Grace Part II

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Big Tits

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Marcus leaned in a began to kiss me. This turned into a make out session within a matter of moments as things turned very passionately between my best friend and I. I never knew our relationship would go to this level as we had been thinking about doing it with each other.

Its now 8 am on Saturday morning. Grace was still asleep as Marcus and I had now been making out with each other for about 20 minutes. Both of our dicks were extremely hard while they were touching. I began to reach around Marcus and began to cup his skinny bubble butt in my hands. I began to play around spreading his butt cheeks. I was able to slip a single finger inside Marcus’ asshole. Marcus let out a faint moan. Grace is still sleeping through all of this by the way. Marcus proceeded to lean me back and undid the covers just leaving Grace covered. He repositioned himself and leaned down towards my dick. He circled his tongue around the head of my dick before diving down my shaft.

Marcus began stroking my dick while sucking on it. Marcus moved his body into the 69 position as his ass was on my face as I was eating his asshole out. While I was doing that, I was able to stroke his long dick at an extreme pace to where his moans were vibrating through his mouth onto my dick. As I was able to fit more and more fin gets into his ass, Marcus moved his ass into position over my dick. He rubbed my dick across his asshole before sitting himself down every so slowly as her released a series of loud moans as he was sliding down my shaft. I released a few moans şişli bayan escort as well, as his asshole was super tight around my long dick. I swore we were going to wake Grace up at any point in time.

As I began to slid my dick in and out of his asshole at a slow pace to start out with. Marcus continued to let out constant moans. This eventually woke Grace up to the sight of Marcus and I fucking right next to her in bed. She saw us doing it next to her only to show a smile to us saying she knew it was going to happen at some point in time. Grace leaned over a gave me a long passionate kiss. She got up with her naked body and leaned up to Marcus and gave him a kiss as well. As I was fucking Marcus, Grace began to suck on Marcus’ dick. While I had the opportunity to stick a few fingers inside Grace’s pussy.

Marcus was so tight around my dick, I began to climax very quickly. I released Marcus from my dick and I was able to cum all over his face. Grace was still stroking Marcus’ dick so I was able to come down towards him and help Marcus climax as well. Marcus began to moan quicker as he was beginning to climax. I took over the stroking efforts as he stood up and released his load over both Grace and I.

(Fast-Forward to Saturday evening around 8 pm)

Grace had gotten a call from her younger sister Abby, that she was coming home from a friends house and she couldn’t stay at home alone so she came over to my house to stay the night. Abby didn’t know what had gone down over the last 24 hours but she was going to be able to experience it for herself in the near future. Abby şişli escort was almost a carbon copy of her older sister Grace. She was blonde with blue eyes. They both had B sized cup boobs with bubble butts. One can argue that Abby had a slightly bigger ass than Grace. Abby had not arrived yet. Grace, Marcus or I had not bothered putting on clothes knowing what was going to happen.

Grace had informed us that Abby was a virgin so we were going to have to take it easy on her as she will probably be in some sort of shock. Abby rings the doorbell, Grace went over to answer the door bell. She opened the door and immediately pulled her in. Abby looked around the living room shocked as she saw her own sister naked in front of her. She grabbed Abby by the hand and led her upstairs to where Marcus and I were laying on the bed. Abby was wearing a light blue tank top with jean shorts on. Once they entered the room Grace turned her sister around and began to make out with her. Marcus and I began to get hard at this sight. Grace began to strip down her own sister. Before we knew it Abby was naked before the both of us.

Man let me tell you. Grace and Abby were almost carbon copies of each other body shape wise. Graces’ nipples were maybe a little smaller than her sister while Abby had a slightly bigger ass than Grace. Overall, they were almost the same person. They broke apart their kiss and each of them went down to their knees, one in front of a dick. Marcus had Grace in front of him as I had Abby in front of me. They both began to suck us off. Abby was sucking me off pretty well like she had practice doing such things, mecidiyeköy escort but she swore this was all new to her. After some time they switched dicks. As they were doing that, Marcus and I shared a few kisses.

Both Marcus and I were led to the bed as Abby was the first to climb onto Marcus’ dick. She slid down his shaft while Abby let out several loud moans as she was losing her virginity. Grace sat her ass on top of Marcus’ face so she could face her sister and pleasure her by rubbing her pussy while Abby began to suck on my dick. Her moans continued to vibrate through my dick as she was in complete excitement of the moment. Marcus began to climax very quickly so Abby hopped off his dick which allowed Abby and Grace to get a load of cum on their faces. I quickly climaxed in that moment and released my load as well across their faces.

Quickly, Abby pushed me down on the bed as she was craving my dick now and slid down my shaft and began to twerk her ass on my dick. Grace went over to Marcus and they began to fuck with Marcus’ dick in her ass. Abby began to scream in excitement as her white cum began to drip down my dick. She was going at a super fast pace allowing her to squirt for the first time all over me. I joined Grace and Marcus and stuck my dick inside Graces’ pussy. Grace was cumming in both holes. Abby leaned over and began making out with her sister as she was enjoying the sight of her sister getting fucked in both her holes.

Marcus and I were beginning to climax once again. We continued to fuck grace simultaneously and we both came inside Grace. We both pulled out of her holes allowing Abby to lick up the cum that leaked out of her older sisters pussy and ass.

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