humiliating and perverted as Samantha wished.

“Fuck porno indir me,” Alexis crooned. “Piss on me, shit on me, I want to cum at your touch…please…”

Samantha growled, but remained steadfast at Alexis’ hot crotch, her tongue and lips titillating Alexis’ swollen labia and dripping slit, her tongue teasingly approaching the woman’s pink clit, sensitive to the rough surface of Samantha’s tongue. Samantha slid her arms under Alexis thighs, resting her hands at the base of her stomach, anchoring her in place with her mouth at Alexis’ pussy.

Alexis moaned wildly, her head rocking from side to side, as Samantha savaged her spasming cunt, the taste and scent of another woman’s creaming, excited pussy far more intoxicating than she had ever imagined. Samantha crawled up on her knees, her round bottom, and split peach up in the air, a tempting target to anyone else in the room.

So it was that Samantha froze in place, when she felt someone crawl onto the bed, a strong, feminine hand gripping her left hip, a warm, hard, blunt shape pressing into her slit.

“I’d love to fuck that sweet little cunt, baby,” Kim announced, as she pressed the eight inch long latex dildo forward, slowly and at least at first, gently, deeper inside the girl’s wet pussy. Lubrication was not an issue, only the matter of Samantha’s hot pussy adjusting to the unexpected girth of the hard strap on cock.

“Oh god, that’s so fucking big!” Samantha thought to herself, as she yelped wordlessly into Alexis’ cunt. Alexis was lost in the midst of many orgasms, her pussy and clit far more stimulated than they had been in years, and she ignored Samantha’s comment, intent on maximizing her own pleasure.

Kim took the opportunity to reassure Samantha that she wouldn’t hurt her.

She didn’t mean a word of it, of course. She just wanted to fuck as many female holes that night as she could, and by her count there were six available to her. To ease Samantha at least a little, she slid her hand over Samantha’s thigh, to place her fingers on the girl’s vulva, quickly teasing and stroking Samantha’s wet crotch, squeezing and pinching her labia and clit.

Samantha, at first angry, began to see the force of Kim’s argument, as Kim’s fingers at Samantha’s crotch brought her increasingly overpowering pleasure, her clit thrumming with ecstasy. In addition, Samantha’s very tight, hot pussy was becoming better adjusted to the gargantuan size of the well-lubricated female cock pounding her pussy from behind. Soon, she was humping her ass up and back into Kim’s crotch, while keeping her avid and hungry mouth on Alexis’ tortured pussy, red and swollen from both her excitement and the savage feeding by Samantha’s pussy starved mouth, lips and tongue.

Once Samantha had gotten used to being fucked by a woman while eating another woman’s pussy, Kim grabbed Samantha’s ass with both hands, and proceeded to pound the shit out of the aspiring prostitute.

“God! Yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck me harder, harder!” Samantha demanded, to her own amazement. She’d never reacted to Dave’s cock in her like that, and she was thrilled to discover that a hard cock, if wielded by an experienced woman, could bring her so much more pleasure. Kim couldn’t believe it – Samantha was taking her hardest fucking, and demanding more!

“Goddamn fucking bitch! I’m fucking pounding your tight little twat, my cock smashing your sweet little pussy, cumming inside your steaming hole, you fucking slut bitch!!”

Both women were like maniacs, raging at each other, demanding that hard cock smash hot pussy, both women screeching from pleasure, pain and exertion, their orgasms on a path to be completely mind-bending. Meanwhile, poor Alexis was being pushed around by the two wildly fucking women, as well as enduring occasional bites to her clit whenever Samantha got carried away.

Finally, though, all three were pushed metaphorically over the edge, Samantha and Kim cumming for the first time, their orgasms explosive and shattering, while Alexis’ orgasm was another in a long series, causing her to faint from an excess of pleasure.

The three women collapsed in a hot, sweaty pile on the bed, the female smells strong and arousing. Had a straight woman walked into the room at that moment, it’s likely that their scents alone would have turned her gay. In any case, the three woman slid into a little more comfortable position next to each other, their bodies streaked with fragrant womanly sweat and cum.

“That was good,” Kim gasped. She’d never fucked another woman harder than she had Samantha, and was amazed, but thankful, that she didn’t appear to have done damage to the girl. Samantha had earned her respect.

“God, my pussy is fucking sore,” Samantha moaned. She touched herself between her legs to make sure she didn’t have any new holes.

“I’ve never, ever cum as much as I just did,” Alexis laughed. “You two are killing me.”

“I was going to fuck both of you, and in the ass, too,” Kim moaned, rokettube then laughed. “You bitch, you wore me out.” Samantha raised her eyebrows.

“I don’t care how much you paid, you’re not sticking that thing up my ass,” Samantha said.

“You would have liked it,” Kim rejoined.

“I don’t think so,” Samantha said. “Anyway, I did like it in my pussy. You’re very good.”

“Can we all just cuddle?” Alexis pleaded. The other two agreed, and the three women rested together in each other’s arms. Samantha greatly enjoyed the experience in its totality – her very first lesbian sex, and very physical sex at that, as well as the warmth and closeness of cuddling after the release. But finally, she knew she had to go. If the two women wanted more of her, well, they’d have to pay.

She called Trish, who answered after three rings. She sounded sleepy.

“Hello?” Trish said.

“Trish, it’s me. I need a ride, are you still parked outside?”

“God, what time is it? I thought you’d never finish there. Yeah, I’m outside, I’m the girl who’s half asleep in her car.”

“I’m sorry,” Samantha said. “I’ll be right out.”

After her adventure with the two horny women, Samantha was happy to see her roommate again. She limped out to the car, and got in.

“What’s wrong, what happened?” asked Trish. “You’re walking funny.”

“Uh, yeah. This one woman, Kim, fucked me silly. She was actually pretty good at it, but she really, really pounded my poor little pussy. I just want a hot bath.”

“What’s that smell?” asked Trish. Her nose sniffed delicately.

“That’s probably me, after wild sex with two other women,” Samantha said with a sigh.

“What was it like?” asked Trish, as she drove them back to their apartment.

“It’s hard to describe,” said Samantha. “It was interesting…and different.”

Trish helped Samantha walk up the steps to their apartment, as she was too sore to go very fast, and Trish was feeling guilty.

“Let me run a bath for you, honey,” Trish said, as Samantha collapsed onto her bed. While the tub was filling, Trish helped Samantha disrobe.

“That must have been something in there,” Trish said. “Your clothes are super wrinkled, and, um, you’ve got…stuff..on you.”

“Don’t ask,” Samantha said, wearily. With Trish’s help, she peeled off her blouse and skirt, followed by her bra and sodden panties.

“God, Samantha,” Trish exclaimed. “Your panties are soaked!” Then, “Oh Sam, your poor little pussy…listen, I’m going to get in the tub with you, you need somebody to hold you. Poor thing.”

Samantha was too tired, and too sated with all the sex she’d had earlier, to think of Trish’s sweet gesture as anything other than a friend helping a friend. “Okay,” she agreed, too weak and tired to argue.

Trish helped Samantha slip into the tub full of scented water, then she quickly disrobed, and joined her.

“You just relax, and doze off, and think sweet thoughts, okay, baby?” Trish cooed.

“You’re such a sweet friend,” Samantha mumbled. “Thank you…” she finished, as she immediately dropped off. Trish supported and held her friend, and relaxing herself in the hot water.

As time went by in the tub, Trish began to assess her relationship with Samantha. Samantha had always been a good friend, but Trish was beginning to think that she had let Samantha down, by leaving her alone with the two horny women. She kissed Samantha’s cheek gently, to express her affection for her friend. Samantha was asleep and unaware, but Trish wanted to comfort her anyway, and keep her safe.

Trish held her, feeling a modicum of comfort herself. She gently stroked Samantha, feeling sisterly love for her. She rested her face against Sam, inhaling the unique smell of the creamy liquid on her face. “God, that’s women’s cum there,” she thought to herself. “It really doesn’t smell bad,” she thought. “In fact, it’s kind of interesting, even nice, sort of.”

The smell of Alexis’ pussy on Samantha’s face was an unexpected stimulant to Trish, and she had to confess that it was turning her on a little. She caressed Sam’s lovely breasts as they soaked and rested, and the feel of her friend’s body was a little exciting. But Trish knew that what Sam needed tonight was a friend – she’d do nothing more than comfort her, but the erotic smell of pussy, along with her friend’s warm and naked body so close, gave Trish a lot to think about.

Trish grabbed a washcloth, and began gently washing Samantha down, removing the old smell of female on female sex, and returning her to the fresh, clean scent that she remembered best.

“Oh, Trish,” Samantha whispered sleepily, “you’re such a good friend…”

Gradually, Trish was able to clean most of Samantha’s naked body. Finally, she helped her to stand, so that she could clean her most abused area. Samantha was now awake, though still sleepy. Trish persuaded her to hold onto the shower curtain bar, as she cleaned her tender and sensitive vulva.

“Poor baby,” porno Trish whispered, over and over, as she gently dabbed at Samantha’s swollen, red pussy. “They must have pounded the hell out of your little pussy.” She cleaned Sam as best she could, removing the female cream and perspiration, without further hurting her there. Then she patted Samantha dry, and walked her over to her own bed.

She slipped Samantha between the cool, clean sheets, then crawled in along with her, and spooned with her, the two nude women dropping off to a long sleep, much needed, as Trish held Samantha in her arms.

Later, Trish thought it might have been a dream, but she awakened around three or four in the morning. Neither woman had moved from their position in the bed, but Samantha’s arm had snaked over her own hip, and her hand was between Trish’s legs, Samantha’s fingers stroking and caressing Trish’s smooth bare crotch, and her tight slit, which was slowly becoming wet under the unexpected attention.

Samantha seemed to still be asleep. Sensitive to her need for rest, and the soreness of her vulva, but desirous of returning the pleasure, Trish confined herself to caressing Samantha’s cute, naked breasts, and her little pink nipples. Her fingers roamed over the girl’s soft, round and warm skin, tracing the heat in the crease on the underside of her small breasts, and the softness in her slight cleavage. Her crinkled skin at her nipples and areolae were a nice contrast to the fullness and smoothness of her breasts themselves.

Whether she was wakingly aware or not, Samantha’s fingers traced over Trish’s smooth and hot vee, tickling the cute girl’s groin, exciting her and increasing the moisture inside the girl’s tight, hot pussy. Trish didn’t want to move and disturb her sweet, still-sleeping friend, but squeezed her thighs together, bringing herself, with Sam’s help, to a quiet orgasm. Both girls experienced soft pleasure from the other’s touch, and experienced a series of small orgasms that allowed them to shiver with pleasure, but which avoided the question of just what, exactly, they were doing by masturbating each other sleepily.

The next day, Trish awakened, to find herself alone in the bed, and the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen. “Hello…Sam?” she called, then got out of bed and walked out, naked, to find Samantha sitting at the kitchen table, naked except for a pair of plain white cotton panties.

“Hi,” Samantha said, smiling.

“Hi yourself,” Trish replied. “How do you feel?”

“Oh shit, pretty damn sore,” Samantha replied ruefully. “It feels like I was fucked by a giant.”

“Do you remember anything from last night?” Trish asked.

“At the couple’s house?” Sam asked, avoiding Trish’s real question – the situation between the two friends and roommates.

“Pretty much,” Samantha replied. “I remember everything there – it was pretty wild. And I remember a lot about you taking care of me, the bath and all that. That was really sweet of you.” The look that Samantha gave Trish, was full of meaning, but Trish didn’t know exactly what that meaning was.

“Uh, sure,” Trish said.

“Anyway, I’ve been doing a` lot of thinking about what we wanted to do, and about myself, and all…” Samantha said slowly.

“Before you say anything more, it was all my fault, I take the blame and I hope you won’t-” Trish began.

“-What I think is that I want to continue with this idea,” Samantha said. “And I think I might also be a lesbian, or at least bi.”

“Whoah,” Trish said. “That’s a surprise…I was pretty sure that you’d hate me forever, and that this was a stupid, stupid idea, and you never wanted anything to do with another woman…or man, for that matter.”

Samantha laughed. “Well, I don’t hate you. In fact, I kind of love you, and maybe we can talk about that later. As for the business idea, yeah, the way we did it was really, really stupid. World class stupid, but I think we can share the blame. And as for me ever having sex again, that’s complicated. I can tell you no one’s touching my pussy for a while, at least other than me…and one or two trusted friends.”

Trish laughed, relieved. “Whatever you want me to do, Sam, I’ll do.”

Samantha stood up and hugged her friend, her cheek against Trish’s, her bare breasts warm on Trish’s. “I love you, Trish,” she said.

“I love you, too, Sam,” Trish said, both girls wanting to hold their embrace longer.

“I’ve got to get dressed, though,” Sam laughed. “I’ve been naked way too much lately.”

“Well…it looks good on you,” Trish said. Sam smiled.

“We really, really need to spend more time together, okay?” Sam said, a certain need in her eyes.

“Sure,” Trish said. “And I need to get dressed.”

Trish went off to work, promising to call Sam to see how she was doing. She got nothing at all done at her office job, thinking about Sam – how she was doing, how she looked, and felt and smelled like last night – her thoughts were a jumble.

When she got home that night, she had a bottle of white wine from the local supermarket.

“I thought we could use a girls’ night in, maybe watch a movie…” she suggested.

“That sounds great,” Samantha said. “But if you’re worried about how I’m doing, you really don’t have to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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